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We had a couple of days off for Diwali. As usual, Mom bossed us around while the cleaning was in progress. We had started the dreadful, tiresome project, a week earlier and were now digging up treasures from all corners of the house, which included wrappers of chocolates and chewing gums, pencil shavings, scraps of paper containing some mobile number,( God only knows to whom those numbers belonged) and plenty of cobwebs. Yeww! I hate spiders. And then….. I screamed in horror and yelled, ” Murder! Murder! ” My sister, Rhea, dropped her dusting cloth and came to my aid. She poured a glass of water and winked at me, ” Ok, Sherlock! Stop your overacting and spit it out! Whose dead body did you discover under this queen sized bed?”

I took the flashlight on the study table and held it like a microphone and said, ” Welcome to the House of Horror. Breaking News! A young girl, Lekha Patel, nearly fainted after seeing the dead body of a lizard under her bed. Now, the question is who killed the poor creature and why? ” My sister, Rhea, snatched the phone from me and continued, ” This is Inspector Rhea from the House of horror. The poor lizard died due to asphyxiation. It held its breath for long after it inhaled the foul smelling socks of Ms. Lekha. Unfortunately, her carelessness caused the death of an innocent creature. Her punishment is to listen to her mother’s lectures for a whole day.”

Both of us were giggling like kids until the voice of the main villain ( Mom) echoed from the kitchen, ” If I catch you girls wasting your time, you will be sorry, for sure.” Finally, we finished the Herculean task of cleaning our room. We had piled up heaps of clothes that we had outgrown. As my luck would have it, I had to discard my favourite yellow and blue salwar kameez. But first, let me explain my special talent. My expanding waistline and an invisible knife at my rear end, always created holes in my pyjamas, for which my mother and sister always made fun of me. The salwaar ( pyjamas) had been torn at the seat and went through so many alterations that the dress almost pleaded with me to stop wearing it. That said, mom called us for tea.

Later, she went out with Mrs.Chatterbox and instructed Rhea to prepare Dal-Rotis ( Lentil Soup and Indian flatbread) for the family. Rhea dragged me to the kitchen and forced me to knead the dough. As much as I despised cooking, I could not avoid it, fearing the wrath of my sister. When it was time to make the rotis, the gas cylinder was exhausted. “Oh no! ” my sister groaned, ” What shall I do now? The gas cylinder is empty.” ‘I joked, ” Well, I can help you. I have been farting since morning. Shall I refill the cylinder by sitting on it?” ” Shut up,” laughed Rhea, “‘I already know this joke. Kapil Sharma has already mentioned it.” Then I suggested, ” Why don’t we follow ” Borrow from the neighbor” Policy? That’s what ‘we usually do, right? ” I just realised the value of having a good relationship with the neighbors. A neighbor in need is a neighbor indeed.

Rhea shook her head and ordered food online. We put the kneaded dough in a Tupperware container and kept it in the refrigerator. Finally, Mom returned at 7 PM, carrying a huge gift wrapped item. ” Girls,” she exclaimed, ” Look what I have got! ” Rhea and I were curious to know about the mystery package. So, we joined Mom as she unwrapped the gift to reveal a 10×10 framed painting of God knows what. The frame was covered in different shades of yellow. Initially, I thought the artist had a runny nose and had used his phlegm for the painting. Rhea and I fought hard to suppress our laughter as I pretended to appreciate, ” Wow! Excellent, Mom. This is a wonderful painting.” Mom seemed to be highly pleased until I said, ” ‘I appreciate the artist for daring to use a child’s poop and smear it evenly on the canvas. How much did you pay for this framed shit?” Rhea burst out laughing as Mom glared at me ( which wasn’t unusual). Mom said, ” What do you know about the modern art? You don’t know how to hold the pencil, let alone sketch. You should not passing comments unless you have the knowledge of the subject. This painting has a hidden meaning.”
” Wait, ” I interrupted, ” How foolish of me for failing to recognize the meaning of this beautiful work ( ugly trash)! This is indeed, great.” Mom raised her eyebrows as I explained, ” You see, Rhea. The artist is saying that the whole world is a big toilet and everyone is leading a shitty life.” Rhea and I roared with laughter as Mom flung her sandals at us which missed us narrowly by inches.

