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The devil (inside Meenal’s body) switched off the phone. Meenal’s soul tried to focus on remaining calm. She could hear the howling of the wolves in the forest. Then, a bat swooped over her head, making her scream in fright. She decided to move ahead and find a way to escape from the horrid place. As she continued to walk through the dense forest, she heard a weeping sound. She retraced her steps towards the source of the sound. She kept on walking until she reached a clearing where a campfire was in progress. She was horrified to find a woman being burnt in a very big cauldron of hot oil.

She could only watch the proceedings in silence, until a hand touched her shoulder and she let out a huge shriek. She was shocked to find her sister’s soul grinning at her. ” I should say I am glad to meet you after a long time, but I am not, ” Vidya said, ” I am so sorry that you have to pay the price for my foolishness.” Meenal saw tears in her eyes. She wiped them and hugged her. ” What happened, didi? “she probed her. Vidya replied, ” Last year, when we went to Mysore, we had a great time visiting the palace and Chamundeshwari temple and other local tourist attractions. We had a campfire on a Friday night. One of my friends, Vishakha, had brought an ouija board. We committed a great mistake by trying to summon spirits from the other world to answer our questions. Initially, the Q & A session went very well but when we tried to wind up the session with the spirit , everything went haywire. The lights flickered and one of my colleagues, left us in a lurch by abandoning us midway. I and my friends started chanting prayers. Suddenly, all the chaos stopped. There was a pin drop silence. I thought everything was normal, until the evil spirit which I believe to be a devil, possessed Raghav’s body. His eyes glowed red which only I could see. He forced me to consume alcohol or threatened to behead me. I was scared. So, I had half a bottle of whiskey. He dragged me to the car and forced me to drive away from our guesthouse. I was barely conscious when I was driving and crashed my car into the tree. I can’t stop wondering how Raghav escaped unharmed with barely a scratch or two. It’s not like I want him dead or anything. He knew when to jump from the car to avoid the collision. After that I woke up in this jungle. Little did I realize that I was dead in the real world. How did you end up here? “

Meenal shared her dreadful experience while Vidya’s jaw dropped on hearing about the devil impersonating her. ” How do I get out of this mess, di?” wailed Meenal, ” I am glad to see you too but I want to go back. Di, do you think I belong to the world of spirits? Can’t I ever leave this place? ” Vidya was lost in thoughts. She said, ” There’s a way to find out whether you belong to the land of the dead or you have a long life ahead.” She held her hands and led her away from the outskirts of the hell. Meenal was amazed at Vidya’s navigation skills. The girls crossed a river and reached a place where there was sunshine. Meenal was caught off guard and shielded her eyes with her hands from the sudden exposure to the sunlight. She slowly opened her eyes and was pleasantly surprised to find an entirely different scenario. She cast a glance on the other side of the river. She was astonished to find a part of the forest plunged in darkness while the other side was as bright as a day. Vidya smiled at her sister’s response. She guided her towards a lush green meadow where there was a picnic table, consisting of delicious food. Meenal’s mouth watered at the sight of the food. She could hear her stomach rumbling. Vidya asked her to wait until she came back.

Shortly, Vidya came back with a nun who welcomed Meenal and asked her to join them for the morning meals. But a shock awaited her. The moment, she tried to pick up a fried cashew that was a part of the starter, she received a severe jolt and she dropped it on the plate. Vidya and the nun were alarmed. The nun offered her a glass of orange juice that immediately froze on Meenal’s touching the glass. The nun said, ” This girl can’t stay here. She’s meant to be alive and with her family. As she can’t eat the food meant for the dead, it means that her time hasn’t come yet. Please take her back, and leave her where you found her.”

Meenal pleaded with her, ” Please don’t send me to that dreadful place. I would rather wait and spend my time here than getting lost in the forest of darkness.” The nun looked at her apologetically and said, ” I am sorry, dear child. You can’t stay here any longer because you are a live mortal. If you don’t leave this place right now, all of us would be cursed to turn into a stone.” Meenal cried for mercy and pleaded with her to let her stay. Finally, she turned towards the sky and started praying, ” I am sorry, God! Please forgive me for my sins. I am seeking Your protection. Please don’t forsake me as I am Your child. I don’t want to go back to the forest of darkness and evil. I assure You that I will give up all my bad habits forever. I will remain Indebted to Your Grace and Kindness. If You too drive me away from Your Kingdom, whom shall I seek refuge from? ” The nun and her sister, Vidya, were moved to tears on seeing her earnest prayers.

Lo, behold! A miracle happened. A ray of light beamed upon Meenal, making her glow like an Angel. A Heavenly voice said, ” Don’t cry, My Child. I am here to protect you.” Meenal was both pleased and shocked at hearing the Voice of God.

In the meantime, it was Monday in the world of humans where Meenal ( the devil) got up early. She went for a morning walk. She came home and made coffee and breakfast for her parents who were pleasantly surprised with the positive change in her behavior. The original, Meenal, was too lazy to do her own bed. The poor, unsuspecting parents, didn’t realize the misfortune that was going to befall them. Meenal ( the devil) smiled innocently at them, before planning to unleash a reign of terror in the human world.

Watch out for Meenal the devil’s scheming reign of terror and the original Meenal trying desperately to get out of the trapped phone.

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Meenal Sharma had just turned 18. She was looking forward to her birthday celebration. She lived with her parents, Vijay and Savita Sharma, in Bengaluru. Her elder sister, Vidya, 23, passed away in a car crash, last year. She was returning from her official trip to Mysore.
Her colleague cum boyfriend, Raghav, managed to escape with minor scratches.

