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Social stigma attached to HIV / AIDS. 

The most malignant disease prevalent in the Human Society, 
Is not cancer, or AIDS but cheap human mentality. 
A person infected with HIV ( AIDS) deserves to be treated with love, respect, and care. 
Because life for him or her, has been really unfair. 

AIDS is just a disease, there's no need to shun. 
Or make the patient's life miserable by denying him the rights to have fun. 
A patient of AIDS isn't an untouchable. 
Anyone could be its next victim, it's probable. 

Why is there a social stigma attached to AIDS? 
What about those shameless people who face Income Tax raids? 
Why aren't people ashamed of taking or offering bribes? 
Or the politicians discriminating  the citizens on the basis of religions, castes and tribes? 

Why is an HIV patient considered an outcast? 
How long will this tyrannical attitude and ignorance last? 
We aren't ashamed of telling lies or boast. 
But why do we despise the victims of AIDS the most? 

No one in this world is disease free. 
Some have physical ailments while some are afflicted mentally. 
We are constantly living under the threat of some or other kind of virus. 
The world is meant for everyone and not just us. 

Avoid corrupt people like plague. 
They are not to be believed. Their statements are a bunch of lies and vague. 
Jealousy is the worst form of human acidity. 
Allowing it to thrive is an act of stupidity. 

Anger and hatred are like cancers, they spread everywhere and damage humanity. 
Wipe them out before they develop into insanity. 
Our vices are our real enemies and a major cause of concern. 
Let's show kindness and compassion to the patients of AIDS and in the process learn. 

That love and friendship have no bar. 
Discrimination is too far. 
To prove we care for each other. 
We are the children of the same mother          

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I am afraid I have run short of words. 
To express how I feel. 
I am like a caged bird, 
Wanting to fly, but experiencing Achilles Heel. 

I keep on telling my silly heart. 
You can't please everyone. 
Don't be naive and try to be smart. 
For you are inferior to none. 

Yet, somehow I go back to being slack. 
And the fire within me fizzles out. 
How can I think of going back? 
And allow myself to be overtaken by self-doubt? 
It's not the time to rest or immerse in self-pity. 
It's time to rise like a Phoenix. 
And now I am back again to do my duty. 
And won't let my pathetic mind play funny tricks. 

There are many obstacles in this journey called life. 
Each one is meant to make you strong. 
It's smooth sailing for some people, while it's full of strife. 
But it sure wouldn't last for long. 

Fear of failure is the greatest impediment to success.
Don't be afraid to fail. 
Don't grant negativity and pessimism any access. 
To your mind but continue to sail. 

The winds of fortune will definitely blow our way. 
We must not lose sight of our goals and aims. 
We will be successful one day. 
Despite our detractors playing unfair games. 

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To stay or to leave, 
To be happy or to grieve. 
To complain or to smile. 
To keep working or relax for a while. 

To be magnanimous or a miser. 
To be foolish or wiser. 
To keep arguing or pretend to lose. 
Think twice before you choose. 

To be contented or to be greedy. 
To be selfish or help the needy. 
To be humble or to bask in your glory. 
Life has its way of scripting a story. 

To keep boasting or let your actions speak. 
To be strong mentally or to become weak. 
To learn from your past mistakes or to keep mourning over the lost opportunity. 
To hanker after money and power at the cost of your dignity. 

To stay within the comfort zone or prepared to take a risk. 
To be a couch potato or be active and brisk. 
To refuse to part with redundant ideas or be flexible with changing times. 
To earn money honestly or resort to the world of crimes. 

To be grumpy or jovial. 
To embrace acceptance or prefer denial. 
It's your life and your choice. 
To live in peace and harmony or make a noise. 

No matter what you may do. 
Listen to your conscience, as it will never mislead you. 
After all, it's just a matter of choice. 
Use your common sense than just depending on the words of advice. 

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Cricket fever has spread everywhere,

As the excitement is in the air.

Let us cheer for the men in blue.

We want you to lift the cup this time too.

Billions of eyes are watching your game,

Come on Team India, just live up to your name.

We have our hopes pinned upon you,

Just show the world what you can do. 

There is no dearth of talent in our team,

To see India lift the cup is our dream. 

Batsmen, bowlers, and fielders just do your best.

Concentrate on your game and simply 

Leave the rest.

Though performance and good luck play a crucial


Spread your wings and get off to a flying start.

Rise like a Phoenix and do not give up.

Be determined to win this world cup. 

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My heart is a one-way lane. 
Some people entered only to give me pain. 
Some people taught me how to live. 
Don't forget the betrayal but learn to forgive. 

Some people wanted to see me fail. 
Their words of discouragement were to no avail. 
I learned to keep working from an ant.
And try to avoid believing that you can't. 

My heart is like a luxurious inn. 
To provide happiness to all the guests residing within. 
It has air conditioning of love and a heater of joy. 
To make all the guests comfortable, a girl or a boy. 

My heart is like a big house, open to all. 
You are welcome to reside as long as you can;  it's your call. 
There's no rent to live in my heart. 
Let's be kind and appreciative of each other for a start. 

My heart is like an exotic beach with the sea of affection and dunes of loyalty for the sand. 
I don't have many conditions or demands. 
Except for a kind request , 
Control your temper for it's a troublesome pest. 

