My dreams may shatter. 
But my spirit is still intact. 
It's the urge to live that matters. 
Resilience is the much-needed tact. 

My dreams may not materialize 
But it will not stop me from trying my best. 
It's my soul that I emphasize. 
To deal with the hardships of life like a test.

My dreams inspire me 
To keep working towards my goal. 
I have the whole world to see. 
Ignorance is the best way to counter the troll.

My dreams keep the burning flame within. 
I have to cross the hurdles in my way. 
This flame is the fuel for my determination to win. 
Success is the greatest reward for me any day. 

Failure is never the end of the road. 
Rejection is my fraternal twin. 
Everyone has problems cartload. 
Sulking and committing suicide is a sin. 

It takes time for a seed to grow 
Into a lovely plant and finally a tree. 
I am sure to succeed one day, I know. 
And so will you all, you see. 


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Poetry is the soul of literature. 
It's an integral part of life. 
It beautifies our emotions and feelings, 
With the ornament of exquisite words. 

Poetry is an art found everywhere. 
You need the vision to see it. 
A mother's lullaby is the best form of poetry. 
Not everyone is blessed to enjoy it. 

Poetry lies hidden in a father's smile. 
When he watches his child take the first step. 
His child holds his finger for support.
And he won't let his child fall. 

Every verse speaks volumes of your state of mind. 
You may be ecstatic, romantic, or depressed.
Poetry reflects a part of your soul. 
It's an outlet for us to be better expressed

Odes, Lyrics, songs, Haiku, elegy, Narrative.
Poetry takes numerous forms. 
The beauty of a language lies in playing with words. 
There's no restriction as to following particular norms.

Every poet strives to share the joy of poetry. 
And his readers get enthralled. 
They share his emotions and thoughts. 
Some feel joyous, some appalled. 

Poetry is the best medicine. 
For the internal wounds to heal. 
Poetry in the form of a melodious song 
Has a universal appeal. 

Poetry is the passion of every heart in love.
Hymns and Prayers to God are also poetic.
It brings us closer to the Divine Power. 
Poetry in any form is the need of the hour. 


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Dear Friends, I have tried a fusion of free verse with rhyme. Hope you like it. 😊😊😊❤❤💐💐



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Why have I become a child again? 
And keep checking for likes on my post. 
Your sweet comments relieve me from my pain.
I am grateful to you the most. 

The topic of friendship attracts me like iron to a magnetic bar. 
I wish to express my gratitude for having wonderful friends like you. 
There's no limit to friendship as it extends to people living near and far. 
And across several countries and continents too. 

My childlike heart jumps in joy, 
To find a new subscriber to my blogs. 
And with new creative ideas I toy. 
To write a short story or poem on frogs. 

Thank you all so much for being an integral part of my life. 
Your words of appreciation and encouragement are my sweetest desserts. 
Words of kindness heal the hearts wounded by sharp words like a knife. 
They are like salves applied on internal hurts. 

Childlike me grins everytime, 
I find people laughing at my jokes. 
I don't understand why I am so fond of a rhyme. 
Why don't I experiment more with poetic strokes? 

I wish to keep this child alive in me. 
So that I keep bubbling with energy. 
And learn to expand my creativity. 
To make my writings free from rigidity. 


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              A Murder 

She was smiling like a crazed psychopath. 
She glanced at her sharp blade and a gun. 
No one could escape from a woman's wrath. 
Who thought that murder could be fun?

She sipped slowly, relishing every drop of her coffee. 
She thought he had to pay a heavy price. 
He had her begging for mercy. 
He was arrogant, misogynistic, and not very nice. 

Years of tolerance had broken away, 
Forcing her to give up her submissive attitude. 
This man was no longer welcome to stay. 
He lacked empathy, kindness, and gratitude. 

She thought of her plan to make him pay. 
And make him plead for his life. 
And make him wish he was gay. 
He didn't deserve a loving wife. 

She thought, "'I am going to bash him on his head.
To see his scattered brain. 
And hit him until he is dead. 
He won't trouble me ever again."

Now, you are getting creeped out. 
But you don't have to worry. 
This is a plot of a novel, don't shout. 
A mystery writer is penning her story. 

A stray dog dug a hole in her backyard. 
And the peeping neighbor let out a scream. 
The writer came out carrying a piece of glass shard. 
She eyed the skeleton and the neighbor with a wicked gleam.

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Wounded pride and low self-esteem,
Have turned me into a zombie. 
Living just for the sake of my precious one,
As I am screaming for my liberty. 

My soul is struck in this very body, 
Desperately searching for a way to get salvation. 
How long would I have to torment myself? 
When will I reach my destination? 

I wish to rejuvenate my broken soul, 
And I seek God's Divine Grace. 
May He give me the strength to fulfill all my responsibilities. 
And then take me to His Place. 

Nowadays, I am afraid to sleep. 
Scared of the horrific thoughts going through my mind. 
I  toss and turn every night. 
Peace of mind, I am yet to find. 

This can't go on forever, 
I refuse to give up the fight to survive. 
I won't let anyone bully me, never. 
In Optimism and hope, the human lives thrive. 

Every single day teaches me a lesson. 
Some old while some are new. 
Get out of your mind's prison. 
The world's out there for you. 


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Learn to appreciate the goodness in people. 
And life will appreciate you. 
Leave aside your ego and pride. 
You will feel blessed too. 

Learn to appreciate the gift of love, 
Don't hanker after money. 
It's a precious gift from God above. 
It's sweeter than chocolate honey. 

