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Have you ever wondered who could be the best person/ persons to guide us on :

How to blame others for our failures?

The politicians blame the opposition for the failure of their grand scheme. I don’t understand the logic behind their pinning their blame on others. There’s a popular joke on this topic. Someone asked a leader of the political party in power as to why the population of India kept growing. The ignorant leader replied that the opposition was responsible for this problem.

How to tell a convincing lie?

Lawyers and politicians, both are excellent liars. But lawyers are more convincing because of their gifted talent to argue, counter argue and break the defense of the defendant.

How to waste time?

The producers of daily soaps are experts in the subtle art of wasting time. I happened to binge watch on some serials and realized that I could easily predict what’s going to happen next.

A patient is in coma for two years, a lady who has been pregnant for 3 years is yet to deliver a baby, ladies being portrayed as home wrecking witches who are more poisonous than cobra. I feel that their wives must be beating them with rolling pins or forced to eat the leftovers.

How to make anyone fall asleep or irritate them?

Keep bragging about your achievements in the past with a never ending glimpse into your family history or the best option is to keep asking silly questions like :

  1. Why is the feminine gender of uncle is aunt and not uncley? Or the masculine gender of aunt is uncle and not aunta?
  2. If a sailor sails, then why doesn’t a tailor tails?
  3. Who started your family and why?
  4. Why is the person who shaves your head , trims mustaches and beards called Barber and not shaver?
  5. If there’s a word called headline, what’s it antonym? Is it footcircle?

How to become rich quickly?

Private schools, gas cylinder agencies, hospitals, movie theaters, and Shopping malls mint too much money. So, learn how to exploit middle class people and offer them services at exorbitant price.

How to fool public at once and extort money from them ?

Learn this art from the ad makers of different products and astrologers predict Holocaust for you and your family if you don’t part with your money. They offer ridiculous solutions like getting the donkeys married ( the animals) for appeasing rain god. As per a joke, only the donkeys get married ( I mean the human donkeys). Oh, I am sorry I shouldn’t offend the animals by calling them humans or else they would file a complaint against me with PETA.

That’s all, folks. I hope I didn’t bore you with my observations.


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Once upon a time, in the quirky town of Hilaria, there lived a family called the Whiffles. The Whiffles were known for their eagerness to try new things and their insatiable appetite for adventure. One fine morning, Lily Whiffle, the youngest of the family, stumbled upon an article titled “10 Life-Changing Tips That Will Transform Your Family’s Life!” Unable to resist the temptation, she gathered her family around and excitedly shared her newfound discovery.

Lily: “Hey, everyone! I found this incredible article with tips that will change our lives! We should give them a try!”

Mr. Whiffle: “Well, Lily, let’s hear what this magical article has to offer.”

Mrs. Whiffle: “I’m up for a change! Let’s dive in and see what we can do.”

Lily read the first tip aloud with enthusiasm.

Lily: “Tip number one: Start your day by doing cartwheels for good luck!”

Ignoring the skeptical looks from her family, Lily jumped up and attempted a cartwheel. Unfortunately, her cartwheel turned into a somersault, and she crashed into the living room wall.

Lily (groaning): “Ouch… maybe we should skip the cartwheels.”

Undeterred, Lily moved on to the next tip.

Lily: “Tip number two: Cook exotic dishes together to strengthen family bonds!”

The family agreed, and they decided to tackle the most exotic dish they could find—a recipe for “Spicy Sardine Surprise.” As they gathered the ingredients, they soon realized they had no sardines and substituted them with pickled jalapeños.

Mr. Whiffle: “This seems like an interesting twist! Let’s give it a shot.”

Hours later, the Whiffle kitchen was filled with smoke, and a pungent aroma filled the air. The “Spicy Sardine Surprise” had turned into an unappetizing mess of burnt jalapeños and exploded tomato sauce cans.

Mrs. Whiffle (coughing): “Well, I guess we’ve successfully surprised ourselves!”

With the kitchen disaster behind them, Lily moved on to tip number three.

