Aparna had been facing one rejection after another. Her attempts to get a job, a better education, even a successful marriage had all been denied. With each failure, she felt her dreams slowly slipping away, and she felt more and more helpless.

Desperate for an escape, she decided to end her own life. But even death rejected her. She was too scared to do anything drastic, but she felt trapped in her own life.

Depressed and hopeless, Aparna felt like she had nowhere to turn. Until one day, she encountered somebody whose life was worse than hers. The person was struggling with poverty and illness, yet still managed to stay positive and find joy in their life.

At first, Aparna felt even worse knowing that her life was still better than someone elses. But then she started to realize that she wasn’t alone in her struggles. Her own mother had faced many obstacles in her life, but she still managed to find happiness and success.

Inspired by her mother’s resilience, Aparna decided to take on her own struggles with newfound determination. She started to look for opportunities instead of focusing on the rejections. Little by little, she started to make progress and eventually, she was able to find success.

In the end, Aparna realized that her bad luck and rejections had been her best friends all along. They had forced her to look for solutions and to push herself to keep going in the face of adversity. Her struggles had made her into the person she was today, and she was thankful for that.

Yes, this is my real life story. I know I try my best to portray life positively but life is never a bed of roses. I would rather say that even beautiful roses have thorns. But what about the person who only gets messages like :

Unfortunately, we have decided not to proceed with your application. We wish you best luck for your future endeavor.

I have received this message several times after sending n number of applications. Similarly, my books have not been doing as well as I had expected and sent short stories to various magazines which have been conveniently returned with the rejection stamp.

When I read about Abraham Lincoln’s failures in the past and how Thomas Alva Edison managed to remain optimistic in spite of many of his experiments ending up in failure, I thought probably this allowed me to put on my thinking cap so that I could keep working on alternatives to succeed.

“Every rejection is God’s protection,” and I truly believe that. Rejection is not the end of the road, but merely a detour to where you are truly meant to be. Every no brings you closer to a yes, and every failure is a lesson learned.
So, if you are facing the Monday Blues because of rejection, take heart. It may not feel like it now, but this rejection is leading you to something better. Keep pushing yourself and never give up on your dreams. Remember, even the most successful people in the world have faced rejection. The only difference is, they kept going. So will you.


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Hi Friends,

Monday Blues is something that haunts everyone at some point or the other. I remember my childhood days when I dreaded going back to school on Monday. I would wish some political leader died so that our school would be closed for a couple of days, or pray that I would be slightly sick so that I could avoid going to school.

Now, whenever I think of it, I laugh at my stupid thoughts because that was a golden period when our only duty was to study. According to a meme, School stands for Seven Crappy Hours Of Ours Lives. But I remember playing pretend games in which I would be a teacher and shout at invisible students rather than repeating whatever I learned at school.

I used to have many questions when it came to English Grammar. When I first learned about degrees of comparison, I wondered why it was called degrees of comparison; Whether any university offered a certificate or a diploma course in comparison and whether it was measured in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Here’s the question :

Positive comparative superlative

Tall taller tallest

Big bigger biggest.

Good better best.

Why was it good, better, best and not good, gooder, goodest or bad, badder, baddest? 😂😂😂😂.

While we can measure typing speed as 50 words per minute or writing speed as 75 words per minute, is it possible to measure how many words we can speak per minute? I know people who can speak 200 words per minute. These are the great ones who can help in curing insomnia with their nonstop chatter and make us sleep. ‘I often imagine asking them what are the timings for their mouths to close, that is, other than eating and sleeping. I expect answers like :

” My mouth opens at 6.30 AM and takes a short break for tea and breakfast at 8.30 AM and then for lunch at 1 PM, tea at 4 PM and dinner at 7.30 PM. In short, my mouth timings are 6.30 AM to 9.30 PM” . Wow! Their tongues deserve compensation for working overtime. 😂😂😂😂😂.

