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In a land of hair, wild and free,
Where follicles danced in jubilee,
There lived a lass with locks so bright,
Her hairstyles were a hilarious sight!

First came the bouffant, oh so grand,
A towering mound upon her strand,
She strutted with grace, head held high,
But her hairdo reached up to the sky!

Next, she tried the mullet, oh what a thrill,
Long in the back, short in the front, quite the frill,
She rocked that party in the back,
But business up front? Oh, what a hack!

Then came the dreadlocks, a twisty mess,
She went for a natural look, I must confess,
Her hair was a jungle, tangled and bold,
And birds nested there, I've been told!

Up next, she sported a big beehive,
A mountain of hair, it made her thrive,
But watch your step, for if you're not aware,
You might find a squirrel nesting in there!

The perm she tried, to add some curl,
But it went haywire, a frizzy whirl,
Her hair had a life of its own, it seemed,
Twisting and turning, like a wild dream!

And let's not forget the mighty mohawk,
A punk rock style that made her squawk,
She spiked it up, a rebellious scene,
But shampooing it took a whole canteen!

Last but not least, the grand finale,
She shaved it all off, bald as a valley,
She embraced her smooth dome with pride,
And hats became her favorite ride!

Oh, the hairstyles she tried, each one a blast,
From towering bouffants to bald heads so vast,
She taught us to laugh, to not take hair too seriously,
For it's just an accessory, oh so deliriously!

So let your hair be wild, let it be free,
Try different styles, see what it could be,
For in the world of hairstyles, it's all just fun and games,
Embrace the laughter, and let your hair reign!

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In the halls of learning, where giggles reside,
There's a tradition that spreads far and wide.
It's the art of nicknames, oh so absurd,
For the teachers we cherish, the ones we've all heard.

First, there's science teacher, Professor Snort, a wacky old chap,
His laughter so boisterous, it'll make your jaw snap.
He snorts when he's happy, he snorts when he's blue,
But beware, if you snort back, he'll give you detention too!

Next comes our dance teacher, Ms. Puddles, with shoes oh so loud,
Her rain boots would make any puddle feel proud.
She sloshes and splashes through every hallway,
Leaving wet footprints that just won't go away.

Oh, Mr. Munchkin, a tiny delight,
His stature so small, but his spirit shines bright.
He hops on his desk, like a kangaroo bold,
And teaches us math with a voice made of gold.

Then there's Coach Boom, a thunderous force,
With muscles so big, he could lift a horse.
He roars like a lion, his whistle a blast,
But cross him on the field, and you'll run real fast.

Let's not forget, the English teacher, Mrs. Cactus, prickly and sharp,
Her words sting like needles, but her voice is like a harp. 
But deep down inside, she's a softie, you'll see,
For she hands out cookies when we get an A+ for free. 

And who could ignore Mr. Bumblebee's buzz?
His energy boundless, like lightning it does.
He darts through the classroom, from wall to wall,
Teaching history with a buzz that enthralls.

Last but not least, there's the legendary, Economics Professor, Sir Snore,
His snores so majestic, they shake the whole floor.
He naps in his chair, while we try to keep quiet,
But we can't help but laugh at the snores of a riot!

Oh, these nicknames for teachers, they bring us such cheer,
A chorus of laughter that rings loud and clear.
For in the realm of learning, where humor finds home,
We'll forever remember the names that we've known.

So let's celebrate these quirky souls we adore,
With nicknames that make us laugh all the more.
To the teachers who shape us, with wisdom and fun,
We'll cherish these memories, even when school is done!


Have you ever given nicknames to your teachers? I didn’t but my classmates used to call our History Teacher ( I won’t mention the name) as sleeping pill, Political Science teacher, Chimpu ( shortened form of Chimpanzee) and our half bald Math teacher as half-plate.

Do share your funny nicknames for your school teachers in the comments below.


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In a land of locks and wild hair,
There lived a man with a fateful dare,
He sought a cut, a stylish trim,
But little did he know, it was a world of whim.

He walked into a salon so fine,
With hope in his heart, a gleam in his eye,
The stylist, with scissors sharp and keen,
Took one look at him and stifled a scream.

She snipped and she trimmed, with delicate care,
But alas, disaster was in the air,
She shaped his hair like a pineapple crown,
Leaving him looking like a circus clown.

Oh, the horror! The shock! The disbelief!
He had to wear a hat to hide his grief,
But the wind blew strong, and off it flew,
Revealing his haircut, oh so askew.

Next came a haircut that defied all laws,
A bird's nest perched on top, full of flaws,
Feathers and twigs stuck out with pride,
Leaving everyone wondering, "What's wrong with that guy?"

But he didn't despair, he carried on,
Embracing each style, though his confidence was gone,
He tried a mullet, a mohawk, and even a bowl,
Leaving people bewildered, with laughter they rolled.

