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Sign language refers to the combination of visual and manual gestures for the purpose of communication. It’s used by people having speech and hearing impairment to communicate with each other as well as to express their views to those who can speak. Sign languages have their own set of grammar and lexicon.

Sign language should not be confused with non-verbal communication like body language, consisting of facial expressions, gestures, and eye movements. According to Wikipedia, sign language has been in existence since the 5th Century BC. Pedro Ponce de LeΓ³n (1520–1584)created the first manual alphabet in the world.

Types of sign language:
There are several dialects of sign language used all over the world. Some of them are
American Sign Language ( ASL)
British Sign Language ( BSL)
Australian Sign language( Auslan)
Chinese Sign Language,
Indian Sign language and so on. There are approximately 300 sign languages currently in use all over the world. Chinese Sign Language is one of the most used sign language followed by Brazilian and Indo-Pakistani sign language.

Let’s start our journey into learning with American Sign Language:

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Let us take one step at a time. We will learn about the description of certain objects in American Sign Language (ASL).

For example :

To describe a girl, you need to form a fist with the thumb facing upwards and move it down your cheek up to the chin twice.

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