Ever since Social media has taken over the world, there are too many self made doctors and counselors who have gained their degrees through WhatsApp University. Here’s a weird advertisement that I just concocted :

How to avoid clashes, verbal lashing, and conflicts at home?

Either give your loved ones, sticky toffees to close their mouths or stuff earphones, listen to good music and leave the place. To yield better results, stop wasting energy by arguing and do not respond.

Or share this message:


Arguing with idiots is injurious to your mental health. According to a popular quote.

Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Mark Twain.

( Goodreads).

That’s it for now, folks. Don’t take my post seriously because it was meant only for fun. 😂😂😂😂


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Hi Friends,

Today I have some questions on Mathematics which is my killer subject. First of all, I never understood the concept of inserting alphabets in Maths. Why the hell should the sum of and b squared?

( a+b) ²

Then, Sin θ, Cos θ, Cosec θ, Cot θ went Tan θ (tangent) through my head. As per a popular Hindi meme, I still don’t know where it’s being used. Folks, I am not making fun of Mathematics which is a wonderful subject. I am just trying to find out why I couldn’t play with numbers or understand the formulas.

I admit I have went to both extremes, from scoring 0 to full marks and then by God’s greatest Grace, scored 65 in 10th CBSE. According to a popular Hindi Joke,

A teacher asks his student about expanding the Term ” Maths”

And the student replies, ” Meri Aatma Tumhe Hamesha Satayegi, ” meaning my ghost will continue to haunt you.

I remember a joke from A Tamil Drama.

The hero is asked how he would divide 4 apples between 5 people and he replies, ” Give them a glass of apple juice each.”

He is asked to name 8 wild animals and he says 5 lions and 3 tigers.

Well, jokes apart, Mathematics is a fascinating subject and I sincerely wish I had numerical skills so that I would have been an engineer or a scientist.


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Good morning friends,

Hope you are having a great day! I wish I could say the same. Though I am vacationing at Oman with my family, stress is in search of me. After 14 long years of exile from office atmosphere , and catching up with freelance writing, I am desperately in need of a job.

Yes, unfortunately I realized that I had to get back to doing B.Ed and have two years of work experience before I could even think of getting one and I am 42. Someone kindly reminded me that I had the habit of job hopping and should go back to the living hell and search for a job there.

I wish to express my views on discouraging behavior like these:

  1. When someone commits a mistake and later repents for his actions, people generally find it difficult to accept that he or she could mend his or her ways. Why is it so? Can’t we learn from our past mistakes and turn over a new leaf? The answer is yes, we can but the weird human society has a bad habit of judging people, based on their actions and refuse to acknowledge that anyone could change. This is because many people find it very difficult to change their behavior, in the first place. My sincere request to all is never judge people based on the same parameters.
  2. Some people find great pleasure in reminding others of their horrible past when they are trying to start a new life. I don’t understand why humans can’t tolerate others’ happiness. Tv serials are responsible for corrupting the minds of public. These serials offer free training to hatch conspiracies against and create obstacles for people in their path of progress.
  3. Parents, often, force their children to follow their dream profession. They use emotional blackmail to compel them to pursue a career of their choice instead of their children.
  4. Forwarding religious messages that promote hatred, intolerance towards other religions and flare communal violence on any form of Social Media.
  5. People love to criticize and make fun of others but when they are the objects of ridicule, they get offended easily and resort to filing a defamation suit.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. I am not against entire humanity but when I see this happening everywhere, it hurts a lot. And when I come back to the world of blogging, I find that there are nicer people in the world than those who have negative mindset and always criticize and make fun of others.

Yes, my dear friends, all of you are blessed with the heart of gold. After reading your sweet encouraging comments full of optimism, I have come to a conclusion, simply find the good in everyone and the world will be a beautiful place.


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Hi Friends,

I went to Apollo Hospital yesterday and diagnosed with highly erratic heartbeats and under heavy medication. So, I apologize for not responding to your sweet comments and interesting posts. I will be back soon after a brief hiatus.

Missing all of you.

