A book review.

Cold Silence by Danielle Girard is an edge of the seat super psychological thriller that keeps the readers glued to their seats. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and couldn’t take my eyes off even for a moment. The story is very good.

Megan Riggs, a former FBI agent and her son, Ryan are under Federal Witness Protection Program after Megan’s husband, Mark, an FBI agent dies on duty while bursting a drug deal. Her apartment is set on fire and she somehow manages to escape with her five year old son Ryan. The story moves forward by three years. Now, Megan Riggs has changed her name to Cody ‘O’Brien and her son is called RJ.

Every thing goes fine until RJ begs his mom to let him stay with his best friend, Peter Landon, who’s the son of the rich businessman, Travis Landon, the CEO of TecLan Pro software and a millionaire. RJ gets kidnapped in a case of a mistaken identity. Travis feels miserable for letting her down because he failed to be on time to pick up RJ and Peter. To add to her woes, the police discover a mutilated body of a child and Cody fears it might be RJ. There are incredible twists and turns with a nail biting finish!

What happens next is simply awesome! This is a fascinating story of betrayal, danger, thrill, excitement, and a battle of nerves with a pile of dead bodies. If you are looking for excitement, action, and a spine chilling suspense, this is a perfect book for you. Loved reading it.

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A book review

I found this book extremely thrilling, keeping me thoroughly engrossed until the end. I congratulate the author for coming up with one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever read. The identity of the murderer is not revealed until the climax which is sooo good that you won’t be able to put the book down.

The story begins with a gruesome murder of Supriya Kelkar, an employee, at Smart Tech company in Pune. The killer leaves behind a message in a trail of blood for former Lawyer and private detective, Siya Rajput. Senior Investigating Officers at CID, Kapil Rathod, and Mahesh Bhalerao, arrive at the crime scene along with Forensic medical examiner, Dr. Sonia Joshi. As they search, Supriya’s house for clues, Rathod finds a gruesome scene in the bathroom. It’s covered in blood. He is frozen on the spot because it’s like the MO of the serial killer, Kishore Zakkal, who is due for a death sentence for kidnapping and killing seven women but only one body was discovered.Where are the rest of the corpses or had he held them captives? How is it possible to continue his killing spree from behind the bars as he is lodged in Yerawada jail amidst tight security?

Siya is unaware of the impending doom and is busy celebrating her thirtieth birthday with her younger sister, Radha and her fiance, Rahul. Her mother was kidnapped sixteen years ago by Zakkal and her father disappeared within three months of the unfortunate kidnapping. Rathod contacts Siya because they have worked together in the past as Siya was a practising Criminal Defense Lawyer and a private investigator. She has a regrettable secret that she keeps under wraps and quit practising law. Siya is shocked to learn from Rathod about a new murder and that a lock of hair belonging to her missing mother, Naina, was discovered at the crime scene. The deceased, Supriya, was alone in the house as her husband and kids were away when the killer struck. The horror doesn’t end here. She also learns that her mother is still alive along with some other women that Zakkal had kidnapped.

Someone is following his footsteps and is on a murder spree, leaving behind sinister messages for Siya. Who is this guy and why is he targeting Siya? Siya and Rathod are on the hot pursuit of nabbing the cold-blooded serial killer. Will they succeed in their mission and rescue Siya’s mother and the other missing women before it’s too late and nab the culprit?
It’s undoubtedly, one of the best psychological thrillers, that is sure to keep you glued to the book because there are so many twists and turns to maintain the suspense throughout the book. I highly recommend it for reading for all those who love a nice crime thriller.

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A book review

This book is simply fantastic, highly irresistible, awesome, fabulous. I could keep on ranting. The author, Cole Baxter, deserves all the appreciation for coming up with a super engaging psychological thriller. It’s a perfect edge of the seat thriller.

