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It hurts when people remind you of your mistakes in the past. 
They take time to appreciate your achievements, but their criticism is fast. 
They lash out at you for your failures as if you have committed a crime. 
They forget that there's something to change your destiny. It's called time. 

Their tongues lash out at you if you seek their financial aid. 
And look upon you as their servant or maid. 
Your success is what matters to them. 
If you are wealthy, you are a real gem. 

Money does play an important role. 
But humanity makes our lives whole. 
You can't take money into your grave. 
Greed for money is a dangerous sea wave. 

Money exposes the real faces of our kith and kin. 
Some of them think that poverty is a sin. They think that if you don't earn enough money, you are committing a crime. 
They forget that the world's greatest healer is time. 



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