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Let's paint the vivid colors of imagination on the canvas of life. 
Let's paint it with the color of happiness and optimism to erase the shades of strife. 
Let's mix the color of friendship to make it come alive. 
Friendship is a strong foundation on which humans thrive.

Let's paint the color of inspiration to make the canvas strong. 
And add a touch of pure love to make it last for long. 
Dip the brush into the paint of determination and dedication. 
Decorate every inch of the canvas with splashes of motivation.

Let there be no blank space of self-doubt. 
It ruins the beauty of the picture. Just color it out. 
Let the image of a toothless grin of a baby don the central stage. 
It has the power to calm down the fiercest rage. 

Let's wipe out the dark colors of envy, jealousy, ego, and pride. 
And keep smiling like a newlywed bride. 
Let's give this painting a finishing touch. 
Leaving no room for harsh criticism and hatred as such. 

This is the most expensive work of art. 
It's also painted with enthusiasm that sets it apart. 
From the creativity of other kinds. 
Bringing out the best from the human minds. 

We shall preserve this painting in the gallery of our hearts. 
And look at it lovingly, for a great start. 
To keep us going strong and steady, seeking the path of success. 
And pray to God, may everyone be given its access. 

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A mother is the most precious gift to humanity. 
Completely devoid of selfishness, greed, jealousy or vanity. 
She loves us wholeheartedly irrespective of our nature. 
Her physical build may not be tall but very high is her stature. 

She represents pure love and blessed with a magnanimous heart. 
She never expects anything in return for her service except for love which sets her apart. 
From the wily creatures who are blinded by greed for money. 
Her affectionate words are music to our ears and sweeter than honey. 

She might not be appreciated always, but that doesn't stop her from doing her duty. 
She never judges us for our actions; She's a divine beauty. 
It amazes me to see how quickly she forgives us for hurting her. 
Her character is so unique and lovable; There's no one like her another. 

She heals our wounds, physical and emotional, with her soothing words of comfort. 
She deserves to be appreciated and adored for her every effort. 
To keep her family united and never to drift apart. 
She's the pillar of strength and a primary source from where our lives start. 

I love you, Mom, for eternity. You are my most precious treasure. 
My love for you is as deep as an ocean and is way beyond any measure. 
I would do anything for you to ensure you always smile. 
Let me rest my head in your lap and forget my tension for a while.

I could keep hugging you forever, you are my sweet teddy bear. 
A kiss from you is the best gift I ever get. Thank you so much, my dear. 
Every single day is a Mother's Day, without her, there's no life. 
Her smiling face inspires us to live in a world torn by war and strife. 

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Come, Valentine’s Day! Love’s in the air.
Little Hearts are fluttering everywhere.
“Darling, you are my world!” some texts may say.
But the world keeps changing every day.

The innocent love begins with a beautiful rose.
It then moves on to propose.
A Rose might be beautiful, but it has thorns that prick.
Don’t make promises that you can’t stick.

Bend on knees and exchange rings.
Then quarrel over petty things.
Infatuation, crush, and lust are not true love.
These are like a match stick to a gas stove.

Your love should not come with an expiry date.
Break up after Valentine’s Day, and curse your fate.
Love for your partner should be unconditional.
Your love declaration should not be sensational.

The relationship should flourish on mutual trust and understanding.
Or else, it might resemble an aircraft that took off but had a crash landing.
Don’t judge love by costly gifts and expensive dates.
The couple embracing each other for their flaws are the perfect soul mates.

Beware of the opportunists loving you only for your purse.
They might cause wounds that will take time to nurse.
Your heart should be more beautiful than your face.
If someone lusts after you only for your looks, it’s better to part ways.

Pure love is more precious than gold.
It’s not an asset to be bought or sold.
Pure love is indestructible and not bound by time.
It will exist even after the death bells chime.

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Never underestimate the power of words.
They can hurt us or heal our wounds.
Never let them fly like free birds.
Words of kindness and love enhance our joy by leaps and bounds.

Words of rebuke pierce through our hearts.
Words of suspicion tear our lives apart.
Words of foolishness drive us insane.
Words of humor relieve us of our pain.

Words of hatred lead to violence,
Let’s avoid spreading hatred and observe silence.
Words of sympathy can turn a foe into a friend.
Words of appreciation build strong relationships; They are what I recommend.

Words of wisdom are the greatest treasure.
Listening to words of comparison is hardly a pleasure.
Choose your words carefully before you speak or write.
Words have the power to reinforce peace or to instigate a fight.

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Hi Friends,

This is one of the poems that I published in my Poetry E-book ‘ Bhavana My Emotions.’ This is about a person who is afraid of the night after having experienced several nightmares in a row.


The darkness of the night scares me to death.
I could visualize the grim reaper counting my every breath.
Nightmares continue to haunt me with the memories of my past.
I wonder how long will this torture last.
I keep seeing my dearest ones now in heaven.
I have my fear giving me company for all the days seven.
Sometimes, I see myself failing as a mother.
Or, Some harm has befallen upon my dear brother.
My nightmares keep me wide awake on most of the nights.
I don’t want to remember those horrifying sights.
Nights can be romantic for some people.
How I wish I could admire those couple.
Am I a freak? I often wonder.
My other adversaries are storm, lightning, and thunder.
How can I get rid of my nyctophobia?
When will I get cured of my Scarecrow mania?
Light and darkness may be rivals as well as friends.
A glorious day begins when the peaceful night ends.