Lily: “Tip number three: Create a unique family handshake to increase bonding!”

The Whiffles huddled together, brainstorming ideas for their signature handshake. After several failed attempts, they settled on a complicated routine involving high-fives, twirls, and a synchronized nose boop.

They practiced their new handshake diligently, but during one overenthusiastic attempt, they accidentally knocked over a vase, setting off a chain reaction that caused a shelf to collapse, spilling books, toys, and a rogue hamster named Mr. Snuggles.

Mr. Whiffle (dodging flying objects): “I guess our bonding moment escalated quickly!”

Undeterred by the chaos around them, Lily moved on to the next tip.

Lily: “Tip number four: Master the art of balloon animal-making!”

Armed with balloons and an instructional video, the Whiffles gathered in the backyard. They attempted to twist and shape the balloons into animals, but it quickly turned into a balloon-popping extravaganza.

Mrs. Whiffle (startled): “I’ve never seen so many balloon animals explode!”

As the sun began to set, the Whiffles gathered, covered in balloon debris and laughter echoing in the air.

Mr. Whiffle: “Well, it may not have gone as planned, but I think we’ve had quite an adventurous day!”

Mrs. Whiffle: “Indeed! Who needs tips when we have our own brand of hilarious mishaps?”

Lily: “You’re right, guys! We may not have followed the tips perfectly, but we’ve created memories that will last a lifetime.”

They all shared a heartfelt laugh, realizing that the best adventures often come from their own unique brand of misadventures.

Mr. Whiffle: “Let’s embrace our Whiffle charm and keep the laughter flowing!”

Inspired by their newfound perspective, they decided to create their own list of tips based on their experiences.

Mrs. Whiffle: “Tip number one: Embrace spontaneity and embrace the unexpected!”

Lily: “Tip number two: Laugh at yourself and turn mishaps into stories!”

Mr. Whiffle: “Tip number three: Enjoy each other’s company, no matter the outcome!”

The Whiffles went on to live their lives with a sense of humor and an adventurous spirit, cherishing the memories they had created together. They became known in Hilaria as the family who could turn any situation into a hilarious tale.

Years later, the Whiffles stumbled upon their old list of tips, a reminder of the day they decided to follow others’ advice and ended up finding their own unique path.

Lily (grinning): “Remember when we tried to follow those tips? We were definitely better off making our own!”

Mr. Whiffle: “Absolutely, my dear! Our misadventures have brought us closer and filled our lives with joy.”

And so, the Whiffles continued their laughter-filled journey, spreading joy, laughter, and their own brand of mischievous charm wherever they went. For in the end, they knew that life’s true adventures lie not in following the advice of others, but in embracing the hilarity of their own unique story.


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Irritating Habits of People: A Sarcastic Take

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Sure, here’s the essay:

Irritating Habits of People: A Sarcastic Take

People are a never-ending source of entertainment. Whether it’s their habits, mannerisms or even their annoying quirks, we can’t stop being amused by them. Here are some of the most irritating habits people have, compiled just for you.


What’s better than the sound of someone snorting their way through a conversation? It’s almost like music to our ears! Oh, and if you’re a smoker with a congested nose, please do us all a favor and never blow it out in a tissue.

2. Chewing Noisily

Ah, the sound of someone crunching on chips or smacking their lips while eating. Can we live without it? Of course not! Who needs silence during mealtime, anyway?

3. Interrupting

When someone firmly interrupts a conversation by cutting in, it instantly elevates the level of determination and intelligence in the room. After all, their thoughts are more important than anybody else’s. Right?

4. Always being late.

Honorary mention goes to the constantly tardy ones. Because why arrive at a meeting or gathering on time? Isn’t it better to keep people waiting? This way, they get to bask in the glory of our presence even longer!

5 Repeat themselves.

Then, there are people who repeat themselves. They say the same thing once, twice, thrice…till our eardrums pop. What could be more comforting than hearing someone say the exact same thing again and again and again?

  1. Nail biting

It’s tough to resist the urge to nibble on one’s nails, but it’s one of the most disgusting habits out there. Besides being unsanitary, it’s also a big distraction to those around.