Lots of love and regards,

Aparna J

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Good morning friends,

After a wonderful Sunday, Monday is here with a new week of fresh boredom. Boredom is something which has got no end. I wonder whether it drank the elixir of life ( as in Harry Potter) for immortality. Sometimes I entertain myself by asking silly questions and find equally funny answers. Here are some of them for you.

My first question is

Name some important source of boredom.

History text book ( Unless you are fortunate enough to have a gifted teacher who could turn even Mathematics interesting), Speech of a political leader, especially if he or she drones on about the fabricated achievements of the political party, people whose tongues can vomit 200 words per minute, People giving unsolicited advice ( I wonder if they actually practised what they are preaching), daily soaps on TV and oh my God! The list goes on……..until the household chores.

This inspires me to create a new theory

Boredom , like energy, can neither be created nor destroyed.

My second question is

Can people live without their brain and heart?

And my answer, they certainly can, not literally but figuratively. Because that’s how greedy and selfish people live. Instead of the ‘Lifestyle of the Rich and The Famous’, they could be a part of another show ” Lifestyle of the brainless and the heartless.”

Speaking of brain, I am scared by my own brain, part of which is missing 😂😂😂😂😂. I only use it while killing people ( only in my stories) . In real life, I can’t even hurt a fly. But I admit I killed nearly 1,00,000 mosquitoes for the past 15 years. See, I am contradicting myself. This is the real mystery. When people throw parties or invite others for dinner, they try to keep it cheap or a low key affairs, but expect others to throw lavish parties or dinners. What’s the logic, folks?

Secondly, when a person is alive, no one appreciates his good qualities, but after his death, they find out those good qualities too, which he never had. What’s the use of praising someone when he is not there to listen to it?

Let’s move on to the final question of the day.

Name those items that can be consumed in excess without the fear of gaining weight or any side effects.

Air and Water. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. No side effects. Too much water may lead to peeing but other than that they have the following advantages:

No one can find faults.

Freely available and no need to cook.

Gas and electricity saved.

😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. For more such nonsensical messages, checkout Monday Blues which I am planning to turning into Monday

(Fill in your favorite color).


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Good morning friends,

I know you are waiting for my memes and jokes which will follow soon. Before that, I would like to share my experience of meeting my dear friend and fellow blogger at WordPress, Mrs. Padmaja Ramesh ( Hindi for You) who also lives in Chennai but she stays near Madipakkam which is quite far from my house in Korattur. It took me nearly two and a half hours to reach her place. I was so delighted with her warm welcome. I didn’t feel like I was a stranger to her. We feel we are more like sisters . Her genuine happiness on seeing me,touched my heart.

As soon as I entered her house, she offered me a glass of lemon juice. We chatted for sometime before having a delicious, scrumptious meal that was fit for the Royals.

The orange item is a special sweet called Halwa. You can see chapati ( Indian Flatbread), spicy tomato chutney called Thokku, vegetable stew, papads, tamarind rice and curd rice.

Me enjoying a royal feast.

It’s me with Padmaja ji.

She told me so many inspiring and devotional stories that I forgot myself and enjoyed listening to her. She is an amazing lady and a former teacher blessed with immensely talented children, a son and a daughter who are married and well settled. Soon, it was time for me to take leave and ‘I left her with a heavy heart. She’s so adorable with a cheerful personality that you can’t help but admire her. Do visit her blogs at Her stories of Indian Mythology in Hindi speaks volumes of her knowledge.

This is me coming back reluctantly in an autorickshaw dropping me off at the Velacherry Station from where I boarded a local train home.

Thank you so much, Padmaja ji, for your love and affection.


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Good morning friends,

Today I would like to share my horrible experience with you. This could be an eye opener for many people like me who believe that the whole world is made of good, trustworthy, and reliable people.