But amidst the laughter and the tears,
He found joy in embracing his hair fears,
For he realized that beauty lies within,
And a bad haircut can't diminish his grin.

So let us celebrate the world's worst hair,
For it brings laughter and stories to share,
Embrace the chaos, the wild and untamed,
And remember, it's just hair, not to be blamed!

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Hi Friends,

Today ‘I am not feeling well because of which ‘I could not write the short stories for today. ‘I will surely post them next week. You guessed it right. The two culprits mentioned in the heading are the reason why ‘I have been sniffling all day and practically spoiled two handkerchiefs. Yet, ‘I will not give up without posting something. So, here is a hilarious poem for you to enjoy instead.

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I feel thousands of hammers pounding on my head. 
I wish I could fall asleep like the dead. 
All thanks to my runny nose, 
And the water can't seem to stop flowing from this hose. 

I wish I could get rid of cold forever. 
It also brought along its dreadful partner, the fever. 
Loss of taste and appetite. 
My face is now such a miserable sight. 

Thanks to non stop blowing, my nose is red, 
I wish I could sleep all day in my bed. 
I am also feeling quite blue. 
As I am suffering from body pain too. 

Unable to keep my eyes open now. 
I did nothing to catch cold. But 'I wonder how. 
The villain of my life manage to ruin my day. 
Now I am popping some bitter pills to drive it away. 

If possible, I will post something entertaining for you in the evening. Going to snore now. Take care, friends. 

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Don't get misled by the products on the internet. 
This is what you order and this is what you get. 
Promoting herbal products and pills to make you slim. 
Then, why the hell, is there a gym? 

Sit at the comfort of your home and order everything online. 
As long as you don't cheated, it's fine. 
But then, what would be the fate of the shopping malls and the supermarket? 
And cyber predators are looking out for their unsuspecting target. 

But when it comes to the advertisement for a matrimonial site. 
Fake testimonials of the mismatched couples comes to the light. 
A husband looks at his newlywed wife with pride. 
Little does he know that he has a Godzilla for a bride. 

A wife displays her love and affection for her soulmate. 
Who's hurting her everyday, as she bemoans her fate. 
Then, there are astrologers predicting the future. 
Also, forcing the clients to buy their products for a remedy, by their torture. 

No, I am not against buying products over the website. Just be wise. 
Exercising caution is a must while buying online merchandise. 
Do not share your PIN, OTP, and passwords with anyone, is my only advice. 
Be careful with what you order, the quality, quantity and the price. 
Before entering any figure, think twice. 
While the internet is useful, do not blindly trust. 
Browsing the net with caution is a must. 

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Hi friends,

This is just for the sake of a funny poem and also dedicated to the domestic help whose absence for a day hurts us. My domestic help only does the laundry and dirty dishes. I do the rest of the work.

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An ominous silence takes over my broken heart. 
How long shall I endure this pain? 
I have been scrubbing dishes for the past two days. 
My maid has done it again. 

She's on leave, and so here I am. 
Dusting and mopping the floor.
I don't mind the cooking. 
But clearing the mess is such a bore. 

At last! I finished doing the dishes. 
Now I can take a break for a while. 
Just then my daughter enters the kitchen. 
Dropping a few dirty dishes into the sink in style. 

I cast a murderous glance at her. 
She gives me a sincere smile. 
Drat! There goes my motherly heart. 
A face so innocent and free from guile. 

It's time to do the laundry. 
And off goes the Electricity, sparking my fury. 
The washing machine is useless. 
I wash the clothes with such a force that I fear I may cause them injury. 

Finally! I completed the household chores. 
I have learned to appreciate my maid. 
My lassie! Please come back to work. 
And forgive me for any hurtful word I said. 

I realized how hard she works. 
And it's just not only my house, but she handles several houses together. 
I hope she recovers from her poor health. 
May she be healthy and fit as a fiddle. 
Let's not take her for granted ever. 

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Pain and misery are a poet's essential creative tools. 
Those who have this preconceived notion are no less than fools. 
No one has escaped from the clutches of pain. 
So, there's no reason to be proud or vain. 

Real pain is not just the result of a heart break. 
Nothing could be worse than a toothache. 
Or getting your fingers stuck in a door, 
Or a toe stub against a table would make you cry more. 

Can you imagine the plight of a passenger who missed his flight or train? 
That's what is called real pain. 
Or when you get scolded for scoring low marks. 
And your relatives hound you like prey hunting sharks. 

Pain is when your family eats your favorite food when you are sick. 
This pain fuels your anger and you feel the desperate urge to kick. 
Each and every offending family member. 
To calm down your nerves and flaring temper.

When you miss out on a lottery by a digit, a pain hits you straight in the heart. 
You are about to go for a long drive with your beloved and the car won't start. 
Or your internet data gets over before you upload the post. 
That's when it hurts you the most. 

