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Sunny decided to find out more about this deadly trio. He opted to let them be on his trail while he sneaked out an opportunity to take their pictures. He would forward the picture to Ashwin Mehta, his good friend, working as an IT expert for the Police Department.

He completed the lab work for the day and locked it with a pass code and impenetrable security. He cast a casual glance around missing only to find the car missing. He waited for sometime and after ensuring that they were gone, he made his way home, occasionally glancing for any car trailing behind him. He thought, ” They are probably bored after the surveillance and might be in a club.” He didn’t give it much thought and fell sound asleep, not realizing the possibility of imminent danger from the terrorists.

“Ding.Ding…….. ” His mobile rang shrilly, waking Sunny at 6 : 30 AM. ” Damn it! ” he cursed, ” He had forgotten to set his alarm and was nearly an hour late.” He picked up the call. “Good morning, sir,” said Lavanya, his assistant, ” ‘I just called to inform you that I have handed over your inventions to the secret agents from the Government for safekeeping as per your instructions.”

” You, What?” thundered Sunny. Lavanya was scared. Yet, she continued, ” Sir, three people from RAW came to me and showed their identity cards along with your authorization letter. ‘I handed the project only after checking your signature.” Sunny was furious. He yelled, ” You should have called me before handing over my pet projects. They are not government agents but crooks. They have been following me for the past one week. Who knows they might belong to a terrorist group? If my intention fall into wrong hands, it could spell disaster for the whole country. Did you at least note their car registration number or their appearance?” Lavanya was in tears when she replied in negative. Sunny’s heart melted and he consoled her, ” ‘I am sorry I should not have yelled at you. I am not concerned with the loss of project but concerned about our national security. Don’t worry. I will think of something.”

Sunny had already anticipated the possibility of theft. He had already made 4 replicas of his original inventions. Fortunately, he had locked them away safely in his private bank account. Those thieves were only carrying the replicas but they were as good and effective as the original. Sunny had placed trackers in them.

He got up and after having a shower and breakfast, went to his laboratory. He always wore the hypnotizer cum mind reading gadget around his neck ( one of the replicas).
He asked Lavanya to get coffee for herself and him. He turned on his computer and opened the necessary file and clicked on the tracking icon. It showed that the thugs were on the outskirts of Mumbai city. He clenched his fist as he considered his options to prevent them from getting away with their crime.

Meanwhile, Zeenat, the lady terrorist was in an upbeat mood ,as her partners in crime, Rauf and Asif were grinning ear to ear. Rauf said, ” Excellent, Zeenat. That was an incredible idea. Who needs the bloody scientist when we could get his dream project? ‘I wasn’t looking forward to another kidnapping and murder, because ‘we have enough blood in our hands.” Zeenat replied, ” That’s exactly what I was thinking. Boss might be angry for not killing the guy but I will try to convince him. Who knows we might need his help in future? ” They stopped outside a restaurant to have their breakfast and tea.

Sunny could operate his gadgets using his computer. Now that he tracked them, he was thinking whether it was advisable to send them to the black hole by opening the vortex. He shook his head and muttered, ” Nah! It’s too risky. Besides, an innocent bystander might also be sucked inside the vortex along with these idiots.” He put his computer on sleep mode as Lavanya came back with two mugs of coffees. He gave her some assignment and after she went to her desk, he took a sip of his coffee. ” Ah! Caffeine is what I needed,” he said to himself, ” Now I can get my grey cells working.” He finished his coffee as an idea struck him. Sunny had another special talent. He had a photographic memory. He remembered the faces of the trio and immediately started sketching in his drawing pad. As soon as he finished his drawing, he called Lavanya to show them the pics of the thieves. She was astonished as these were the same people who had hoodwinked her. She said, ” You got it right, boss! These are the same people who pretended to be the agents working for RAW.”
Sunny thanked her with a smile and immediately forwarded the sketch to his friend, Ashwin, from the police department.

He was pacing restlessly, waiting for Ashwin’s call. An hour later, Ashwin said excitedly, ” Sunny, Good news for you. They are wanted by the Interpol for their involvement in terroristic activities. They are Zeenat, Rauf and Asif.” But before Ashwin could probe further, Sunny disconnected the call. ” Terrorists, eh?” he thought, ” Then, they have no rights to live.” He got down to business immediately. He had pre-programmed his inventions with self-destructive mode. He tracked their location to Mumbai -Pune highway. He ensured that they were going through sparsely populated or a desolate location. Then, he programmed his inventions ( replicas) to turn destroy themselves as he fit a mini-bomb inside each gadget.

Boom! There was a thunderous explosion and the terrorists along with their vehicles were blown to smithereens. Sunny smiled as he got the last message ” Mission accomplished.” Sunny heaved a sigh of relief but another worry started plaguing him. The terrorist group would certainly come to know about the loss of their comrades. They would be back to avenge their deaths. And it would be mission dangerous. He started sweating profusely as he realized that his life was in great danger. But what’s done could not be undone.

Watch out for the next episode to find out whether Sunny’s fears materialize. Would he be hunted down? A more harrowing tale of deception and treachery follows. Do not miss out this one.

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The next day, Amit entered Neeraj’s room to wake him up at 5.30 AM. Neeraj grumbled, ” What’s wrong with you? Today’s Saturday. Let me sleep until 7 AM.” Amit chuckled, ” It’s time for exercise and jogging, champ. You have to make it a habit. It’s good for your health. Be prepared for a massive change in your routine.” He forced Neeraj to accompany him for jogging and made him do push ups and squats.

His mother, Radhika, was waiting for them at the breakfast table. To his utter dismay, Neeraj found a bowl of fresh fruits and sprouts waiting for him instead of his favorite, parathas, or toasted bread with butter. Radhika said, ” From now on, we are going to follow whatever Amit says. Besides, we need to control our diet and weight.” Amit said, ” Well, you have two choices. Either you eat this or starve.” Neeraj almost gulped down to get up from the table. He didn’t touch the glass of milk. Radhika wanted to call him but Amit stopped her. He said, ” It’s alright, sweetheart. He will get used to it eventually. Especially, since he will be going to a boarding school next year.”

Radhika nodded and went to take rest. Neeraj’s life became miserable with Amit acting like Mr. Murdstone of David Copperfield. He would only give orders which his mom promptly obeyed. This was something that she had never done when Pranav was alive. She would keep arguing with him and almost kept doing whatever she wanted. Neeraj was contemplating his next move when Amit approached him with a grocery list. He said, ” ‘I hope you remember that I am going to marry your mother tomorrow. We need a few items. This is the grocery list. I want you to buy these items right now.” ” But,” protested Neeraj, ” Mom always does the shopping herself.”

Amit boxed his ears as Neeraj was in tears. He yelled, ” Your mother is carrying a baby. What kind of a son are you! Better do as I say or you will be in trouble. Start helping your mom around and try to be independent. Besides, you will be going to a boarding school next year.” Neeraj lost his temper and yelled back, ” Who are you to interfere in our lives? You don’t get to decide what to do with my life. Get it! I am not going to some fucking boarding school.” Radhika overheard their argument as she brought a cup of tea for Amit. She set it down on Neeraj’s study table and slapped Neeraj so hard that he winced in pain.