We closed the door behind us as Mom was in a foul mood because of my teasing. Later, Dad came home, using expletives for his boss. ” Rhea” called Mom. She exited quietly and I followed suit. She summoned us and asked, ” Why didn’t you tell me that our gas cylinder was exhausted? When did it get over? ” Rhea told her the truth and that ‘we had ordered the food online. Mom thought for a while and then smiled, ” That was quick thinking on your part. Now, keep quiet and don’t say a word to your father. And Lekha, I forgive you this time but please learn to control your tongue.” We had dinner and went to bed quickly.

The next day was quite sunny and the reporter on the weather forecast had predicted it to be Sunny throughout the day. Mom usually made it a point to check the weather forecast before planning to go out. She went to the beauty parlor with her best friend, Archana, who lived in the building opposite to ours. After getting their facials, pedicure and manicure done, they started for home when suddenly there was an ugly twist in the tale. The sky was suddenly overcast with dark clouds and it started raining heavily, washing away the make up on their faces. By the time, Mom came home, she was completely drenched. When I opened the door, I held back the urge to laugh at her bedraggled appearance. Her mascara and eyeliner were running all over her face. She looked like Annabelle doll. She was screaming, ” Wait till I get my hands on the the man who did the weather forecast. ‘I wish to wring his neck for misleading public with his inaccurate prediction. Sunny day, my foot! It’s raining cats and dogs.”

Sometimes, it’s better to leave a wounded tigress alone. I made her a cup of tea and went to my room to read a mystery novel. Had Mom been an author, she would have been plotting a murder mystery with the title ” The Murder of the Weatherman “!

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My English teacher, Ms. Philomena, shook her head as she checked my homework assignment. She called out my name in front of the class and said, ” Tsk… Tsk… Lekha. I expected more from you. You are the only student in the class whose knowledge of English is tolerable. I am disappointed with your essay on My memorable journey. I want you to refer to the dictionary and rewrite it .” I gritted my teeth in frustration. I failed to understand why people preferred complicated words to simple sentences. I nodded as she handed over my notebook.

Well, her nickname was Ms. Dracula for she loved to suck the blood of her students by dishing out too much of homework. My last period for the day was Social Science. Ms. Sleeping Pill entered the class after Dracula’s dramatic exit. Our Social science teacher, Ms. Ramola, started droning about the World Wars. I cursed Russia for adding one more boring chapter. I felt my eyelids drooping and with great difficulty, listened to her talk about the Nazis and the Fascists. I wanted to add Ms. Dracula’s name to the list of inhuman dictators but fearing the repercussion, I remained silent.

Then, the sky opened up while I was on my way home, walking with my elder sister, Rhea. We sought shelter at a nearby grocery store. It looked like God had forgotten to turn off the faucet of the clouds and we experienced a torrential downpour. It was getting late and our birth giver must be sick with worry. We hired an autorickshaw who fleeced us of 50β‚Ή and dropped us home. It appeared as if Mom was indeed waiting for us. She opened the door immediately after hearing the doorbell.

Mom asked, “Oh my God! Both of you look like drowned rats. How did you get drenched?” I was losing my temper. Instead of allowing us to get in, she was questioning us. I replied, ” Well, you see, Mom. The sky drank too much water and its clouds were so full that they felt like peeing and that’s why we are wet.” Rhea giggled while Mom gave me a deathly glare. ” Would you care to explain your statement, young lady?” asked my mom with her hands on her hips. I sighed and replied, ” I don’t understand why you need an explanation for our drenching. It’s obvious that it’s raining.” Mom said, ” Then you could have told me in simple words. Why such a huge statement about the clouds urinating? It’s disgusting. If at all, you wanted to say it in a Shakespearean style, you should have said that the sky is shedding tears.”

It was then that I told her about my English teacher emphasizing on the need to use more sophisticated language. Mom handed us towels and went to prepare tea and snacks for us. I wanted to give Ms. Dracula ( Ms. Philomena) a taste of her own medicine. I started writing the essay ” My memorable journey “

I wrote :

I embarked on an exhilarating journey to the capital of India along with my household members. We boarded Rajhdhani Express at Mumbai Central on 3rd May 2022 at 5 PM and disembarked at New Delhi railroad terminal at 8.40 AM, the next day.

We were put up at a guesthouse near Connaught Place. We reinvigorated ourselves and hired a taxi for navigating throughout the places of tourist attractions in New Delhi.

