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Hi Friends,

Today I have some questions on Mathematics which is my killer subject. First of all, I never understood the concept of inserting alphabets in Maths. Why the hell should the sum of and b squared?

( a+b) ²

Then, Sin θ, Cos θ, Cosec θ, Cot θ went Tan θ (tangent) through my head. As per a popular Hindi meme, I still don’t know where it’s being used. Folks, I am not making fun of Mathematics which is a wonderful subject. I am just trying to find out why I couldn’t play with numbers or understand the formulas.

I admit I have went to both extremes, from scoring 0 to full marks and then by God’s greatest Grace, scored 65 in 10th CBSE. According to a popular Hindi Joke,

A teacher asks his student about expanding the Term ” Maths”

And the student replies, ” Meri Aatma Tumhe Hamesha Satayegi, ” meaning my ghost will continue to haunt you.

I remember a joke from A Tamil Drama.

The hero is asked how he would divide 4 apples between 5 people and he replies, ” Give them a glass of apple juice each.”

He is asked to name 8 wild animals and he says 5 lions and 3 tigers.

Well, jokes apart, Mathematics is a fascinating subject and I sincerely wish I had numerical skills so that I would have been an engineer or a scientist.


Thank you so much for taking your precious to visit my website. Hope you enjoyed reading my blogs. 😊😊

8 thoughts on “CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY?

  1. Hahaha. Mathematics is like a fun till 8th, a little typical in 9th and 10th. And after that 80% are alphabet in Maths and 20% are numbers. Also i was introduced to all the Greek Alphabet😅😅 in graduation (like Alpha, Beta, Theta, etc.).
    Good as well as funny post👍👍🙏.

    (I think you forget to mention “a” in last line of first paragraph of the post)

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