Book review

This is an amazing series. Pepper Dunn has a cool family who is always there to help her when she’s in danger. I adore her and her cousins, Amelia and Cordelia. But the best character in the series is her grandma, Betty Craple. I have already written a book review on book one : Southern Magic at https://aparna12.in/2022/01/20/sweet-tea-witches-book-1-southern-magic.

But for your convenience, I am presenting the review for that book as well.

Book 1 ( Southern Magic)
Pepper Dunn’s life is in a mess in Nashville. The 25-year-old, Pepper, loses her job after Becky, her colleague, files a false complaint about her spitting on the food ( Pepper is a waitress). When she tries to return to her room, she notices a cat sitting in her car and tries to shoo it away.

She also notices a package containing a golden key with a Ruby fixed on the handle. She reads a note from her deceased Uncle Donovan entrusting her with a special gift. She is in for a rude shock after her roommate Sarah forcefully evicts her and gets her boyfriend to live with her. When she turns around towards her car, she is shocked to find a strange man whom she saw in her dreams. He asks her to go with him which she refuses. He launches attack on her with his magic but the cat which she saw earlier, comes to her rescue. She is stunned to find the cat speaking. The cat introduces herself as Matilda Moonpie and call her Mattie.

She tells her that she is a witch and has to go to Magnolia Cove, Alabama to claim her inheritance. The special gift happens to be a pet shop ( familiars for witches) called the Familiar Palace. She notices a strange man who introduces himself as Ebenezer, the owner of a pawn shop. Since Pepper is already confused about her identity, he tries to manipulate her into selling the shop. His attempt is thwarted by Pepper’s grandmother, Betty Craple.

Pepper meets her cousins, Carmen, Cordelia, and Amelia along with other family members whom she had never seen in a party organized for her homecoming. She also meets Axel Reign, a handsome private investigator. Pepper is desperate to give up her shop after the rumors of her uncle’s death as told by Ebenezer scares her . She makes her mind to give up the shop and go back to Nashville. Unfortunately, she sees his dead body with a knife below his ribcage. Officer Todd arrives at the crime scene to arrest her. She is rescued by her grandma and they go home. Pepper has to clear her name and find out who murdered Ebenezer.

She tries to run away from Magnolia Cove but Rufus the evil wizard springs a asty surprise on her again. Who is the evil man and what does he want from Pepper? Will she escape from his clutches and solve the murder before it’s too late? Read Pepper’s adventure with the mysterious handsome PI Axel Reign. Highly recommended for all paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

Book 2  Southern Spells

Pepper Dunn’s grandmother, Betty Craple, has received a special delivery of a hen that would lay silver eggs for their  upcoming Cotton and Cobwebs festivals where there would be games, food stall, and a magic maze etc. just as in a carnival.  She wants to beat her arch rival,Melbalean Mayes, at the magical animal contest.

She’s surprised to find her two troublesome aunts,  Mint and Licky, arriving at Betty’s house. She, her cousins, and her grandma are shocked to learn that Mint and Licky are going to be in charge of the Cotton and Cobwebs Festival. The hen is scared to see the talking cat Mattie in the room and manages to escape from the room. Betty and Pepper chase it only to find it with Melbalean Mayes. She tells Betty that she also has a hen that lays golden eggs. She meets Axel who tells her that Melbalean is Rufus ( her nemesis’) mother. 

Later, Betty hatches a plan to steal the golden eggs from Melbalean’s shop with Pepper’s help. There’s a distraction created so that Pepper steals the bag of eggs. There’s a brief blackout but when the lights come back, there’s a shock in store for them. Melbalean’s dead body is discovered and The new cop, Garrick seeks Pepper’s help to talk to the dead woman’s hen and ask her whether she saw someone attacking the lady. The hen blamed Betty, as she’s taken for questioning. Pepper faces a major problem in the form of Rufus, the evil villain who tried kidnapping her but Axel came to her rescue. He’s allowed to attend his mother’s funeral. Pepper’s life is in great danger but she also has to prove her grandma’s innocence. There are awesome revelations and plenty of twists in the tale. But the icing on the cake is Pepper receiving a package slip containing a dragon’s egg. Who sent it and why?  Do read this wonderful book.