  1. Being a know-it-all

We all know someone who has the answer to everything, but don’t let them fool you. They’re usually just trying to show off their intelligence, and it can make for an annoying conversation.

  1. Talking too loudly

Whether at a restaurant or in a public space, there’s always that one person who is just too loud. It’s difficult to feel relaxed or focused with someone shouting in the background.

9.Complaining all the time

We all have our gripes, but some people just can’t stop complaining. It’s draining to be around someone who is always unhappy and negative.

10. Ignoring personal space

Some people just don’t understand personal space. They may stand too close to you while talking, or constantly touch you during a conversation. It’s important to respect others’ personal boundaries.

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Hi friends,

Today I tried my hand in video editing befor sharing this class with you. I am still a newbie trying to get a hands on experience with Social Media content management. Let’s check out the video.

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मैं भारतीय हूं: मेरी असली पहचान ( A PATRIOTIC POEM By ME).

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धर्म के शिकंजे में फंस गया इंसान।
ऊंच-नीच के भेदभाव में खो गया है अपनी असली पहचान।
भूल चुका है यह कि हम सब हैं चंद दिनों के मेहमान।
क्यों नहीं कह पाते हम भारतीय हैं, इस बात से मैं भी हूं हैरान।

अंधभक्त बनकर खो चुका है अपनी बुद्धि।
साफ दिखाई दे रही है मूर्खता में वृद्धि।
राजनेताओं की चाटुकारिता में कौन सी मिलती है सिद्धि?
देश का सच्चा नागरिक होने से बढकर नहीं है कोई बड़ी उपलब्धि।

अपने बच्चों को आपस में लड़ते मरते देख रो रही है भारत माता।
धर्म और जात पात के नशे में डूबे लोगों को क्यों नहीं यह समझ आता।
राजनेताओं का दोगलापन क्यों नहीं कोई देख पाता?
इंसानों का इंसानों से टूट रहा है नाता।

इंसानियत का धर्म ही सबसे बड़ा होता है
जागने के बावजूद भी इंसान क्यों सोता है?
खून की नदियां ही रहेंगी जब कोई नफरत के बीज बोता है।
यह सब देख कर मेरा दिल हमेशा रोता है।

आज मैं सबके सामने यह करती हूं ऐलान।
नहीं घटने दूंगी इस संसार में भारत मां का सम्मान।
मैं एक भारतीय नागरिक हूं यही है मेरी असली पहचान।
जो लोग यह नहीं यह नहीं समझ पाते, नहीं है उनसे बड़ा कोई नादान।


A person is trapped in the clutches of religion.
They have lost their true identity in the divisions of high and low.
They have forgotten that we are all guests for a few days.
Why can’t we say that we are Indians? Even I am surprised by this.

They have become blind devotees, losing their wisdom.
Foolishness is evident in their ignorance. What success is achieved in the flattery of politicians?
Being a true citizen of the country is no greater achievement.

India, the motherland, weeps at the sight of children fighting each other.
Why can’t people immersed in the intoxication of religion and caste understand this?
Why can’t anyone see the duplicity of politicians?
The bond between humans is breaking.

The religion of humanity is the greatest of all.
Why does humanity still sleep despite being awakened?
As long as someone sows the seeds of hatred,
The rivers of blood will continue to flow. My heart always weeps seeing all this.

Today, I declare in front of everyone.
I will not let the respect of Mother India diminish in this world.
I am an Indian citizen, that is my true identity.
Those who do not understand this, they are truly ignorant.


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Alicia Wilson sat in her cozy living room, the dim light casting eerie shadows on the walls. The news of the local gardener’s mysterious death had piqued her curiosity, and she found herself drawn to the legend surrounding the bendy teapot. The stories whispered through the town spoke of a cursed object that granted only 45 days of life to its user.

Though skeptical, Alicia couldn’t help but feel a tinge of unease as she gazed at the teapot resting on her coffee table. It seemed harmless, yet the tales of translucent figures and guppy-like properties haunted her thoughts.