” How dare you talk to Amit like that? ” she screamed, ” Apologize to him this instant. ‘I will never tolerate insolence. You are going to a boarding school whether you like it or not.” Amit gave an evil grin as Neeraj said sorry and picked up the list. He returned home and handed over the groceries to Amit who was ready to give him the next task. Neeraj simply dashed off to his room and closed the door. He opened the school bag and pretended to study. Amit knocked on his door as Neeraj drawled, “Sorry. I can’t help you now because I am studying.” Amit went away, cursing Neeraj.

Neeraj suddenly remembered that his mother would be marrying that jerk, Amit, on the following day. He had to do something to stop the wedding. He locked the door and took out the special notebook. He scribbled :
“Amit stabbed my dad in the back by having affair with mom and ruined a noble relationship. He should also suffer the same fate as dad. His best friend should stab him to death and Mom should get to know his reality. I wish Mom could get rid of the baby.”

He didn’t speak much during dinner but noticed his mother giggling at Amit’s silly jokes. He wondered, ” What did Mom see in this son of a bitch? He looks like a monkey having Eczema.” After finishing his dinner, he went to his room, praying for the wedding to be called off.

Radhika was very excited as the moment for which she was waiting, was just a few hours away. She hoped Neeraj would realize his mistake and apologize to Amit so that they could live together as a family.

Finally, it was Sunday. Radhika woke up early and knocked on Neeraj’s bedroom. ” Neeraj, ” she said, ” Get ready son, we are going to Durga Temple. Amit said he would be there by 8:30 AM and it’s 7 now.” Neeraj groaned in disgust. He woke up reluctantly, praying for a miracle. God seemed to have answered his prayers as his mother received a phone call. She was about to faint when Neeraj caught hold of her. She was speaking to the caller, ” Thank you. I will be there.”

Neeraj asked her, ” What happened, Mom? Who was the caller and what did he want?” Radhika burst into tears and said, ” Amit……. Amit is dead. Someone stabbed him to death in his apartment. Oh, Amit! Why didn’t you listen to me when I asked you to stay over? It was Amit’s friend, Ahmed. He discovered Amit’s dead body and has already contacted the police. Neeraj, be a sport and order something for yourself online. You can take my card for the payment. I need to go now.”

Neeraj was delighted to hear the news but pretended to put on a sad face. The moment, Radhika stepped out, he ordered a special lunch with ice cream to celebrate his and his mother’s freedom from a tyrant.

Radhika reached outside Amit’s apartment in Andheri. She saw the paramedics carrying down a body in the gurney. ” Amit, my beloved Amit, ” she wailed, rushing to his side, but stopped as she saw another woman glaring at her. ” Who are you?” yelled the other woman, ” And why are you calling my husband, Amit as yours?” Radhika looked as if someone had stabbed her in her heart. She said, ” No, it can’t be true. You aren’t his wife. He told me he is single and proposed to me. We were supposed to be getting married today because I am carrying his child.”

The other woman felt sorry for her and said, ” I guess you are his third or fourth victim. It’s good that he died or else you would have been in his place instead.” ” What do you mean?” asked Radhika. Amit had a horrible secret. Who killed Amit and why?

Watch out for the next episode of The Special Notebook as a dirty conspiracy is unveiled.

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We had a couple of days off for Diwali. As usual, Mom bossed us around while the cleaning was in progress. We had started the dreadful, tiresome project, a week earlier and were now digging up treasures from all corners of the house, which included wrappers of chocolates and chewing gums, pencil shavings, scraps of paper containing some mobile number,( God only knows to whom those numbers belonged) and plenty of cobwebs. Yeww! I hate spiders. And then….. I screamed in horror and yelled, ” Murder! Murder! ” My sister, Rhea, dropped her dusting cloth and came to my aid. She poured a glass of water and winked at me, ” Ok, Sherlock! Stop your overacting and spit it out! Whose dead body did you discover under this queen sized bed?”

I took the flashlight on the study table and held it like a microphone and said, ” Welcome to the House of Horror. Breaking News! A young girl, Lekha Patel, nearly fainted after seeing the dead body of a lizard under her bed. Now, the question is who killed the poor creature and why? ” My sister, Rhea, snatched the phone from me and continued, ” This is Inspector Rhea from the House of horror. The poor lizard died due to asphyxiation. It held its breath for long after it inhaled the foul smelling socks of Ms. Lekha. Unfortunately, her carelessness caused the death of an innocent creature. Her punishment is to listen to her mother’s lectures for a whole day.”

Both of us were giggling like kids until the voice of the main villain ( Mom) echoed from the kitchen, ” If I catch you girls wasting your time, you will be sorry, for sure.” Finally, we finished the Herculean task of cleaning our room. We had piled up heaps of clothes that we had outgrown. As my luck would have it, I had to discard my favourite yellow and blue salwar kameez. But first, let me explain my special talent. My expanding waistline and an invisible knife at my rear end, always created holes in my pyjamas, for which my mother and sister always made fun of me. The salwaar ( pyjamas) had been torn at the seat and went through so many alterations that the dress almost pleaded with me to stop wearing it. That said, mom called us for tea.

Later, she went out with Mrs.Chatterbox and instructed Rhea to prepare Dal-Rotis ( Lentil Soup and Indian flatbread) for the family. Rhea dragged me to the kitchen and forced me to knead the dough. As much as I despised cooking, I could not avoid it, fearing the wrath of my sister. When it was time to make the rotis, the gas cylinder was exhausted. “Oh no! ” my sister groaned, ” What shall I do now? The gas cylinder is empty.” ‘I joked, ” Well, I can help you. I have been farting since morning. Shall I refill the cylinder by sitting on it?” ” Shut up,” laughed Rhea, “‘I already know this joke. Kapil Sharma has already mentioned it.” Then I suggested, ” Why don’t we follow ” Borrow from the neighbor” Policy? That’s what ‘we usually do, right? ” I just realised the value of having a good relationship with the neighbors. A neighbor in need is a neighbor indeed.

Rhea shook her head and ordered food online. We put the kneaded dough in a Tupperware container and kept it in the refrigerator. Finally, Mom returned at 7 PM, carrying a huge gift wrapped item. ” Girls,” she exclaimed, ” Look what I have got! ” Rhea and I were curious to know about the mystery package. So, we joined Mom as she unwrapped the gift to reveal a 10×10 framed painting of God knows what. The frame was covered in different shades of yellow. Initially, I thought the artist had a runny nose and had used his phlegm for the painting. Rhea and I fought hard to suppress our laughter as I pretended to appreciate, ” Wow! Excellent, Mom. This is a wonderful painting.” Mom seemed to be highly pleased until I said, ” ‘I appreciate the artist for daring to use a child’s poop and smear it evenly on the canvas. How much did you pay for this framed shit?” Rhea burst out laughing as Mom glared at me ( which wasn’t unusual). Mom said, ” What do you know about the modern art? You don’t know how to hold the pencil, let alone sketch. You should not passing comments unless you have the knowledge of the subject. This painting has a hidden meaning.”
” Wait, ” I interrupted, ” How foolish of me for failing to recognize the meaning of this beautiful work ( ugly trash)! This is indeed, great.” Mom raised her eyebrows as I explained, ” You see, Rhea. The artist is saying that the whole world is a big toilet and everyone is leading a shitty life.” Rhea and I roared with laughter as Mom flung her sandals at us which missed us narrowly by inches.