Book 3  Southern Myths
The dragon egg hatches and out comes the baby dragon. Pepper has no idea as to what to do because she fears the creature may harm her and other animals. It’s at this moment that a weird man, called Mysterio, offers to buy her dragon and she willingly sells it to him, inspite of Axel asking her to reconsider her decision.
Her grandma, Betty, is upset with her for taking a hasty decision. She tries to explain her that her Uncle Donovan might have gifted the dragon as a protection from Rufus. Betty and the girls, Pepper, and her cousins, Amelia and Cordelia visit Mysterio’s show so that Pepper could get back her dragon from him. He is trying to connect the living people with their dead relatives by summoning their spirits through a seance. He fumbles with a couple of spirits until Pepper watches her dead mother smiling at her. Mysterio says she has a message for her that he would tell at the end of the show. Pepper tries to convince him to give her dragon back which he refuses. Betty conjures a spell on the baby dragon to make him a bit ferocious so that he would give her pet back. The next day, Pepper learns about him vacating the hotel and hurries away to meet him with Betty in tow. He hands her dragon back but his cape strangles him to death while Pepper and Betty try to save him in vain.

There’s another danger lying ahead. Axel warns Pepper to be careful because his evil brother, Adam, has escaped from prison. Looks like Pepper is in great trouble. Will she escape unharmed or be caught by her enemy? The series just keeps more and more interesting. A highly entertaining and an enjoyable read.

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Book review

It’s a delightful paranormal cozy mystery in spite of all the spooks involved. Author Addison Creek has done a wonderful job with this book. I found it a perfect combination of spook, fun, thrill, suspense, adventure and humor.

Jane Garbo, a witch living in New York, has lost another job and she’s forced to go back home at Shimmerfield, Maine. She’s living in Haunted Bluff Mansion, where most of the supernaturals like ghosts, vampires, and skeletons live besides the family of witches headed by the crazy, eccentric, Cookie, Jane’s mischievous grandma, well known for her witty, sarcastic comments. Jane is delighted to find her favorite cousins, Pep and Lark, the daughters of her Aunt Meg, Cam is her younger brother and Corey and Kip Woodson are their family friends. She is livid to find out that her bedroom is now occupied by her least favorite cousin, Lizzie. Lizzie, Cam, Kip and Corey are haunt hunters who capture ghosts and skeletons and trap them inside the mansion. Their uncle Taft is an interesting character pretending to defend the family from the attack by a deadly group.

Jane is unaware of the problem faced by her family. The Skeleton Trio, mischief mongering skeletons have been completely crushed to their deaths and the resident ghosts have started disappearing mysteriously . Jane is furious to know that her mom and the rest of her family have been keeping this as a secret from her. She’s determined to get to the bottom of this complicated case but a handsome officer, Grant Hastings with the Supernatural Protection Force, comes to stay with them to investigate what’s going on in the house. The case takes a deadlier turn when Jane and her cousins face the risk of getting killed by a crazy maniac. Who’s behind these attacks in the Haunted Bluff Mansion ? Can Jane solve the case before Grant does?

The book is full of unexpected surprises, twists and turns that add thrill to the book. I loved the concept of speaking skeletons also being a part of the Garbo family. It’s amazing and entertaining. Do read it if you are looking for a refreshing paranormal cozy mystery.

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Book Review.

Author A.A.Albright brings a new lease of life to the paranormal cozy mysteries. I have read about the witches but never came across witch hunters. This is a remarkable series and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books in it.

The Case of the Wayward Witch (Book one) .

Katy Kramer is the adorable protagonist who’s supposed to be a witch hunter.Her father, Henry, Uncle Faster, and Aunt Jude have all been witch hunters. According to her Uncle Faster, all the witches must be hunted down and sent to the Dimension of the Damned with the help of the binder and the toolkit. But Katy has a different opinion.

Katy happens to discover Aunt Jude’s Toolkit and is able to decipher the hidden message on the knife, which no one except a supernatural or a witch hunter can see, while helping her injured Uncle Faster to set his things in order. He sends her to Peter Mud, his friend, to train her to become a witch hunter.

