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The Story:

Inspector Krishan received a text message on his mobile, while he was contemplating over how to convince Sohan to spare Ankit. He showed it to the CBI officer, Vishal, who raised his eyebrows after reading it. Sohan had posed a challenge to them. He had sent a picture of Ankit lying naked and unconscious in a dungeon like room with a text message :
” You have just two hours at your disposal. If you find the location, you can rescue him or else he will suffer such a miserable fate that he will be begging for death. Since you have helped me in my mission, I will send you only a single clue as to the location. But it’s better if you leave him to die, or else, he would continue human trafficking with his father. Another message with the clue will follow shortly in half an hour.”

Inspector Krishan cursed Sohan for letting go of an opportunity to punish SP Sundar Shrivastav and his son, Ankit. Vishal simply smiled and said, ” I like this guy. He’s a challenge, isn’t he? Let’s go and have tea while we wait for his message.”

It was exactly after half an hour that Inspector Krishan received a clue to the location. It said:
In this journey of life,
Tired tourists are taking rest.
Why are you looking towards the east?
Here, I am waiting for you in the West.
I call it my haven, a safe heaven and it simply is the best.
Let me hide while you try to seek me.
Let’s see if you are able to crack this test.

Inspector Krishan showed this clue to Vishal who immediately started racking his brain for answers. ” Well?” prompted Krishan, ” What do you make of it? “
Vishal replied, ” In this journey of life, tired tourists are taking rest. It means it could be a hotel, or an inn or a resort.
“Why are you looking towards the east?
Here, I am waiting for you in the West.” This means he is asking us to search for him in the West zone. Hmmm. It’s possible that he could be living in a hotel or a resort in Paschim Vihar. He won’t risk living in a luxury hotel. Ask your men to contact the cheap hotels or motels and show Sohan’s pic to see whether anyone saw him in the vicinity.” Inspector Krishan immediately went into action and sent the constables to make inquiries. They had an hour more at their disposal. But his men failed to trace the location of the elusive Sohan.

The minutes ticked by and Inspector Krishan looked crestfallen over his failure to locate and stop Sohan. CBI Vishal said, ” I think we are making a mistake.
” I call it my haven, a safe heaven and it simply is the best.” I am sorry to have overlooked this part of the clue. Can you guess what could be considered as a safe heaven? ” Inspector Krishan replied, ” A person’s residence. ” He suddenly became excited, ” How could I ever forget that Sohan used to live with his parents when he was a girl in Paschim Vihar? ” Both of them felt very excited and went to Sohan aka Sonia’s former residence. They knocked on the door expecting Sonia’s parents. They were shocked to see an aged woman opening the door and telling them that the previous owners had sold this house to the Singhania family and that she was their housekeeper, Sharda.

Inspector Krishan seemed agitated whereas CBI Officer Vishal seemed calm and composed. They thanked her and left shortly. They had just forty five minutes at their disposal. Krishan was desperate for a breakthrough in this search. Just as he was scratching his head, he suddenly remembered that Ankit ( SP Shrivastav’s criminal son) had a guest house in the same location. He became excited and told Vishal, ” Sir, Ankit owns a guesthouse here. He and his friends would bring lots of women here. Unfortunately, his father being my superior, abused his powers and threatened to humiliate and dismiss me if I didn’t overlook their atrocities.” Vishal replied, ” Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at the guest house as well.”

The guest house was just a few streets away. No sooner did they open the gate, than they heard a screaming. Both of them rushed towards the source of the sound. Ankit was lying naked and helpless on the ground in his backyard, with his hands and feet firmly tied.
There were plenty of Fire ants and scorpions crawling towards Ankit. He cried out, ” Please save me from the wrath of a lunatic.” Inspector Krishan said, ” We will help you only on one condition. You must confess to your crimes and hand over the evidence incriminating you and your father in the human trafficking case. Otherwise, we will leave you to your fate.” Ankit said, ” Agreed, sir. Please save me and I am willing to co-operate with you.” Vishal untied him and handed over his clothes that were lying nearby.

Krishan saw a paper fluttering near the place where Ankit was standing. He picked it up and read:
” Well done, Inspector! I admit that you are intelligent. I think the clues were relatively easy for you to decipher. Or maybe I wanted you to find and save him because you have already endangered your career on my account. I don’t want you to get into trouble.

Thanks for being so kind and understand.


Inspector Krishan wiped the tears from his eyes. Ankit was talking to Vishal when suddenly he dropped dead after being hit on the forehead. Vishal and Krishan were shocked to find the SP with a gun in his hand. He said, ” Well done, boys! I told the idiot of my son not to reveal our secrets to anyone. He couldn’t control his tongue, could he? He had to be punished for defying my orders. The same goes for you as well. I will kill you both and pin the blame on him and escape from the clutches of law , stating that I killed him in the line of duty as he had shot two police officers. Now, say your prayer.”

