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Jack is upset after finding out that his lady love, Melanie, has dumped him for his rich friend, Robert. He is furious and planning to seek revenge. He hacks into her email ID and sends an email on her behalf to Robert which says :

Hope you are fine and your bank balance too which is definitely required to maintain my good health and face. I need cosmetics to disguise my witchlike face. Please make sure you have plenty of credit and debit cards at your disposal.
You needn’t worry about paying income tax, as I will help you get rid of your excess wealth.

Yours only for money love,

Robert becomes furious after reading this email and breaks up with her, leaving her bewildered over his decision. Jack is delighted that his trick worked. He is excited to use this trick to seek revenge from all those who wronged him. His next victim is his Ex-boss, Peter, who fired him only to give his job to his incompetent brother-in-law, Jacob.
He hacks into Peter’s Email ID and sends an email to his private secretary, Lucy, with whom he’s having an affair, despite being married to Joanna. He writes:
” Dear Lucy,
Your eyes remind me of an innocent cow and your figure is like one, too. Can you tell me how much fodder oops food do you eat in a day? Inspite of your being fat, I love you with the bottom of my heart and my wife’s bottom too. Other than your noodle like hair, your childish voice, you are very gorgeous.

I am going to get an expensive diamond necklace for your turkey like neck to make the bitch of my wife jealous and get rid of her. Unlike you, she farts frequently and snores. I am planning to send her cactus instead of a bouquet. Can’t wait to see your cartoon face.


The next day, his ex-colleague, Vincent tells him that Lucy quit her job and Joanna sent him a divorce notice. Jack becomes obsessed with playing tricks on people and continues to ruining their relationships.
His next target is Landlord, Samuel, aka Sammy who has given him eviction notice after failing to pay his rent for 3 months, as he has been jobless and managing on his meager bank balance.

As usual, he hacks his email ID and sends an email to The IRS department.

“Dear Sir/ Ma’am or Whatever,

Hope you are alive and awake. It seems to me that you come to the office only for sleeping. Well, I challenge you that you can’t get your fat asses off your comfortable chairs and search for my stashed undisclosed income in my new apartment at Madison Avenue.

Yours unfaithfully,

Jack starts offering his hacking services to the disgruntled people who have been troubled by their respective spouses, relatives, friends, employers, neighbors and so on. Within six months, he becomes wealthy. One fine day, he visits an expensive restaurant to celebrate his newly acquired wealth and property. Melanie works as a waitress there. She’s shocked to find Jack wearing an expensive suit and accompanied by a couple of blondes on his either side. However, she approaches him to take his order.

Jack sneers at her and said, ” Do you regret your decision to turn me down and opt for Robert, who has lost all his money in gambling? I must say that it was quite brave of you to openly admit that you were after his money. ” Melanie is stunned and says, ” How do you know that? It’s your dirty work, isn’t it? You had access to my email and password.” Jack laughs and says, ” You can never prove it.” Melanie vows to expose him and after taking his food order, leaves the place. Jack brags about his achievement to his admirers who listen to his boasting.

The next day, Melanie contacts Kylie, her cousin who’s an IT expert and tells her about Jack getting involved in a dangerous cyber hacking game. She tells her how he hacked her email and sent email to Robert on her behalf. She says, “I am quite sure that Jack is involved in some kind of cyber crime that has made him wealthy overnight.” Kylie reassures her, “‘I will look into it and then catch him at his own game.” Kylie uses a special software to confirm Melanie’s suspicion . She is able to find out the IP address and the location to find out Jack’s trick. She hacks into his email ID and finds that he had sent these emails to many people.She decides to teach him a lesson and sends an email with just ” ‘I know what you did.”

Jack is scared but pretends to ignore it. He keeps on receiving more emails that drive him mad and almost loses his sanity, when someone has used his Email ID to send mails to his clients which says:
” Hi dear scapegoats,
You have landed in trouble by approaching for doing your dirty deeds. If you want me to maintain your secrets, just deposit $100, 000 into my account .

You know that I am a real jerk when it comes to money.

Jack “

Jack is scared because some of his clients are too dangerous to antagonize. He sweats profusely and calls the police to confess to his crimes. He’s arrested and sentenced to an year’s imprisonment. He realizes that he had gone too far in his game of seeking revenge after becoming a victim himself. He promises to turn over a new leaf and with his good behavior gets released quite early. He gives away his ill gotten wealth as charity and enrolls in a special computer course for cyber security.

Melanie learns from Kylie about Jack’s transformation from being a villain to a hero. She also realizes that he had, in fact, done a favor by exposing Robert’s real character. Trust is the most important thing for any relationship to succeed. If he had truly loved her, he would have at least given her a chance to explain. She contacts Jack and they meet at a cafe. They apologize to each other and realize that they still love each other, despite a minor hiccup in their relationship. Jack proposes to her and Melanie accepts. Jack convinces her to join him at the Cyber security course and use their newly acquired skills wisely to save innocent victims falling prey to the treachery of greedy hackers.


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