Hi Friends,

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Yesterday I went to see Qurum Or Al Qurum beach which is one of the longest beaches in the country. Its coastline extends upto 4 kms. into water when there is a low tide. The sea water is so crystal clear that you can see the contents underwater. Here’s a pic of an exotic sunset.

The waves are very gentle here. There’s a stream running in the midst of the beach which joins the sea. We happened to wade through the stream and let the waves embrace us.

I can’t get enough of this beautiful scenery. I also saw a couple of men riding a camel and leading it to the waves where they stood on its humps before diving into the water. This is cruelty to an animal.

Now another beautiful view of sun’s reflection in water.

There’s a small park near the beach with beautiful palm trees.

My mom gave me a great scare. She actually slipped and fell into the water. Thankfully, the water level was shallow and only small waves were coming towards us.

Oman is a beautiful place and I am thoroughly enjoying my trip. Hope someday, all of you may make a trip to Muscat, Oman.


Thank you so much for taking your precious to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊


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