Determined to unravel the truth, Alicia embarked on a journey to understand the origins of the bendy teapot curse. She scoured the archives of the local library, searching for any mention of its existence. Her efforts paid off when she stumbled upon an old, dusty book titled “Curses and Enchantments: Forgotten Tales of London.”

As Alicia flipped through the pages, she discovered an obscure passage recounting the legend of the bendy teapot. According to the book, the curse had been born centuries ago when a wicked sorceress had imbued a teapot with dark magic. The curse was said to be triggered by a series of strange visions that flashed before the cursed individual’s eyes.

Intrigued and slightly unnerved, Alicia’s mind began to wander. She saw fleeting images—a snooty dog balancing on a ribbed gardener, an old newspaper headline about a hit and run accident, a hooded lizard ranting about elbows, and a drinking well located in a deserted place. The visions left her perplexed, yet they fueled her determination to solve the mystery.

Alicia knew she couldn’t face the curse alone. She called upon her mother, Kimberly Jolie, a skilled and tenacious lawyer, to aid her in this supernatural investigation. Kimberly arrived promptly, her eyes gleaming with curiosity and concern.

Alicia shared her findings and presented the teapot to her mother, who examined it with caution. Despite her daughter’s warnings, Kimberly decided to submit herself willingly to the curse, driven by a mix of bravery and a desire to protect her family.

As Kimberly held the teapot, the visions flashed before her eyes, mirroring the ones Alicia had described. The snooty dog balancing on a ribbed gardener gave her an unsettling feeling, and she couldn’t shake off the chilling image from her mind.

With the curse now affecting both of them, Alicia and Kimberly realized the urgency to decipher the meaning behind the visions before their time ran out. Their quest began, starting with the search for the hooded lizard mentioned in the visions.

Armed with determination and a few cryptic clues from the visions, Alicia and Kimberly embarked on their perilous journey. They combed the streets of London, seeking out information about the hooded lizard and its significance.

Their search led them to a forgotten part of the city—an abandoned warehouse that served as a meeting place for eccentric individuals and those with a penchant for the supernatural. Rumors whispered of a secretive figure who possessed knowledge about curses and hidden realms.

Inside the dimly lit warehouse, Alicia and Kimberly found themselves face to face with a hooded figure—a mysterious and enigmatic being who called himself Rasmus. His eyes gleamed with ancient wisdom as he listened to their tale, intrigued by their bravery in the face of the bendy teapot curse.

Rasmus guided Alicia and Kimberly through a labyrinth of knowledge, unraveling the secrets hidden within the curse of the bendy teapot. He explained that the snooty dog symbolized a wealthy aristocrat named Lord Benedict Wentworth, known for his ruthless nature and penchant for exploiting others.

With Rasmus’s guidance, Alicia and Kimberly delved deeper into Lord Benedict’s history. They discovered a dark past marred by a hit-and-run accident, where he had taken a life but escaped justice. The old newspaper headline in their visions became a crucial clue, connecting Lord Benedict to the curse.

Their quest took them to the Wentworth Estate, a sprawling mansion where Lord Benedict resided. With their guppy-like feet guiding their steps, Alicia and Kimberly infiltrated the estate, determined to confront the source of the curse and put an end to its malevolent grip.

Inside the grand halls of the Wentworth Estate, Alicia and Kimberly discovered a hidden chamber beneath the mansion. There, they found an ancient well, shrouded in darkness. It was the same well from their visions—a focal point of the curse’s power.

As they approached the well, a ghostly figure emerged—a tormented spirit seeking revenge. It was the restless soul of the victim Lord Benedict had taken in the hit-and-run accident. The spirit, known as Eleanor, had become intertwined with the curse, desperate to see justice served.

Eleanor’s ethereal form hovered before Alicia and Kimberly, her eyes filled with a mix of anguish and determination. She revealed that the curse of the bendy teapot was tied to Lord Benedict’s own mortality. The teapot, infused with Eleanor’s vengeful energy, would claim the lives of those who had wronged her until justice was served.

