Me enjoying the scenery outside.
Started on a journey with family, waiting for the train. 
Sipping a cup of hot coffee, reminiscing my childhood days again. 
My train pulled into the station and I clambered to get a window seat. 
My daughter, too, pines for the seat by the window. Isn't that really sweet? 

Yippee! Both of us got to sit comfortably by the window and watched the station receding. 
And our joy knew no bounds, when the train started speeding. 

Watched the cows grazing on the green fields, 
The farmers sweating it out to produce great yields. 
Little children waved at us with their friendly smiles. 
Observed the passing buildings and appreciated their architectural styles. 

Lush green trees and surrounding hills, 
Do make some memorable stills. 
I sighed when I noticed a beautiful lake. 
The clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds was the icing on the cake. 
The tea vendors shouting to sell their tea. 
We watched people boarding and de-boarding for an eternity. 

I remember traveling with my family by train. 
What would I not give to go back to those days again! 
Our dad would spoil us with snacks and comics. 
And make us laugh with his jokes and silly tricks. 
Yet, he died while traveling by train. 
Leaving us in the sea of gloom and pain. 

I miss hearing his silly translation and laughter. 
But I am still and would always be his daughter. 
It may still hurt but I will never give up on my love for train. 
I will keep traveling the rest of my life, again and again. 

I decided to capture a small glimpse of the scenery while the train was still moving. 

Moments of nature captured on train.

I hope you liked it.

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Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com
Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com
Let the clouds of distrust and suspicion dissipate, 
In the vast sky of friendship, trust, and understanding. 
Let universal fraternity and peace be ensconced in our hearts. 
And do away with any misunderstanding. 

Let the rays of hope, confidence, and motivation shine upon us. 
And self-doubt, low self-esteem evaporate into thin air. 
Kindness, empathy, and benevolence envelope us into their warm embrace. 
For each other, we care. 

Let's drown all the weapons and arms in the depth of the ocean. 
Let anything that snuffs out a life ( human, tree, or animal) forever rust. 
Let's rekindle the light of humanity. 
And vanity and pride bite the dust. 

Let us get to know each other and share our ideas and knowledge. 
Let there be no boundary for friendship and passion for learning. 
Together, we can overcome the mountains of difficulties. 
Let's create an island of opportunity so that everyone makes a decent earning. 

Let's plant the seeds of love in the garden of our lives. 
Nurture it with great thoughts and noble deed. 
And enjoy the fragrance permeating the air, 
Wiping out the foul stench of hatred and human greed. 

Let's avoid the whirlpool of chaos, anger, jealousy and pride. 
Human vices are like horrible muck. 
The more we give in to the devilish temptation. 
The more we get stuck. 

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

The beautiful, vibrant colors of this world fascinate me.
The golden yellow sunshine adds to my glee.
The red roses in the garden smile at me and captivate my heart.
The vibrant green foliage around me makes me drift apart.

The blueness of the sky and ocean often makes me wonder.
What might be lingering above the sky and beneath the oceans yonder?
Our skin complexions vary from fair, dusky, and dark.
So do the stunning colors of eyes in which true love spark.

The whiteness of the snowcapped mountains reminds me of vanilla ice cream cones.
I wish I could play with snowflakes though they might chill my bones.
I also think about the changing shades of human hair.
It starts with black, then moves on to grey and finally white. It’s not fair.

Flora and Fauna display stunning colors.
I know I could keep gazing at them for hours.
Just imagine that there were only the monochrome shades of black and white.
Oh, That would be a dreadful sight!

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