He tells her about the involvement of a young witch, Diane Carey in breaking her uncle’s legs and a suspect in the mysterious deaths of men who are involved with her. She had been staying with Nedina, aka, Ned the necromancer in Samhain street, Dublin.

Katy goes undercover as a private investigator and helps Nedina, who prefers being called Ned, to find out her lost boyfriend, Guillermo, who had been cheating on her. She’s surprised to find the talking cat, Cleo, and a talking dog, Hamish, who was in fact a brilliant wizard. He had been cursed to become a dog by an evil wizard. Even Hamish was in love with the elusive Diane. Katy and Ned join her friends, Jonathan and Donal in the Bank ( an eatery) where Cullen Keats is a bartender cum server. Suddenly, Donal chokes on his food and dies and the Wayfarers ( Police of the supernaturals) are called in. There’s another body discovered by Katy during her investigation. The deceased is Bradley Oster – Antiquarian and Hatter. The body count is rising. Is Diane Carey the real culprit or is someone trying to frame her? There are so many twists and turns to keep you glued to the book. The Wayfarers Or the Police team consisting of Chief, Finn Plimpton, Wanda Wayfair, and Todge are awesome additions to the story. Definitely a must read.

The Case of the Haunted House (Book 2)

Katy is continuing as a PI, living with Ned, Cleo and Hamish. She learns about Ned’s sister Angelica and her awesome cafe, Angel Cakes in The Strange Lane. Meanwhile, Ned asks Katy to spy on Angela and find out the Decree of the Deceased to revive her dead mother, killed by a witch hunter.

Katy is also asked to investigate the haunted House of Debbie McGinty, who claims that her dead husband Jim is haunting her and forcing her to bring him back to life. Ned, Cullen, Cleo, and Hamish join her in this task. There are some very interesting and awesome twists and turns that adds to the thrill. There’s another body, a new adorable character and discover Katy’s amazing rising powers.

The Case of the Listening Library (Book 3)

Katy has started Studying wizardry at Wentforth’s college where Hamish was once a professor. Besides training with Peter, she’s also working with the Wayfarers to solve puzzling criminal cases. She’s bullied by Seth, a mean wizard and his friends but she never shies away from giving a fitting reply. Her magical intuition lead her to the forbidden room in the library from where a foul stench is emanating. Libra, the robot, forbids her from opening the room because of an order by Professor Fesorus Waisel. Katy convinces Libra to call The Wayfarers. Officers Plimpton and Wanda arrive and find the dead body of Monty Marlebone, a master wizard of Ancient Wizarding Studies.

On the other hand, Katy shares Ned’s suspicion that her angelic sister, Angela and her friends are hatching some conspiracy which she’s trying to figure out but two more murders in the college forces her to focus her attention on nabbing the murderer in the college. Something fishy is going on. Can Katy work a miracle with Hamish and solve this highly dangerous case? Read this book to find out Hamish’s dark secret and find out what happens to the gorgeous Katy in their mind-boggling adventure.

This is a wonderful series. I have added one more author to my list of the favorite authors.

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Book review.


This is an absolutely delightful paranormal cozy mysteries by Samantha Silver. I am a huge fan of her work. She’s one of those very gifted and highly talented writers possessing magic in her pen ( her magic wand) 😊😊. Wow! This series has won me over right from the beginning. The protagonist, Althea Everwood’s daredevilry, her courage, her frankness with her opinion and determination to solve the murders and the antics of her crazy grandma Rosie is sooooo adorable that you can’t afford to miss it. Plenty of awesome magic combined with nonstop humor, unexpected twists and turns at the right places is sure enough to win over paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

Going through the potions ( Book 1)

The beginning of this book itself is amazing. Althea Everwood, an Earth Witch, living in Mount Rheanier, is trying to unclip a collar from a live dragon as a part of her test for becoming a Magical Fixer under the supervision of Keith. She fails in her mission after retrieving the collar in half. Blaze, the dragon shifter, with whom she was battling for the collar, sympathizes with her.She is also employed by Magical Pharmaceuticals as a plant collector for a meager salary.