He raised his gun to shoot but before he could press the trigger, someone else shot him dead. Sohan came out with his gun and presented his hands to be handcuffed. ” Sorry, sir, ” he said, ” This man was rotten to the core. He had to be killed.” Vishal and Krishan thanked him for saving their lives.
Vishal helped Inspector Krishan close the file by shifting the blame for all the gruesome murders on the deceased disgraced SP, Sundar Shrivastav. The police retrieved Files, pictures, and documents in the laptops that showed the father-son involvement in human trafficking, sex racket, drug cartel and every illegal activity through which they earned money.

Sohan was released shortly. He started an NGO to help the victims of rape and sexual abuse, victims of domestic violence and acid attack. Inspector Krishan got promoted as Deputy Superintendent of Police while Vishal also got a promotion. But the crime against sexual offenders suddenly shot up. A couple of rapists were publicly lynched to death. DSP Krishan turned a blind eye because these predators had to be hunted down. Is it the beginning of a new crime wave or the end of the criminals?

( The End)

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SI Sudhakar said, ” I am sorry, sir. I hate to do this, but I don’t have any option.” He let out a whistle and the rogue SP ( Superintendent of Police), Sundar Shrivastav made his entry with a villainous smirk. He said, “Well done, Sudhakar. You are my trusted confidant. That was an amazing plan of yours. Inspector Krishan, you have been neglecting your duties. You are a disgrace to the police department. You are harboring a criminal and let him get away with kidnapping and gruesome murders. Had it not been for quick thinking on the part of Sudhakar, where he allowed himself to be kidnapped by you, you would have evaded the law. I am arresting on the charges of neglecting your duties and assisting the criminal in kidnapping and gruesome murders.”

Inspector Krishan burst out laughing, ” That was a good one, SP. Before you pull out your handcuffs, I would like you to watch this video.” SP Shrivastav watched a new video on his smartphone. SP’s daughter, Madhumita, was tied to the bed. She was Semi-conscious and pleaded with the mean looking guys to spare her. Some men had unzipped their trousers and getting ready to violate her. ” No,” screamed the SP, ” Not my daughter, you evil bastard. Leave her alone. It’s my order. I will do whatever you say but tell your men not to touch her.” Inspector Krishan, ” Let them have fun. After all, a beautiful young woman is meant to be enjoyed by men. She’s gorgeous. What’s wrong in sleeping with her? After all, you also did the same thing with someone else’s daughter. I am quoting your own bloody words when I begged you to spare her, while your worthless son, Ankit, and yourself were toying with her body, as if she was an object. Did you show any sympathy towards her? Now, watch your beautiful daughter getting the same treatment. This will be your biggest punishment. Madhumita was screaming in pain as the men pounced upon her.” The SP pleaded with Inspector Krishan, ” Please stop this nonsense. I admit my mistake and willing to surrender. Tell your men not to touch her.”

SI Sudhakar was enraged. ” Sir, ” he shouted, ” You should not be begging in front of this murderer.” He snatched the pistol from the holster of Inspector Krishan and pointed at him, ” Inspector Krishan, order your men to stop harassing Madhumita or else I will shoot you.” The SP was back with his evil grin, ” Do as he says. Wait, Sudhakar! I have a better idea. I have got a printed confession paper awaiting his signature. He only has to sign his name.” Krishan sneered at him, ” I am not like you, Sundar. Go ahead, shoot me and pin the blame on me. There’s a WhatsApp video awaiting you. Just watch it. By the way, your daughter’s porn video is about to get viral. Would you like to have a quick look? “

SP Sundar grabbed him by his collar, ” Shoot him right away, Sudhakar. Do as I say.” SI Sudhakar suddenly pointed his pistol at SP Sundar, ” Chief. I think you have lost this game. Better put your own signature on that confession paper. I knew that there was a black sheep in the police department and thought Inspector Krishan was the real culprit. But I have enough evidence to incriminate you for ruining innocent girls’ lives. When your daughter’s honor is at stake, you are crying foul, right?” Inspector Krishan could not believe his eyes. SI Sudhakar was switching his sides. Krishan had felt betrayed when Sudhakar summoned SP Shrivastav.

