टूटा हुआ दिल : A BROKEN HEART.


Hi Friends,

I am delighted to tell you that I completed my 1000 posts today.

I also attempted a Hindi Poetry.

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मैंने नहीं मांगी थी तुमसे करोड़ों की दौलत |
मुझे तो चाहिए थी बस तुमसे थोड़ी सी मोहब्बत |
मिट्टी में मिल गई मेरी यह चाहत |
अब मेरे जीवन में नहीं मिली मुझे राहत |

बस, इतना कह दिया होता कि मैं तुम्हारे काबिल नहीं |
जानती हूं , खुशियां सबको दुनिया में होती हासिल नहीं |
क्यों तुम्हारी नजरों में मेरे अश्कों की कोई कीमत नहीं ?
मेरा दर्द कम तो नहीं था, जो खडी कर रहे हो मुसीबत नयी |

हर बार किया तुमने मुझे अपने कड़वे बोलो से आहत |
फिर भी सहा तुम्हारे हर सितम, समझ कर अपनी किस्मत |
सोने की चेन नहीं बल्कि चैन की जिंदगी दे देते |
हंसकर तुम्हारे सारे दुख हम अपने सिर ले लेते |

बस एक गुजारिश है, दे दो मुझे इस खोखले बंधन से आजादी |
नहीं देख सकती मैं अपने अस्तित्व की बर्बादी |
धन्यवाद देती हूं तुम्हें क्योंकि तुमने मेरी आंखें खोली |
अब समझ में आया कि दुनिया समझती है सिर्फ पैसौं


I never asked for millions of rupees from you.

I only wanted your love.

My love just shattered to pieces.

With no hope of getting a respite.

You should have told me that I am not worthy of you.

I know that not everyone is happy in this world.

Why don’t you value my tears anymore?

As if my pain and sufferings weren’t enough, why are you creating more troubles for me?

You destroyed me with your hurtful words

Yet I tolerated your abuse, thinking it was my destiny.

I never asked for gold necklace but had you given me a peaceful life!

I would have gladly taken all your sorrows.

I kindly request you, to let me go from this hollow relationship.

I can’t watch my entity being destroyed.

I thank you for opening my eyes.

To make me understand that the world knows only the language of money.

I hope you like it.


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Hi Friends,

A tragic incident in my neighborhood inspired me to write this poem on a grieving mother who lost her only child, a three-month-old daughter. My neighbor’s son and daughter-in-law lost their child to a high fever that affected the infant’s brain. I have tried to grasp the sorrow of a grieving mother.

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I was simply over the moon. 
When I felt your tiny kick inside my womb. 
Little did I realize that you would leave me so soon. 
To go back and take rest inside a tiny tomb. 

The labor pain that I went through is nothing, When compared to losing you. 
I had tears of joy when I heard you crying. 
How my arms are missing cradling you! 

The cradle that once had you in its embrace, 
Is empty and searching for the princess it lost. 
Your gurgling with joy and your innocent face, 
Are what I am missing the most! 

Every time you played in my lap, 
I would keep gazing at you forever. 
Tears are flowing like water from a tap. 
When I realize my eyes would see you never. 

I miss the twinkle in your eyes 
And your toothless grin. 
Oh, What a heavy price! 
I had to pay for my sin. 

I thought of walking with you to the school. 
And watch you entering your class. 
But life made me such a fool! 
My dreams were shattered. Alas! 

The house is searching for the little princess, 
My arms are waiting to have you back. 
Why did you leave me in distress? 
My heart has already begun to crack. 

Why did life play the game of death? 
A young bud wilted before it could blossom into a flower. 
I would keep mourning until my last breath. 
Losing my sanity every hour. 

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Hi Friends,

Because of this pathetic situation between Ukraine and Russia, I was reminded of a poem that I had written a couple of years ago in Poetrysoup. com that I would like to share with you.

The Soul of a martyred soldier.

Soul of a martyred soldier

His soul watches in absolute silence,

As the stream of mourners visit his grave,

Offering their heartfelt condolences,
To his grieving widow, asking her to be brave.

His dead heart still melts at the sight of his daughter,
Who buries her head in her mother’s chest, Tears pouring incessantly, in place of their erstwhile laughter.
As they watch his mortal remains being laid to rest.

His wife is still in a state of shock,
Reeling under the grief of his demise,
She feels as if her life seems to mock,
At her sorry state, giving her unwanted advice.

How he wishes this war had never taken place!
None would have lost their lives,
Had there been Lord Almighty’s grace,
They would be with their children and wives.

Man does not realize the futility of a war,
It brings about destruction,
It leaves behind a scar,
Of pain and death that is not needed,
Seldom in his greed for power, has a man ever heeded,
To the words of wisdom given by the men of knowledge with deep insight,
He will prefer to die than giving up without a fight.

Thousands of lives are destroyed for no fault of theirs.
When will a man learn to live?
Living in a war like situation is a nightmare.

Dear humans, please learn to love each other and forgive.

The deceased soldier has sent a message.
Protect the honor of your country at all costs.
Be proud of your country’s rich cultural heritage.
Don’t forget the sacrifices of the lives lost. (Freedom fighters, soldiers, and civilians who died protecting their nation).