Unfortunately, she happens to stumble upon Blaze, the dragon shifter’s, dead body on her way to collecting the plants for potion making. She calls The Enforcers ( The paranormal police) and is shocked to find Jack, an Enforcer, and her former friend who had betrayed her trust by sleeping with her boyfriend, Sean. She hasn’t forgiven him for hiding the fact that they were gay. She learns about the half million abra reward announced by Blaze’s parents to catch the murderer and decides to compete against her crazy grandma Rosie and her pal, Connie. Will she succeed in her mission or would Rosie win? Fasten your seat belts on your chair to stop rolling out laughing and watch out for amazing surprises.

Get with the Potions (Book 2)

Althea continues to make me laugh with her antics. She’s helping her Grandma Rosie to become the town’s biggest gossip by clipping tiny collars fitted with mic on the captured squirrels so that she can eavesdrop on people wherever these furry creatures go. Rosie accidentally causes a squirrel to become gigantic and chase Althea aka Ali. Finally, Althea manages to restore it to its former size and clip the collar.

After spending an exhausting morning, she visits The Newt and Cauldron, a local bar for witches and wizards. She notices a gang of young witches bullying another one in the bathroom. She couldn’t help interfering and scares the other witches to leave the girl alone before hexing the gang leader, Danielle Dashwood, to have a face full of boils . The other witch, Janet, thanks her for her intervention.

Ali is in trouble after Danielle is found dead the next day in the forest by a couple of wolf shifters. The whole town suspects her of committing the murder because the deceased had spread the news of Ali’s hexing all over the town, a day before her death. But persistence is her another name. Though shaken by the unfair treatment by her townspeople, Ali vows to bring the real murderer to justice and clear her name. Her best friend, Willow, though scared of breaking any law, sticks with her until the end. This kind of friendship is so heart warming. You will find doses of laughter in this book as well. There are shocking revelations and even more shocking is the way Ali realizes who the culprit is. Awesome, highly irresistible book!

Potion sickness (Book 3)

I am so much in love with Ali’s character that I wish I was a man and married her for her fiesty character with a great sense of humor. Ali’s having a fight with her familiar, a goat, called Vinnie, who’s innocently trying to chew away a bag of carrots. She goes out to meet Willow, her best friend, for training for the upcoming Magical Fixer test. Later, they go to a little café for their morning meals when they learn of another murder. Unable to contain their curiosity, they visit the crime scene and come to know that the deceased was a vampire, Luca Sadoveanu, the son of Marcu and Ilona Sadoveanu, who own the grocery store in the town.

Ali doesn’t want to get involved this time but fate has planned something else for her. The Sadoveanus visit her home and offer her a whopping three hundred thousand abras to solve the murder. Despite her promise to her best friend, Willow, and her mother, she gets into the detective mode. Inspite of a heinous crime, a murder, the scenes that follow are so hilarious that I thought I was almost going to die laughing. Boy! Oh Boy! It’s absolute fun and there’s such a big twist in the tale that it will come as a shocker. The climax takes the crowning glory. I laughed so hard that I almost had tears in my eyes. If you are looking for a 100% entertainer, look no further. I wish I could meet Samantha Silver and thank her personally for bringing a constant smile on my face. This series is definitely a must read.

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Book review

This is a refreshing paranormal cozy mystery. I love reading about a person having psychic abilities who can see both past and the future with or without touching an object. I loved reading this book and there never is a dull moment to take your eyes off the book. Author Cat Green has done a fantastic job by maintaining the suspense until the end and there are plenty of twists just when you think you have figured out the criminal.

Nina Brown and her best friend, Holly Broad with their pet dog, Jasper are on a trip to Provence, France where Nina is representing the magazine she works for, ‘Travel, Food, and Wine’. She is taking the place of Ruth Ross, her boss, and The Chief Editor to judge a culinary competition. A handsome man, Jacques Corton, picks them up from the airport and drops them at Hotel Deluxe, their accommodation and the venue for the culinary competition. The hotel manager, Maurice Talbot, greets them and briefs them about their tour itinerary. He tells them about Nina’s fellow judges, Mr. Bates Bateman of New York, the founder of the Epicurean Delight competition and Gertrude Mannheim, a leading chef from Germany. The contestants are Chef Adonis Hellman, Feng Lung, and none other than Jacques Corton who served as their driver.