Driven by a shared resolve, Alicia, Kimberly, and Eleanor devised a plan to break the curse once and for all. They would confront Lord Benedict with the evidence of his past crimes, forcing him to face the consequences of his actions and allowing Eleanor’s spirit to find peace.

Alicia, Kimberly, and Eleanor confronted Lord Benedict in the heart of the Wentworth Estate, armed with undeniable evidence of his hit-and-run accident. Lord Benedict, now aware of the curse and the vengeful spirit that haunted him, was filled with a mixture of fear and regret.

In a gripping courtroom-style confrontation, Alicia presented the evidence, ensuring that Lord Benedict could not escape justice this time. The truth of his past crimes became public knowledge, tarnishing his reputation and exposing his misdeeds to the world.

As the weight of his guilt settled upon him, Lord Benedict’s own mortality began to catch up with him. The curse of the bendy teapot manifested its final act, claiming his life just as he had taken another’s.

With Lord Benedict’s demise, Eleanor’s spirit finally found peace, the curse’s hold on her released. The curse itself dissipated, its power no longer fueled by vengeance. Alicia and Kimberly, having fulfilled their quest, were free from its grasp as well.

In the aftermath of their harrowing ordeal, Alicia and Kimberly realized the importance of confronting one’s past and seeking justice. The curse of the bendy teapot had served as a reminder that actions have consequences, and no one can escape their past forever.

Together, Alicia and Kimberly decided to use their newfound knowledge and experiences to help others. They established a foundation that supported victims of crime and advocated for justice, ensuring that no one’s voice would go unheard.

The legend of the bendy teapot gradually faded into obscurity, becoming nothing more than a cautionary tale whispered by those who still believed in the supernatural. Alicia and Kimberly, however, knew the truth of its existence and the power it once held.Their foundation, aptly named “Justice Reclaimed,” gained recognition and support from the community.

They dedicated themselves to providing legal assistance to those who had been wronged, ensuring that justice was served and the voices of the victims were heard.

Over the years, Alicia and Kimberly became renowned advocates, fighting tirelessly for the rights of the oppressed and the marginalized. They used their experience with the bendy teapot curse as a driving force, fueling their passion for seeking truth and bringing about positive change.Their work didn’t go unnoticed, and they received accolades and recognition for their contributions to society.

Their story became an inspiration to many, proving that even in the face of supernatural curses, justice could prevail.As for the bendy teapot itself, Alicia and Kimberly made sure it would never cause harm again. They took great care in securing the teapot, sealing it away in a hidden chamber within their foundation’s headquarters. With intricate protective spells and enchantments, they ensured that the curse would remain contained forever.But they didn’t forget the lessons they had learned.

They used the teapot as a symbol, a reminder of the consequences of one’s actions and the importance of seeking redemption. It served as a cautionary tale to those who visited the foundation, a tangible reminder that justice must be pursued and the past must be confronted.

Years passed, and Alicia and Kimberly continued their mission, leaving an indelible mark on society. Their unwavering dedication to justice and their courage in the face of darkness inspired a new generation of changemakers.The curse of the bendy teapot may have been broken, but its legacy lived on through Alicia, Kimberly, and the countless lives they touched. Their story became a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and the pursuit of justice in a world that so desperately needed it.

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In a land of hair, wild and free,
Where follicles danced in jubilee,
There lived a lass with locks so bright,
Her hairstyles were a hilarious sight!

First came the bouffant, oh so grand,
A towering mound upon her strand,
She strutted with grace, head held high,
But her hairdo reached up to the sky!

Next, she tried the mullet, oh what a thrill,
Long in the back, short in the front, quite the frill,
She rocked that party in the back,
But business up front? Oh, what a hack!

Then came the dreadlocks, a twisty mess,
She went for a natural look, I must confess,
Her hair was a jungle, tangled and bold,
And birds nested there, I've been told!

Up next, she sported a big beehive,
A mountain of hair, it made her thrive,
But watch your step, for if you're not aware,
You might find a squirrel nesting in there!