The venue for the birthday celebration was a five-star hotel in Rajaji Nagar. The party started at 7 PM. Meenal and her parents had a great time. They were completely exhausted as they reached home at Jaya Nagar at 1 AM.

The next day, Meenal woke up at 9 AM and decided to skip college for the day. After having her breakfast, she started opening her birthday gifts. Her parents gave her a gold chain and she received expensive gifts like perfumes, cosmetics, books, and clothes from her friends. Her boyfriend, Anil, had gifted her a latest model of smartphone. She opened it and plugged it for charging immediately. While she was going through her presents, a nasty surprise awaited her. Her dead sister’s old model, Nokia, turned up amongst her presents.

Meenal thought, ” How’s this possible? This trash got destroyed the night, Didi passed away. We had it thrown into the garbage.” She realized that maybe someone might have tried to salvage what was left of it and got it repaired for his personal use. But how did this model end up here? She decided to ignore it for now and spent the rest of her day, chatting with her friends, and sharing her birthday pics on the social media. Later that night, she had a shock of her life, when the useless basic model phone, suddenly sprang to life.
Her sister, Vidya’s smiling face, greeted her on the small screen. Meenal could not even scream out of fear. Vidya said, ” Belated Happy Birthday, kiddo. Don’t worry, I am not here to hurt you. I want you to keep this mobile safe with you and follow whatever I say.” Meenal spluttered, “Y…….you are supposed to be dead. This mobile doesn’t support video calling. What kind of trick is it? Who the hell are you? ” Vidya’s soul grinned at her and replied, ” You are right. I am indeed dead. But I came back to protect you and be your guardian angel. I don’t think you believe me.” She started reminiscing incidents from their childhood that only she and Vidya could have known. Meenal had tears in her eyes, ” I missed you so much, Di. Mom and Dad miss you too. Shall I call Mom and have her speak to you? ” Vidya replied fiercely, ” No way! Promise me that you won’t discuss my existence with anyone. Because no one will believe you and I won’t be able to come out during the day. That’s it for now. I will see you tomorrow. I need you to skip college tomorrow as well. Do as I say and don’t ask me why.” The phone went blank, leaving Meenal in confusion.

Meenal pretended to be sick and stayed at home. She switched on the TV and scrolled through the news channels until one of the headlines caught her attention. There was a massive shootout outside her college, killing fifteen students and injuring 3. Her mom came rushing to her room with a glass of turmeric milk . Savita’s face was pale on hearing the deadly news and said, ” Thank Goodness! You were at home today. I already lost one of my daughters. I couldn’t afford to lose another one.” Meenal received a text message from the college principal announcing the closure of college for a week and that the classes would be conducted online.

Meenal was grateful to her dead sister for the warning. She looked forward to their rendezvous at night. Everyone went to bed and Meenal took out the old phone. The clock struck 12 and the phone came alive. Vidya’s smiling face glowed at the screen. Meenal said, ” Thanks, Di. You saved my life. How did you know that there was a danger? Can you predict my future as well? ” Vidya responded, ” Since I am a ghost now, I have the power to foresee any calamity or a great fortune. Listen to me. Go to the shopping mall tomorrow. A great fortune awaits you.”

Meenal followed her sister’s instructions and struck gold, as she won a family vacation to Shimla in a lucky draw that she entered after buying clothes for 10,000₹. This became her daily routine. One night, Vidya said, ” Beware of your boyfriend. He is only after your money. Don’t use the smartphone that he gifted you.” Meenal was silent. She was madly in love with Anil and could not think of breaking up with him. Vidya frowned at her silence. She said, ” Looks like you don’t trust me. Never mind but watch this clip and then get back to me tomorrow.” Vidya’s face was replaced by Anil and her family.

Anil was gloating, ” That bitch, Meenal thinks I am in love with her. Poor girl! I only befriended her to empty her bank balance and she fell for me. Dad, I have discovered a new way to make more money. I am going to blackmail her to parting with cash over her nude photos that I photoshopped. I am going to yield a rich dividend.” Meenal had tears in her eyes. ” The traitor! The bastard! How dare he betray me? ” she thought. She summoned Vidya who quickly responded. She said, “I want to teach a lesson to Anil and his family.” Vidya’s face radiated a devilish grin. She said, ” Of course. I have a recording of his father’s sin. Forward it to Anil and threaten to post the video on the social media. I will take care of the rest. ” Vidya played a video recording that showed Anil’s father visiting a prostitute. Meenal forwarded it to her smartphone and immediately sent the message to Anil.

The next day, there was a breaking news on TV that a family of four were found dead under mysterious circumstances. Meenal was speechless to see the dead bodies of Anil, his parents, and sister. It looked like the whole family had committed suicide. Meenal regretted her decision to seek revenge. She wanted to see Anil punished but not dead.

She decided to confront Vidya’s spirit. She took out the hidden mobile, waiting for the mobile to glow. Vidya appeared with a grin that nearly gave Meenal goosebumps. She said, ” This should not have happened, Didi. I wanted to see him behind bars but not dead. Why did you do this? ” Vidya smiled, ” Because now you are going to do my bidding. You owe me too much favors and can’t afford to refuse.” Meenal was scared. She questioned her, ” You aren’t my Di. My Didi was sweet and never hurt a fly.” Vidya cackled like a witch and sneered, ” It took long enough for you to figure out my identity. It’s too late as I own a part of your soul now. Let me reveal myself.” Vidya’s face quickly distorted into the most horrendous figure she had ever seen. It was the face of a devil. ” “Aaargh!” screamed Meenal and fainted.

When she opened her eyes, she was in the midst of an eerie forest. She saw her image appearing in the dark sky. The devil had replaced her soul. The devil was in her body while her soul was inside the killer devil phone. Watch out for Meenal’s tale of horror in the next episode.

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