It's better to be silent than speak hurtful words. 
Let the positive thoughts fly from the prison of your mind like free birds.
I welcome you all to this journey of life. 
Where we are living precariously on the edge of a knife. 

My heart is like a bridge to help you reach the land of positivity from the ocean of despair. 
It's strong and sturdy, made of love and care. 
And I would keep praying until my last breath. 
Dear God! May we live in peace and Harmony until our death. 

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The lesson I learned from the road.

 Another day had gone by.
 I had tough luck. 
The world is on the move, but I am still stuck.
 It was my fifteenth job interview.
I missed it out again. 
I was among those unlucky few, much to my disdain.

I entered a cafe to quench my thirst and hunger. 
I saw some street urchins begging for food.
I tried to control my anger. 
People driving in luxurious cars treated them like dirt.
I almost felt like shedding tears as that situation did hurt.

I forgot my pathetic situation for a while. 
The children taught me never to give up my smile. 
I resumed my journey towards my home.
 I had a thought troublesome.

What if I didn't get a job? 
Would I beg, borrow, or rob? 
I mumbled to myself after glancing at the road.
 Every day it endured so much load. 
It never protested, nor did it whine. 
It seemed to reassure me that it was fine.

It encouraged me to keep on trying instead of losing my heart.
Who knows, tomorrow might be your day! 
Give your life a fresh start.

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There are plenty of 'how to' articles available on the internet, along with numerous books. 
We need to read the one 
That teaches how not to judge others 
Merely on their outward looks. 

We should read a  book that teaches
How and when to close our mouth? 
A book that guides us on controlling our tongues, 
And how to stop using a language uncouth. 

Any article or a blog that teaches how to act normal and sane. 
How to admire and appreciate the creativity of others without being jealous? 
How not to inflict pain? 
Respect and love each other, leaving aside the money and social status. 

There are books galore that offers the tips to become rich and wealthy. 
How about the books to help us achieve mental peace? 
Peace of mind is more important. 
To stay mentally fit and healthy. 

How to stop acting like a jerk and finding faults with everyone? 
Forget your worries and wallowing in self-pity. 
Life is all about family, friends and having fun. 
The need of the hour is peace and tranquility. 

How to stop bickering over frivolous reasons and avoid the mindless fight? 
How to win people with love rather than using force or might? 
There's no use of the ongoing spate of violence. 
It's better to be surrounded by people. 
Rather than living alone in an ominous silence. 

I am just going to read a book that covers everything. 
I am just striving to be a better human being. 
How to be more patient with people who are difficult to handle? 
How to exercise self-restraint from the desire to strangle? ( such people). 
Just in search of a 'how to' book to read. 
That frees us from the evils like jealousy, lust, ego anger and greed. 

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"Who am I? Who am I? " shrieks my soul every time.

My being a woman is my only crime.

I am a victim of gender discrimination

Which has been blindly followed by society in the name of tradition.

Treated like a doormat for no rhyme or reason.

Victim of violence in all forms and season.

Stalking, murder and rape are the latest fads,

For a guy to satisfy his lust from a girl he can never have.

Often regarded as a weaker sex,

Raised on a diet of inferiority complex.

But, beware, o, misogynists, Shakti or power is our name.

We, too, will rise like a phoenix, to status and fame.

We will tolerate indifference, no more.

Treated as a servant in a day and at night as a whore.

We are also humans, treat us with dignity,

Let’s raise the moral standards of humanity.

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How much does it cost for a loving smile? 
How much does it cost to talk to each other for a while? 
How much does it cost to love and care for each other? 
How much does it cost to be a loving son or a daughter to our father and mother? 

How much does it cost to appreciate Mother Nature? 
How much does it cost to stop giving importance to wealth and social stature? 
How much does it cost to spend time with our family and friends? 
How much does it cost to apologize and make amends? 

How much does it cost to stop being selfish and mean? 
How much does it cost to do away with envy whose color is green? 
How much does it cost to stop viewing everyone as your foe? 
How much does it cost to get the answers I want to know? 

Not everything in this world comes with a price tag. 
Like the loyalty of your pet dog which welcomes you with a friendly lick and a tail wag. 
Like watching the innocent children playing with each other in the park. 
Their parents luring them with icecreams to take them home before it's too dark. 

Like watching the butterfly flutter around, the little kids shriek in delight. 
Their chasing the butterflies, squirrels, and bubbles in the park is such a wonderful sight.
How much does it cost, anyway, to see them smile and play? 
How much does it cost to use our time properly rather than wasting it gossiping away?

These are simple pleasures of life. 
They give us respite from the monotony and strife. 
Let's enjoy the sunshine and the joyful rain. 
And not let this great chance of life go in vain. 

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Let's escape from the prison of our thoughts. 
And spread the wings to fly. 
Let's explore the world with open eyes. 
Let's flap our wings together to reach the limitless sky. 
Let's do away with jealousy. 
It's the root cause of hatred. 
Let's appreciate each other for our good qualities. 
Perhaps, we can avoid bloodshed. 

Let's not brood over our past mistakes.
But remember not to repeat them in future. 
No one is perfect and that includes us. 
To err is human,  it's in our nature. 

Let's learn to forgive and forget.
To hold grudges against each other. 
Animosity has only claimed lives. 
Remember, we are the children of the same mother. ( Mother Earth). 

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