I am desperately searching for a new course. 
That teaches how to avoid sticking your nose. 
To poke into the businesses that don't concern you. And an additional course of good manners too.

Why do you make fun of a man who helps his wife? 
He's a real man who knows what's life.
Cooking is not always the domain of a woman. 
Let men take over the kitchen duties to prove they can. 

Meanwhile, the ladies can also afford to pay the bills for their dates. 
And prove that they are in no way inferior to their soulmates. 
Helping each other rekindles the spirit of love and romance. 
Never let your ego raise its ugly head and dance. 

An unconditional love for your partner is a must. It relies heavily on the concept of trust. 
Never let the flower of your love wilt away. 
Keep watering it with appreciation, 
Its freshness will be forever to stay. 

Translation (

Come! Let me take you, to a heavenly place!

Where No sadness exists, No Tears exists, Only love remains

The suns first rays, wakes up a morning filled with hope

Bathed in moons rays, the darkness vanishes

Sometimes sunlight abounds! Mixes with vigor and (shades) and the paths are no longer mean (hard)!


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Hi Friends,

It’s been exactly 4 years since my granny passed away. She was a real adorable darling. She was sooooo soft, loving, and kind hearted that she would not even swat the mosquito that but her. Her memories and love are my greatest treasure. ‘I thank God for blessing me with wonderful grandparents who made me see the beauty of pure, selfless love.

Your sweetness surpasses that of the sugar. 
Your nectar like words are sweeter than honey. 
Your heart is purer than 24 carat gold. 
The innocence on your face reminds me of a newborn baby. 
I will never forget how you regaled us with mythological stories. 
Every morsel of food that you fed us was full of love. 
I just realized that even God needs to be loved without any selfish motive. 
It's something rare which only You could do. 
That's why He called you so that He could keep listening to your golden words. 
Missing you Grandma. If  there's any chance for a rebirth, We would love to have you as our granny again. 

Will keep loving you until my last breath. 

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I fail to understand the reason. 
Why does a human ruin his or her life? 
Marriages, these days, last only for a season. 
It's due to lack of compatibility between a husband and wife.

Why do some people with immense wealth, 
Keep craving for more and more? 
They tend to ruin their own health. 
They forget to live happily and lead a life that's a big bore. 

Why should we care for what people would say? 
Some merely criticize because they are jealous.
It's our lives and we should have the final say. 
We may listen to good advice, but its implementation is upto us. 

Money isn't everything but still it's like a magnet. 
Attracting people to fall for its charms. 
It's the main reason over which we fret, 
And are ready to inflict bodily harms. 

Why does it take a global pandemic or nature's fury to knock some sense into our head? 
Why don't we do it out of the sense of responsibility? 
Waging wars for no rhyme or reason and the mounting bodies of the dead. 
Let's wake up the sleeping humanity. 


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Celebrating Woman power.

She is the true symbol of love and dedication.
Her role as a mother gets universal appreciation. 
She is the epitome of Shakti- the power.
Her independence and security is the need of the hour. 
She is also a daughter, a sister and a wife.
With sheer determination, she overcomes all the obstacles in her life. 
Her greatest strength is her endurance to pain.
With each faltering step, she rises again.
An ideal woman is her family's strength,
To protect its honor, she will go to any length.
She has succeeded in reaching the sky.
Carved a niche for herself in this world, holding her head high. 

Happy Women's Day.

Good morning friends,

Happy International Women’s Day. 🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕☺☺☺♥️♥️. Being a woman is never easy. Protecting ourselves from sexual predators, abusive marriage, jealous boyfriends, ex-boyfriends who turn into stalkers and blackmailers, spurned Romeos who throw acids on the women whom they claim to love, female infanticide and so on. Besides, in a typical patriarchal society, a woman’s freedom is completely restricted. She has no rights to perform the last rites of her dear one just because she’s a female. She’s considered impure, filthy when she menstruates and so treated like an untouchable, disgusting creature. But it’s ok to bleed on the First Night of her marriage which proves her chastity and that she had been a virgin. What kind of double standards is this?

Gone are the days when a man filed for a divorce, the woman was blamed for the failed marriage and when she filed for divorce, she was held responsible for the failed marriage. Her own family would advise her to bear everything silently and not try to wreck her family. Why? Why? Why? Now, men are getting paid back in their own coin. They are finding it difficult to find a bride. She’s financially independent and strong enough to raise her children on her own. Let’s stop talking about gender discrimination which isn’t limited to India, as the Western countries might think. It’s a universal problem and existed in the developed nations like the US, UK as well.

Let’s take a look at these ladies who have made womanhood proud. I am proud of them and equally proud to be a woman.


( Image : India Map) ( Info : Wikipedia)

Sarojini Naidu was an Indian political activist, feminist, and poet (née Chattopadhyay; 13 February 1879 – 2 March 1949). She was a crucial figure in the fight for India’s independence from colonial authority because she advocated for civil rights, women’s emancipation, and anti-imperialist beliefs. Moreover, she was the first Indian woman to hold the positions of president of the Indian National Congress and governor of an Indian state (United Provinces).


