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Good evening friends,

I want to share some quirky thoughts of mine. You might find me crazy but it’s this craziness that helps me to survive a hostile atmosphere. Let’s begin.

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Hey Friends!

Is your footwear old and worn out? Are you trying to buy a new pair at a reasonable rate? Would you believe me if I tell you that there’s a footwear exchange offer going on ? And you don’t have to pay anything. Yes, you heard me right. You can get a new pair free of cost. I will tell you how to avail of this offer:

Visit any temple, or a place of worship. Leave your footwear and choose a pair that’s similar to your old one. Wear it and quietly leave. ( I am only joking). This is what’s happening in my locality. My husband lost a couple of shoes exactly in the same way. He visited Hanuman Temple and some lunatic specializing in footwear stealing, did a runner with a brand new pair of shoes. It’s disgusting. How can anyone stoop so low to steal footwear?

These days, I am really worried about thieving rascals in my locality because they don’t even spare a garbage bin. Given an opportunity, they might even steal your undergarments.

Now, let’s change the topic from footwear stealing to something else.

You might have heard about the famous saying, ” He who digs a pit for others, falls into it, himself.” This is usually true, except, when it’s done by the municipalities to provide for a new water or drainage connection or manholes. In this case, it’s the poor public falling into the hole, if the work is unsupervised and left unattended.

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Let’s talk about my favorite topic, matrimonial sites. The potential brides and grooms are projected like human commodities with terms and conditions. I know someone was taken for a ride as he chose a witch who wore several layers of makeup to look beautiful. Turned out that she was older than him and had a list of endless demands. Today, he’s paying a heavy price to secure his freedom.

It’s better if they also provide the expiry date for the marriage. ( Just Kidding 😜😜😜).

Marriages are certainly not made in heaven. If it was the case, then all the marriages would have lasted forever until the couples’ last breath. This kind of faulty product is only done on the earth.

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Now, I would like to ask you a question.

What’s the best kind of business that can be done by everyone without any investment?

Hmm… Give up? The answer is minding one’s own business. Unfortunately, we don’t do it and expect it from the others. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😉.

Last but not the least, a murder is perfectly legal and everyone is allowed to commit this type of murder. Believe me, if you do it, you will be rewarded with internal peace and eternal happiness. Do you think I have lost my mind? No, I am perfectly sane. The murder isn’t of any human or any living creature. I am talking about the murder of our inner vices like ego, pride, jealousy, lust, greed, anger, and hatred. If you kill these, there wouldn’t be any crime taking place anywhere in the world.

Hope you liked my crazy thoughts.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


Today, I am feeling a bit mischievous. I want to share some cute pics of animals courtesy and my sudden quirky thoughts to question my sanity today. . A cute monkey enjoying his fruit. ‘ Hmm…Delicious.’
Eating nuts as the squirrel watches the snowfall and the world is going nuts.
Dear Santa, Give me plenty of bones with meat attached to it.
What a rare sight! Wait…don’t get any ideas…we are only taking the pics for Facebook and Instagram.

That was fun, wasn’t it? Now let me go ahead with my funny musings.

There are plenty of blogs that deal with how to do articles. I wonder how the blogs would be if there were how to do articles like:

  1. How to mind our own business? ( No takers for this niche because it’s Mission Impossible Forever) Thanks to the social media and news channels airing sensational news everyday, it’s impossible to ignore anything.
  2. How to influence people to part with their money? ( Advertising agencies are experts in this field plus convincing photos of celebrities doing charity on Facebook and Instagram will do wonders.)
  3. How to write a book on lame excuses that appear to be quite convincing? ( I am not going to spill the secret but one of the common excuse is killing your already dead relative or citing poor health.) ( Just joking)
  4. How to look gorgeous without applying makeup? ( No comments).
  5. How to pass your exams without studying? ( Only due to Covid-19 and rising cases of Omicron)

How about some funny questions and snarky answers?

Question 1. What is a man’s best friend?

Answer. Smartphone ( Instead of a book or a dog)

Question 2. Explain the role of inflation in a country’s development.

Answer: I don’t know because I never watched that movie but I can explain the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator. ( Bound to get zero in exams)

Question 3: Why do people keep checking their phones quite frequently?

Answer: To see how many likes and followers they got on their social media posts. The very purpose of mobiles for mainly talking and texting is quietly fading away.

That’s all for now, dear friends. This post is meant purely for fun and not intended to hurt anyone. Hope you liked it. These thoughts have bugged me sometimes. So, I decided to share it with you.

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


The Naughtiest Girl Is A Monitor has always been one of my favorites. The Protagonist, Elizabeth Allen, is very naughty and is sent to Whyteleafe Boarding School for rectifying her behavior. She has her share of adventures after being made a monitor. I found it very enthralling and enjoyable. The highlight of this book is how Elizabeth undergoes drastic transformation.