We closed the door behind us as Mom was in a foul mood because of my teasing. Later, Dad came home, using expletives for his boss. ” Rhea” called Mom. She exited quietly and I followed suit. She summoned us and asked, ” Why didn’t you tell me that our gas cylinder was exhausted? When did it get over? ” Rhea told her the truth and that ‘we had ordered the food online. Mom thought for a while and then smiled, ” That was quick thinking on your part. Now, keep quiet and don’t say a word to your father. And Lekha, I forgive you this time but please learn to control your tongue.” We had dinner and went to bed quickly.

The next day was quite sunny and the reporter on the weather forecast had predicted it to be Sunny throughout the day. Mom usually made it a point to check the weather forecast before planning to go out. She went to the beauty parlor with her best friend, Archana, who lived in the building opposite to ours. After getting their facials, pedicure and manicure done, they started for home when suddenly there was an ugly twist in the tale. The sky was suddenly overcast with dark clouds and it started raining heavily, washing away the make up on their faces. By the time, Mom came home, she was completely drenched. When I opened the door, I held back the urge to laugh at her bedraggled appearance. Her mascara and eyeliner were running all over her face. She looked like Annabelle doll. She was screaming, ” Wait till I get my hands on the the man who did the weather forecast. ‘I wish to wring his neck for misleading public with his inaccurate prediction. Sunny day, my foot! It’s raining cats and dogs.”

Sometimes, it’s better to leave a wounded tigress alone. I made her a cup of tea and went to my room to read a mystery novel. Had Mom been an author, she would have been plotting a murder mystery with the title ” The Murder of the Weatherman “!

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Hi Friends,

I am sharing this short story from my old blog published in October 2021, as I am planning to continue the story now. I know it’s late but better late than never. I will continue this story for a few weeks and would love to have your feedback.

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Dr. Sunny Sharma, an eminent robotic scientist, was euphoric over his latest inventions. He finished testing his dream project with his assistant, Lavanya Mehta. He asked her to enter the name of the person whom she wanted to hypnotize in the computer that was connected to the gadget. The gadget looked like a wristwatch without straps. He uploaded the photo of the guy who was supposed to be hypnotized and asked Lavanya to type her wish.

As soon as she finished entering her desire, the laptop screen displayed a message “Data successfully uploaded.” Sunny disconnected the gadget from the laptop. He placed it around Lavanya’s neck in the form of a silver chain. He said, ” Call your boyfriend and ask him for a date. Just make sure that he touches you so that the gadget starts working.”
“Ok, Boss,” she grinned at him and took out her mobile. Her boyfriend, Anand Kumar, was the son of a billionaire but a miser. He made Lavanya pay for their dates, citing gender equality as a reason. She wanted him to buy her expensive designer clothes. Sunny dismissed her after giving her the rest of the day off. He commented,” You will update me on the status of our experiment. Do you understand? Or else I will make you work on Sunday as well.” She replied, ” Aye, Aye, Captain! You know that I am always trustworthy.” She left him alone and went to meet Anand after confirming their date.
Sunny’s hypnotizing gadget served a dual purpose. It was the blend of hypnotism with mind reading. He had kept two tiny buttons, red and yellow, on either side of the gadget. Pressing the red button activated hypnotism, while the yellow one was meant for mind reading.

He closed the door behind Lavanya and resumed work on an exciting project. Sunny felt famished after working for fourteen hours nonstop for the past two days. He decided to go home. When he exited the building, he received a call from Lavanya.
” It’s working, It’s working!” she squealed in delight, almost tearing his eardrums.
” Why don’t you calm down a bit and tell me about your experience?” he questioned her gently. She replied,” I followed your instructions. I held his hand, and lo behold! He seemed to be captivated by my voice. I asked him to take me out shopping. He didn’t refuse this time. We ended up buying a cartload of expensive clothes.” Lavanya took off the chain and handed it back to Sunny.

Sunny commented,” Great. I am very happy for you. Listen to me carefully. Stop gloating over your generous boyfriend because he is going to be a miser again from tomorrow. Be prepared for a heated argument or a possible breakup.” Lavanya was taken aback. She regained her composure and asked,” Why didn’t you tell me before? Oh, God! Now I have to come up with some valid reason to cover my ass.” Sunny ended the call and entered a restaurant across the road.
After finishing his dinner, Sunny returned to the office garage and picked up his red Chevrolet. He was unaware of a deep blue convertible following him. He reached his bungalow in Pali Hills. Sunny parked his car in the garage and unlocked the main door. His pursuers watched him entering his house.

They discussed how to approach him and use his service for their benefit. They weren’t ordinary people. They belonged to a terrorist organization. The woman in a blue mini skirt and white shirt said, ” I hope he falls for my charm. I have memorized my part so well that I want to try it out right now.”
“Don’t be an idiot,” scolded her partner,” We have to take things slowly. Let’s observe him for at least a month. It’s important to gain his trust.” The car sped away with its occupants.
Sunny had a weird dream. He was busy in his laboratory when a group of terrorists stormed in and held him hostage. They demanded his latest invention, but he refused to submit to their wishes. One of the terrorists tried to shoot him. He tripped on purpose to dodge the bullet and pressed a panic button on his table. A vortex opened up in front of him instead of the arrival of the police. He pushed the terrorists one by one into the vortex that sucked them into a black hole.

He woke up with a start. After finishing his breakfast of idlis with coriander chutney, he had a quick shower and left for his lab. He hummed a little tune after having a brilliant idea to improvise his project. He had thought of devising a remote control that could open the way to a parallel universe. This dream changed his plans. He wanted to send all the antisocial elements to the black hole. The dreadful criminals would be ripped apart as a punishment for their heinous crimes.

Sunny closed the doors of his lab and drew over the curtains to avoid the prying eyes from glancing at his experiment. He wanted to work alone that day. He texted Lavanya to take a day off and pamper herself. He resumed working on the remote by redesigning some components.

His pursuers and the future kidnappers were on a stakeout outside his lab. They were already bored, and it was just a little past breakfast time. The mysterious woman took out some sandwiches from the food parcel and shared them with her partners.

Sunny took a break to have his breakfast with tea. He noticed the car while entering the restaurant opposite his lab but pretended to ignore it. They watched him before discussing their evil plan of action.

No sooner did Sunny step out of the restaurant than a speeding car moved towards him, almost running him over. A pretty damsel threw herself at him to get him out of harm’s way. He mumbled a quick thanks without even casting a glance at her. She felt insulted while her companions couldn’t help snickering. ” Is that all you want to say?” she asked coyly, ” Wouldn’t you like to have a cup of coffee with me?”