Laurie Whitman, a victim of domestic violence, is admitted in the hospital and slowly sinking. After a number of failed attempts to revive her,
she is declared dead. Private Investigator Blake is summoned by Detective Sam Mackendy to investigate the death of Devon Whitman in a fire tragedy at his house. The deceased is the husband of the already declared dead woman, Laurie Whitman, who suddenly comes forward to the police station after three months from the date of her death. How is it possible for a dead woman to come alive?

PI Blake begins his investigation by visiting the burned house. Other than some pieces of bones, nothing can be salvaged. Detective Sam and his partner, Anna, from the police department are already scourging the area for clues. Blake decides to visit Devon’s parents, Ellis and Shannon Whitman. Ellis is quick to blame Laurie for Devon’s death and tries to show her as a woman of loose morals instead of a victim of domestic abuse.

Laurie is slowly recovering from her agony when Devon’s death in a fire tragedy forces her to come forward to the police. Detective Sam calls her for questioning. PI Blake, a former cop, is also present during the interrogation. He is neither convinced of her guilt nor her innocence. As the case proceeds, Blake smells something fishy about Devon’s death. He believes that Laurie has been falsely accused of a crime that she never committed and even if she did, it could be justified.

The investigation takes a deadly turn when Laurie’s garage is set on fire and there is another attack on her and Blake. Who wants to kill Laurie? Is someone trying to avenge Devon’s death? What really happened to Devon? Is Laurie innocent or guilty? Do read this book to find out. There is never a single dull moment in this book. There are so many twists and unpredictable turns that it’s hard to put this book down even for a moment.The climax is completely mind blowing. I highly recommend it for reading for all the mystery lovers.

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A book review

This book had completely captivated me with plenty of thrill, suspense until the climax, exciting discoveries during the investigation and a gripping climax that could challenge your nerves. Brilliant, outstanding, awesome is how I would describe it.

Sian, a teenager, gets nasty messages on her phone after her boyfriend, Aidan, commits suicide. She senses a creepy movement outside her room but before she can do anything, it’s too late.

Detective Inspector Drew Haskell gets called upon to investigate the crime scene. He discovers the dead body of Sian Jones. This is the third suicide. The first two suicide victims are Jack Whitly and Aidan Wilson. He can’t help but feel that all the three suicides are interlinked and they are cold-blooded murders by a psychopath. His Boss, Detective Chief Inspector Gregson wants him to close the case as a suicide.

He decides to follow his gut instincts and seeks the help of Dr. Harriet Quinn, a psychologist. She has her own share of tragedy as her mother tried to kill her and her brother Kyle. He died while saving her life. Harriet Quinn gets intrigued by the case files that DI Haskell shares with her. As she digs deeper, she finds the cases are more sinister in nature and feels that someone is trying to stage murders as suicides. DI Haskell upon her insistence seeks to perform another examination of Sian’s body.

And plenty of surprises, shocks, and twists lie ahead. Will there be another body? Can DI Haskell and Quinn unmask the murderer before it’s too late?

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I have read plenty of thrillers but this one is simply outstanding and absolutely brilliant. It keeps you guessing until the very end and there is plenty of unexpected twists and turns. You won’t be able to take off your eyes from this book even for a moment. It’s an edge of the seat thriller.

The story begins with 19-year-old Hannah Woodgate going to King George’s Hall for a dance. She gets killed on her way home in Brunton( England). Her body is discovered in a van parked opposite to her house. The killer has left no clue behind to incriminate him. The CID team led by Detective Inspector Percy Peach is absolutely baffled because of lack of any kind of prints, fingerprint or footprint ( because its snowing and many people have already disturbed the crime scene.) This is the third body they have discovered and fear that it’s the handiwork of a serial killer ‘ Lancashire Leopard.’ Beware, a woman predator is on the prowl.