” Sudhakar, how dare you go against my order? You are suspended and can expect an official inquiry for collaborating with the rogue Inspector Krishan, ” thundered the SP. SI Sudhakar grinned and said, ” Let me give you both a pleasant shock. I am not SI Sudhakar but Senior CBI officer, Vishal Karmakar. I received anonymous reports of flesh trade and prostitution racket involving some corrupt policemen. The real SI Sudhakar was killed in the line of duty while trying to stop a colleague from dealing in narcotics and human racketeering. And that one was you. Your memory is very poor. You even forgot the face of SI Sudhakar. You told everyone that Sudhakar was on a vacation. The CBI sent me to replace SI Sudhakar. If I am not wrong, I am sure you and your second -in-command, Ashutosh, were behind his death. It’s been more than a year and a half but we still couldn’t trace his body. Either confess or your videos will be viral all over the internet.” SP Sundar begged for mercy and immediately signed up his confession. ACP Raghav and his men arrived shortly to arrest SP Shrivastav. The disgraced SP asked for the update on his daughter. He was relieved to know that Madhumita was safe and there was no scratch on her body.
The ” Rape” Scene was a drama set up to unmask the ugly face of SP Shrivastav.

SI Sudhakar aka CBI officer Vishal turned to face Inspector Krishan and said, ” I wish I could do something to let you keep your job but you were helping Sonia alias Sohan to seek revenge. Ankit is the only culprit left alive and we have evidence to send him to noose. It’s better if you resign from the job and join your brother as a Private Investigator. I will see to it that your name doesn’t appear anywhere in the course of investigation. In the meantime, call Sohan immediately and tell him to spare Ankit. We will give him a painful death.”

Inspector Krishan was relieved and added, ” Thank you so much, sir. I am very sorry for the treatment we gave you. I hope you forgive us. What will happen to Sohan now? ” Vishal winked at him and said, ” Sohan is very clever not to leave behind any clue that could implicate him. Since we didn’t recover any dead body, we can’t charge him for kidnapping, murder or attempt to murder. As for the disappearance of the Guptas is concerned, we will close the case saying that they have gone underground, after receiving death threats from a terrorist group. That’s it. Please delete the video of Navin and Vikram being eaten by the lion.”

Inspector Krishan tried calling Sohan but he didn’t answer the call. Vishal shook his head fearing for the worst as Krishan kept trying to reach him. Will he succeed in his mission? Will Ankit survive or meet with a horrible fate? Watch out for a spine chilling climax next Friday.

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Book review

I am running short of words to describe this book.It’s one of the most outstanding, superb, excellent, awesome, fantastic and mind blowing, fantabulous thrillers, I have ever read. I have also added another Author to my hot favorite list, Gerald Verner. Wow! He’s a sheer creative genius and a master story teller. I can’t believe that a crime thriller like this would be sooooo good that I can’t help but keep on praising it. Deserves a perfect ten for everything, the plot, characterization, the building of suspense, unexpected twists and turns, and a truly gripping story.

Set against the locality around London, the story begins with a mysterious stranger calling from a public telephone kiosk to the Newspaper office of The Daily Clarion and speaks to the News Editor, John Tully, announcing his intention to murder five people beginning with Lord Latimer, Senior Steward of the Jockey Club. The News Editor contacts the Newbury police but they ignore it, considering it a hoax. Unfortunately, the threat is executed and Lord Latimer is found dead by his butler, Masters. A freelance journalist, Gordon Cross and his wife, Vicki, jump into the fray to investigate along with the Superintendent Budd and Sergeant Leeks from the Scotland Yard with a deal for an exclusive on the story. While driving, Vicki orders Gordon to avoid hitting a person on bicycle, who’s none other than the blackmailer, Maurice Swayne. Budd, Gordon, and his wife, Vicki, learn from Masters about hearing a gunshot and whistling of a tune. Later, Maurice also turns up, playing the same tune ” β€œClair de Lune”.

The game of murders has just begun with the murderer calling himself “The Tipster”, contacting the Daily Clarion to announce his second murder. Will Superintendent Budd from the Scotland Yard and Gordon Cross stop the psychopath from killing the other four? Who are the other possible intended victims and what did they do to incur the wrath of a madman who’s genius enough to plant fake clues to avoid incriminating himself? I was almost biting my nails as the story progressed.

I highly recommend it for all the murder mystery lovers and also those who love good psychological thrillers.

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Mrs. Gupta and Akshar screamed in terror when the stranger fired at the ropes from which the two were hanging. The screen blacked out, and they couldn’t guess whether Navin and Vikram were dead or alive. They hugged each other and wept bitterly over the loss of Mr. Gupta. The Guptas’ daughter Pooja and her husband, Shyaam, joined them. Poor Akshar! He didn’t know that his parents, too, had ended their lives after watching a shameful clip from his past.

Navin and Vikram grinned at each other as they walked towards the stranger. The stranger had led the lion into another cage by offering a piece of fresh meat. When it was safely locked, the stranger smiled at Navin and Vikram. He said, ” Well done, champs! That was true professional acting. No one can guess that you are lookalikes. In fact, you are more authentic than the original fools. Here’s your reward. ” He handed both of them two wads of cash each. Navin and Vikram’s body doubles knew enough not to ask probing questions because the stranger was a deranged psychopath. They didn’t want to end up dead. The stranger said, ” Here are your tickets to France. Your flights are scheduled for tomorrow morning. Make sure to leave this country. If I find you roaming around the streets of New Delhi, I will make sure to feed you to the lion, just as I did to Navin and Vikram. The meat I served to the lion just now was Vikram’s mutilated body. The lion has already feasted upon Navin. ” Both the guys were horrified and wanted to puke desperately. They were so scared that they took to their heels. The stranger called for one of his henchmen to follow them and see that they fled India.