Our first halt was at the residence of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru which housed the memorabilia and the articles used by him. This was followed by a trip to the abodes of the rest of his family members who also happened to be India’s Premiers, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. We also visited the monuments of historical importance like the Red Fort, Qutub Minar and the religious shrines of worship of the idols of the deities, carved out of marbles and stones.

We paid a visit to the architectural complex housing the artifacts, tablets, and antiques, throwing light on our golden pasts and then succeeded by a trip to the caged residence of
the fauna. My sister and I enjoyed our voyage with our procreator and birth giver.”

I concluded the essay with a special note to the teacher :
I hope I lived up to the expectations of my English Educator, who I believe, suffers from
Floccinaucinihilipilification (The action or habit of estimating something as worthless.) ( I thank Deepika Nadkarni for this word which I referred from her amazing blog). This essay was sure to cause Ms. Philomena, a migraine.

The door bell rang and I opened the door to welcome Dad. Mom shouted from the kitchen, ” Who is it, Lekha? ” I thought of playing a prank. I remembered watching an episode of re-run of Hum Paanch ( A Zee TV comedy series) on YouTube, where one of the characters, Sweety, gives a funny answer.

I gave the same reply, ” Your mother’s son-in-law and my husband’s father-in-law has arrived.” Mom commented, ” Who’s this person? ” When she saw Dad who was snickering, Mom threw her rolling pin at me and yelled, ” You silly girl, Why didn’t you simply say, Daddy? ” I retorted, ” Tell that to Ms. Dracula who loves to complicate things.”
We had our dinner and went to bed earlier than usual.

The next day, I came to school, fully prepared with the complicated essay. English was the fourth period and just before lunch. Ms. Philomena strutted in like a turkey who thinks it’s a peacock. She collected our homework and gave us some exercises from grammar. As expected, she wanted to tear her hair apart in frustration, when it came to my notebook. She called out my name, ” Lekha, what the hell have you written? I admit I asked you to use a refined language but I had to check the dictionary fifteen times. Yet, I couldn’t make the heads and tails of it. What do you mean by Floccinaucinihilipilification? “

The whole class listened to our conversation and burst out laughing. My bestie, Seema, winked at me. I explained my essay and the meaning of the said word. Ms. Dracula seemed to be satisfied with the my explanation. And then I felt the need to go to the toilet. So I asked her, ” With your kind permission, may I embark on a journey to the zone of internal comfort and relief? “

Ms. Dracula, ” For God’s sake, please speak in Plain English. What do you mean by this sentence? ” I replied, ” I simply asked your permission to go to the restroom.” She was almost in tears, ” Go. And from now on, you must use a simple language, both in writing and oral communication.” I did a small victory dance outside the classroom.

I shared this incident with my elder sister, Rhea, who burst out laughing, and admired my sense of humor. This gave me an idea to author two books:
How to irritate people?
How to get rid of unwanted guests?


Note :
We paid a visit to the architectural complex housing the artifacts, tablets, and antiques, throwing light on our golden pasts refers to a museum.Then succeeded by a trip to the caged residence of the fauna ( I mean the zoo).

Thee religious shrines of worship of the idols of the deities, carved out of marbles and stones refers to the temple.

Procreator ( father) and birth giver ( mother).
This story is purely meant for humor with no intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

I wish to thank Deepika Nadkarni of the site Make Time For Things You Love , for the usage of the word. Floccinaucinihilipilification.

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Sagar Deshpandey and his wife, Anamika, stepped inside their new villa in Lonavala, a scenic hill station near Mumbai. It was fully furnished and comprised of four rooms on the ground floor and three rooms on the first floor with a terrace. They could not believe their luck, when their real estate agent helped them to seal a deal at an affordable price. Little did they know that along with the furniture, they also had ghosts as the residents. The ghost couple, Makrand and Sumitra Patil, were irked to find their house being invaded by two strangers.

They wanted to get rid of them. They decided to wait until midnight and unleash a reign of terror with their scare tactics. Sagar helped his wife with unpacking and arranging things in order. They had their food in a nearby restaurant. By the time, they came back , they were too tired and called it a day. A storm was brewing up and the ghosts decided to take advantage of the fact.

