Book review.

Ghost Mortem by Jane Hinchey had me in splits. This is one of the most hilarious paranormal cozy mysteries. If possible, I could give it a hundred stars simply for its humor content. Wow! What a wonderful author! What a fantastic book! It’s laugh a riot in spite of a murder being involved.

Audrey Fitzgerald is a walking disaster and very prone to accidents. Her clumsiness gets her fired from several jobs. While she’s returning home after getting fired again, she accidentally slips and falls, only to be saved by a handsome man, who rescues her from getting crushed under the bus, but Audrey accidentally hits him as well, making the situation even more funny. It’s precisely at this moment when her best male friend, Ben Delaney, walks in to save the handsome man from Audrey’s clumsiness. She’s astounded to learn that the handsome man is Detective Kade Galloway. Ben and Audrey meet for a drink.

The next day, Audrey is shocked to find Ben sleeping in her couch. But the surprise doesn’t end here. When they are walking out of her house, Ben points out to Audrey something that makes her gasp. It’s then that they realize that Ben is dead and is now a ghost. But who killed him and why?

Ben has left her everything including his business, Delaney Investigations, and now requests her to find out who killed him. Audrey visits Ben’s house to find out his body but his body is not there and the kitchen smells of bleach. It means somebody removed the corpse but where? Will Audrey find discover his body? Is his death related to one of the cases he was working? To add to her woes, Ben seems to have forgotten who killed him and how he died. Can Audrey help him to solve his murder or will her clumsiness create an obstacle for new career? There’s another fantastic twist in the tale and Jane has penned a wonderful, unexpected climax to keep the readers guessing the identity of the real killer.

Wow! Another author added to the list of my most favorite Paranormal Cozy mysteries writers. If you are looking for a book to keep you engrossed, this series is guaranteed to give you 100% fun, entertainment, and suspense.

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Book review

Stellaย Bixby’sย book” Spotlight Scandal ” isย fantastic. She definitely has a special magic in her writing. Right from the beginning, this book had me completely hooked. Stella Bixby is one of the most talented writers of the paranormal cozy mystery genre.

Ellie Vanderwick is an aspiring witch. She possesses a unique magical ability. Her hair continuously changes hues in response to the circumstances, alerting her to any impending danger. She has devoted friends in Penelope, her pet pig, Mona (her van), and Bex ( her best friend and former boss) . She’s now living in the house bequeathed to her by her maternal grandma, Esme, who passed away.

She has moved to Cliff Haven, a little town in Iowa, where Katie is the proud owner of a cafe and a theater and produces plays. Katie believes in involving the local residents as much as possible in her productions. Ellie is also a part of the play with her best friend, Bex, and Melody, ( Katie’s daughter and the lead). Nancy, Fran, and Amy add to the humor. Ellie runs a fitness and healing studio, besides now being a part of a play. Her stage fright seems to be getting the better of her as she keeps fumbling over her lines.

And in the turn of events, Katie’s daughter, Melody, fails to get a role in a Hollywood project, her rival, Trinity Lawson, from the next town of Poppy Hills arrives for the role of Melody’s understudy in the play, with Melody’s ex-boyfriend, a Casanova, called Dylan Bram but dies unexpectedly. What follows next are plenty of surprises for the readers. The best part is the manner in which Trinity dies, and Ellie learns about another death in the past which occurred exactly like Trinity’s.

There are startling revelations and some amazing twists in the tale. What I loved the most about this series is that the police detective, Jake, shares a warm camaraderie with the protagonist cum witch, Ellie, and allows her to assist him in the investigation. This is quite refreshing. In most of the cases, there exists a rivalry between the police detective and the amateur sleuth. Way to go, dear Stella. Love your books so much.

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A book review.

Cold Silence by Danielle Girard is an edge of the seat super psychological thriller that keeps the readers glued to their seats. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and couldn’t take my eyes off even for a moment. The story is very good.

Megan Riggs, a former FBI agent and her son, Ryan are under Federal Witness Protection Program after Megan’s husband, Mark, an FBI agent dies on duty while bursting a drug deal. Her apartment is set on fire and she somehow manages to escape with her five year old son Ryan. The story moves forward by three years. Now, Megan Riggs has changed her name to Cody ‘O’Brien and her son is called RJ.

Every thing goes fine until RJ begs his mom to let him stay with his best friend, Peter Landon, who’s the son of the rich businessman, Travis Landon, the CEO of TecLan Pro software and a millionaire. RJ gets kidnapped in a case of a mistaken identity. Travis feels miserable for letting her down because he failed to be on time to pick up RJ and Peter. To add to her woes, the police discover a mutilated body of a child and Cody fears it might be RJ. There are incredible twists and turns with a nail biting finish!