The stranger thought of a punishment for Akshar. He posted the video clips of Akshar molesting young girls and masturbating on the social media. The result was spontaneous. People were baying for his blood. Calling him an animal with no morality or self-control. He went to the room where he had imprisoned Mrs. Gupta and Akshar. He said, ” Your punishment is over. Since Mr. Gupta’s body has started decomposing, You can take him home for performing his last rites. Let Akshar do the honors.” Mrs. Gupta yelled, ” What happened to my son, Navin and his friend, Vikram? “

The stranger said, ” I have sent him abroad on a secret mission. He will be back in a month or so.” Mrs. Gupta screamed, ” I am not going anywhere without my son.” The stranger replied, ” Alright, then join your son and husband.” He shot her dead with his pistol which was now aimed at Akshar. He spoke in a menacing tone, ” You can choose to live or die along with this disgusting family.” Akshar was eyeing his way to escape. The stranger opened the door and let him go. He knew that Akshar was walking right into his doom. The moment he stepped out, he dialled the police. Much to his bad luck, Inspector Krishan answered his call. Akshar stammered, ” P….. Please help me, sir. I am Akshar Sharma. I have just been freed by a kidnapper who’s also responsible for four murders.” Inspector Krishan replied, ” Hellooo.. I am not able to hear you. Please call again.” The call got disconnected, much to his chagrin. As if that wasn’t enough. Some passersby recognized him and a crowd gathered around him. ” Beat this rascal,” yelled one of the men. Akshar pleaded, ” But what did I do?” A guy showed him the disgusting video clip that was making waves all over the city. Enraged by his molestation of a young girl, the public lynched him to death. The stranger smiled at the success of his plan. He asked his goons to vacate the area after disposing the corpses of Mr. and Mrs. Gupta in an incinerator.

SI Sudhakar knew that Inspector Krishan was upto something. He waited until the inspector left his seat and contacted the private detective he had hired for trailing the inspector. The mobile kept ringing but no one picked up the call. Now, Sudhakar was worried. Did Inspector Krishan know that he was being followed? Why wasn’t the detective picking up his call? ” Are you searching for PI Vivan? “asked Inspector Krishan with the PI Vivan following him with a grin.

SI Sudhakar was astonished. He tried to come up with a lie but it backfired. Inspector Krishan smiled, ” Well, Sudhakar! Congratulations for being a straightforward, honest police officer who abides by the law. I know you think that I am behind the spate of abductions and murders. You decided to investigate me. What can I say? I am very disappointed in you. You should have mustered courage to question me directly rather than having me followed. You betrayed my trust, Sudhakar. I want you to see something before you pass any comment or report me to the Superintendent of Police.”

SI Sudhakar meekly followed Krishan as he knew that his days were numbered. He was about to be martyred in the line of duty. He didn’t realize that PI Vivan was Inspector Krishan’s younger brother. Vivan, Krishan and Sudhakar entered into the projector room.
Sudhakar waited patiently until Krishan started playing the clip. Sudhakar’s eyes widened in shock and horror to watch one of the most heinous crimes being committed. He couldn’t watch the video anymore.
“Please stop it, Sir, ” he pleaded, ” I can’t watch it anymore. I promise I won’t report your activities to the SP.” The inspector sneered at him, ” I didn’t know you were such a weakling. Bravery and determination is a must for any good cop. I don’t care whether you report me or not. But I am afraid you are going to be my guest until my mission to eradicate public nuisance is accomplished. PI Vivan blindfolded him and tied his hands. He forced him inside the car and drove away.

What was the scary video seen by SI Sudhakar? What’s the mission of Inspector Krishan and PI Vivan? Are there going to be more dead bodies? Why is the stranger behaving like a murderous psychopath? Watch out for the next episode for a stunning revelation.

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Book review

Wow! And a double wow! Author Lora Dresden has come up with a spine chilling psychological thriller. I couldn’t take my eyes off reading for a moment. This is probably one of the best books I have read in 2022.

Twins Sadie and Madison Hunter have a horrific past. A gruesome murderer killed their parents: four stab wounds in a perfect square while they were camping in Black Creek Campground .Years later, Sadie frequently visits, Dr Sunjit Brun, a psychiatrist for her medications. Though identical twins, Sadie and Madison are completely different. Sadie is a neatness freak while Madison is messy. Sadie owns a mystery book shop called ” It’s a mystery. ” One day, a strange man visits her book shop and is found dead, exactly in the same way, as her parents died. The case had been cold for 17 years. Officer Mike Kwon, now turned Detective along with Detective Barnes is in charge of the investigation.