Sagar and his wife went to bed early that night. A gust of wind blew, rattling the windows in the process. Makrand entered the room through the wall. He made a howling sound to wake Sagar. Anamika murmured, ” Sagar, I hear some weird noises.” Sagar replied, ” Go back to sleep, Anu. It’s probably a harmless dog howling.” Makrand was furious while his wife, Sumitra, giggled as she heard the comment. She said, ” I like this guy. He called you a harmless dog. I knew you could not scare even a mosquito. Some ghost you are! ” She attempted to glide over Sagar when he let out a huge stinking fart. Now, Makrand roared with laughter and said, ” At least, he compared me to a dog. What about you? You are a stinking fart.” Sumitra grumbled, ” I guess he stuffed himself with Mooli ( radish) parathas. I pity this woman. How could she marry a guy with a serious gas problem? ” Makrand and Sumitra made their way out, having a typical husband-wife argument.

The next day, Sagar was busy reading a newspaper, when he noticed a transparent human like material floating towards him. He glanced at him. Makrand let out a typical ghostly laugh. Sagar smiled back. Makrand was shocked. He hadn’t expected this kind of reaction. He tried to threaten him and said, ” Leave this house at once, if you value your life. Or I will be forced to kill you.” Sagar replied, ” Please kill me by all means. I am fed up of living with a monster for the past 15 years. So, a ghost doesn’t scare me.”

Makrand commented, ” You aren’t supposed to react like this. You should say ” God save me and run.” Just then Anamika called from the kitchen, ” Who are you talking to, Sagar? ” Sagar replied, ” Your father. He’s here to bless us.” His wife replied, ” Don’t talk nonsense. How can my father be here when he’s in the USA? ” She came out of the kitchen and saw Makrand’s ghost. Instead of screaming in fear, she seemed to be pleased. ” Oh, Good! I see you have hired a servant. But why’s he looking like a ghost? Wait a minute, he’s a ghost. How dare you call my father a ghost? “
Sagar answered, ” Had your father been an angel, you would look like one!” Makrand was watching this banter in amusement. Sagar continued, ” This poor guy doesn’t know how to scare anyone. Let me show him.” He took out his phone and asked Makrand to come over and have a look. Makrand screamed at the pic. It was Anamika without her makeup. Makrand said, ” Had I not been dead, this pic would have given me a heart attack. Great bro. You do have a spooky wife.” Anamika lost her temper on being insulted.

Anamika hurled a rolling pin at Sagar’s head and it hit the bulls eye. Makrand clapped and said, ” Fantastic aim. Do keep going.” Anamika glared at the ghost and said, ” Just shut up and start sweeping the floor, ghostly servant.” Just then, Makrand’s wife, Sumitra floated over Anamika’s head and yelled at her, ” How dare you call my husband a servant? No one dares to treat him like a servant, except for me and get away with it. Both of you leave at once or I will have you killed.” Anamika yelled back, ” Don’t you dare challenge me Or I will let my husband loose on you. You don’t have any idea of the power of his stinking fart.” Sumitra became silent while Makrand was overjoyed to see his wife being tamed.

She flew away and carried a mug of water with her that she deliberately dropped on Anamika. The latter looked like a drowned rat and Sagar and Makrand burst out laughing. Sumitra winked at Sagar and said, ” Don’t just stand there. Click her picture and post it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Serves her right for ill treating her husband and trying to dominate mine.” ” Please don’t upload my pic, ” pleaded Anamika, ” I promise not to yell at or fight with you, Sagar. I won’t even torture you for shopping.”

Sagar felt as if he had won a lottery. ” Thank you so much, dear friends, ” he said, ” We didn’t introduce ourselves. I am Sagar Deshpandey and this is my wife, Anamika. ” Makrand smiled and said, ” I am Makrand Patil and this is my wife Sumitra. This was our home prior to our death.” Sagar asked, ” If you don’t mind, would you please tell me how you died?” Makrand stopped smiling while Sumitra continued grinning. She said, ” One day, I slipped and fell in the bathroom. This guy laughed at me. I slapped him so hard that he died on the spot. We had taken a huge insurance policy on his life. While I regretted his untimely demise, I was happy to know that I would be getting a cheque of 30 lakhs. I forgot that I was still in the bathroom and did a stupid dance. I fell once again, hitting my head against the tap and died.”

Sagar and Anamika looked at each other and tried to hold back their laughter. He said, ” Listen guys! I like you both. I won’t evict you from your home. But promise to put on your best behavior and occupy your favorite room without bothering us. Otherwise, I would be prompted to share the comical story of your deaths over the social media.” The ghost couple looked terrified but promised to follow his instructions as his wife now looked at him, admiringly. ( The ghosts in this story are poltergeists).