There is a big twist in the tale after Judge Bates Bateman gets poisoned during the ongoing competition. Nina is determined to find out the culprit. She has another special talent. She can glimpse into the past or future. Will her skill come handy in nabbing the culprit? Will Bateman survive or die? Wow.

You must read this book because it gets more interesting with every page. The humor content is quite good and like every good cozy mystery, there’s flirting, a hint of jealousy and presented so well that everything in this book is very appealing. Excellent work by the author.

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A book review

This is an amazing and super interesting paranormal cozy mystery series. I loved the concept of solving the cases with the help of psychic vision. Author April Fernsby has come up with a unique paranormal mystery series featuring Karis Booth, a psychic who gets visions from the past as well as future and ably supported by Peggy, her motherly neighbor and an adorable old lady who’s young at heart. She is always up for solving a baffling murder case. I found Peggy’s antics so cute. Karis’ close relationship with her sister Erin and brother-in-law, Robbie is so heart touching and adorable. Let’s take a look at the wonderful stories.

A Deadly Delivery ( Book 1)

Karis Booth is on the verge of separation from her cheating husband, Gavin Booth. She comes to visit her sister Erin at Erin’s cafe and bury the hatchet with her. This is a highly emotional scene and very heart touching.I loved the way Erin welcomes her estranged elder sister with open arms. Karis meets Carmel, an employee at Nithercott’s Bread, who delivers delicious bread at the cafe. Unfortunately, Karis gets a vision in which she witnesses a shadow pushing Carmel to her death. Can she prevent a mishap or is it too late? She also meets her ex-flame , DCI Sebastian Parker. An amazing book.

A Fatal Wedding (Book 2)

Karis’ motherly neighbor, Peggy Marshall, enters Erin’s cafe with her friends, Christine, her nieces, Bryony and her sister Leila, and her mum, Alison for the craft evening at the Cafe. Karis experiences another vision concerning Bryony where she’s pleading with someone to stop ruining her impending marriage, the sugar almonds are scattered. Karis’ visions keep getting scarier as she also sees someone poisoning the wedding favours . She confides in Peggy about her vision and they prepare additional wedding favours to avert a disaster. In her final vision about Bryony, she sees the bride holding a knife with blood spread over the carpet and Aunt Christine questioning her actions. Can Karis and Peggy avert a major tragedy? Be prepared as the series keeps getting more interesting and extremely thrilling.

Tea and murder (Book 3)

Karis suddenly develops an aversion to tea and dumps down the contents of the cup offered by Erin who’s heavily pregnant. They are working on the extension of Erin’s cafe which is funded by Karis with her money after the divorce with Gavin. Robbie, Erin’s husband and a cop, introduces Howie, whose company is assisting them with the cafe renovation. Karis has a vision about Howie choking over a cup of poisoned tea and dying. She discusses her vision with Erin, when Vanessa Kett steps in and chats with Erin. She introduces Howie as her husband. Vanessa makes fun of Karis.

Erin is furious and tells her about Karis’ vision. Vanessa is sceptical but Karis’ vision materializes and Howie turns up dead. Karis turns to her ex-flame turned foe turned into a friend- DCI Sebastian Parker and the sprightly Peggy Marshall to solve this baffling case of murder.

The Knitting Pattern Mystery (Book 4)

Peggy Marshall has started taking Knitting classes and blogging with the encouragement of Karis. She gets a vision when the class is about to begin and sees a knitting pattern for a stylish twin set and imagines the feelings of a lady in love with a young man and how he would feel after seeing her in her new attire. It turns out to be an event in the past and an undetected murder around 30 years ago. Who is the lady and the mysterious man? The knitting pattern has a gory crime attached to it. Can Sebastian aka Seb, Karis and Peggy uncover the crime and find out the murderer? This one is too thrilling for words.

The Cross Stitch Puzzle (Book 5)

Peggy asks Karis about her latest psychic visions which she hasn’t experienced for quite a while. Meanwhile, they discuss about cross stitching when Anita of Hart’s haberdashery delivers her cross stitch kits. Karis has an intuition of sort and picks a kit featuring an image of Eiffel Tower. She can’t shake off the feeling of a disaster and a tragedy strikes twice, Erin loses her wedding rings and Lyla Gibson-Smith, a member of Peggy’s stitching classes turns up dead. Maisie Abbott is the prime suspect because of her tussle with Lyla but the case isn’t as simple as it seems. Can Seb depend on Karis and Peggy to find out the truth? This is very intriguing.