The first two women, a twenty-six-year-old married primary-school teacher,Judith Anderson, in Preston had been killed on her way home after visiting her ailing mother and a forty-one-year-old woman, Vicky Draper were killed in the same way with no clues and any sign of DNA. The lack of DNA or any sign of sexual assault on all the victims makes it impossible to apprehend the killer. Another lady, Sally Cartwright, dies on her way home. There is a bold serial killer on the loose.Who is the prime suspect? Why is he targeting women? Will DI Percy Peach and his team crack the case before another lady is taken and arrest the extremely dangerous serial killer? I highly recommend this book for all the mystery lovers. Wow! I couldn’t even imagine such a fantastic climax.

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A book review.

This is one of the most gripping edge of the seat thrillers that I have ever ready. What a wonderful book! There was never a dull moment and I couldn’t put the book down even for a moment. Plenty of twists, turns, a high element of suspense and spine chilling incidents that make you glued to this book.

Ian works for a Portland-based organization, Child First, where he supervises the visits between children and their estranged or divorced parents. He is supervising a visit between Tommy and his father when he receives a death threat from an unknown number. He turns his attention towards Tommy but he isn’t there. Fearing the worst, Ian manages to find him with his father and drops him at his mother’s place. A vagrant tries to get his attention by forcing him to accept a paper while Ian is on his way to the office.

He greets Jeannie McCabe, the oldest daughter of his boss, Linda McCabe. He tells Linda about the death threat and she advises him to file a police complaint. On his way home, he meets the same guy again and gives him money in exchange for the newspaper. When he returns home, he opens the paper and an envelope falls down. It contains a visitor’s pass to the Oregon State Penitentiary in nearby Salem and a note written to him by his daughter’s murderer, Tyler Young, who had run her over while she was returning from school. The note says that he was paid to murder her. Ian is full of rage. He wants to meet the killer to know who paid him to do the dirty deed. He has to take care of a supervised visit between Molly Flannigan and her biological mother before visiting the prison which he successfully manages to accomplish. A great shock and frustration awaits when he finds that his child’s killer had lost his life before he could reveal the name.

When he comes home, he receives another frantic call from his boss Linda that Molly is missing. Another death threat follows him. He is desperate to find and rescue Molly before it’s too late. He seeks the help of his cop friend, Jersey Castle, to find her. He begins investigation into Young’s death as well search operation for Molly. He wants to talk to Young’s cellmate Lee Hogg, who got released before his sentence came to an end. Lee Hogg is murdered before he could open his mouth.

Someone is keeping tabs on his every move. Frustration mounts on Ian to rescue Molly and also identify his daughter Emily’s main murderer. He receives an anonymous call from a lady now threatening to hurt his estranged wife, Helena Fairchild as well. He might end up dead with Helena unless the killer is caught. Who is this mysterious psychopath on a murdering spree? Who wants to destroy Ian and his family? What did Ian do to earn the ire of the murderer? Will Ian rescue Molly before it’s too late? To know these answers, do grab this book. It’s a high voltage action thriller. Highly recommended for all the lovers of mysteries and crime thrillers.

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That was a fabulous and outstanding thriller. The book had me hooked right from the beginning until the end. I was so engrossed in reading this book that I almost skipped my lunch. Anna, the protagonist, is involved in a fast paced action thriller. Ably supported by her friends, Elizabeth and her boyfriend Brendan, Cynthia, Keira, her boyfriend Jake, and her beau, Dr. Murph.

The story begins with Elizabeth visiting her friend Anna, a social worker, with the court. She had gone through a great ordeal of getting herself kidnapped and almost killed by her husband. Her son, Timothy, was abducted by Hanna Mayberry, a child psychologist. Dr. Murph, a psychologist, visits Anna and Elizabeth takes the hint to leave the couple alone.

Anna finishes her work and notices a young girl of twelve roaming around the courtroom building. She tries to befriend her and hand her over to The Child Protective Services. Meanwhile, there is another story about an unwed mother Evaline getting kicked by her family and losing her job.

Dr. Murphy wants to win over Anna but she has a dark past and doesn’t want to get married. The girl whom she had found abandoned has been placed in a temporary foster home with Janice and Kevin. She responds well to Anna but doesn’t speak much because of some trauma. Anna gradually wins her trust but Judge Bursey wants her to adopt her. The girl is named Bonnie because her identity is yet to established.