( Image and Info : Wikipedia)

A politician and stateswoman from India, Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi (née Nehru; 19 November 1917 – 31 October 1984) was the third prime minister of that country from 1966 to 1977 and again from 1980 until her murder in 1984. She served as the first and only female prime minister of India and was a key member of the Indian National Congress. Gandhi was the mother of Rajiv Gandhi, who took over as India’s sixth prime minister after her. She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, who served as the country’s first prime minister. Gandhi has served as prime minister for 15 years and 350 days total, making her the second-longest serving leader in the nation after her father.


( Image and Info: Wikipedia)

Droupadi Murmu, formerly Puti Biranchi Tudu, was born on June 20, 1958, and is a politician from India. She has been the Republic of India’s 15th President since 2022. She is the second woman after Pratibha Patil to hold the position and the first member of a tribal community to do so. Moreover, she was born in Independent India, making her the first President and the youngest person to hold the position. [2] [3] From 2015 until 2021, she also held the office of governor of Jharkhand. She has also held positions as the government of Odisha’s minister of state and a member of the Legislative Assembly from the state of Odisha.


The first woman in India to join the officer ranks of the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1972, Kiran Bedi (born 9 June 1949) is an Indian social activist and former tennis player. From 28 May 2016 to 16 February 2021, she served as Puducherry’s 24th Lieutenant Governor. Before voluntarily retiring in 2007 as Director General of the Bureau of Police Research and Development, she worked for 35 years in the organisation.


Image : The Hindu Business Line Info: Wikipedia

The first Indian woman to receive a medical degree in western medicine was Dr. Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi (31 March 1865 – 26 February 1887). She was the first woman from India’s former Bombay presidency to study in the United States for two years and earn a degree in western medicine. [1] She was also known as Anandibai Joshi and Anandi Gopal Joshi (Gopal being her husband’s first name, Gopalrao.

I will continue the topic on women achievers tomorrow as well because the list is quite big and I am going to mention 15 more women ( all over the world.).



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It doesn't matter to me whether 
I am either right or wrong. 
Life is like a flowing river. 
and a beautiful song. 

It's the biggest temple of learning.
We learn from our experience. 
A good reputation is our real earning. 
And the greatest wealth is our intelligence. 

Life is like a rainbow. 
It's rich and vibrant in various colors of nature. 
We have multifaceted personalities to show. 
Some are ignorant, some are naive, some are mature. 

Learn to cherish every moment, 
We may not get another chance to live. 
Let's not worry about our past or future but focus on the present. 
Love and kindness are those assets; the more you receive, the more you give. 

Life is meaningless and empty without family and friends to share our joy. 
Their presence gives us comfort and solace. 
I feel that life is a puppet show and I am merely a toy. 
Our lives are like movies, scripted by God's Divine Grace. 

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A wave of frustration takes over me. 
Neither can I think clearly nor can I see. 
My life is at a cross road. I have to choose a path. 
But I seem to have incurred my fate's wrath. 

Why am I hesitating to come out of my shell? 
Why should I still suffer from a life miserable than hell? 
I wasted my time in my college days.
I now realize how Karma pays. 

Singing songs of sadness, surrounded by shadows of sin. 
I have reached a stage where I no longer care for a loss or win.
Time and again, I keep repeating my story. 
Misspent youth is not my moment of glory. 

I have been waging an internal war. 
Wounded in the process and experienced the scar. 
Giving up without a fight is not my cup of tea. 
A better version of myself, I promise to be. 

Learn to trust yourself says my mother. 
She rose like a Phoenix as she raised me and my brother. 
She took all the harsh criticism in her stride. 
Both of us look at her in adoration and pride. 

Yes, I will believe in me, dear mom. 
I will keep fighting for years to come. 
As I promised a better version of me.
As the time progresses, so we shall see. 


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A pic I clicked on my Kerala Trip.

I wish to hear the song of silence. 
And travel to a place free from violence. 
It's where people have time for each other. 
Instead of creating obstacles, they help one another. 

I wish to sing the song of joy, 
Visible in the eyes of every girl and boy. 
It's where people are free from greed and lust. 
Their relationships are sturdy and based on mutual trust. 

I wish to see a place free from the clutches of money. 
Instead of scowling, people are funny. 
It's where people treat birds and animals with respect and love. 
It's a place similar to the heavens above. 

I wish to narrate the tales of the end of tyranny. 
And share my experiences uncanny. 
It's a place where people are no longer strangers. 
They are law abiding citizens and free from all dangers. 

People live happily with their neighbors in peace. 
Negativity and pessimism have come to cease. 
Human vices no longer exist. 
Layers of ignorance disappear in a mist. 

