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Ding! Dong! Ding!

The school bell would ring.
 We would gather for prayer assembly. 
We would miss the comfort of our home terribly. 
We would rush towards our respective classrooms. 
When the teachers asked us any question, we would pretend to go to the bathroom.

A surprise class test would give us a heart attack. 
Any wrong answer on our part would earn the teacher's smack. 
Detentions and impositions would upset our mood. 
Such was our fragile nature in our childhood. Calling our teachers by their nicknames was fun. 
Sometimes we would play in the blazing sun.

We would share our lunches with our friends. We would fight with each other and then make amends. 
Examinations and results meant dealing with our parents' ire. 
They expected us to fulfill their desire. 
They wanted us to score full marks and become doctors and engineers. Nevertheless, we were obstinate enough to choose our own careers.

The wooden desks would reveal our carved names. 
I remember playing fun games. 
We would scribble on the last page of our notebooks.
We would whisper among ourselves in spite of our teacher's stern looks. 
Those were the golden school days. 
Their memories are etched in my heart always.

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Hi friends,

Sometimes I feel that I am still a kid at heart. I love watching cartoons with my daughter and comics are my weaknesses. I miss my dear dad so much. He used to buy tons of comics for me. In fact, I had a miniature library at home. Unfortunately, my close friend stole all my books and claimed it to be hers. Anyways, let bygones be bygones. I have already forgiven her. These are the comics that I loved and still love reading.


Chacha Chaudhary by the late cartoonist, Pran, happens to be my all time favorite. He is a short statured old man whose brain works faster than a computer. His companion, the gigantic muscleman, Sabu is from the planet Jupiter. Both Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu take on the evil villains to help the police. Their sworn enemies are Dhamaka Singh, Gobar Singh, and Raaka. It’s a highly enjoyable read with plenty of humor.


Tinkle comics published by Amar Chitra Katha is a wonderful collection of illustrated stories sent by various readers. All the characters featured in the comics are adorable and very humorous, especially, the tales of Suppandi, a comedian who misinterprets the instructions given to him by his employers, Shikari Shambhu, the coward hunter, Tantri the Mantri, the wily minister who hatches conspiracy to get rid of King Hooja, Kalia the crow and so on. I especially loved reading Anwar’s jokes and tales of Nasiruddin Hodja.


Mandrake the magician with his best friend, muscleman, Lothar, and their lady loves Narda and Karma fight evil villains. I especially loved reading how Mandrake used his magical illusionary power to trap them.

The Deep Woods

Mr. Kit Walker, better known as, Phantom, the ghost who walks is another one of my favorite comics that I had a huge collection. He marries Diana Palmer and has two kids, Kit and Heloise. He is ably supported by a mountain wolf named Devil and a horse named Hero. ( Wikipedia info).


I love Archie comics. Meet the adorable teenager, Archie Andrews from Riverdale, USA and his lovely friends, Reggie Mantle, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Dilton Doily, Moose and Midge. There are other stories featuring Cheryl Blossom, Josie and the Pussycats and Sabrina, the teenage witch.

I really wish I could go back in time and read cartloads of these adorable comics. Are you fond of reading comics? Which one is your favorite?

Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