There is another story involving Sally Ramirez Sykes, Carl and Archie Sykes. Sally’s daughter, Lilly, is missing since three months. Her school teacher notices her prolonged absence and confronts Carl, Lilly’s stepfather, and they file a police complaint about Lilly gone missing.

Anna decides to move in with Dr. Murphy and adopt Bonnie. She is busy packing her stuff when Anna’s past resurfaces as a stranger intrudes into her privacy. She is thoroughly alarmed. Who is he? What does he want?

Bonnie, Anna’s foster daughter, has a horrible past. Would she be able to speak normally? A series of scary incidents follow. There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you glued to your seat. A fascinating thriller and highly recommended for reading.



A book review.

Wow. Author Kelly Utt has penned another masterpiece. Her book ‘The Merry’ kept me glued to my seat until the end. I was unable to get my eyes off this book even for a moment. I loved it. It’s an amazing romantic thriller.

Madeline Williams is about to retire for the day after making preparations for Christmas. Her pet dog, Budro, barks furiously, warning her about the arrival of an untimely visitor. She thinks that it might be her brother, Dante, but it is someone whom she wants to forget. She lets him inside against her better judgement. Her husband, Tom, is annoyed to find the visitor. Later, he attacks him for scaring his daughter, Keira. The police intervenes but the injured visitor doesn’t want to press charges.
Who is this mysterious man? What does he want from her?

Her emotions are in complete disarray. She has a dark secret that may ruin her married life. Will she be able to overcome her emotional turmoil? Her past has come to haunt her yet again. How would she tackle him? I highly recommend it for reading and this book deserves more than five-stars. Well done, Kelly! I am very impressed with this book.



It’s a brilliant psychological thriller.It kept me glued until the end. The plot is very strong and highly effective. A fast-paced action thriller that made me crave for more. Grace Rendell has a problem. She has been forced to visit Dr. Emma Leighmann, her psychiatrist-cum-therapist for forty years and take her medication. She suspects that her husband Eliot is trying to murder her for her inheritance from her billionaire father, Barrington. She stops taking her medicines and finds herself quite energetic and lucid. Eliot invites her to attend a party where she learns about her husband’s infidelity with Sheryl, his secretary. He forces her to continue her treatment with Dr. Leighmann. She is fed up of being constantly monitored by her husband who wants to prove her insane by keeping her drugged and feeding her with delusion. She visits her ailing father Barrington and breaks a dinner plate after an argument. He sends her away to an asylum, Quiet Pines from where Eliot fetches her and drags her to visit Dr, Leighmann. She decides to vent out her frustration in the form of a book based on her life. She attends North Jersey Burgeoning Writers meeting in a ranch at Westwood where she meets and befriends the famous crime writer Lynn Andrews. She requests her help to come out with the crime thriller based on her life. When she comes home, she finds a truck from Grasmere where she had been imprisoned in a sanatorium. She hides away seeking help from Tom Druthers, a toxicology expert whom she meets to discuss about poisons. Unfortunately, Lynn Andrews aka Andrea Hackford Lin who helps her with her book, is found dead at her residence. Grace stumbles upon her body and is shocked. Andrea’s younger brother Joe Hackford aka Hack rushes to the crime scene, just moments after speaking with Andrea and the latter disconnecting the call citing a visit from a possible intruder. He catches Gracy and threatens about getting the police involved. Gracy turns tables on him by pointing out sensitive issues that might implicate him in this murder. Later on, Hack meets her at Druthers’ house where she confides in him. Hack and his friends agree to help her and bring justice to Andrea. Will they succeed in proving her sanity and catching the real culprit? How will Grace prove her innocence and save herself from getting murdered? Is she really paranoid or is there any valid reason for her fears? Why did Andrea get killed and by whom? It’s a must read thriller with startling revelations and plenty of twists. Wow! One of the best books I have ever come across.