Book review.

Are you getting bored? Do you need an edge of the seat, hard to put down thriller? Look no further, as Author Anne Shillolo’s Murder at Elk Ridge will be out for release on Amazon on 19th May, 2023.

Set in Elk Ridge, a town in Canada, this book had me completely spell bound with an awesome story, excellent plot, and flawless placing of clues to keep the readers in suspense until the end and plenty of twists and turns. Wow! I am a huge fan of Anne as I am very fond of her other mystery series like Cottage Country Cozy Mysteries featuring Zora Flynn and her adorable poodle, Rocco, and DC Holly Towns Murder Mystery.
I must say that she has done a wonderful job with this brilliant book. Perfect!

The story begins with Inspector Hilary Casgrain driving upto Elk Ridge to resume her new job as an Inspector at Elk Ridge Police Department. She’s shocked to find her old nemesis, George aka Goat Rundle who welcomes her and there are introductions all around. Hilary assumes that she would be leading a peaceful life with only petty crimes to solve. Her hopes are dashed to the ground when Goat Rundle leads her to Greta Graf’s guest house for her residence but spots someone hanging on a tree branch. Rundle tells her about a serial killer, The Hangman being on the prowl and this is his third victim.

Serial killings aren’t the only crimes she needs to investigate. Hilary happens to find two more dead bodies and a series of vandalism and hate crimes. But her biggest concern is the safety of her officer Riley Mills, who resembles the victims of The Hangman. With her limited resources, can Hilary flush out the actual murderer before he could make Riley, his next prey? Many suspects surface during her investigation, but Hilary is at her wit’s end.

Murder at Elk Ridge is so gripping that it’s sure to entice you away from the idiot box. A hard to put down book which I highly recommend for lovers of great thrillers.

I thank Ms. Shillolo for providing me with this book as ARC. I am leaving an honest review in its exchange.


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