It turns out that the murder victim was a Former cop, Quinn Olsteen who bungled The Black Creek Campground murders, seventeen years ago. Is the killer back? Who killed Quinn and why?

There’s been another series of murder: The Foothills Killer who leaves his victims at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains until their corpses turn into skeletons or the past 15 years. Are the two series of murders interlinked? Who is the perp? Sadie receives a threatening book with the reminder of her past. Will Sadie and Madison escape from the killer ? There are so many unexpected twists and turns that it’s a perfect script for a Hollywood movie.

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SI Gautam returned to the police station with the evidence against Kunal stored safely in his laptop. He also had to track the bodies of the missing ladies. It couldn’t simply vanish from the face of the earth. He wanted to bring Kunal and his father for questioning. He saw DSP Chaudhary waiting for him.

Chaudhary said, ” Well done, Gautam. You managed to gather evidence against the pain in the ass, Kunal Mehta. Hand over the laptop to me and I will make sure to get him arrested.” Gautam didn’t immediately obey his order as his cop instinct told him that Chaudhary might be one of the rotten cops on the payroll of Dipak and Kunal Mehta. He made sure that there was no electronic bug or any spy cam before planning to conduct the raid. How the hell did he know what Gautam and his team was upto?

He hesitated a bit and replied, ” Don’t worry, sir. It’s my duty to take care of things like these. A senior officer like you need not get involved in a task like this.” Chaudhary had an evil grin on his face. He said, ” It looks like you figured everything out . That’s fine with me. Do as I say and hand over the laptop. Dipak Mehta has promised to reward us handsomely if we turn over the evidence to him. Don’t be a fool and turn down this golden opportunity.” When Gautam didn’t respond, Chaudhary pointed his gun. Suddenly, their heads turned as the missing Inspector Vishwas, entered the police station and his gun pointed at Chaudhary.

Gautam was both shocked and overjoyed to see his senior and mentor, hale and hearty. ” Didn’t expect me to survive, did you? ” chuckled Vishwas, ” Mr. Chaudhary, I have a proposal for you. If you stop pestering Gautam for the evidence, I may consider letting your son-in-law, Kunal Mehta, get away with a reduced sentence. In fact, he has agreed for a plea bargain and named you and his father has co-conspirators. I have his written statement.”

Chaudhary lost his temper. He said, ” Why that dirty double crosser? Here I am trying to save his skin. How dare he implicate me in his crime?” Vishwas winked at SI Gautam who promptly understood the situation and started recording Chaudhary’s indirect involvement in the rape and murder of Monica Mehta. Dr. Rohit Aggrawal was just a puppet and never married to Monica because she was already dead. In fact, they used him as a smokescreen to hide a big fact. The girl, who pretended to be Monica Aggarwal, nee, Mehta, was Kunal’s new wife and latest conquest, Nivedita, who was DSP Chaudhary’s daughter. Chaudhary and his daughter both wanted to take over the Mehtas Business Empire. So, Chaudhary and a few corrupt men along with the then medical examiner, had helped cover up the murder and pin the blame on the young police cadet Vishwas. Investigator Kapil Shrivastav was one of the bad cops.

SI Gautam was shocked to discover more skeletons tumbling out of the closet. Chaudhary continued, ” The father-son duo are wretched, ungrateful creatures after what I have done for them. They continued to prey upon unsuspecting young female employees working in Mehta’s company. They raped and murdered them while I disposed their bodies in different locations. I bribed Constable Ram Prasad to join us and get Vishwas killed but the fool turned out to be a traitor. I heard him passing our plans to someone. I had to kill him and make his death look like suicide. This is their MO. If they can spill beans on me, why should I care about them? “

The entire police station came to a stand still and the ACP silently moved in to listen to Chaudhary’s confession. Chaudhary told them about the exact location where he had buried the bodies. ACP looked at him in disgust while Gautam waited for an explanation from Vishwas. The ACP ordered, ” Get this rascal out of my sight. He has put the entire police department to shame. Because of this wretched man, we lost one of the most loyal and trustworthy employee, Constable Ram Prasad. His sacrifice won’t be in vain. Excellent work, Inspector Vishwas. Let’s issue the arrest warrants and the murderous psychopaths behind the bars.”

