Book review

Core Rule Set by Author Timothy Bryan is an exciting, creepy, spine chilling horror thriller. I had goosebumps while I kept reading and found it highly irresistible to take my eyes off. The concept of role playing games makes it even more scary and spine chilling.

Wow! Elk Grove, a city in Sacramento, is suddenly the target of a sinister cold blooded murderer. Reginald Darby, the CEO of Benelux Capital is the first victim. But will the thirst for blood and revenge end here?

Terry Brandt enjoys playing role-playing games as a way to kill time while competing against fictional foes using magic and monsters. He has a depressing, dead-end career, lives with his father, and leads an essentially meaningless romantic life.

Those who offended Terry end up dying rather mysteriously with no clues or physical evidence that could be linked to him. As the bodies pile up, Dani and Hideo have to stop the cruel murderer who seems to be more like an other worldly entity rather than a crazed psychopath. And the climax is sooo good that I didn’t expect it coming. It’s fantastic.

This is one of the most exciting reads that I would certainly recommend to those who love horror cum supernatural thriller.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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Book Review

‘Marks’ by Christopher Kelly is an astonishing, excellent, awesome, and one of the most exciting supernatural thriller. I thank Author Kelly Utt and her very talented son, Christopher for the advance review copy of what could be a potential Hollywood blockbuster. Wow! Every single page gave me goose bumps and I couldn’t stop reading even for a moment. This book is undoubtedly one of my best reads of the year.

Mark Simbas is a History Teacher at Thirsty Creek High School, Thirsty Creek, Tennessee, living with his pregnant girlfriend, Reya. His life undergoes a drastic change after he is involved in a car crash, almost losing his life. A stranger comes to his rescue and forces him to get out of the car before it explodes. The police, led by Officers Dawn Rollins and her partner, Jim Perkins and Michael Zhang, a paramedic, come to his assistance. Mark tells Dawn about a stranger who saved his life but another witness, Theodore, claims there was no one else in the vicinity of the accident spot. There’s another crushed car behind his now burning one. Mark is shocked to find that the dead body belonged to the person who rescued him. How is it possible? Had he been imagining things?

His birthmarks start troubling him and he begins to have horrific visions of the past.The story moves at such a fast pace that you can’t imagine what’s going to happen next. I was almost biting my fingernails over Mark’s plight.
What’s going to happen to Mark and Reya?
What an amazing book! Highly engrossing, absolutely thrilling, scary and very exciting. This book is scheduled to be available for purchase on 27th May, 2022. To know more about Mark and Reya’s fate, do not forget to buy this book. I highly recommend it for reading.

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A Book Review.

I enjoyed reading every book in this series. It is one of the finest supernatural thrillers that I have ever read. It has all the elements of a perfect paranormal cozy mystery. It’s funny, emotional, thrilling, spine chilling and full of suspense that keeps you guessing until the end.

Book 1

Ghostly Apparitions

The story begins with Meredith Good and her ghost friend Rebecca trying to convince the ghost of Stanley Cooper to move on to the afterlife. He willingly obliges as the doors of light open behind him and he crosses over to the other realm. Meredith and Rebecca have finished their work and decide to go back to Meredith’s hometown Silver Bells Cove in Ohio where her grandmother owns a house and a bakery. Unfortunately, the moment she steps back into her granny’s house, dead body is found beside the lake. She finds her ex-flame Police Detective Jonathan Valentine and his men encircling the area. After a brief exchange with Jonathan, she sends Rebecca to find whether the dead man’s ghost is still lingering near the body. Rebecca glides back to Meredith and tells her that the dead man’s name is Bart Samuels and he was building a hotel before he was whacked to death. She visits the hotel site where she is followed by Rebecca and Bart. She meets a handsome PI Kane Xavier who finds her amusing. Bart asks her to investigate his murder case and help him move on.

During the course of her investigation, she learns that Bart worked for Warwick Crane, a billionaire. She confronts him with Kane on her side. In spite of promising not to involve the cops, he sends message through Jonathan not to trespass through his property. They meet Derek Powers and Donna Smith. But Derek Powers gets killed and Donna discovers financial irregularities in the accounting of Crane’s firm. Meredith suspects Crane’s involvement through his bodyguard Jonah. Is Donna’s life in danger as well? How will Meredith track down Bart and Derek’s murderer/ murderers? Catch Meredith crack this mystifying case with Kane.

Book 2

Ghostly Illusions

Meredith has finally gotten over the shock of her cousin Sarah dating her ex-boyfriend Jonathan. The two couples, Jonathan and Sarah and Kane and Meredith are on a double date, visiting a magic show by the famous magician, Starius Darius. The magician dies in a freak accident by drowning in a water tank and unable to open the locks on his cuffs. His ghost hovers above the body while the paramedics remove the corpse after a failed attempt to resuscitate him. Meredith takes up the case. She searches for his background information on the internet and learns that he had been adopted by Andrew and Cynthia Milton who had named him John.