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Good evening friends,

I wish to share this funny supernatural thriller that I published erstwhile in I wanted to share this story for quite some time. I thought of ending the day with some more fun. I hope you like it.

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” Nurse Sheila, Would you please increase the oxygen level of the patient? She is having trouble breathing, and her pulse rate has dropped considerably, ” yelled Dr. Kumar. 

He looked at Madhu, the patient, who was in a comatose state. Her heartbeat was erratic. 

Finally, she breathed her last. The doctor came out looking morose. Her son, Shiva, was pacing restlessly. Dr. Kumar approached him with a bit of hesitation before uttering the usual dialogue, ” I am sorry, Mr. Shiva. Mrs. Sharma is no more. We tried our best to save her. May her soul rest in peace. “

Madhu’s soul lingered over her corpse. She decided to look around and glided through the wall. She saw her son weeping over her demise. She wanted to hug him, but she knew that she was merely a spirit. The doctor patted him on the back and left him alone to grieve. 

Shiva went home to convey this news to his wife, Arpita. Madhu followed him. 

Arpita opened the door to let Shiva in. She was unaware of her mother-in-law’s ghostly presence. They hugged each other and wiped away their tears. Madhu was in for a rude shock. They burst out laughing as Madhu wondered whether they had lost their minds. 

Shiva said, ” I had to control myself from jumping with joy. That old hag finally succumbed to her illness.” “Show her some respect, ” said his wife, ” She was your mother. She was not an old hag. She was an evil witch. ” Madhu’s anger flared up. She continued to listen to their bragging about their conspiracy to get rid of her and her husband. 

Shiva smirked, ” Do you remember how I took advantage of his dementia and made him overdose on sleeping pills? He passed away peacefully. Thank God! You advised me to take his signature on the will.” His wife guffawed, ” Have you forgotten that it was I who gave you that idea? Your mother’s condition was pathetic. I took pity on her and pushed her down the stairs. I also bribed one of the nurses to keep her heavily sedated.” The couple asked their cook to prepare special meals to celebrate the success of their fraudulent scheme. 

Madhu was so enraged that she wanted to break something. She became aware that she was only a ghost and could not handle anything physically. Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea. She entered the body of the cook and put purgatives in the food. She chuckled, ” My dear children, it’s time for your punishment. Living in humiliation is far worse than death. Be prepared to face the wrath of your deceased mother. “

When the husband-wife sat together for dinner, they had no idea about their impending catastrophe. The purgatives did their job. The couple had been completely exhausted after their uninterrupted trips to the toilet. Madhu planned her next course of action. 

The next day, when Shiva and Arpita got ready to leave for their work, Madhu entered the latter’s body. Her son and daughter-in-law owned an advertising company called Umang. 

Their business was flourishing. Arpita looked stunning in her navy blue sari with a diamond pendant. She checked her face in the tiny handheld mirror before entering her office. They had two separate air-conditioned suites to entertain their clients. Arpita’s first clients arrived within half an hour of their opening the business for the day. Two gentlemen wearing expensive clothes walked in with a briefcase. 

They had come to discuss the advertising campaign for their brand new perfume. Arpita said, ” Good morning, Mr. Kapoor and Mr. Malhotra. I have come up with a unique idea for your perfume.” It was precisely at this moment that she let out a stinking fart. She was highly embarrassed and murmured a quiet sorry. Both the men covered their noses with their hands and resisted the urge to laugh. 

She let out another resounding fart as Madhu continued to torment her. Arpita started blabbering, ” I have created a slogan for Mia Perfume. It goes like this:

Mia Perfume is a great way to start, 

Covering your body odor or a stinking fart. 

Mia perfume blocks out the foul smell of rotting garbage or overflowing drain. 

Use it just once, and you will never use it again. ” Mr. Kapoor and his colleague were enraged. 