Sunny appeared to be flustered. He snapped, “I don’t want to waste my time and money on a glamorous money-sucking doll like you. Why don’t you find a rich dope willing to go bankrupt for you?” The lady was agitated. She yelled back, ” You are an ungrateful, arrogant snob. I don’t think you are a man enough to acknowledge the presence of a beautiful girl. Wait a minute! Now I get it. You are gay, aren’t you?” Sunny clenched his teeth before hitting out,” Just shut up, you chatterbox! I am sure that even your tongue is pleading for a rest. Take this money for your help. Please do me a favor by going away out of my sight.”
He thrust a 500β‚Ή in her hand, leaving her open-mouthed in shock.
He turned away to continue with his experiment. He worked relentlessly well past lunch hour. His dream project was almost over. He had redesigned the remote and wanted to test it. He picked up a cockroach crawling near his workstation and pressed the button on the remote. A vortex opened up near the door, revealing a very dark space. He threw the poor insect and watched it getting sucked into the black hole.

He smiled at the success of his invention. He wanted to seek revenge from those who had wronged him. When he wound up his work and stepped out of his lab, he noticed the same car that he had seen in the morning. He had found his new scapegoats for the dangerous experiment. His would-be kidnappers didn’t realize that they were no threat to him. A sinister smile played upon his lips as he mulled over their fates.

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Thud! He fell off his bed and woke up with a start. It took him ten minutes to realize that he had been asleep and dreaming. Neeraj was visibly shaken by what he saw. It was very realistic. He glanced at the wall clock. It was 12 PM. He had to check on his mother. But first he had to find his special notebook and hide it in his wardrobe.

He almost ran out of his bedroom towards the living room where he had kept the notebook on the coffee table. He had a nasty shock! His notebook was wasn’t there. It was missing! He had thousands of questions arising in his mind. He tiptoed to his mother’s bedroom and gently knocked on her door. He was surprised to find the door unlocked and opened it slightly. His mother, Radhika, wasn’t in her bed. Suddenly, he panicked. He thought his mother might have worked out how to use the notebook. He frantically started searching for his dear notebook, throwing down the sofa cusion, and scanning the bookshelf.

After an hour or so, the house looked like it had been hit by a tornado. Neeraj was on the verge of tears. He couldn’t let the notebook fall into the wrong hands, especially that of his mother. It wasn’t an ordinary notebook. It contained his father’s soul and his most prized possession. But where was Radhika? Fear gripped him as weird thoughts entered his mind. What if his mother was indeed conspiring to get rid of him? Was she seeing another man? He chided himself for his negative thinking. Just then, the sound of the doorknob turning, caught his attention. His hair stood at ends. Beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead as he searched for a weapon to protect himself from a possible intruder. He picked up a flashlightπŸ”¦ and proceeded to open the door and positioned himself ready to strike the burglar or whoever the intruder was!

” Aaargh! ” screamed Radhika, ” What are you doing, Neeraj? When did you wake up? And why are you in a attacking mode? You nearly gave me a heart attack. You should have checked through the peephole.” Neeraj relaxed. He lowered down the flashlight and opened the door wide enough for her to enter. But to his surprise, she wasn’t alone. His father’s best friend, Amit, followed her with a huge grin plastered over his face.

Neeraj was simply horrified as his bad dream was slowly materializing. He was speechless as Amit chuckled and said, ” Are you going to let us in or stand there as a statue? What’s the matter, Neeraj? You look like you have seen a ghost? ” Neeraj thought, ” Ghosts aren’t as scary as my horrible dream.” He let them in and started questioning his mother when they were in the kitchen. Amit made himself comfortable by plopping on the couch and browsing through various channels on the TV.

“Where have you been, Mom?” He probed, ” The doctor advised you a complete bed rest but you are back on your feet and can’t wait to go out.” Radhika said, ” Son, I am feeling much better.Besides, I asked Amit to accompany me to the doctor. Neeraj, I wanted to tell you earlier…. ” Neeraj held his hand up to stop her and finished the sentence for her, ” That you are pregnant with Amit’s child and he has agreed to marry you.”

Radhika was surprised. ” How did you know?” she asked. Neeraj was furious and started lashing out at her, ” You are not my mother at all. You are a characterless bitch who tarnished the memory of my late father. It’s been just three months and here you are seeking the company of another male.” Radhika was in tears as Amit overheard the commotion and came to her defense. He said, ” Neeraj, you need to apologize to your mother. Just because your father is dead, there’s no reason why she should hold on to his memories. What would have been your reaction if your mother had died instead of your father and he thought of a remarriage ? You would have supported him because you are your father’s son. But what about your mother? Why do you hate her? Is it because she asked your father to keep working and provide comfort to the family? Every one has a right to be happy. Mistakes do happen. Pranav would have wanted his wife and son to be happy. I know I can never replace your dad but I promise to give you and your mother, all the love and happiness. Your mother wanted to break this news to you but you already knew what she wanted to say. I don’t know how you found out. We are getting married on the coming Sunday. It would be a low key affair. So, you need worry about your reputation getting a hit.”

Neeraj looked at Amit with pure hatred and fury but he also realized that Amit was right. He mumbled a quick sorry and left them as they hugged each other tightly. He turned back and caught Amit kissing Radhika’s forehead. He wanted to hit Amit but controlled his fury. A sudden thought struck him. Instead of going to his room, he saw his mother’s medical reports lying on the table. He picked it up, only to confirm his worst fears. His mother was four months’ pregnant. But his father died three months ago. This means, she had been having an extramarital affair behind his back and the traitor, Amit, had betrayed his best friend, and now tried to win over Neeraj with his sweet talk. Neeraj’s fury was at its peak. But he was helpless. If s part of his dream came true, then his life might be in danger from his own mother and her paramor. Can a mother kill her own child for inheritance? Why not? Neeraj remember a case where the mother of two strangled her children to death after killing her husband and fleeing with her paramor. He didn’t want his father’s death go in vain and would definitely not allow these two traitors to get away with their crime.

Neeraj realized that his special notebook might be in his mother’s possession which he had to recover at any cost. So, he took a deep breath and approached Radhika and Amit who were laughing heartily.

” I am sorry, Mom, ” said Neeraj, ” I yelled at you because I couldn’t imagine anyone taking dad’s place. But you deserve to be happy and I behaved like a jerk. Would you forgive me, please? ” Radhika smiled and hugged her son as Amit gave him a thumbs up sign. Neeraj asked, ” By the way, mom? Did you see my pink colored notebook on the coffee table? I had written some mathematical formulae. ” Radhika replied, ” Oh! I put that notebook in your school bag. You have to be more careful with your things.”

Neeraj heaved a sigh of relief and kissed his mom, ” You are an angel, Mom! ” to which Amit and Radhika laughed. He opened his school bag and retrieved his special notebook. He hugged it tightly and saw his reflection in the mirror. His eyes seemed to be shining with an evil glint. He had planned something very dangerous.

Watch out for the next episode of The Special Notebook for more thrill and twist in the tale.