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Good morning friends,

I know this is a sad topic to begin the day but life can be so cruel at times. When I read that the casualties in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war included children, I couldn’t stop my tears. Why are the innocent children made to pay with their lives for no fault of theirs?

Whenever I read any news or a story that involves a child’s death, I feel very sorry for the parents of the deceased. It’s difficult enough to lose your loved one, especially, if it happens to be either of your parents or your kids.

A couple of months ago, one of our neighbors lost his five-year-old daughter to Covid-19. The child already had several health issues including a problematic spinal cord. She couldn’t sit on her own and lay down most of the time. I always saw her being carried by her grandfather to get exposure to the sunlight. I didn’t see her little corpse or I would have been completely broken down.

There was another tragic incident that took place around 6-7 years ago. A 13-year-old son of another neighbor went to visit a temple with his playmate. Both the boys went to wash their feet in the nearby temple pond, when one of them slipped and fell. The other boy tried to give a hand and raise him up but he also fell. The pond was quite deep and so both the boys drowned. Their parents conducted a frantic search for several hours until the bodies of the children were recovered by the local divers. It was the saddest day of my life.

I realized that life is like a garden where some flowers are wilted before they could fully bloom or like an orchard where some fruits are destroyed before they could ripen. Let’s appreciate every moment of life while we are still breathing on this earth.




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Hi Friends,

I wish to discuss a serious topic of suicides, especially, by teenagers, children, and young adults in their early to mid-twenties. Whenever I hear the news of youngsters ending their lives because they are not able to digest their failure, I am concerned about the future generation. It made me compose this poem.

Suicide: A curse on humanity

Why are we so desperate to end our lives?
Is success the only thing on which humanity thrives?
Why don’t we motivate ourselves to be strong?
And accept both success and failure as a companion for long.
Are we having too much of expectations?
Are we subjecting our children to condemnations?
We fuss over them when they outshine their peers.
We party all night amidst celebrations and cheers.
What happens to us when they fail?
We treat them like criminals in jail.
Success and failure is a part of our life.
Fear of failure makes us resort to a noose or knife.
Life is very precious; We shouldn’t end it for a silly reason.
Let’s remember that after every winter, there’s the cheerful spring season.
Fail means First Attempt In Learning.
There’s no need to raise a hue or cry or spend our life in mourning.
We shouldn’t give up trying no matter what the world says.
And train our children to be prepared for both gloomy and sunny days.
We should stop comparing our lives and those of our children with others.
We should support them regardless of their success or failure as responsible fathers and mothers.

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Can we call ourselves humans anymore?
We are resorting to violence to settle a score.
My eyes shed tears on seeing the images of the bodies of innocent children.
They lost their lives before they could become a responsible adult citizen.
Losing our dear ones is such a pain.
No one should witness such an unfortunate incident again.
What do we gain by bloodshed and violence? There’s a rising pile of dead bodies and an eerie silence.
Beware of the human vultures flying around in search of vulnerable prey.
Freedom to live as a good human has a heavy price to pay.
Opportunists and flatterers are waiting for their chance.
To please their masters and get rewarded, they are ready to sing and dance.
Where is the heart full of love and compassion?
People are getting slaughtered like pigs and chickens.
Is mass murder some kind of a fashion?
Humans can never boast of having intelligence.
Engaging in self-destruction doesn’t make any sense.
When will humans realize their mistakes?
The innocent lives are at stake.
Is aggression the only solution to all the problems we face?
Can’t we live peacefully in unity and grace?
Humanity is almost on the verge of its death.
Let’s try to protect it with our every breath.
Let’s learn to love, forget, and forgive.
Let’s set an example on how to live.

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Tribute to victims of terrorism and war.

I can’t find enough words to express my grief or sorrow.
As Earth is bathing in blood,
I wonder what will happen tomorrow? As the tears of grieving families flood.
Seeds of hatred are being sown,
In the minds of misled youth,
A man is his worst enemy ever known. It’s a bitter truth.
Waging a futile war is against humanity,
Which never did any religion preach. To kill ruthlessly or plunder is insanity.
Kindness is what spiritual leaders teach. My tears flow incessantly,
When I witness the gruesome sight,
Of people losing their kin permanently,
In this unwarranted fight.
Why should humans resort to violence?
And wipe out the very existence of life. As the relatives mourn over the dead in silence. While terrorists and war mongers brandish their guns or knife.
Have some pity, and show remorse.
Don’t indulge in destruction of the earth.
Time gallops away like a horse,
And the cycle continues of death and birth.

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The Student who became a teacher.

Akansha Sinha worked as a secondary school teacher at St.Angelina High School in New Delhi. She taught 8th, 9th, and 10th Grade. She was a divorcee and the sole breadwinner of her family.

Her son, Mayank, 10, had autism with a misshaped body. When he was born, the doctor had told the proud parents that their son was born with some genetic defect. Mayur, her husband, had tried to convince her to abandon her child. She shocked everyone by sending a divorce notice to Mayur. He had expected her to obey him. He never thought that she would choose her son over him. He refused to pay her alimony after the divorce.