What happens next is simply awesome! This is a fascinating story of betrayal, danger, thrill, excitement, and a battle of nerves with a pile of dead bodies. If you are looking for excitement, action, and a spine chilling suspense, this is a perfect book for you. Loved reading it.

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Wendy Meadows has authored a good, entertaining, paranormal Cozy mystery. This is a good book to enjoy. Other than the fact that the story could have been a bit longer to keep the readers guessing, I loved everything about this book. There’s humor, fun, an element of surprise.

Mimi owns an artefact and antique shop in the peaceful tourist town of Wickrock Bay, Maine, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. The gruff proprietor of the cafe right next door, Daniel George, who frequently pops in to see what Mimi has in her collections, is a good friend of hers. The man, however, tries to take action against the three Wickrock Bay residents after they somehow offend Daniel, only for him to mysteriously come up dead. Mimi is shocked over the turn of events as another friend of hers, Mrs. Judith Parson is taken for questioning. Meanwhile, she has a surprise in store for her. What is it?

Rob Thompson, the police chief of Wickrock Bay leads the investigation.However, Mimi must exercise caution as well because a product from her store was used to kill poor Daniel. Can Mimi help the police chief to flush out the real killer? Read this book to find out more.

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A Book Review

This is an amazing book by Kent Wayne. It’s about the trials and tribulations encountered by the protagonist, Atriya, who is a Crusader, working for the Enforcement Department, in order to survive in an oppressive regime. The story begins with a glance into the near future when humans left the earth to settle in a similar planet, Echo.

Since then, business and government have come together to form the regime, often known as the Regime. The military and the police are now combined into the Department of Enforcement. For millennia, a conflict has existed between the Regime and the rebels known as the Dissidents.

The Moon City of Ascension, a futuristic metropolis,adorned with spectacular architecture is home to societyโ€™s elite. Buildings branch and whirl like vines and trees on Ascension.

These creations would not be able to stand without the aid of a gravity-manipulating device known as the Gravity Artifice. The majority of inhabitants on Echo are employed in energy refineries and live in the six biggest cities on the planet. Crime, hardship, and despair are rampant throughout the scapes. These megalopolises are encircled by The Wastes, enormous tracts of desolate terrain. The Wastes is populated by a large number of cannibals and scavengers and represents humanity’s return to its prehistoric roots. Within the Department of Enforcement, there is a top-tier soldier-police organisation called The Crusaders. Crusaders have a linkup, a piece of cybernetic apparatus. An operator’s ability to engage in combat is significantly increased by the device that attaches to their spine. Crusaders fight their enemy while doing acrobatic manoeuvres across the battlefield, unlike conventional warriors.

A Jury member is cruelly crippled in Volume 1 by Crusader Kishchan Atriya, who practises an extreme form of Orthodoxy, Echo’s dominant religion. His mentor and master of hand-to-hand combat, Verus, heals his wounds using a magical energy she refers to as kaia. She tells Atriya that Mandala City, a purported Dissident bastion that has evaded the Regime for decades, is where she developed this skill. Atriya’s altercation with the Jury has consequences, and he must decide whether to volunteer for a Specter mission into Cityscape 4, a deadly hub of Dissident activity, or work for the man he injured and will undoubtedly try to kill.

He gets designated as the lead Crusader on a raid into Cityscape 87 before he has a chance to decide whether to accept or reject this mission. He learns shortly after the briefing on the raid that the officers in charge of the assault are actually Jury, and they have plans to kill him there. Atriya, who is now seriously hurt, accepts the mission in Cityscape 4. Atriya is weak after his narrow escape from a certain death in Cityscape 87.

I am fascinated by Atriya’s adventures in his latest mission to Cityscape 4 where he has to secure the arrest of Kali, a dissident wanted by the Enforcers.There are obstacles in his path and his own body undergoes several transformation which is incredible and fantastic. His mentor, Verus, is also on journey to reach the Mandala City on a mission. There are very interesting twists on her journey, which the readers get to enjoy as they read the story. It’s a gripping page turner that provides an insight into the near future on a planet similar to the earth, The Echo. I am very much impressed with the story. I loved the concept of the house responding to the directions of Atriya. A must read science fiction.

Loved this book. Hearty congratulations to Kent Wayne for authoring a super thrilling adventure.