They suspect Amanda, his assistant, at first. She proves to be innocent. Darius’ ghost tells Meredith that his biological mother had asked him to perform at Silver Bells Cove and meet her. Meredith tells Amanda about Darius’ ghost and asks for the letter. The latter hands over the letter to her. Meanwhile, another client Marnie Simmons turns up at Meredith’s office, requesting her to drive out the spirits from St. John’s Church. But she learns that there is no spirit or ghost in the church. Darius’ parents come to her town for identifying his body. Darius’ father Andrew tells Meredith that they had not legally adopted Darius but found him on the doorstep of St. John’s Church, in Silver Bells Cove. Father Thomas helped them to adopt him in exchange for money.

Meredith does research on all the births that took place on 18th December, 1981. She gets a list of three women on the said date. It turns out that Mary Corwin was the one who had abandoned her son. What follows next is absolutely mind-boggling. Why did Mary give up Darius? When Meredith approaches Father Young for Father Thomas’ journals, he is attacked and the journals are missing.

What is the big secret of Darius’ life? Why was he killed? Is Mary’s younger son, Timmy, responsible for his death? Read this awesome thriller with an unexpected twist at every stage as the story progresses.

Book 3

Ghostly Wedding.

Jonathan and Sarah get married in a hotel where Meredith is her maid of honor. In the midst of their wedding celebrations, Sheriff Mitt is murdered. His ghost is floating around all the rooms in every floor while Meredith is searching for him to answer her questions. Lights flicker frequently. The guests and the ghosts are trapped inside the hotel and are under attack from a horde of other ghosts who are more sinister. Jonathan’s grandma, Mrs. Valentine also dies. She wants Meredith to protect her grandson and his bride. Meredith tries to protect the guests by creating a salt circle with a mixture of iron filings which fends off the ghosts temporarily. There is a leader of these ghosts who has misled them to become malicious. Who is that evil spirit? Why does he want Jonathan and his family dead? Can the guests and the ghosts of Rebecca and Sheriff escape from his clutches? Will Meredith succeed in her mission? This is a spine chilling story definitely worth reading.

Book 4

Ghostly Town.

Someone has invited Meredith to get rid off the ghosts haunting the town of Ghostly in Missouri. Kane accompanies her with Rebecca. They have reservations at The Ghostly Inn which has several ghosts haunting the inn. Meredith receives an invitation to a seance held by Charles Mathers who ends up being dead. Meredith can see his ghost floating around his body. She speaks to his partner Henry and conveys message from Charles who is now invisible. Meredith and Kane meet Lady Rosanna, the psychic, to show her the anonymous invitation to the unfortunate seance. She wants to find out who sent it and whether he or she had any premonition of the death. Lady Rosanna tells her that Anne Sibley had sent her the invitation. Meredith and Kane visit Anne who can see ghosts like Meredith. Anne tells her that Charles Mathers was responsible for her husband, Carl’s death and now duly punished for his deed. Charles goes after Carl and they vanish. Meredith helps the ghost of a little boy, Barry to cross over to the afterlife by reuniting him with his sister Theodora. The woman who looked after Barry wants to move on and Meredith helps her.

Another seance takes place on the following day. Madeline, the medium, dies exactly in the same way as Charles. Meredith and Kane approach Lady Rosanna who points them towards the Ghost Hunters. They meet Rachel, psychic Chloe, Jacob and Mike and ask their help that night to prevent another death of a medium. Meredith and Chloe get a creepy vision of something sinister. They manage to reach the medium at seance and prevent his death. The inn owner asks them to vacate the next day as she feels that the couple were responsible for both the deaths. Meredith and the ghost hunters investigate an abandoned church where they can sense evil spirits.

A third medium, Rochelle dies, making the Ghostly Inn owner Sheila seek Meredith’s help. Can Meredith solve the mystery behind the deaths of the mediums? Who is that evil spirit and why is he leaving behind a trail of destruction and murder? A very thrilling book with a bit of a historical background.

Book 5

Ghostly Endings

Jonathan seeks Meredith’s help to identify the skeleton remains found besides the lake. She calls her psychic friend Callie to help her. She touches the watch belonging to the victim and identifies the body to be that of her Ghost friend, Rebecca. Rebecca has no memories of her past and doesn’t remember her real name. It is upto Meredith and her ghost hunter friends to find out her killer and get her justice. Meanwhile, another body turns up. The victim is Jenny Summers who has been brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Nathan Grant. At the time of murder, he was possessed by an evil spirit who was behind the murders of all the missing women including Rebecca in the early eighties. Whose spirit is this? What is Rebecca’s true identity? Will Rebecca move on to the afterlife or stick with her forever? How will Meredith crack this case and put an end to the atrocities of the evil spirit? I highly recommend the entire series for reading.