When you have put the clothes out for drying in the sun, but then comes the rain. 
Your tears flow naturally and you blame your luck again. 
You dread meeting a certain person and he turns up at your house. 
You contemplate the ways to get rid of him ; to escape from a boring louse. 

You try to end a conversation on the phone, trying to hold back the urge to pee. 
But the caller drones on and on, and you think 
"Why this always happens to me? " 
So, you see, pain need not necessarily be grim or sad. 
Because there are some pain in the behind, who can also made you mad. 

But the unforgivable and the saddest pain is the betrayal of your trust. 
Consider it a lesson to be learned that you must. 
Some might say that the best teacher in life is pain. 
That doesn't mean you have to go through this boring class time and again. 

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A kick to my backside, 
A punch to my face. 
That's my daughter claiming her sleeping space. 
I have no broken bones or teeth by God's grace. 
I learned to say goodbye to my sleeping days. 

My smartphone causes a distraction. 
I end up sleeping late. 
The mosquitoes find me delicious. 
Resigned to a sleepless fate. 
Then, the TV blares on as my husband watches a cricket match. 
The commentator is ecstatic as our fielders or bowlers take a catch. 

Sometimes, a late night movie, or my husband's snores. 
Keep me awake for some time. 
Despite being tired of the domestic chores. 
When I am finally asleep, I receive a message or a call at night. 
Not to mention the trips to the toilet where the cockroaches give me a fright. 

Then, my idiotic brain, activates unwanted thought. 
How I missed my chance to freedom! 
How I got married to a despot! 
How my crazy decision to move to this hell of a place! 
How I would love to punish the person I despise in countless ways ! 

I am too tired to carry on my mindless ranting. 
Going to try meditation and prayer chanting. 
The moment, when I close my eyes, I hear the doorbell ring. 
I open it only to find a salesman canvassing. 
I send him away after turning him down. 
It's useless to try and meditate as I end up with a frown. 

A good night's sleep and peace of mind are a human's great treasures. 
A dreamless sleep with no disturbance is indeed a great pleasure. 
My eyes are drooping slowly now. 
And I wish to take a small nap. 
But it's already morning, I can't afford to sleep. 
Probably, I will splash my face with water from the tap. 

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Sometimes I wonder whether we eat to live or live to eat.
"What are you going to make today? "
 It's my husband's standard morning greet. 
I think of something right away. 

"I won't eat this, or I don't like that." 
That's the story of every house. 
Kids are picky eaters, and some are spoiled brats. 
What to speak of a grumpy spouse? 

"Why is there so much sugar in the tea? " complains my better half. 
"Next time, I will add salt, " I say. 
He scowls at me while I laugh. 
He leaves me alone and walks away. 

"What should I make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ?"
This question rattles every housewife. 
The food should be scrumptious but also make us thinner. 
These conditions add to a miserable life.

The soaring prices of gas cylinders make me think. 
One might be forced to eat salad or vegetables raw. 
The less we cook means the lesser dishes at the sink. 
And I let out a huge guffaw. 

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Good afternoon friends,

I have come up with another humorous conversational poem between two friends. My previous one was about a person who’s is dejected and heart broken after a split and his friend who tries to cheer him up with his funny advice. This one is just to warn a friend about falling in love with a wrong person. I hope you like it. As usual, the letters in bold is spoken by the lover boy while his sensible friend tries to warn him.

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" Love is in the air," he said. 
" It's your fart smells in the air, and ten are dead." 
" Please, can you tell me where my heart's gone?" 
" It ran away with your brain, you moron." 

"My eyes can see nothing except you." 
" Probably, you need a pair of glasses too." 
" My love, Let's go out on a date. "
" Why just date? Go out for a month and a year, mate? " 

" I wish I could lose myself in the large pool of your lovely eyes." 
"Committing suicide is not what I would advise."
" What a lovely, lustrous hair you have got! "
" How many dandruff and lice have you fought?" 

" Your voice is so melodious, my darling, do you know? " 
" Yeah, I heard your singing. It's as sweet as a crow." 
" I want to hold you in my arms until my last breath." 
"Your bad breath may cause her  death." 

" Hey, What's the big problem with you, my friend?" 
" Do you have enough money in your wallet to spend? " 
" My girl doesn't care for money." 
" As long as you have cash, she would call you honey." 

" How can you be so sure of that?" 
" She has a healthy bank balance and she's a spoiled brat." 
" My Tina would never betray me." 
" She was my ex-girlfriend, you see." 

My poor friend was simply taken for a ride. 
He thought his girlfriend would be his bride. 
It broke his heart only to learn. 
She was simply using him for fun. 

Remember, true love never depends upon your status or job. 
Nor does it exploit you and rob. 
Or strip you naked of your wealth. 
Look before you fall in love, for the sake of your health. 

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