Swiss Alps Pic courtesy : http://www.roughguide.com
Goa Beach courtesy Tour My India
Kruger National Park South Africa Pic CNN
Penguins of Antarctica pic : Oceanwide Expeditions
Grand Canyon Pic Wikipedia

Amazon Rainforest Pic : Wikipedia
Paris Pic: History.com
Leaning Tower of Pisa Pic Wikipedia
Pyramid of Giza, Egypt ( Wikipedia)
London Pic : Wikipedia
The Himalayas Pic : iStock
Jammu and Kashmir Pic : Wikipedia

Skiing along the slopes of The Alps in Switzerland,
Or spending a day at the beaches of Goa playing with the waves and sand.
Hiking through the beautiful trails of Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Or admiring the cute penguins of Antarctica.
Visiting Disneyland and Grand Canyon in the United States of America.
Or exploring the Amazon rainforest in South America.
Holidaying in Paris and a trip to The Leaning Tower of Pisa( Italy).
Cruising along the rivers of Nile and appreciating The Pyramids of Giza ( Egypt).
I would love to wander along the streets of London, admire Big Ben and River Thames.
I wish I could participate in adventurous games.
Or I could gaze at the Himalayas and visit the paradise on the earth ( Jammu and Kashmir, India).
There are hundreds of exciting places worth exploring.
Enjoying a dream vacation in either of these places can never be boring.

Would you like to spend your dream vacation in either of these places?

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Wishing you all a very Happy and a prosperous new year. This poem is dedicated to all my friends including fellow bloggers, poets, authors, readers, family members, social media influencers and everyone whom I might have missed to include.

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A hearty welcome to 2022,
And plenty of good wishes for my friends, old and new.
Let’s hope this year gives you good health.
And ample opportunities to gain wealth.
May your posts get more than 100 likes and still go strong.
And have an ever-increasing number of followers all along.
May 2022 be a productive year.
Let there be no trace of anxiety or fear.
May our endeavors meet with resounding success.
And to great luck, may we have access.
Let’s share our views and knowledge with each other.
Let’s recognize and appreciate the skills of one another.
Talent exists within all of us.
There is no valid reason to feel jealous. I thank my readers for taking their precious time to read my post. That’s the reason why I appreciate them the post.
Dear Friends, I thank you all from the depths of my heart.
We are united by our friendship though physical distance keeps us apart.
Happy New Year to you once again.

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Have a



A man had won millions of hearts with his beautiful poems.
A man proved with his excellent leadership skills that he was one of India’s precious gems.

He adorned simplicity and politeness as his attire.
His witty speech and play with words won the hearts of his opponents entire.

A man earned respect through his sheer hard work and dedication.
He ensured the success of Pokhran tests and victory at The Kargil War for strengthening our nation.

He was born on this special day of Christmas.
He was an extraordinary man with a heart magnanimous.
This is a small tribute to the Honorable Late former Prime Minister of India, Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
May his legacy continue to take an important place in Indian History.



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It is not easy being a child,
Playing pranks and going wild.
Grown ups tend to dictate their terms,
Don’t play in the mud and get infected by germs.

Come here and don’t go there,
Ghosts are lurking everywhere.
We too, grew up listening to cock and bull stories,
And chanted hymns, singing God’s glories.

Children today are very bright,
They are a real source of delight.
Though, they are innocent, they are not so naΓ―ve.
They are very inquisitive and brave.

They are not scared of empty threat,
Their line of questioning makes us sweat.
Plenty of ifs and buts and whys,
To chide them for asking questions is not so nice.

COVID-19 has robbed them of their childhood. They are growing up in a tense mood. They have lost their way to their schools. They miss their classrooms, playgrounds and swimming pools.

Online classes have made them addicted to the electronic gadgets. The situation is quite worrisome as they are our true assets.

Even though, the corona virus might seem to be under control. We, as parents, have to take up a protective role. In keeping our children safe and healthy. Those blessed with children are truly wealthy.

Children are like precious gems,
We are the roots and they are the stems,
Of this very tree of Life,
Their smile makes us forget everyday strife.



I have never been romantic in my life. But romance with nature is my fantasy. I wish to share my poem that I have published in poetrynation. Com.

Photo by Baskin Creative Studios on Pexels.com

Yes, I am in love with the vastness of the blue sky.

Yes, I am in love with the chirping birds flying high.

Yes, I am in love with the seas, the rivers, and the oceans.

I feel that they represent the myriad of human emotions.

Yes, I am in love with the mysterious dense forests.

Where the majestic lions and tigers feast upon their conquests.

Yes, I am in love with the stars, the moon, and the sun.

The idea of romance with nature is great fun.

Yes, I am in love with all the colors I see every day.

Enjoying these simple pleasures of life keeps my anxieties away.

I wish I could be marooned in an island with books.

And continue my love affair with novels, no longer caring for my looks.

This is the kind of affair I would love to continue.

Alas! It’s only possible in my dreams being its venue.