Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com
Hmmmm.... I moan.... I sigh. 
I can still feel your taste. 
I remember our first kiss and cry. 
So many years have gone waste. 
( Without you). 

My lips touched you for the first time. 
I thought I was in heaven. 
Staying away from you is a crime. 
Ours is a strong bond of love for the next births seven. 

My heart melted in your sweetness. 
Your soft and silky touch that caressed my mouth.
My life without you is a big mess. 
Without you I feel I wasted my youth. 

When my tongue felt you again and again, 
You drove me completely insane. 
You made me forget my pain. 
Your love has been my greatest gain. 

My parched lips search for you, 
Waiting for the delightful kiss. 
I love you wholeheartedly too. 
Promise to be with me always like this. 

Waiting for the soulful reunion. 
As our lips join together. 
Those will be the best moments in my opinion. 
As my lips take you in forever. 

I dedicate this poem to my first and true love, The Ice cream. If you were thinking of something else, you have got a dirty mind. Love, especially on the Valentine's Day, need not be just the typical hero heroine romance. It's the day of love that could be dedicated to anyone including parents, children, neighbors, relatives, pets and every thing that you like. I love all but my true love ( ice creams, chocolates, and books) are my soulmates and of course, I have a lovely baby doll   (daughter)  to shower my affection. 

As far as Romance for me is concerned, Sitting under the shade of a tree, 
With a book of a cozy mystery, 
And a glass of juice by my side, 
Watching little children play seek and hide
Pets frolicking in ecstasy. 
Is my romantic fantasy. 

Do you like my Valentine? 😂😂😂😂. 


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