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My English teacher, Ms. Philomena, shook her head as she checked my homework assignment. She called out my name in front of the class and said, ” Tsk… Tsk… Lekha. I expected more from you. You are the only student in the class whose knowledge of English is tolerable. I am disappointed with your essay on My memorable journey. I want you to refer to the dictionary and rewrite it .” I gritted my teeth in frustration. I failed to understand why people preferred complicated words to simple sentences. I nodded as she handed over my notebook.

Well, her nickname was Ms. Dracula for she loved to suck the blood of her students by dishing out too much of homework. My last period for the day was Social Science. Ms. Sleeping Pill entered the class after Dracula’s dramatic exit. Our Social science teacher, Ms. Ramola, started droning about the World Wars. I cursed Russia for adding one more boring chapter. I felt my eyelids drooping and with great difficulty, listened to her talk about the Nazis and the Fascists. I wanted to add Ms. Dracula’s name to the list of inhuman dictators but fearing the repercussion, I remained silent.

Then, the sky opened up while I was on my way home, walking with my elder sister, Rhea. We sought shelter at a nearby grocery store. It looked like God had forgotten to turn off the faucet of the clouds and we experienced a torrential downpour. It was getting late and our birth giver must be sick with worry. We hired an autorickshaw who fleeced us of 50β‚Ή and dropped us home. It appeared as if Mom was indeed waiting for us. She opened the door immediately after hearing the doorbell.

Mom asked, “Oh my God! Both of you look like drowned rats. How did you get drenched?” I was losing my temper. Instead of allowing us to get in, she was questioning us. I replied, ” Well, you see, Mom. The sky drank too much water and its clouds were so full that they felt like peeing and that’s why we are wet.” Rhea giggled while Mom gave me a deathly glare. ” Would you care to explain your statement, young lady?” asked my mom with her hands on her hips. I sighed and replied, ” I don’t understand why you need an explanation for our drenching. It’s obvious that it’s raining.” Mom said, ” Then you could have told me in simple words. Why such a huge statement about the clouds urinating? It’s disgusting. If at all, you wanted to say it in a Shakespearean style, you should have said that the sky is shedding tears.”

It was then that I told her about my English teacher emphasizing on the need to use more sophisticated language. Mom handed us towels and went to prepare tea and snacks for us. I wanted to give Ms. Dracula ( Ms. Philomena) a taste of her own medicine. I started writing the essay ” My memorable journey “

I wrote :

I embarked on an exhilarating journey to the capital of India along with my household members. We boarded Rajhdhani Express at Mumbai Central on 3rd May 2022 at 5 PM and disembarked at New Delhi railroad terminal at 8.40 AM, the next day.

We were put up at a guesthouse near Connaught Place. We reinvigorated ourselves and hired a taxi for navigating throughout the places of tourist attractions in New Delhi.

Our first halt was at the residence of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which housed the memorabilia and the articles used by him. This was followed by a trip to the abodes of the rest of his family members who also happened to be India’s Premiers, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. We also visited the monuments of historical importance like the Red Fort, Qutub Minar and the religious shrines of worship of the idols of the deities, carved out of marbles and stones.

We paid a visit to the architectural complex housing the artifacts, tablets, and antiques, throwing light on our golden pasts and then succeeded by a trip to the caged residence of
the fauna. My sister and I enjoyed our voyage with our procreator and birth giver.”

I concluded the essay with a special note to the teacher :
I hope I lived up to the expectations of my English Educator, who I believe, suffers from
Floccinaucinihilipilification (The action or habit of estimating something as worthless.) ( I thank Deepika Nadkarni for this word which I referred from her amazing blog). This essay was sure to cause Ms. Philomena, a migraine.

The door bell rang and I opened the door to welcome Dad. Mom shouted from the kitchen, ” Who is it, Lekha? ” I thought of playing a prank. I remembered watching an episode of re-run of Hum Paanch ( A Zee TV comedy series) on YouTube, where one of the characters, Sweety, gives a funny answer.

I gave the same reply, ” Your mother’s son-in-law and my husband’s father-in-law has arrived.” Mom commented, ” Who’s this person? ” When she saw Dad who was snickering, Mom threw her rolling pin at me and yelled, ” You silly girl, Why didn’t you simply say, Daddy? ” I retorted, ” Tell that to Ms. Dracula who loves to complicate things.”
We had our dinner and went to bed earlier than usual.

The next day, I came to school, fully prepared with the complicated essay. English was the fourth period and just before lunch. Ms. Philomena strutted in like a turkey who thinks it’s a peacock. She collected our homework and gave us some exercises from grammar. As expected, she wanted to tear her hair apart in frustration, when it came to my notebook. She called out my name, ” Lekha, what the hell have you written? I admit I asked you to use a refined language but I had to check the dictionary fifteen times. Yet, I couldn’t make the heads and tails of it. What do you mean by Floccinaucinihilipilification? “

The whole class listened to our conversation and burst out laughing. My bestie, Seema, winked at me. I explained my essay and the meaning of the said word. Ms. Dracula seemed to be satisfied with the my explanation. And then I felt the need to go to the toilet. So I asked her, ” With your kind permission, may I embark on a journey to the zone of internal comfort and relief? “

Ms. Dracula, ” For God’s sake, please speak in Plain English. What do you mean by this sentence? ” I replied, ” I simply asked your permission to go to the restroom.” She was almost in tears, ” Go. And from now on, you must use a simple language, both in writing and oral communication.” I did a small victory dance outside the classroom.

I shared this incident with my elder sister, Rhea, who burst out laughing, and admired my sense of humor. This gave me an idea to author two books:
How to irritate people?
How to get rid of unwanted guests?


Note :
We paid a visit to the architectural complex housing the artifacts, tablets, and antiques, throwing light on our golden pasts refers to a museum.Then succeeded by a trip to the caged residence of the fauna ( I mean the zoo).

Thee religious shrines of worship of the idols of the deities, carved out of marbles and stones refers to the temple.

Procreator ( father) and birth giver ( mother).
This story is purely meant for humor with no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I wish to thank Deepika Nadkarni of the site Make Time For Things You Love , for the usage of the word. Floccinaucinihilipilification.

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Hello Friends,

I was supposed to publish this story yesterday but due to time constraint and unavoidable circumstances, I am publishing it today. Hope you like it.

The Story:

Inspector Krishan received a text message on his mobile, while he was contemplating over how to convince Sohan to spare Ankit. He showed it to the CBI officer, Vishal, who raised his eyebrows after reading it. Sohan had posed a challenge to them. He had sent a picture of Ankit lying naked and unconscious in a dungeon like room with a text message :
” You have just two hours at your disposal. If you find the location, you can rescue him or else he will suffer such a miserable fate that he will be begging for death. Since you have helped me in my mission, I will send you only a single clue as to the location. But it’s better if you leave him to die, or else, he would continue human trafficking with his father. Another message with the clue will follow shortly in half an hour.”

Inspector Krishan cursed Sohan for letting go of an opportunity to punish SP Sundar Shrivastav and his son, Ankit. Vishal simply smiled and said, ” I like this guy. He’s a challenge, isn’t he? Let’s go and have tea while we wait for his message.”