Enid Blyton still continues to rule the hearts of young readers all over the world. She has beautifully presented the concept of adventures in Boarding School for Children. Darrell Rivers is the heroine ( protagonist) who experiences thrilling adventures. The author got inspired by her daughter’s boarding school, Benenden School for this series.

I moved on to the Children’s classic literature with the following books.

An adorable classic

This book captivated my heart with its beautiful story and vivid imagination. It’s awesome and definitely every child should read it. It’s about a twelve-year-old girl, Katy Carr, who is a tomboy and loves to dominate her siblings. An unfortunate accident leaves her invalid and she goes through a myriad of emotions. Her character undergoes a complete transformation after seeing her cousin Helen. Amazing! ‘What Katy Did’ holds a special place in my heart. Do read this book to know what causes Katy to change her attitude.

A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett moved me to tears. I loved it so much that I must have re-read it numerous times. What a brilliant story! It has a universal appeal even now. The story is about Sara Crewe who joins the boarding school headed by Ms.Minchin. Her father dies tragically after his business failure. She is reduced to poverty and ill treated by Ms.Minchin. She accepts her fate and starts living in a world of imagination thinking that she is still a princess. Little does she know, what fate has in store for her. The story goes through dramatic turns to keep the readers engrossed. A must read book for children.

It’s a highly emotional, inspirational, and a thrilling story about three children, Roberta aka Bobby, Phyllis and Peter who are forced to leave their magnificent house in London and move on to live a life of poverty with their mother in a small cottage in the countryside after their father gets arrested on espionage charges. They make it a point to visit the railway station daily and befriend a gentleman who regularly commutes by 9.15 train. Their fortune is going to change for sure. The story becomes more interesting with plenty of surprises. I would give it a 10/10 perfect score.

My teenage drew me closer to the following books.

I madly fell in love with the American teenage sleuth Nancy Drew, her friends, Bess and George, Nancy’s father Carson Drew, her housekeeper Hannah Gruen, and boyfriend Ned Nickerson. Wow! I enjoyed reading every adventure. I would forget myself and imagine that I was in River Heights, solving cases with her.

I was crazy about The Hardy Boys adventures. I loved Frank and Joe Hardy. Their friend, Chet Morton, was so cute. I have finished reading all the books in this series.

The adolescent stage found me turning pages of some of the wonderful works of English Literature by none other than the greatest poet and playwright of his time, William Shakespeare.

An unforgettable, outstanding classic.

I was very much impressed with this book. It’s characters were so realistic that I couldn’t help but admire the great legend’s penmanship. Antonio helps his friend Bassonio to seek Portia’s hand in marriage by getting loan from Shylock, the bride’s father, who demands a pound of flesh from Antonio in case of delay in repayment. Would Antonio be saved or perished? A must read for the lovers of English literature.

I liked the story because I could relate the events to the practical life. Iago, a soldier, is furious about being overlooked for promotion by Othello, The General and The Moor of Venice. He plots Othello’s downfall by poisoning his mind about his wife Desdemona’s infidelity. Othello kills her and regrets his hasty action. The play ends with Othello’s suicide.

I started Sidney Sheldon and Robin Cook’s books while I was in college. I found Sidney Sheldon’s books very exciting as it is overloaded with super suspense and plenty of twists and thrills with unexpected climaxes. There are erotic scenes to add to the romance.

This book is about Tracy Whitney’s tryst with law after losing her mother Doris to a fraud committed by Joe Romano. She is falsely accused of a crime that she never committed. How will she prove her innocence and seek revenge? Too good to be missed.

A hot favorite of all

I got introduced to the Magical world of Hogwarts featuring Harry Potter, his friends, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Professors Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore and his main nemesis Lord Voldemort, followed by Draco Malfoy and his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle. I have read each book at least twice. I adore Harry Potter series and I am an ardent fan of Ms. J.K. Rowling.

That’s all for now, folks. I will continue about my book reading trend in my upcoming blogs

Laughing at women.

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I get irked up when I read jokes or watch serials which portrays women as wily creatures or incarnation of the devil. I hate to admit that housewives themselves enjoy watching these serials.

I have stopped watching TV serials ages ago. I enjoy reading books or fiddling with my mobile. Most of the husband-wife jokes, especially, in Hindi feature husband as the hero and wife as a villain getting insulted by ‘hero’. A big ha-ha.

I wish the script writers of TV serials could come up with novel ideas of their own and come up with serials that are worth watching. I have also observed that if a daily soap manages to get a high TRP, dozens of serials with a similar theme follow suit. I find it quite irritating.

I just want to say that no one is perfect in this world. It’s wrong to paint an evil picture of one gender in favor of the other. All of us have good qualities with certain flaws. We should learn to appreciate each other’s virtues and not dwell upon criticizing others or finding fault with each other.