A Tragic Party ( Book 6)

Erin is hosting a birthday party of six-year-old Primrose Olson, the daughter of a pregnant Klaudia and her husband, Dean Olson. She met them in the antenatal classes for expecting parents. Karis has a vision of a disaster to follow. She sees someone rolling over the steps. Her vision comes true but the person, a clown Dazzle, who pretends to fall over the steps but gets up unharmed. The trouble isn’t over and Klaudia’s mother Johanna enters the party. She also happens to be Sebastian’s ex-girlfriend and flirts with him, much to Karis’ annoyance. A drama unfolds as Dazzle the clown makes nasty comments on Dean and Klaudia. But Dazzle’s dead body is discovered by Erin, Peggy and Karis, face down on the Unicorn cake. Who killed him and why? Read this thriller with plenty of twists.

The Book Club Murder ( Book 7)

Karis is helping to organize the book club hosted by Henri McAllister, the rudest man she ever met. She gets her usual premonition of books falling from the shelves and a dead body with blood smeared all over the book cover. Henri speaks rudely to her and as the book club commences, he announces the arrival of Ruby Sparkle, a famous author. He forces her to read some awful, malicious passages that offend a young man and a woman. They later argue with him and leave the club after Ruby exits. Karis’ vision turns out to be true as she discovers Henri’s dead body. This book is full of unexpected twists and turns to keep you glued to your seats. Awesome!

Death of a psychic ( Book 8)

Karis doesn’t like the organizing of psychic reading by Theodosia. She is shocked to find plenty of candles lit in the room upstairs where the reading takes place. She accosts Theodosia who tries to scare her of losing her psychic powers and force her to part with money for restoring them. Karis has a vision of her getting a whack on her head and getting killed but Theodosia laughs it off. Karis contacts Seb who is out of town for a conference. He refers her to DI Fiona Knox. The latter visits Erin’s cafe and tells her about the death of Theodosia Baker. She had made plenty of enemies with her fake vision. Can Karis catch the culprit? The series just keeps getting more entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved reading it. I highly recommend for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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Book review

I have read Elle Adam’s Library Witch series and found it highly entertaining and very thrilling. She is very, very creative and I admire her exceptional talent in bringing out novel varieties of witches, which make her books more exciting, highly enjoyable and with exceptional twists that could keep you guessing.

Maura is a ex-Reaper and has just lost her job at the morgue when she receives a mail from Carey Forbes of Hawkwood Hollow to get rid of a troublesome ghost at a house once belonging to Mrs. Renner. Her ghost twin brother Mart urges her to accept the job.

She leaves immediately and reaches Hawkwood Hollow, only to find a town full of ghosts who can sense her presence. Carey takes her to the haunted house so that she could also record the ghost hunting for her blog. Carey is wearing special goggles that could see ghosts and record them through the in-built camera. Carey tells Maura that she (Mrs. Renner) died in this house . Mrs. Renner is terrorizing the construction workers trying to rebuild her crumbling house.

Suddenly, a gust of wind takes her by surprise with the ghost of Mrs. Renner asking them to leave the house. She stumbles into a a hot Detective Drew Gardner who finds her to be nosy and warns her to leave the town. But Maura is determined to banish the ghost of Mrs. Renner. On a rare moment when she’s alone at the haunted house, Mrs. Renner tells her that it was a murder and not an accident and points finger at Dolores, her friend turned foe.

In a twisted turn of events, Dolores is also found dead. Can Maura solve the case without another body being added to the list? Will Maura send away Mrs. Renner’s ghost to the other side as a reaper? The book is too exciting and there’s an amazing twist that completely blew me away. Wow! I highly recommend it for paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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A book review

Wow. I had a fantastic time reading this delightful mystery based on witchy magic. It’s so interesting, thrilling, and a perfect combination of sadness, humor, flirting with an unexpected twist to keep you glued to your seat.