It was exactly after half an hour that Inspector Krishan received a clue to the location. It said:
In this journey of life,
Tired tourists are taking rest.
Why are you looking towards the east?
Here, I am waiting for you in the West.
I call it my haven, a safe heaven and it simply is the best.
Let me hide while you try to seek me.
Let’s see if you are able to crack this test.

Inspector Krishan showed this clue to Vishal who immediately started racking his brain for answers. ” Well?” prompted Krishan, ” What do you make of it? “
Vishal replied, ” In this journey of life, tired tourists are taking rest. It means it could be a hotel, or an inn or a resort.
“Why are you looking towards the east?
Here, I am waiting for you in the West.” This means he is asking us to search for him in the West zone. Hmmm. It’s possible that he could be living in a hotel or a resort in Paschim Vihar. He won’t risk living in a luxury hotel. Ask your men to contact the cheap hotels or motels and show Sohan’s pic to see whether anyone saw him in the vicinity.” Inspector Krishan immediately went into action and sent the constables to make inquiries. They had an hour more at their disposal. But his men failed to trace the location of the elusive Sohan.

The minutes ticked by and Inspector Krishan looked crestfallen over his failure to locate and stop Sohan. CBI Vishal said, ” I think we are making a mistake.
” I call it my haven, a safe heaven and it simply is the best.” I am sorry to have overlooked this part of the clue. Can you guess what could be considered as a safe heaven? ” Inspector Krishan replied, ” A person’s residence. ” He suddenly became excited, ” How could I ever forget that Sohan used to live with his parents when he was a girl in Paschim Vihar? ” Both of them felt very excited and went to Sohan aka Sonia’s former residence. They knocked on the door expecting Sonia’s parents. They were shocked to see an aged woman opening the door and telling them that the previous owners had sold this house to the Singhania family and that she was their housekeeper, Sharda.

Inspector Krishan seemed agitated whereas CBI Officer Vishal seemed calm and composed. They thanked her and left shortly. They had just forty five minutes at their disposal. Krishan was desperate for a breakthrough in this search. Just as he was scratching his head, he suddenly remembered that Ankit ( SP Shrivastav’s criminal son) had a guest house in the same location. He became excited and told Vishal, ” Sir, Ankit owns a guesthouse here. He and his friends would bring lots of women here. Unfortunately, his father being my superior, abused his powers and threatened to humiliate and dismiss me if I didn’t overlook their atrocities.” Vishal replied, ” Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at the guest house as well.”

The guest house was just a few streets away. No sooner did they open the gate, than they heard a screaming. Both of them rushed towards the source of the sound. Ankit was lying naked and helpless on the ground in his backyard, with his hands and feet firmly tied.
There were plenty of Fire ants and scorpions crawling towards Ankit. He cried out, ” Please save me from the wrath of a lunatic.” Inspector Krishan said, ” We will help you only on one condition. You must confess to your crimes and hand over the evidence incriminating you and your father in the human trafficking case. Otherwise, we will leave you to your fate.” Ankit said, ” Agreed, sir. Please save me and I am willing to co-operate with you.” Vishal untied him and handed over his clothes that were lying nearby.

Krishan saw a paper fluttering near the place where Ankit was standing. He picked it up and read:
” Well done, Inspector! I admit that you are intelligent. I think the clues were relatively easy for you to decipher. Or maybe I wanted you to find and save him because you have already endangered your career on my account. I don’t want you to get into trouble.

Thanks for being so kind and understand.


Inspector Krishan wiped the tears from his eyes. Ankit was talking to Vishal when suddenly he dropped dead after being hit on the forehead. Vishal and Krishan were shocked to find the SP with a gun in his hand. He said, ” Well done, boys! I told the idiot of my son not to reveal our secrets to anyone. He couldn’t control his tongue, could he? He had to be punished for defying my orders. The same goes for you as well. I will kill you both and pin the blame on him and escape from the clutches of law , stating that I killed him in the line of duty as he had shot two police officers. Now, say your prayer.”

He raised his gun to shoot but before he could press the trigger, someone else shot him dead. Sohan came out with his gun and presented his hands to be handcuffed. ” Sorry, sir, ” he said, ” This man was rotten to the core. He had to be killed.” Vishal and Krishan thanked him for saving their lives.
Vishal helped Inspector Krishan close the file by shifting the blame for all the gruesome murders on the deceased disgraced SP, Sundar Shrivastav. The police retrieved Files, pictures, and documents in the laptops that showed the father-son involvement in human trafficking, sex racket, drug cartel and every illegal activity through which they earned money.

Sohan was released shortly. He started an NGO to help the victims of rape and sexual abuse, victims of domestic violence and acid attack. Inspector Krishan got promoted as Deputy Superintendent of Police while Vishal also got a promotion. But the crime against sexual offenders suddenly shot up. A couple of rapists were publicly lynched to death. DSP Krishan turned a blind eye because these predators had to be hunted down. Is it the beginning of a new crime wave or the end of the criminals?

( The End)

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When Neeraj woke up the next day, he had completely forgotten about his wish. He started getting ready for school but was surprised to find that the kitchen was still dark and there was no sign of his mother, Radhika. She would usually get up by 5.30 AM to start making breakfast and lunch. ” Mom, ” called Neeraj, ” Where are you? Haven’t you made coffee or breakfast? “

There was no response. He panicked and rushed towards her bedroom. He knocked on the door as she responded with a groan, ” What do you want, Neeraj? I am not feeling well today. I am down with cold and flu. Why don’t you order something for us through Swiggy or Zomato? You can also have lunch at the school cafeteria.” Neeraj was shocked by her disheveled appearance. Her nose was red and tears flowed incessantly from her eyes. She looked horrible. Neeraj replied, ” Mom, let me skip school for the day to take care of you. I will call Dr. Prashant right now.”

Radhika smiled feebly at her son. She felt blessed to have him, especially, after Pranav left for his heavenly abode. He called the family doctor, Dr. Prashant, who prescribed some medicines and asked her to take complete bed rest. After the doctor left, Neeraj made coffee for both of them and ordered food online. He still couldn’t recollect that it was he who had wished for her sleeping the whole day in his special notebook.

They enjoyed their breakfast while Neeraj went to watch Netflix for some time.

After having his lunch, Neeraj went to his room to study for an upcoming test. He practiced mathematics and started reading history, when he dozed off after turning a few pages.

He slowly opened his eyes to find himself in an unknown location. He was in a small thatched hut with just a mat and a pot of water with a glass tumbler inverted on it. A stranger entered the room with a plate of stale rotis ( Indian flatbread) and onion. Neeraj asked, ” Where am I? Who are you? Why have you kidnapped me? ” The stranger chuckled, ” You are awfully inquisitive, aren’t you? Well, you are our guest of honor for a special ritual. Get ready quickly and don’t try to escape.” ” But, ” he wailed, ” Where’s my mom? She would be worried over my disappearance. Besides, she’s unwell.” The stranger grinned at him and left the food behind.

Neeraj wanted to escape from this horrible place. Where was he? He just remembered practicing a math sum and reading a few pages of history. Did someone manage to enter his room? He felt a sudden chill gripping his body even as his mind was yet to process the possibility of his idea. A couple of mean looking guys blindfolded him, tying his wrists with a strong rope. They dragged him to a place where he could hear the sound of the waves.