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Book Review

Southern Charm Society by Kelly Utt is a standalone suspense thriller. I love her writing style. It’s like a breath of fresh air because of the unique combination of thrilling suspense with unexpected twists and turns and also very heart touching, as she beautifully portrays the ups and downs in a family relationship. Her focus on family makes her books more human. I especially enjoyed reading The Rosemary Run series and this book is very charming indeed.
Speaking of Southern Charm Society, I am very impressed with the way, Kelly has presented a beautiful, delicate, relationship between a mother and her estranged daughter, who also has some issues dealing with her teenage daughter. I loved it very much and almost had tears in my eyes towards the climax. This is another feather in the cap for Kelly. Very beautiful, adorable, and interesting book.

Set against the locations of Nashville and New Orleans, the story begins with Ruthie Flores who’s almost on her death bed and under a hospice care, pining to reunite with her estranged daughter, Meredith. She asks her caretaker, Dahlia , to attend the phone call and the caller is none other than her old friend, Mitch Weller, to whom she has entrusted the task of finding her daughter. Ruthie hesitates to answer him because of her internal fears. She has a dark secret that damaged her relationship with Meredith Flores, her daughter after her husband, Pete, died under mysterious circumstances, fifteen years ago.

Meanwhile, Meredith severed her ties with her mom, and settled in New Orleans with her husband Silas, and daughter, Rosemarie, with their three dogs, Alphie, Sara, and Calliope. Rosemarie surprises them with a startling news that someone has been watching them. Meredith is taken aback as she thinks that the stranger might be responsible for the blackmail threats that she received. Who’s is this stranger?

Looks like her family is in great danger because of her horrific past. What kind of secret is Meredith hiding from her family?
Will Ruthie be successful in tracing her daughter? Will Meredith ever forgive her mother? Ruthie has also kept another secret from Meredith which could affect their relationship forever. There are startling revelations that would certainly keep you engrossed. I never anticipated such a fabulous twist in the tale and Kelly has done a wonderful job of maintaining the suspense until the end. I had to force myself to get up from the chair to do my household chores.

This book is certainly different from the crime thrillers that I love to read. Highly recommend it for reading. As for Author Kelly Utt, I am a huge fan and thank her for entertaining her readers with awesome books like The Rosemary Run series, The Ithaca Falls and Hideaway Isle series.

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Book review

Wow! This book has awesome, fabulous, too good to be missed written all over it. Author Patricia MacDonald has written an amazing, outstanding, gripping psychological thriller that’s nearly impossible to put down. From the moment, I started reading this book, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop reading even for a moment.

Morgan Adair, a graduate student of Hershman College in Brooklyn, arrives at Captain’s House at the seaside town of West Briar, on New Yorkโ€™s Long Island shoreline, to attend the christening of her best friend, Claire’s son, Drew. Claire is going through post partum depression which is getting on to Guy Holton’s ( her husband) nerves. Morgan counsels her friend and is very supportive of both Guy and Claire. The baptism is done and when they return home, they find a strange girl sitting outside the house whose sudden appearance rattles off Guy. He admits that the girl is his daughter, Eden. This is one of the first jolt that Morgan receives. She’s quite appalled to know that Guy could keep this a secret from Claire, a woman he claimed to love. He wooed her during her engagement to Sandy Raymond , a wealthy businessman. Claire breakdown and Guy is helpless.

Morgan is on her way to the airport to visit England for completing her PhD thesis on the English essayist and feminist Harriet Martineau with the assistance of Simon Edgerton, a poet and a guest lecturer at her college. Unfortunately, a frantic call from Claire, stating that she murdered her husband and newborn son, disrupts her plan. She refuses to believe that Claire could do such a crime.

The police have her recorded confession and her attorney, Noreen Quick, wants to seek PPD as the reason for her committing the crime. Morgan uncovers stunning revelations and dirty secrets which lands her into trouble. Is Claire actually innocent or the real murderer? She was discovered by her husband, bending over the baby in a bath tub. Sometimes, our vision could mislead us. Find out more about this edge of the seat thriller. Highly recommended for reading.

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Book review

I am running short of words to describe this book.It’s one of the most outstanding, superb, excellent, awesome, fantastic and mind blowing, fantabulous thrillers, I have ever read. I have also added another Author to my hot favorite list, Gerald Verner. Wow! He’s a sheer creative genius and a master story teller. I can’t believe that a crime thriller like this would be sooooo good that I can’t help but keep on praising it. Deserves a perfect ten for everything, the plot, characterization, the building of suspense, unexpected twists and turns, and a truly gripping story.