Rosella Midnight is a witch and a reporter living in Portland who has lost her job to the cunningness of her colleague, Yasmine. She has also broken up with her fiance, Leo, who tries his best to win her over. Rosella has decided to move back to her hometown of Winterspell, where there is no place for non-magical folks.

She starts working for her family owned bakery, The Sugar shack, and ably assisted by her sisters, Jasmine and Candice. Her grandma, Rose, is such an adorable character. Her family doesn’t want to lose her again.

There is a twist in the tale after three women disappear mysteriously near the lake that intrigues Rosella, aka, Ella. She decides to attend the town hall meeting with her childhood best friend, Matty, to be held that night about the disappearances of three women, Olivia, Amber, and Krystal. Warden Lenora Quinton attributes their disappearance to a sea serpent in the lake and introduces Orion, the hunter to find and kill it.

Ella has a soft corner for the animals and has the rare ability to speak with them. She visits the lake and chats with the serpent, Valkyrie, who assures her that she had never hurt anyone. Ella visits Orion and seeks time to prove Valkyrie’s innocence and find the actual culprit. Meanwhile, there are plenty of revelations that initially point her towards someone but end up being a damper. Another woman is kidnapped. Are these ladies alive or dead? Who’s doing this and why? Can Ella save Valkyrie or would she be hunted down? This is a wonderful paranormal cozy mystery and definitely worth reading.

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Book review

This is a refreshing, amazing and a brilliant paranormal cozy mystery. Library witches is a unique concept and the author has done a wonderful job by creating a masterpiece like this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the stories. All of them are fabulous and not to be missed. It has all the essential elements for a successful great paranormal cozy mystery, like magic, spells, humor, fun, thrill, adventure and lots of twists and turns to keep the readers guessing.

Book one

Spells and Shelves

Aurora “Rory” Hawthorn works as a bookshop assistant to Abe, her father Roger’s friend. Roger had handed over the bookshop management to him. Rory happens to see her father’s old journal but is shocked to find that he had written in a code language. Suddenly, three men enter the shop stealthily and one of them threatens Rory to hand over the journal. He introduces himself as Mortimer Vale and sets a paper on fire after Rory refuses to give in to his demands. The three disappear and Rory scribbles a word ‘stop’. The flame is immediately put out but Abe fires her for the accident. When she returns to her home, the three men are present before her while she receives a mysterious call from a woman who advises her to keep running. Rory is saved by three women who are her family. These women and of course, Rory, also happen to be Biblio Witches. Their powers lie in books. She learns that the two older women are Aunt Adelaide and Aunt Candace, her father’s sisters. The young lady happens to be her cousin Estelle, Aunt Adelaide’s daughter. They take her back to the magical town of Ivory Beach. They live in a huge library with plenty of secret rooms, shifting corridors and their private residence within the library. Rory meets her second cousin Cass, who is a bit unpleasant.

Rory gets the first dosage of shock when she discovers a dead body in the Reading corner of the library. The victim holds a book in his hands and Estelle fears it might be cursed. A handsome Reaper, holding a scythe, is searching for the soul of the deceased. The victim is Duncan. Aunt Candace retrieves it carefully to place it in a quarantined room. The police chief, Edwin, an elf conducts the investigation.

Rory wants to clear her family’s name and somehow get the curse removed. During the course of her investigation, another dead body turns up. The victim is Tad, the local eccentric, with the cursed book lying half open besides him. His soul goes missing as well. Can Rory and her cousin, Estelle, find out the murderer and stop him /her before it’s too late? Read this highly thrilling adventure of Rory, the witch.

Book 2

Charms and Chapters

Rory is helping Cass to relocate her pet Kelpie , Swift, to the sea. There is a mishap and the cage opens. Swift causes huge uproar and enters Zee’s bakery to feast upon a muffin. They find Xavier, the reaper on the beach, and a body floating ashore whose soul is missing. She learns from Cass that the guy used to frequent the Reading Corner at the library with the academy students after school.