Suddenly, one of the men removed his blind fold and said, ” This is your last day on the earth, son. What’s your last wish?” Neeraj stammered, ” I just want to see my mom. Please allow me to see her for the final time.” ” Your wish is granted, ” said a familiar feminist voice. Neeraj turned around to find his mother, Radhika, with an evil grin on her face. “Mom, ” Neeraj said, “Please help me. These people have kidnapped me and want me dead.”

“Oh, Neeru baby, They won’t harm you unless I order them to do so, ” replied Radhika as Neeraj was shocked at his mother’s sudden change of image from a loving mother to an evil vamp. ” Why are you doing this, mom?” asked Neeraj, ” I am your own flesh and blood and not a stepson. Let me ask you something. Are you responsible for Dad’s death too?”

Radhika replied, ” You are absolutely right, Neeraj. I wanted your father to die so that I could inherit his wealth but he also named you in his will. If you die, then your share of wealth will also be mine. Before you die, I want you to meet your new dad, oh sorry, stepdad, Amit.” Amit was Neeraj’s tutor and his deceased father’s best friend. Neeraj felt betrayed and didn’t want to live anymore. His mother had cheated on his father and like a typical Bollywood movie, hatched a conspiracies for his suicide-murder.

Neeraj cursed her, ” What kind of a mother are you? You are a greedy, selfish woman who uses people to serve her needs and then does away with them after they are no longer needed.” Radhika hit back, ” Before pointing your fingers at me, why don’t you ask your conscience whether it was alright to make me sick for a day in order to test the powers of the notebook? ” Neeraj was speechless. He asked, ” How did you know about the notebook?”

Radhika said, ” You left your notebook lying carelessly on the coffee table. After having breakfast, you returned to your room. I opened it and found your scribbling. I just realized the power of this notebook because I was down with cold since last night itself. It grants your wish, right? I felt much better having medicines and decided to go ahead with my plan of punishing you for plotting against me. Sorry son, my feelings for you also died the day you chose your father over me. In fact, I am doing you a favor by helping you to reunite with your beloved father.”

Neeraj felt helpless after his mother refused to pardon him. He was resigned to his fate. His only solace was that he was going to meet his father in heaven. His only regret was his inability to hide the notebook from his evil mother. ” I am sorry, dad,” he murmured, ” I failed you miserably.” Radhika commented, ” Just a minute, son. I want you to sign this paper before meeting with your father. Do as I say and your end would be peaceful.”

Neeraj grabbed the paper from her and instead of just signing his name, he wrote, ” My mother, Mrs. Radhika Sagar, is a cold blooded murderer. She’s responsible for the deaths of her husband, Pranav, and son, Neeraj.” He handed over the paper to her. Radhika looked like an incarnation of the devil. She roared, ” Throw this impertinent boy into the sea.” The goons lifted him off his feet and then……..

Would you like to know what happens next? Join me next episode of The Special notebook for an unimaginable twist and turn in the tale.

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SI Sudhakar said, ” I am sorry, sir. I hate to do this, but I don’t have any option.” He let out a whistle and the rogue SP ( Superintendent of Police), Sundar Shrivastav made his entry with a villainous smirk. He said, “Well done, Sudhakar. You are my trusted confidant. That was an amazing plan of yours. Inspector Krishan, you have been neglecting your duties. You are a disgrace to the police department. You are harboring a criminal and let him get away with kidnapping and gruesome murders. Had it not been for quick thinking on the part of Sudhakar, where he allowed himself to be kidnapped by you, you would have evaded the law. I am arresting on the charges of neglecting your duties and assisting the criminal in kidnapping and gruesome murders.”

Inspector Krishan burst out laughing, ” That was a good one, SP. Before you pull out your handcuffs, I would like you to watch this video.” SP Shrivastav watched a new video on his smartphone. SP’s daughter, Madhumita, was tied to the bed. She was Semi-conscious and pleaded with the mean looking guys to spare her. Some men had unzipped their trousers and getting ready to violate her. ” No,” screamed the SP, ” Not my daughter, you evil bastard. Leave her alone. It’s my order. I will do whatever you say but tell your men not to touch her.” Inspector Krishan, ” Let them have fun. After all, a beautiful young woman is meant to be enjoyed by men. She’s gorgeous. What’s wrong in sleeping with her? After all, you also did the same thing with someone else’s daughter. I am quoting your own bloody words when I begged you to spare her, while your worthless son, Ankit, and yourself were toying with her body, as if she was an object. Did you show any sympathy towards her? Now, watch your beautiful daughter getting the same treatment. This will be your biggest punishment. Madhumita was screaming in pain as the men pounced upon her.” The SP pleaded with Inspector Krishan, ” Please stop this nonsense. I admit my mistake and willing to surrender. Tell your men not to touch her.”

SI Sudhakar was enraged. ” Sir, ” he shouted, ” You should not be begging in front of this murderer.” He snatched the pistol from the holster of Inspector Krishan and pointed at him, ” Inspector Krishan, order your men to stop harassing Madhumita or else I will shoot you.” The SP was back with his evil grin, ” Do as he says. Wait, Sudhakar! I have a better idea. I have got a printed confession paper awaiting his signature. He only has to sign his name.” Krishan sneered at him, ” I am not like you, Sundar. Go ahead, shoot me and pin the blame on me. There’s a WhatsApp video awaiting you. Just watch it. By the way, your daughter’s porn video is about to get viral. Would you like to have a quick look? “

SP Sundar grabbed him by his collar, ” Shoot him right away, Sudhakar. Do as I say.” SI Sudhakar suddenly pointed his pistol at SP Sundar, ” Chief. I think you have lost this game. Better put your own signature on that confession paper. I knew that there was a black sheep in the police department and thought Inspector Krishan was the real culprit. But I have enough evidence to incriminate you for ruining innocent girls’ lives. When your daughter’s honor is at stake, you are crying foul, right?” Inspector Krishan could not believe his eyes. SI Sudhakar was switching his sides. Krishan had felt betrayed when Sudhakar summoned SP Shrivastav.

” Sudhakar, how dare you go against my order? You are suspended and can expect an official inquiry for collaborating with the rogue Inspector Krishan, ” thundered the SP. SI Sudhakar grinned and said, ” Let me give you both a pleasant shock. I am not SI Sudhakar but Senior CBI officer, Vishal Karmakar. I received anonymous reports of flesh trade and prostitution racket involving some corrupt policemen. The real SI Sudhakar was killed in the line of duty while trying to stop a colleague from dealing in narcotics and human racketeering. And that one was you. Your memory is very poor. You even forgot the face of SI Sudhakar. You told everyone that Sudhakar was on a vacation. The CBI sent me to replace SI Sudhakar. If I am not wrong, I am sure you and your second -in-command, Ashutosh, were behind his death. It’s been more than a year and a half but we still couldn’t trace his body. Either confess or your videos will be viral all over the internet.” SP Sundar begged for mercy and immediately signed up his confession. ACP Raghav and his men arrived shortly to arrest SP Shrivastav. The disgraced SP asked for the update on his daughter. He was relieved to know that Madhumita was safe and there was no scratch on her body.
The ” Rape” Scene was a drama set up to unmask the ugly face of SP Shrivastav.