I received two e-mails for various job openings and I decided to try my luck and applied for both. I know my luck. If there was ever a competition, I would lose in it too. I have magnanimously adopted rejection and failure as my twin sisters. So, I was quite confident that I would be getting the regular messages like :

Thank you for showing an interest in our organization. Unfortunately, you don’t meet our requirement. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors. Then, there was a twist in the tale. I got two unbelievable offers: One as a private tutor for English in London and the other, as an English Teacher in City University, Ajman (UAE) with a whopping salary of 35,500 Dirhams with perks that no one in his right mind would offer. They asked me to send my request to an International Travel Agent for Work permit and Visa. But thanks to my reading Mystery novels, I smelled something fishy and contacted my relatives in UAE. My worst fears materialized because they were swindlers trying to relieve me of my bank account. Here’s the pic of the offer letter.

I checked the official website of City University, Ajman. There’s no such vacancy for English teacher. I may look like an idiot but I certainly am not one. Sometimes I feel like writing my autobiography as:

To whomsoever it may not concern.

Hi! I am an idiot. I am waiting to be conned by innocent thieves like you. I am surprised you find me worthy enough to send such genuinely fake e-mails, show me daydreams, then prick my bubble. Now I am sorry to let you know that my bank balance isn’t upto your expectations. If possible, please invest your kind, crooked mind to set up some legitimate business and earn money the honest way.

All that glitters is not gold.

All good virtues are not sold.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Don’t think that everyone is an idiot in the world all over.


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Good morning friends,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and I know you must be feeling the Monday Blues. So do I. I have decided to make my Monday post more humorous to help you recover from the inbuilt tension filled scenarios.

What should I cook today? This question arises daily to cook my already overcooked brain. In fact, I wonder if I have any left after you know…. your loved ones keep chewing it. Where’s my pen? Where’s my book? My mother in law used to say, ” Why don’t you call out the name of the object you are searching for? It will magically appear before you. ” This was sarcasm, meaning we would find it in a place we kept it but forgot the location and turned the whole house upside down.

Now coming back to my quirky thoughts, I would like to share a joke by my brother. ‘I have no idea if it’s original or forwarded. This is more like a question.

What’s the antonym of Artificial Intelligence?

The answer is Natural Stupidity.

Shoolini University ( Artificial Intelligence).


The difference between Artificial Intelligence and Natural Stupidity is that you have to be educated and trained in Artificial Intelligence. Natural Stupidity is inherent in us. There’s no need for a separate course to teach how to be stupid.

Another difference is that everyone can see, observe and learn how AI works. As far as stupidity is concerned, the stupidity of others is plainly visible to us and never ours. This is just like the mistakes. We will find out others’ mistakes but are reluctant to accept ours as our brain malfunctions due to a virus called ego. This virus is bigger than our physical personality and can only be experienced through our behavior. I kindly request the scientist to develop a medicine for this dreadful disease which is far worse than cancer.

Covid-19 helped set up the WhatsApp University which is offering courses in good morning messages and quotes, gossips, awesome entertaining videos, diploma to become a self-doctor, newbie cooks, makeup artists and so on. ‘I wish it also offered tips on :

How to fart without sound or smell?

How to eat without cooking?

How stupid of me? I forgot we can order food online.

How to irritate salesmen from canvassing their products repeatedly at our doorsteps?

Hmmm, probably by asking too many questions like who started the company, why, and what would happen if we didn’t buy and so on.

A trick to a happy married life.

None. Get married in your dreams and remain single for as long as possible. 😂😂😂😂😂

Marriage certificates should come with one year validity and the couples who truly love each other can continue to renew it every year. Those who are incompatible, can get rid of each other without going through a legal hassle called divorce. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Just joking . Don’t take me seriously

The reasons why I am questioning human intelligence is

Their invention of destructive weapons, nuclear, non-nuclear, bombs, guns and so on. Why are they bent on killing each other for no rhyme or reason?

As the popular jokes and memes say, chopping down a tree to make paper and using the paper to write ” Save the Trees” is beyond any logic.

