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In a land of locks and wild hair,
There lived a man with a fateful dare,
He sought a cut, a stylish trim,
But little did he know, it was a world of whim.

He walked into a salon so fine,
With hope in his heart, a gleam in his eye,
The stylist, with scissors sharp and keen,
Took one look at him and stifled a scream.

She snipped and she trimmed, with delicate care,
But alas, disaster was in the air,
She shaped his hair like a pineapple crown,
Leaving him looking like a circus clown.

Oh, the horror! The shock! The disbelief!
He had to wear a hat to hide his grief,
But the wind blew strong, and off it flew,
Revealing his haircut, oh so askew.

Next came a haircut that defied all laws,
A bird's nest perched on top, full of flaws,
Feathers and twigs stuck out with pride,
Leaving everyone wondering, "What's wrong with that guy?"

But he didn't despair, he carried on,
Embracing each style, though his confidence was gone,
He tried a mullet, a mohawk, and even a bowl,
Leaving people bewildered, with laughter they rolled.

But amidst the laughter and the tears,
He found joy in embracing his hair fears,
For he realized that beauty lies within,
And a bad haircut can't diminish his grin.

So let us celebrate the world's worst hair,
For it brings laughter and stories to share,
Embrace the chaos, the wild and untamed,
And remember, it's just hair, not to be blamed!

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