SI Sudhakar aka CBI officer Vishal turned to face Inspector Krishan and said, ” I wish I could do something to let you keep your job but you were helping Sonia alias Sohan to seek revenge. Ankit is the only culprit left alive and we have evidence to send him to noose. It’s better if you resign from the job and join your brother as a Private Investigator. I will see to it that your name doesn’t appear anywhere in the course of investigation. In the meantime, call Sohan immediately and tell him to spare Ankit. We will give him a painful death.”

Inspector Krishan was relieved and added, ” Thank you so much, sir. I am very sorry for the treatment we gave you. I hope you forgive us. What will happen to Sohan now? ” Vishal winked at him and said, ” Sohan is very clever not to leave behind any clue that could implicate him. Since we didn’t recover any dead body, we can’t charge him for kidnapping, murder or attempt to murder. As for the disappearance of the Guptas is concerned, we will close the case saying that they have gone underground, after receiving death threats from a terrorist group. That’s it. Please delete the video of Navin and Vikram being eaten by the lion.”

Inspector Krishan tried calling Sohan but he didn’t answer the call. Vishal shook his head fearing for the worst as Krishan kept trying to reach him. Will he succeed in his mission? Will Ankit survive or meet with a horrible fate? Watch out for a spine chilling climax next Friday.

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Pranav Sagar had always wanted to be an author. Though he was a Chartered Accountant by profession and having a decent income, he wasn’t happy with his job. He was finding it very strenuous and affecting his physical and mental health. He decided to quit his job and start working towards his goal.

When he conveyed this news to his family, his wife Radhika, yelled at him, ” Are you insane? Why do you want to leave such a lucrative job for writing? Besides, there’s no assurance that you will earn a steady income. Do whatever you want in your spare time, but not at the cost of a regular income.” Pranav was frustrated at her bossy attitude. Radhika was beautiful but very domineering and a compulsive shopper. They had a fourteen-year-old son, Neeraj, who attended Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai. They lived in the posh locality of Bandra. Pranav had a healthy bank balance that could take care of their family for 2 years, even if Pranav quit his job.

Pranav lost his temper and slapped her, ” That’s it, Radhika. You have crossed your limits. I never stopped you from your shopping frenzy. You don’t have any rights to stop me from doing what I want. Just go and leave me alone.” Radhika stomped off in fury, ” I have decided not to live with you anymore. I am going to Pune with my son, Neeraj. Do as you please.” Pranav knew it was futile to argue with her. When Neeraj came home, his mother told him about her decision to leave his father alone and that they were going to Pune to stay with his maternal grandparents.
Neeraj replied, ” Sorry, Mom. I don’t want to join you. You are free to go anywhere. Please don’t pressurize me to leave Dad. He has been nothing but very kind and has always satisfied our wishes. Shouldn’t we support him to realize his dream? ” Neeraj loved his dad more than his mom.

Radhika hated Pranav and burst out, ” Are you happy now that you have created a rift between a mother and her son? If you don’t convince Neeraj to come with me, I would end my life and blame you for my suicide.” Pranav was taken aback by her unjust demand. She had been a selfish mother who rarely had time for her son, but was now claiming her rights on him. Nevertheless, Pranav forced Neeraj to leave with his mother to Pune. She agreed to allow him to visit Neeraj on weekends.

Pranav quit his job and started working on his dream novel, “Daddy Dearest”. He remembered his late father, Amarnaath Sagar, and his great sacrifice for the sake of raising a big family. His mother, Anuradha, had breathed her last, the previous year. It took him a couple of months to finish the manuscript. He sent a couple of copies to different editors who turned down his book. His friends and relatives had started jeering and mocking at him. Some had even started questioning his sanity. His only solace was his visit to Pune. Now, Radhika also decided not to allow Pranav to see Neeraj because the latter refused to listen to her anymore. She informed him of her decision to file for a divorce.

Pranav persuaded another publisher by paying him a lumpsum amount of Rs. 1,00,000. The book was a disaster. Pranav felt humiliated because his wife’s prediction turned out to be true. His first attempt was a failure and now Radhika had denied him permission to see their son. He called his lawyer and had a detailed discussion before finally jumping to death from his luxurious apartment in the second floor. His death was a turnaround. His book which was supposed to be a disaster now started selling like hotcakes. It was a bestseller and money started pouring in. As soon as Radhika heard about her deceased husband’s reversal of fortunes, she wasted no time in going back to Mumbai with Neeraj to claim the inheritance.

Pranav’s lawyer, Aniruddh Joshi, contacted Radhika to inform her that Pranav had left his entire estate and bank balance to her and Neeraj. She shed some crocodile tears while Neeraj looked at her with pure hatred. Aniruddh said, ” Besides, these gifts, Your father asked me to give this special notebook and pen to you, Neeraj. Your father’s book is worth a million. Take good care of it.” Neeraj had tears in his eyes as he received the notebook. He turned the pages and was shocked to find that it was completely blank.

Later that night, he took out the notebook and the pen and started writing, ” I miss you, Dad. I wish I could see and talk to you again.” Suddenly, he could see a faint outline of his father and he stopped writing. He was astonished to find his father’s transparent figure, standing before him and grinning. Pranav replied, ” Hi, Neeraj! I desperately wanted to see you before I died. Unfortunately, fate had something else in store for me. Now that you have called me, won’t you speak up? “

Neeraj pinched himself to check whether it was reality or he was dreaming. ” Ouch! It hurts, ” he faced his father, ” This is a miracle, Dad. I never thought I would see a ghost.” Pranav replied, ” My son! The notebook which I gave you, contains my soul. You wished to see me and your wish was fulfilled. Likewise, whatever you write in your notebook will turn out to be true. So be careful with what you wish for! Keep the notebook out of your mother’s reach or I would be forced to fulfill her request.” Neeraj’s excitement knew no bounds, ” Dad, will you come to see me whenever I ask for you in the notebook? ” His father nodded with a pained look on his face.

Neeraj immediately realized that something was bothering his dead father. He asked, ” What’s the matter, dad? Aren’t you happy to see me? Wouldn’t you like to be with me forever? ” Pranav answered, ” I am afraid, son. I would only be with you as long as you are old enough to fend for yourself. As soon as you turn eighteen, you must promise me to relieve me from this bondage and help me cross over to the other world. You will only need to write, Rest in Peace, Dad. Then, I will get salvation. Be a good boy and look after your mother. Once again, I warn you that this notebook could fulfill any kind of desire, good, bad or deadly dangerous. Think twice before writing.”

Neeraj agreed to obey his father whose soul now vanished into thin air. But boys are boys. He wanted to test the effectiveness of the notebook. So, he scribbled, “I want Mom to stay at home tomorrow and spend the entire day, sleeping and waking up only for lunch and dinner.”

Check out the next episode of the Special Notebook and find out whether Neeraj’s wish was fulfilled or not.

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