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Author Dani Simms’ book Murder at the Cellar, a Read Between Wines Cozy Mystery featuring Avery Parker, her friends from Stammtisch and Charles stumble upon a rather exciting mystery. She’s the owner of a vineyard and an inn.
Avery is cleaning the cellar of her house when she discovers a mysterious note about the owner of Le Blanc Cellars being gone forever. Her parents had bought the property from Mr. Grier and Avery fears that something might have happened to him.

She decides to investigate and happens to discover a dead body in a barrel of wine. Has she found out Grier’s corpse? Definitely read this book as there are startling revelations that leave you absolutely stunned. You would never have imagined such a twist in the tale. This is what I love the most about Dani. She’s amazing with her cozy mysteries that I am very impressed with her incredible talent. Cozy mystery lovers can certainly go for this one too.


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