The other officers resumed their duties while Vishwas took Gautam to have a cup of tea. He said, ” I know you that Ram Prasad was the villain. But the poor guy had to pay with his life for helping me out. When you told me about the Asha Gupta murder case, I remembered being framed for a murder I didn’t commit. My father negotiated with the Mehtas for my acquittal and got himself jailed. He ended his life in humiliation as the prisoners were bullying him. I referred to the case file and came across DSP Chaudhary as one of the investigating officers. I was depressed and couldn’t find a way to prove his involvement. It was at that moment, Constable Ram Prasad suggested an idea that I found too dangerous and refused initially. But he said that there was no other way. Just as Chaudhary was a mole in the department working for Mehtas, Ram Prasad pretended to join the corrupt group to spy on them for me. I faked an attack with his help while he kept supplying me with important information. Unfortunately, Chaudhary heard him and killed him. I was so furious that I laid a trap for The Mehtas and Chaudhary and fortunately, they fell right into it.”

The Mehtas were arrested while trying to flee the country and sentenced to death while Chaudhary got life imprisonment. The cops recovered 25 bodies from various locations. He went to Monica’s grave and offered an apology for the delay in getting her justice. SI Gautam was now relieved to be on desk duty rather than running in search of more clues. The police department bid farewell to one of the most loyal cop and offered a monetary compensation of one lakh rupees to his widow.

Vishwas still had a job to do. He visited Kunal’s house and left behind a note.

” I caught you and I could.”

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SI Gautam led Asha to a safe house and asked her to stay hidden until further notice. He received an urgent phone call from the hospital stating that Inspector Vishwas was missing. Gautam was shocked. He rushed back to the hospital and found that Shalini was sobbing incessantly. He tried to reassure her and asked her how Vishwas disappeared. He was in a ventilation and couldn’t afford to move on his own. She cried and replied, “Vishwas was showing signs of improvement and I went to fetch the doctor but when I came back, his bed was empty. I didn’t see anyone linger here.”

Gautam was lost in thoughts. He consoled her saying, ” Don’t worry. We will find him. Meanwhile, please don’t go home now. If possible, stay at your parents’ overnight.Don’t call anyone from the landline or speak aloud about Vishwas sir. I have a reason to believe that your house is bugged and fit with spy camera. I will send my technicians to find and disable them. “

He reached the police station and contacted his technician friends. He handed them the keys to Vishwas’ house and asked them to search for the electronic bugs and hidden spy camera. They saluted him and went on to do their jobs. He was surprised to find Constable Ram Prasad missing in action. ” Oh my God! ” He complained, ” Now what’s that black sheep upto? I can’t tolerate too many disasters on a single day.”

He stepped out of the police station to have a cup of tea with light snacks at a nearby restaurant. He thought of paying a surprise visit to Kunal Mehta because he was the prime culprit. A meeting with him was inevitable. He finished his sandwich and tea and paid the bill. No sooner did he enter the police station, he heard someone scream. It was a lady constable Sheila Verma who called her colleagues’ attention to a single cell where Constable Ram Prasad’s body was hanging. He left behind a note :

” I can’t live with a guilty conscience. I am solely responsible for the recent spate of suicide cum murders and the attack on Inspector Vishwas. Therefore, I am ending my life.”

Shock waves engulfed the entire police department. They could not believe that one of them could commit such a heinous crime and then end his life inside the prison cell. Gautam was sure that this was a pre-meditated murder committed by Kunal Mehta. He immediately called his men and went to Kunal’s house. There was no one in his apartment. He went to the backyard and to his astonishment, the door to the house was ajar. He summoned his men and they wore gloves to avoid disturbing any fingerprint. The living room was ransacked. It looked a tornado had hit his house. His master bedroom and closet was empty. “Damn it! ” shouted Gautam, ” It looks like the bastard is absconding. How in the hell does he know our every move? He is as slippery as an eel but this time he can’t escape the punishment from law. He and his worthless father have made mockery of the justice system. I will make him pay for his sins or else I will resign from my job.”

He searched the whole house for any kind of incriminating evidence but in vain. He started tapping the wall for a secret entrance. When he knocked at a corner, the wall slid away leading to a wooden door. He turned the knob and entered the secret room. He was shocked with the sight of the naked pictures of women with a red Cross. There were 25 such pictures and six of them were, Poonam and her friends. How could any husband stoop so low? He opened the drawer of the wooden table. It contained, CDs, Pen drives, and film rolls.

He bagged them for the evidence and noticed a laptop. He turned it on and luckily it wasn’t password protected. He saw more porn stuffs and a folder named crazy for blood. He clicked it on and the entire crime record of Kunal and his father displayed on it. The father-son duo had a weakness for women and often frequented brothels in 2005. But they stopped visiting them after January, 2006. His father hired girls for his company and manipulated them into sleeping with him and Kunal. They died under mysterious circumstances and their corpses seemed to vanish from the face of the earth.

