Book review.

Rosie A. Point is a wonderful cozy mystery author who has published over 81 books divided into 15 awesome series. A Bite Size Cozy mystery series has nearly 25 delightful and yummy books. I have just reading this series and can’t get enough of it. I have added Rosie too, in my ever growing list of favorite authors.

The protagonist, Ruby Holmes, is a journalist-turned- baker, assisted by the sprightly Bee who’s in her sixties and gifted with exceptional baking skills. Bee’s wit reflects in her hilarious comments. Together, they sell their baked goods in a food truck in Carmel Springs. They are residing at Sam’s guest house. After their involvement in solving their first murder case, their business has slackened considerably. The story begins with Mary-Lynn Miller aka Millie, the editor of the local newspaper offers to send a food critic to taste their bakery products and help them revive their business.

In a turn of events, Ruby and Bee witness a huge argument between Honey Wilson, an Instagram model and a woman with a redhead. Honey is engaged to William and asks Ruby to provide Desserts for her heading. They arrange to meet at town hall for the test cupcakes and when Ruby and Bee go to see her, they stumble upon yet another dead body. Yes, Honey Wilson is dead with Ruby’s Marzipan on her face. Detective Jones despises Ruby for cracking the previous murder case and immediately comes to a conclusion, that Ruby and Bee might have offed her in a fit of revenge after Honey criticized their food.

Ruby and Bee are determined to clear their names and start investigating. There’s a twist in the tale with a break-in in the guest house, a mysterious stranger prowling at night and the discovery of an incriminating evidence against Ruby. Are you excited to know what happens next? What are you waiting for? Grab this book as soon as possible if you are a cozy mystery lover.

Three cheers to dear Rosie,

For authoring a wonderful mystery cozie.


Thank you so much for taking your precious to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊

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