Would you be interested in accompanying 
 In our mind's eye, we can see. 
Utopia is indeed the place to be. 
There's no you or I, but only we. 


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टूटा हुआ दिल : A BROKEN HEART.


Hi Friends,

I am delighted to tell you that I completed my 1000 posts today.

I also attempted a Hindi Poetry.

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मैंने नहीं मांगी थी तुमसे करोड़ों की दौलत |
मुझे तो चाहिए थी बस तुमसे थोड़ी सी मोहब्बत |
मिट्टी में मिल गई मेरी यह चाहत |
अब मेरे जीवन में नहीं मिली मुझे राहत |

बस, इतना कह दिया होता कि मैं तुम्हारे काबिल नहीं |
जानती हूं , खुशियां सबको दुनिया में होती हासिल नहीं |
क्यों तुम्हारी नजरों में मेरे अश्कों की कोई कीमत नहीं ?
मेरा दर्द कम तो नहीं था, जो खडी कर रहे हो मुसीबत नयी |

हर बार किया तुमने मुझे अपने कड़वे बोलो से आहत |
फिर भी सहा तुम्हारे हर सितम, समझ कर अपनी किस्मत |
सोने की चेन नहीं बल्कि चैन की जिंदगी दे देते |
हंसकर तुम्हारे सारे दुख हम अपने सिर ले लेते |

बस एक गुजारिश है, दे दो मुझे इस खोखले बंधन से आजादी |
नहीं देख सकती मैं अपने अस्तित्व की बर्बादी |
धन्यवाद देती हूं तुम्हें क्योंकि तुमने मेरी आंखें खोली |
अब समझ में आया कि दुनिया समझती है सिर्फ पैसौं


I never asked for millions of rupees from you.

I only wanted your love.

My love just shattered to pieces.

With no hope of getting a respite.

You should have told me that I am not worthy of you.

I know that not everyone is happy in this world.

Why don’t you value my tears anymore?

As if my pain and sufferings weren’t enough, why are you creating more troubles for me?

You destroyed me with your hurtful words

Yet I tolerated your abuse, thinking it was my destiny.

I never asked for gold necklace but had you given me a peaceful life!

I would have gladly taken all your sorrows.

I kindly request you, to let me go from this hollow relationship.

I can’t watch my entity being destroyed.

I thank you for opening my eyes.

To make me understand that the world knows only the language of money.

I hope you like it.


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We don't have time to rectify our errors. 
But plenty when it comes to finding fault with others. 
We are only concerned with our outward appearance in our mirrors. 
Blessed is the soul of our mothers. 
( Because mothers as well as fathers don't judge their children on their physical appearance). 

We, as their children, don't have time to talk to our parents. 
But shed a few crocodile tears after their death. 
There's no use for regrets and laments. 
And a guilty conscience to prick until our last breath. 

We don't have time to spend with our children. 
We are busy making money. 
And they crave our affection often. 
But we leave them under the care of a nanny. 

We have enough time to watch Netflix. 
Or post our statuses online.
But there's no time for the broken relations to fix. 
We carry on with our respective lives as if everything is fine. 

We don't have time to share someone's pain. 
But enough to share our sorry tales. 
We tend to look at them with disdain.
Selfishness is the disease that prevails. 

We have ample time at our disposal. 
It depends on how we decide to spend. 
Let's work on a time proposal. 
And divide it equally between mobile, family, and friends. 

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Hmmmm.... I moan.... I sigh. 
I can still feel your taste. 
I remember our first kiss and cry. 
So many years have gone waste. 
( Without you). 

My lips touched you for the first time. 
I thought I was in heaven. 
Staying away from you is a crime. 
Ours is a strong bond of love for the next births seven. 

My heart melted in your sweetness. 
Your soft and silky touch that caressed my mouth.
My life without you is a big mess. 
Without you I feel I wasted my youth. 

When my tongue felt you again and again, 
You drove me completely insane. 
You made me forget my pain. 
Your love has been my greatest gain. 

My parched lips search for you, 
Waiting for the delightful kiss. 
I love you wholeheartedly too. 
Promise to be with me always like this. 

Waiting for the soulful reunion. 
As our lips join together. 
Those will be the best moments in my opinion. 
As my lips take you in forever. 

I dedicate this poem to my first and true love, The Ice cream. If you were thinking of something else, you have got a dirty mind. Love, especially on the Valentine's Day, need not be just the typical hero heroine romance. It's the day of love that could be dedicated to anyone including parents, children, neighbors, relatives, pets and every thing that you like. I love all but my true love ( ice creams, chocolates, and books) are my soulmates and of course, I have a lovely baby doll   (daughter)  to shower my affection. 

As far as Romance for me is concerned, Sitting under the shade of a tree, 
With a book of a cozy mystery, 
And a glass of juice by my side, 
Watching little children play seek and hide
Pets frolicking in ecstasy. 
Is my romantic fantasy. 

Do you like my Valentine? 😂😂😂😂. 


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