Learn to appreciate the life you live. 
Don't be jealous of those leading a better life. 
Just focus on your goals to achieve. 
Jealousy is sharper than a knife. 

There's a difference between appreciation and flattery. 
Appreciation comes from the bottom of your heart. 
Flatterers praise you only to get something from you. 
It's their intention that sets them apart. 

Learn to appreciate people who are with you. 
Do take time to spend with them. 
There's no use pining for them after they are gone. 
And cause painful memories to stem. 

Learn to appreciate the value of time. 
And also the gifts of Mother Nature. 
Wasting time is no less than a crime. 
Respect people for what they are and not for their wealth or social stature. 

Appreciation is like a health tonic. 
It helps to heal internal wounds. 
It cheers you up, boosts your morale, and is so unique. 
Acts of appreciation always come around. 

And now, I also attempted a Haiku.


Flowers bloom and wither away.

As the seasons and people always change.

The only certainty is death.

Since it’s Haiku, I kept it short but I would like to say that true and adorable friends like you are precious gems whose Friendship is genuine and will always be eternal. ❤❤😊😊😊😊. Hope and true, selfless friendship never die.


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Is it possible to communicate without words? 
Is it possible to live freely like the birds? 
Is it possible to count the infinite stars? 
Is it possible to completely do away with the wars? 

Is it possible to avoid the ugly rat race? 
To outdo each other by unfair means and still put on a shameless face. 
Is it possible to see talented and deserving candidates getting priority for employment? 
Rather than reservation, recommendation, or religious sentiment. 

Is it possible to expect a world devoid of crime? 
Is it possible to spare our free time? 
To help those who need our love and care. 
And spread smiles all along with great things to share. 

Is it possible to ensure that the world is a safe place to live? 
Is it possible for us to learn from our past mistakes and to forgive? 
Is it possible for humans to control their greed, jealousy, pride, and lust? 
All of us have limited time to live and then return to dust. 

Yes, it is possible to achieve these feats, as they are in our hands. 
We should take the necessary actions and remain firm in our stands. 
Life is not a competition. Let's help each other to grow. 
Don't let go of those who love you. They might vanish long before you know. 


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Sleep continues to elude me, 
As I dread the arrival of nights. 
Will I ever be able to sleep peacefully? 
Or will my dreams haunt me with unpleasant sights? 

I keep seeing my dear deceased relatives. 
They seem to be calling out my name. 
I wish I could be on sedatives.
And forget my humiliation and shame. 

I learned a lesson very late. 
It's hard to please everyone. 
I have seen the cruel games of fate. 
It doesn't discriminate between a daughter and a son. 

When I finally lie down to sleep, 
Negative thoughts flood my mind. 
My heart suddenly begins to weep. 
My brain begs me to leave the past behind. 

Then my thoughts change their tracks. 
I think of human society instead. 
We should watch our backs. 
In a moment of recklessness, we might be dead. 

After her marriage, a woman should be kind and considerate. 
But what about her better half? 
Sacrificing her dreams for her family is her unwritten fate. 
She's tied to her family like a cow is to her calf.

A woman is society's sacrificial scapegoat. 
Similar is the position of a naive man. 
Societal obligation barely makes him stay afloat. 
His life is just like a trash can. 

A woman can shed tears to show her pain. 
But a man isn't allowed to cry. 
Tears aren't restricted to any gender again. 
Society adopts double standards. Why?

Crying is not a sign of weakness. 
A man has every right to shed his tears. 
He should get relief from the undue stress. 
Or he would end up his life due to his fears. 

That he might lose his dignity, 
If he shows up his emotions. 
I appeal earnestly to human society, 
To give up its ill-conceived notions. 


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A hearty welcome to 2023 to all of you,
And plenty of good wishes for my friends, old and new. 
Let's hope this year gives you good health. 
And ample opportunities to gain wealth. 
May your posts get more than 100 likes and still go strong. 
And have an ever-increasing number of followers all along. 

May 2023 be a productive year. 
Let there be no trace of anxiety or fear. 
May our endeavors meet with resounding success. 
And to great luck, may we have access. 
Let's share our views and knowledge with each other. 
Let's recognize and appreciate the skills of one another. 

Talent exists within all of us. 
There is no valid reason to feel jealous. 
Dear Friends, I thank you all from the depths of my heart. 
We are united by our friendship though physical distance keeps us apart. 
Happy New Year to you once again.
And old year depart with our sad memories and pain. 

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Hi Friends,

Just thought of dropping in and share my feelings with you.

All of you have given me so much of positivity and motivation. 
I don't have words enough to express my appreciation. 
Friends who are more like family are rare to find. Blessed with a kind, loving heart and an intelligent mind. 

May every ray of sunshine fill your houses with tons of happiness. 
May every drop of rain wash away your misery and sadness. 
May every breeze of air continue to blow good health and positivity your way. 
May the smiles on your faces permanently stay. 
We will celebrate the New Year in a day or two. Let's welcome not only the year, but positive thoughts too. 
Let's bid goodbye to 2022 with a hope that it will also take away all the negativity. 
And usher in 2023, with optimism, love, kindness and encouraging creativity. 

I wish I knew how to drain away toxic thoughts from my brain. 
I wish I could do more to help people and alleviate their pain. 
I wish I could break away from the monotony of a mundane life. 
And just be myself, besides being a mother and a wife. 

But hey! My new year resolution is to make people smile. 
It would make my life worthwhile. 
I am going to burn away my desperation, hatred, and anger in the flame of hope. 
May 2023 give every one of us the strength to face our problems and cope. 

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