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This is yet another wonderful book in A Read Between The Wines Cozy Mystery Series. Avery Parker is one of my favorite amateur sleuths of the cozy mystery genre. I also love Avery’s close friendship with Charles and the ladies belonging to Stammtisch .

Avery Parker is a local innkeeper and a vineyard ownerowner, living in Los Robles, a small town in California. She’s about to buy cheese for her meeting with Stammtisch ladies. When she visits the cheese shop ” Cheesy Does It,” her pet, Sprinkles, leads to the dead body of the shop owner, Cederic Davis. She’s considered as a primary suspect because of the similarity between the actual murder and the one mentioned in her Late Husband James’ novel.

She has to hunt for the real murderer and the time is running very fast and other suspects emerge too, leading to a complete confusion. The twists and turns are so perfectly placed that they make the book highly interesting and enjoyable. I highly recommend this book to all the cozy mystery lovers and I am proud to say that I am hooked on to this fantastic series. I received this copy for free in advance in exchange for my honest reviews. Congratulations, dear Dani. Can’t wait for the next book.


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