The perm she tried, to add some curl,
But it went haywire, a frizzy whirl,
Her hair had a life of its own, it seemed,
Twisting and turning, like a wild dream!

And let's not forget the mighty mohawk,
A punk rock style that made her squawk,
She spiked it up, a rebellious scene,
But shampooing it took a whole canteen!

Last but not least, the grand finale,
She shaved it all off, bald as a valley,
She embraced her smooth dome with pride,
And hats became her favorite ride!

Oh, the hairstyles she tried, each one a blast,
From towering bouffants to bald heads so vast,
She taught us to laugh, to not take hair too seriously,
For it's just an accessory, oh so deliriously!

So let your hair be wild, let it be free,
Try different styles, see what it could be,
For in the world of hairstyles, it's all just fun and games,
Embrace the laughter, and let your hair reign!

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This is my video on a recipe for disaster.

Here’s a humorous poem for you!

Take a cupful of rumours,
Blend it with gossips so fine.
Let it boil by word of mouth,
And simmer until it’s “divine.”

Then add some lies and falsehoods
To garnish with spicy zeal,
Toss in some distorted facts
Until it’s an explosive meal.

Watch as the tensions start to rise,
And conflicts start to ignite.
Soon, the recipe for disaster
Will be a full-blown food fight.

So, if you want to spice things up,
Just remember this recipe.
But be warned, the end result
May not be a sight to see!


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Silly Superstitions: Unveiling the Correct Interpretation


Superstitions have been ingrained in human culture for centuries, captivating the human imagination and influencing behavior. While some superstitions are harmless and add a touch of mystique to our lives, others can lead to unnecessary anxiety and irrational decisions. In this essay, we will explore a few examples of silly superstitions and aim to shed light on their true interpretations, encouraging a more rational and evidence-based understanding of the world.

  1. Walking under a ladder: One of the most widely known superstitions is the belief that walking under a ladder brings bad luck. While this notion may seem deeply ingrained in our minds, it is more likely rooted in practical concerns rather than supernatural forces. Walking under a ladder can be hazardous due to the risk of objects falling or someone accidentally knocking it over. Therefore, the “bad luck” associated with this superstition is better understood as a precautionary measure to ensure personal safety rather than an actual curse.
  2. Breaking a mirror: The notion that breaking a mirror leads to seven years of bad luck is another widely popular superstition. However, this belief can be traced back to ancient times when mirrors were considered rare and valuable. The seven-year duration was likely associated with the time it would take to replace or repair such an expensive item. In reality, breaking a mirror holds no inherent mystical power and its consequences are simply a matter of personal perception. It serves as a reminder to handle delicate objects with care rather than being a harbinger of misfortune.
  3. Friday the 13th: The infamous superstition surrounding Friday the 13th has caused anxiety for many people throughout history. The origins of this belief are multifaceted and vary across cultures. Some trace it back to Christian traditions, associating Friday with the crucifixion of Jesus and thirteen with the Last Supper, where Judas, the betrayer, was present. However, considering that there is no scientific evidence supporting any specific dangers on this day, it is best to approach Friday the 13th like any other day and not let unfounded fears dictate our actions.
  4. Black cats: Black cats have often been associated with superstitions, particularly in Western cultures. Some believe that crossing paths with a black cat brings bad luck, while others consider them a sign of good fortune. The negative perception of black cats can be attributed to medieval Europe, where they were often linked to witchcraft and dark magic. However, it is important to recognize that a cat’s color does not influence its ability to bring luck or misfortune. In reality, these beliefs perpetuate harmful stereotypes and hinder the adoption of black cats from shelters.

Conclusion: Superstitions have undoubtedly influenced human behavior and culture for centuries. However, it is crucial to approach them with a rational mindset and seek evidence-based explanations rather than attributing supernatural powers to random events. Understanding the historical context and practical reasoning behind these superstitions allows us to separate fact from fiction and encourages critical thinking. By adopting a more informed perspective, we can eliminate the superstitions and adopt rational thinking.


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