Akansha conducted coaching classes at home until Mayank turned three. She started taking Mayank along with her to the school where she got a job as a teacher. In the beginning, Mayank got along well with all the students. However, problems started cropping up after a couple of years. He had to repeat each class twice due to his learning disabilities. His new classmates ignored him. They wouldn’t go anywhere near him. Mayank was upset as no one would speak to him. Akansha was disappointed with the attitude of the children. She couldn’t blame them as her son’s misshaped body scared them.

One day when Akansha was teaching the fourth-grade students, a new student made a grand entry. She walked in with her head high and greeted her disdainfully. Akansha smiled at her and said, ” Welcome to class IV A. Tell us something about yourself.” The student turned to face her classmates and said, ” Hi! I am Samiksha Mehta. My parents are Hitesh and Veena Mehta. They are the owners of Mehta Textiles.” She continued to drone on her achievements in her previous school and her expectations from the current school.
“That’s enough, dear,” Akansha interrupted,” Please take your seat.” Samiksha hated her for interrupting her speech.
She screamed after seeing Mayank sitting at the front desk. “Who is that ugly boy?” she asked Bindu, a classmate. Bindu whispered,” He is our teacher, Akansha Madam’s son. Try to avoid him. All of us hate him. Unfortunately, we have to tolerate him for her sake.” Samiksha giggled, drawing Akansha’s attention. “Would you like to share the joke with us, dear?” she asked her. Samiksha stopped her antics and pretended to read her notes. She despised this woman’s audacity to pinpoint her in front of the class. She had planned her revenge for this humiliation.
The next day onwards, she started teasing and bullying Mayank at lunch. He cried and begged for mercy. Samiksha and her friends teased him until he wet his pants. Akansha entered the class to pick her attendance register. She was shocked to find her son crying while his classmates were making fun of him. “Stop it, right now,” she thundered,” Do you think it’s funny? You will be writing an essay about bullying. Write it five times and submit your notebooks tomorrow. Otherwise, I will drag you all to the principal’s office.”
The entire class groaned in disgust. Samiksha hated Mayank so much that she wanted him to get expelled from school.
One day she scratched and bruised herself. She complained to Akansha, “Ma’am, Mayank hit me when I went to share my lunch with him.” Akansha looked at Mayank. Some of Samiksha’s sidekicks supported her bunch of lies. Akansha was in a dilemma. She couldn’t remain a mute spectator. She slapped her son and made him apologize to Samiksha.
She controlled her temper after watching her smirk in satisfaction.

Akansha waited for the weekend. It was Friday. The bell rang for the end of the last period of the day. All the children rushed out of their respective classrooms. Samiksha and her cronies filed out of the class carrying their backpacks. Mayank was waiting outside the school gate for his mother. He saw a street hawker selling cotton candies. He could not resist the temptation. When Akansha came out to join him, he asked her to buy one. She told him to wait outside the car and went to fulfill his demand. Suddenly, a white Maruti Suzuki screeched to a halt outside the school. A mean-looking ruffian stepped out of the car with a couple of gang members. He pulled a photo out of his shirt pocket. Then, he spotted his possible victim, Samiksha. He noticed that she was wearing gold ornaments, a chain, and a pair of earrings. As soon as she stepped outside the gate, he sprang upon her. Taken by surprise, she screamed out for help. The kidnapper’s friends tried to gag her and tie her hands while dragging her towards the car.
Mayank saw her pleading for mercy. One of the villains had taken out his pistol to scare her. Mayank threw a stone at one of the gang members to cause a distraction. It proved to be a fatal mistake. The gang leader shot him dead. Akansha dropped the cotton candy after hearing the gunshot. She saw her son lying lifeless in a pool of blood. Her rage knew no bounds. A crowd had gathered around to prevent the goons from escaping. Fuelled by the anger of witnessing the death of an innocent child, a couple of men came forward to thrash the bad guys. Akansha freed Samiksha from her captors and asked her to go inside the school premises. She called the police and an ambulance.

She wept bitterly over her son’s dead body. He was a true hero. She didn’t want his death to go in vain. She put on a brave face to accept the fact that he was now in a better place. Samiksha apologized to her for misbehaving with Mayank. She and her parents went to her house to express their gratitude.

Mayank got a bravery award posthumously on Republic Day. Akansha picked up the award from the President amidst huge cheers and applause. Her voice choked with emotion as she turned on the mic to speak. She said, ” I am so happy and proud to receive this award from our honorable President. I miss Mayank so much. He taught me to live fearlessly. His death has left behind a message for all the parents. There are so many schools turning out excellent scholars. I feel that the schools should also be imparting education in humanity, kindness, compassion, respecting everyone, and bravery. The parents should teach the children about the importance of being a good human. Anyone can be a great scholar. We should set an example to the children by being model citizens. If possible, discourage your children from flaunting their wealth. It attracts unwanted attention from antisocial elements. Modesty is the need of the hour.
Thank you for hearing me out.”
Everyone gave her a standing ovation.

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