Rory finds out the victim was Andrew Lynch who was onto Vampirism. He was a member of a secret vampire club that held meetings in the library. Rory happens to meet the members of the club headed by a boy called Nick but the members aren’t really vampires. They are a bunch of teenagers is trouble who are into part-time stealing. They are planning to rob the vampires but Rory and Xavier foil their attempt to protect them from the wrath of Evangeline, the leader of the vampires.

Dominic, the vampire, is also found dead which is astonishing because they are said to have nearly immortal life . His soul was also missing. Rory discovers a message for her in his hand. What is it about? Who’s taking out the vampires and why? This is too thrilling and exciting. Rory gets bolder with each story.

Book 3

Sorcery and Stories

Rory and Estelle are out shopping for the former’s wand. It’s holiday season in Ivory Beach. Aunt Adelaide joins them but realizes that the library is left unattended in the hands of Cass who is fond of raising dangerous pets. They rush back to find Cass with a boggart. They capture him in a cage. There is a sudden onslaught of werewolves led by Captain Wayfarer. Cass informs that this werewolf is a character from Aunt Candace’s books. Rory and her family are in a strange predicament because the fictional characters from Aunt Candace’s books suddenly come alive and cause panic in the town. There is a strong curse involved. Rory and Estelle fear that Aunt Candace might be involved but when they follow her, they find that she has been following someone else. Who is this mysterious person? Can Rory catch the culprit who cursed her Aunt’s book and restore the normalcy? This book had me in splits at places. The humor content and startling revelations are plenty. I never expected it to be so thrilling. I highly recommend it for all the paranormal cozy mystery lovers.

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Book review

This box set contains 3 very interesting and thrilling books that will capture your heart and your imagination. Author Morgana Best has done a wonderful job with this paranormal cozy mystery with the location set in Australia.

Book 1

Christmas Spirit

Prudence Wallflower is a clairvoyant medium who can experience the presence of the spirits of the dead and communicate with them, and pass on the message to their loved ones. It’s in the midst of her show that she is finally to able to see the spirit of Detective Levi Grimes. He asks for help to investigate the murder of Brady Wayland, an actor, who was supposed to play the lead role in a film based on the crime king, Martin Taylor. He got involved with his son, Jason Taylor and ended up dead. His death was thought initially to be a suicide.

Prudence is also shocked to know that his own partner, Detective Stanfield Kelly shot him in a sting operation against the drug dealers. She decides to look into the matter. She comes to know about his sister, Amanda Wayland. They meet and Amanda suggests that she better visit their cabin in the woods. She senses his spirit that just gives one word Cyclops as a clue.

Meanwhile, Prudence’s friends Constance, Iris and Barbara add the element of humor as they keep nagging her to get involved with a man after her divorce. The story will blow your mind away as there is a huge unexpected twist and turn. This is a fantastic, hard to put down book.

Book 2

Ghost Hunter

Lexi’s spirit makes random appearances at Prudence’s house. He surprises her with the information that he is not really dead but in a coma and in a safe house under the witness protection program. When she is getting her hair treated by David, Levi makes an appearance and tells her that one of the constables guarding his room has been murdered. He gives out the names of two cops, Constable Summers and Constable Decker.

Prudence has to find out which one of them died. She manages to find their addresses and does a stake out. She discovers that Constable Adam Deckers was the one who died. Who might have killed him? Did Kelly get the whiff of Levi being alive? It means Levi is not out of danger but Prudence must find out the location of the safe house and reach out to him before he gets killed. This is an absolute thriller that keeps you glued to your seat.

Book 3

There must be a happy medium.

Prudence is surprised to find Mary, a dingo, pet of her neighbor, Ella Cornford. She is shocked to find a woman named Sally outside Mrs. Cornford’s house. They discover the body of Mrs. Cornford. They call an ambulance. The paramedics remove the body while the deceased’s nephew enters her house.

Prudence gets a new job as a consultant with the Police. She steps into her investigation with the help of Levi and police detective Larry Brown. Her irritating friends often turn up at a time when she wants to enjoy the company of Levi. I sympathize with her but can’t help smiling. The case takes another splendid turn with a body of another old woman with the same name, Ella Cornford, dying in another incident. Are these murders inter related? This is a book not to be missed. The entire series is a perfect example of a great entertaining paranormal cozy mystery. I highly recommend it for reading.

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