” Are you making fun of us?” he yelled, ” You are a disgusting woman with no manners. We tolerated your non-stop gas supply. How dare you liken our products to garbage and farts? We are no longer interested in doing business with you.” They left her office and never turned back. Arpita mourned over her first failure to impress a client by shedding few tears. Madhu entered Shiva’s office and saw a couple seated opposite him. Shiva cleared his throat before speaking, ” Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Malik. I have finished preparing a campaign for your product.” When he was about to explain his idea, his mother entered into his body. He started blabbering, ” Premier is an excellent Shampoo. It provides a permanent solution for hair problems. Gently massage your scalp with this shampoo. You will lose your hair without any pain. Your head will shine like a moon. You can save your money as you needn’t go to a hair salon or use expensive shampoos or hair oil. ” The couple glared at him before calling him all sorts of names. Madhu left him bewildered over the client’s reaction. He went to meet his wife. They shared their awful ad campaigns that ended in a disaster. They decided to leave early and went out for dinner. 

Madhu enjoyed her new role as a poltergeist. She wanted her son and daughter-in-law to confess to their crimes. 

Shiva and Arpita had another bad day, dealing with upset clients. They couldn’t understand what was wrong with them. Shiva said, ” Let us take a mini vacation. We will celebrate our wedding anniversary next week in Mahabaleshwar. We have to find out some way to mollify our clients.” Madhu followed them wherever they went. She loved playing pranks on them. 

After a couple of days, Shiva and Arpita went to Mahabaleshwar. Madhu waited for two days and let them celebrate their wedding anniversary. The couple exchanged gifts and greeting cards. They had a nasty surprise awaiting them. Madhu had made them write satirical poems on each other. 

When Arpita had opened her greeting card, she was shocked to read the poem. It said: 

” You do look like a crazy witch.

 You are such a greedy bitch. 

 Your mouth is so big that I wish I could stitch.

 Or throw you into a stinking ditch. 

 Your braided hair is the tail of a French 


  Each strand is like a burned noodle. 

  Your voice is as sweet as a duck. 

  I married an animal which is my bad luck. ” 

She glared at him while he grinned and gave her a flying kiss. He frowned after reading her poem. She had written:

You are a thorn in my life, 

Why the hell did I choose to be your wife? 

Your ego is as big as your ugly head, 

Without my training, you would be dead. 

You are all muscles without any brain. 

My efforts to train you are in vain. 

Our marriage is simply a big disaster. 

I wish I could get rid of you faster. 

They had a heated argument that lasted for an hour. Shiva was shocked to find his parents-in-law arriving at his doorsteps with their luggage after his return. Arpita welcomed them with open arms. Shiva didn’t like their intrusion into his privacy. He dragged Arpita aside and yelled, ” Who invited them here? How long are they planning to stay? ” Arpita lost her temper and replied, ” They are my parents. They are welcome to visit me whenever they like.”

“They can stay here only for two days,” ordered Shiva, ” You killed my parents and grabbed their wealth so that we could have some privacy. Why don’t you get them to sign their will in your name?” Arpita, ” Are you insane? I am not going to do such a thing.” Shiva slapped her hard and scowled at her, ” You are a greedy bitch. I am ashamed of myself. I shouldn’t have listened to you. I lost my parents, and my conscience hurts me a lot. Get lost with your parents, or else I will kill you all.” Arpita’s father happened to record everything and called the police. Arpita filed a complaint against him for domestic violence. The police handcuffed him and led him away. 

Arpita bribed one of the cops to get Shiva’s signature in the property-related documents. 

Madhu wanted to wreak havoc in Arpita’s life after the traitor ditched her son. 

The next day, Arpita had arranged a press conference to announce that she was the new owner of the advertising agency and explain her marketing strategies. She was decked up like a princess in a silk chiffon blue sari with a diamond necklace. Madhu possessed her before she could address the press. 

She started her speech, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I have devised a foolproof plan of getting wealthy without getting your ass worked burned out. You need to watch movies to get ideas about luring heirs of the rich and the famous to falling in love with you. My husband fell in love with me. I mesmerized him into doing my bidding. I advised him to kill his father by giving him an overdose of sleeping pills. I usurped his wealth by pushing his mother down the stairs and got him arrested for domestic violence. Isn’t it wonderful? My beloved husband has made me the proud owner of this business. I am grateful to my parents for coaching me. I hope you enjoyed my tips.” Arpita’s parents were horrified by her confession. Madhu left her body as she watched the press baying for her blood. One of the reporters called her a blood-sucking vampire and called the police. 

Arpita was puzzled as the inspector arrested her for the murders and the fraudulent activities. She became pale after watching the proceedings of her press conference. Madhu smiled after watching her daughter-in-law and her parents in handcuffs. A white light dawned upon her, and Madhu crossed over to the spiritual realm. 

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