Besides, I am quite alarmed to find the rate of educated illiterates growing up. Educated illiterates are those geniuses who don’t care a fig about health, hygiene, Or clean surroundings in their neighborhood. They simply throw the garbage in their neighbors’ compound and then cry if their houses are invaded by mosquitoes. By sucking blood of such people even mosquitoes must be having indigestion problem.

Enough of AI and Natural Stupidity. Let’s not become artificial humans and lose our individuality. Stupidity is not a crime but pretending to fake intelligence is certainly a crime. Beware of such people. Let’s be original humans, learn to respect each other and understand the fact that all of us are talented in one way or the other. The world is a big place and it could accommodate plenty of artists, writers, doctors, engineers.

Well, that’s it for now, dear friends. Hope you had a hearty laugh.


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Hello and welcome to Aparna’s weird thoughts,

Sunday is supposed to be peaceful and relaxing, am I right? But not where I live. Yesterday, there was complete chaos and the police entered our neighborhood as there were two separate incidents of neighborhood fight turning into a wrestling and name calling match. If you think ladies are soft, gentle, docile, meek or submissive, think twice. Because ladies residing in our area have inbuilt surround sound Dolby stereo whose voices could be heard upto two adjacent lanes. When it comes verbal lashing, they can take on men very easily and probably even win a wrestling match. I saw a guy bleeding because of a physical assault, whether it was a man or a woman who hit him, I had no idea.

Another incident involved a regular alcoholic whose wife was fed up of his drinking habit and scolded him severely, which led to an ugly brawl, forcing the police to intervene. According to someone I know, all the ladies are the root cause of problems. I wish to educate this person that men are not angels too. If you have problems with ladies, please don’t marry them. Why don’t these misogynistic pigs thinks that ego is the major source of all the human troubles, make or female?

These people may justify their views by citing the examples of insects and animals. It’s only the female mosquito that bites and not male and also the female spider eats up the male after mating. I would like to congratulate them for their superb knowledge and their intelligence reflects in the way they compare insects with humans. The laws of Mother Nature aren’t the same for everyone. Not all the fingers in our hands are equal but each one of them has its own purpose. What’s applicable to Insects and animals are not applicable to humans! Unlike the female species of spider, women do not kill or eat up their men ( Yuck) after sex.

Now, enough of this philosophy. I have tried to add a twist to these famous proverbs to make you smile and forget the Monday Blues.

A stitch in Time Saves Nine.

A stitch in time saves your clothes from further tearing at places you would be embarrassed.

Rome was not Built in a Day.

Rome was not built in a day but Romeos are born every second, now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Birds of a feather flock together like all the alcoholics are found in a bar.

Time and Tide wait for none.

Creditors and Banks for loan repayment too wait for none.

An apple a day keeps doctor away.

Shutting your mouth a day keeps arguments away.

Look before you leap.

Look before getting married.

I also remember my mom telling me stories of my paternal grandma’s pathetic Hindi.

There’s a popular Hindi song,

” Main Tere Pyaar me kya kya na bana dilbar.

Jaane ye Mausam, Jaane ye Mausam.”

Translating into :

” After falling in love with you, what things ‘I didn’t do,

Only the weather knows.”

My granny sang :

” Main Tere Pyaar me kya kya na bana dilbar.

Janaki Mosam, Janaki mosam.”

” After falling in love with you, what things ‘I didn’t do,

Janaki is bad, Janaki is bad.”

Janaki is a woman’s name. 😂😂😂😂😂😂. She murdered the lyrics.

How do you like these for Breaking News :

” Government orders observation of complete silence at least once a week. “

” People giving unwanted advice would be heavily fined.”

” Passing judgement on others without knowing their circumstances would be a crime.”

” Reading books and going to the parks to be made mandatory.”

” Housewives to be given compulsory rest from the kitchen during weekends. Either order food online or their husbands or grown up children would take on the kitchen duties.”

I would love to have your suggestions too. Please comment what kinds of headlines or breaking news are you looking for.


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