The more he read about the crimes committed by Kunal and his father, the more he had an urge to shoot them both to death. Monica had threatened to expose them to the police. So, the father and the son shamelessly raped her and murdered her. Monica’s mother died heart broken over the loss of her dear daughter. Inspector Vishwas just happened to pass the crime scene and tried to intervene but they brazenly bought some corrupt police officers and the medical examiner who gave the false medical reports to implicate Vishwas. Vishwas’ father begged Dipak, Kunal’s father to spare his son and that he was willing to take the blame. Vishwas’ father committed suicide in prison while Vishwas was let scot free.

Then, Kunal bragged about his clever handling of getting away with the murders of his wife, Poonam and her friends. He had made them sound like they were characterless bitches but in fact they were completely innocent. They had resisted his advances and had to pay with their lives. He had an extra Pendrive with him and copied the whole file. He turned off the laptop and took it with him. This time, Kunal was a goner.

Gautam had gathered sufficient evidence to send him and his father to the gaol. Meanwhile, he had to track the missing Inspector and dig the dirt on the errant officers on law to punish them for their misdeeds. Will Gautam be able to catch Kunal and his father alive? Will Inspector Vishwas survive the ordeal of his kidnapping?

Watch out for the sensational drama next Friday.

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Shalini replied, ” I told our cook, Mrs. Laxmi, about Vishwas’ hospitalization and asked her not to come for a couple of days.” Gautam was shocked. He asked her, ” When did you hire her? Is she trustworthy? Did Vishwas sir check her credentials?” Shalini looked puzzled, ” Are you suspecting her of any crime? Actually, she saved my son from the kidnappers and Vishwas hired her instantly. Believe me, SI Gautam. I was also surprised because he didn’t even consult me.” Gautam faked a smile, ” No issues. We will try to find out about her. Meanwhile, I would suggest you keep distance from her. Don’t discuss any family matter in front of her. She might or might not be innocent. It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Shalini smiled back and said, ” I can stay for a couple of hours. I promise not to let him out of my sight for a moment. Carry on with your investigation and catch this rascal before he causes further trouble.”

A doctor entered the ICU to check his vitals. He reported that Vishwas’ condition was stable. Gautam felt restless after recapitulating all that took place within a couple of days. He prayed for Vishwas’ speedy recovery and left his boss under his wife’s care. He had a cup of coffee and pondered over the next course of action. He had to catch Ram Prasad red-handed along with the paymaster. He cursed himself for ignoring the license plate of the truck. He thought of a plan to catch the hired killer before he could make another attempt on Vishwas’ life.

He called Lady Constable Rekha Verma and said, ” Listen to me carefully. I want you to spread false news in the police station about Inspector Vishwas’ miraculous recovery and his supposed discharge from the hospital tomorrow. Make sure Ram Prasad takes the bait. He is a black sheep working for the serial killer.” He gave her the necessary instructions and also sought help from his trusted men to trap the killer. He went back to the hospital and asked Shalini, “Ma’am, avoid using landline at home and never let the cook hover around anywhere near you or Harish. I want to make sure that she could be trusted.”

Shalini nodded. He requested her for a duplicate key to the house and advised her to stay with Vishwas the whole day, next day. He had to carry out a major sting operation. He said, ” Also ask your cook to come home tomorrow after 10 AM. Just tell her that your husband has been discharged. Under no circumstances, should you leave your husband. Please drop your son at your parents’ house before you come to the hospital.” Shalini agreed to follow his instructions.

The next day, Gautam and his men took their position outside Vishwas’ house. Shalini and her son had already left the house. Gautam used the duplicate key and let himself in. He arranged the pillow and bedsheets to look like Vishwas was sleeping in his bedroom. He locked the house and hid among the bushes. There was a rustling among the leaves. A man covered in a black shawl used a skeleton key to let himself in. Gautam and two constables moved stealthily behind him.
The killer opened the master bedroom and took out his knife to stab at his victim but Gautam sprang upon him and cuffed him. He said, ” What’s the big hurry? Let’s see who you are.” He removed the shawl and wasn’t surprised to find Chotu, a hitman hired by the rich to get rid of their dirty laundry. He almost escaped every time because of a loophole in the legal system and a little help from the police department. He had a police record but they were altered and mentioned only minor offences like chain snatching and stealing wallets ( pickpocket). Chotu smirked, ” You won’t be able to keep me in jail for a long time. ” Gautam restrained himself from punching him. His men led him away. He noticed a woman enter the house. ” This must be the cook, Laxmi, ” he thought. She entered the kitchen and prepared coffee for herself. Gautam stepped into the kitchen and said, ” Wow! What a wonderful cook you are ! Helping yourself to coffee when your employers are not around. ” Laxmi almost spat the coffee and left the cup on the table. She turned to face him and said, ” Who are you? How dare you break and enter the house? I am going to inform Shalini Ma’am about your trespassing. ” Gautam was shocked to see her. Her face seemed familiar. He suddenly remembered her true identity. But how could it be possible!
” Well, Laxmi ji or rather Ms. Asha Gupta, ” he remarked, ” It’s a great miracle to find a dead person who emerged alive after 16 fucking years. Where the hell were you and why have you come back now? If you are still alive , then why didn’t you contact your best friend, Monica? Because of your supposed tragic incident in 2006, a monster was created. Monica killed several people and now she is responsible for the attack on Inspector Vishwas. You have to contact her and ask her to surrender.” ” I am afraid, sir, ” she said, ” I can’t do that.”