Set against the locality around London, the story begins with a mysterious stranger calling from a public telephone kiosk to the Newspaper office of The Daily Clarion and speaks to the News Editor, John Tully, announcing his intention to murder five people beginning with Lord Latimer, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club. The News Editor contacts the Newbury police but they ignore it, considering it a hoax. Unfortunately, the threat is executed and Lord Latimer is found dead by his butler, Masters. A freelance journalist, Gordon Cross and his wife, Vicki, jump into the fray to investigate along with the Superintendent Budd and Sergeant Leeks from the Scotland Yard with a deal for an exclusive on the story. While driving, Vicki orders Gordon to avoid hitting a person on bicycle, who’s none other than the blackmailer, Maurice Swayne. Budd, Gordon, and his wife, Vicki, learn from Masters about hearing a gunshot and whistling of a tune. Later, Maurice also turns up, playing the same tune ” โ€œClair de Lune”.

The game of murders has just begun with the murderer calling himself “The Tipster”, contacting the Daily Clarion to announce his second murder. Will Superintendent Budd from the Scotland Yard and Gordon Cross stop the psychopath from killing the other four? Who are the other possible intended victims and what did they do to incur the wrath of a madman who’s genius enough to plant fake clues to avoid incriminating himself? I was almost biting my nails as the story progressed.

I highly recommend it for all the murder mystery lovers and also those who love good psychological thrillers.

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A book review.

I have no words to appreciate Author Linda Hagan for her edge-of-the-seat thriller. This book had me completely mesmerized with its powerful characters, fantastic narration, and completely devoid of unnecessary description. Wonderful, too good to be missed. I loved the location as well. It’s set in Belfast, in Northern Ireland.
The story begins with a character, Lucy, enjoying her outing in an amusement park in Germany with the animatronic figures that fascinates kids. There’s plenty of screams, shrieks of delight, unaware of a great tragedy. A dead pirot, is found with his throat slit and the subsequent fire tragedy takes place the next day.

Detective Chief Inspector Gawn Girvin is back home after a day’s work and goes for a jog into the Botanic Gardens adjoining University PE Centre. She’s unaware of a tragedy that’s going to strike next. Just after her exit, a murderer lays hidden in a bush, waiting for his prey, a gorgeous girl in a yellow coat but his plan is thwarted when another man turns up. The murderer kills him instead as per his MO, kill the victims and pour the perfume. Sergeant Paul Maxwell informs her of the tragedy and mentions that the murder victim was a foreign national, Dieter Weil.

DCI and her team are under tremendous pressure to solve the case before the Organized Crime unit could take over the investigation. Weiter was a criminal belonging to Schwarzer Adler gang. Is this a murder for revenge or an internal gang war? Then why leave perfume? Besides, DCI Gawn receives a mysterious package that has her visibly shaken. There are shocking revelations and unexpected twists that would keep you guessing about the identity of the killer.

This is one of the most enjoyable reads and I highly recommend it for all the mystery lovers. Great work by Ms. Linda Hagan.

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Book review

Author Diane Ezzard has come up with a brilliant crime thriller that had me completely fascinated. It’s so gripping and intriguing that you can’t afford to put down the book even for a minute. Awesome! The story is set in England.

Sophie Brown is a counselor and a former alcoholic who got over her problem after getting into the rehabilitation program with her friends, Joyce, Liam and Aaron. She’s attending the funeral of her client and good friend, Cassie, whose body was discovered at Townley Park in Burnley by a dog walker. Everyone suspects her abusive boyfriend, Charlie Darcy. She happens to meet Mia, one of Cassie’s friend from the salon. On her way home, she’s abducted by Charlie, who escaped from the police to prove his innocence. He shocks her with a stunning revelation on Cassie’s dirty secret. He claims that Cassie was a habitual liar and led a double life. What’s the dirty secret? Did it cost her life? She’s finding it hard to digest this revelation on her friend. She keeps her reservations on Cassie aside because Sophie has her own dirty secret.

She decides to help Charlie but some goons threaten her after vandalizing her place. Her life takes a downturn and she resumes her alcoholism. This is followed by her father Derek’s heart attack and altercation with her sister, Steph. Finally, she seeks the help of her friends Aaron, Liam, and Joyce who make her join Alcoholics Anonymous, where she meets Jack, a former handsome cop and shares a new bond with Mia. The latter wants to convey an important message to Sophie but dies in a car crash with her son, Alfie.

Something is terribly wrong. More bodies pile up as another suspect also dies. Who’s behind these questionable deaths? Can Sophie find out the truth and unmask the real culprit before it’s too late? This is an amazing thriller, full of twists and turns at the appropriate places. Hats off to the author. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would certainly recommend it for the mystery lovers.

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