” But why? “
” Because Monica Mehta is dead.”
SI Gautam was speechless. He yelled, ” Are you out of your mind? She has been killing people and challenged the police to catch her. What are you talking about? “
Asha replied, ” This may come as a shocker to you. But Kunal and his father paid me to substitute my identity with hers. Unfortunately, My best friend, Monica Mehta, was raped by her own father and brother with their friends under the influence of alcohol. They realized their mistake when they became sober. They approached me with an offer I couldn’t resist. They paid me 50 lakhs to use my identity and frame Inspector Vishwas. I can’t tell you anything more than that.” At this point, Gautam saw someone peeking through the window with a gun. He pushed Asha aside as the bullet ricocheted and deposited in the kitchen window. Asha thanked Gautam. The sniper ran away after failing in his mission. Gautam was sure that there were bugs and hidden cameras in the house. Otherwise, how did the culprit know when, where and whom to attack?

Is Monica Mehta nee Aggrawal truly dead? Will Gautam trace the real culprit? Will Vishwas survive or succumb to his injuries?
Watch out for the upcoming episode of Catch me if you can.

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Book review.

An outstanding, brilliant, and a fabulous crime thriller that would bowl you over. Michael Lister has written an amazing book that’s very exciting, full of so many twists and turns that you would find it impossible to put the book down even for a moment.

Sheriff Reggie Summers has just lost the election as the New Sheriff of Gulf County, Florida. Detective John Jordan, her good friend, and colleague, offers her moral support when Captain Matt Yon of the administration department informs her that his niece, Ava Yon Branch and her friend, Olivia Colvin, are missing down by the river. According to Terrace Colvin, Olivia’s half-sister, she had dropped them by the riverside as the girls had planned to skip the school that day. The Sheriff’s office immediately launches rescue operation and investigation. They question probable witnesses but there’s no clue to the missing girls.

Finally, the girls are discovered with serious injuries and blood loss. They are sent for medical treatment but Olivia dies while Ava is still critical.

Detective Jordan’s investigation reveal that a senior student, Ethan Harper, was involved romantically with Olivia. He’s taken for questioning but let off due to the lack of evidence. Many at school claim that he had been a drug supplier and the medical reports of the girls reveal that they had been drugged. Then, Ethan goes missing and when Reggie is closer to discovering the identity of the killer, she’s found dead. Who’s responsible for these murders? Is Ethan involved or innocent? There’s another twist in the tale when the teacher accused of abusing children, Linsey Smith, is found dead. Can Detective John Jordan stop the murderer or will the hunt continue?

This is a must read book for all those who love mysteries and crime thrillers.

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Book review

This is an amazing book. It turned out to be quite an awesome thriller and I kept on turning pages, anticipating what would happen next. A brilliant concept and a novel idea. Kudos to Author Sara Rosett for coming up with such a wonderful, exciting thriller with plenty of twists and turns and a climax that would completely knock you off.

Kate Sharp works as a location scout for Ellise who produces TV documentary series. Her boyfriend, Alex, is expecting his kid sister, Grace, on a vacation, and introduces her to Kate. Initially, Grace is a bit cold towards Kate and the latter doesn’t want to create a rift between the siblings.

It’s precisely at this moment that her boss, Ellise, asks her to visit a Regency themed English House Party hosted by Lady Beatrice and Sir Harold Stone at Parkview Hall, a stately mansion. Meanwhile, Beatrice also seeks her help to find out who has been sending hate mails to her and Harold.

Kate mingles with the guests and keeps an eye on the staff working in the Parkview Hall, where the party is being hosted because Beatrice fears that hatemonger must be one of the staff members who clicked controversial pictures. She meets, Beth, the bride, and her friends, Amanda and Torrie Peters, Simon Page and his wife, Audrey, the rich business tycoon, Toby and Monique Clay, Michael Jaffery, and Mr. And Mrs. Fundenberg, who are the other guests.

Unfortunately, Toby gets killed, and Simon points the finger at Kate whose hairpin was found in Toby’s Balcony, insisting that she might be the prime suspect. Kate has two mysteries to solve, flush out the one who has been tarnishing Harold’s reputation by sending hate mails and find out the real killer before she gets arrested or killed. There are plenty of surprises in store and this is a book that you could hardly put down.

Highly recommended for reading. It’s more than five-star ratings for this one.

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