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Cafe Au Slay is the second book in the Orchard Hollow series by A N Sage. I had enjoyed reading the first book ” A Grave Roast ” as well. This is a brilliant Paranormal cozy mystery and what fascinates me the most is the unique concept of having a ghost for familiar. This book is a complete entertainer with humor, suspense, thrill, and unexpected twists and turns.

Piper Addison is the proud owner of the Cafe ” Bean Me Up” in the town of Orchard Hollow where paranormals lead a secret life, hidden from the prying eyes of non magical people. The first scene is rather funny, as Piper’s new assistant, Rory, is rather clumsy as a barista after she spills coffee. It’s then that the famous author, Archer Lee and his team arrives at Piper’s Cafe. Archer Lee is planning to expose the existence of the paranormal world. When Rory tells Piper about him, she’s quite worried.

There’s a twist in the tale when Zeta Huxley, Archer’s research assistant, dies at Piper’s Cafe. The Sheriff seeks Piper’s help to investigate as he feels that a paranormal must have silenced her forever to prevent her from exposing them. Piper gets straight into the business and follows leads and clues. Unfortunately, there’s another murder. Can Piper stop the killer in time and prevent another murder? Meanwhile, there’s another mystery concerned with Piper’s life. What’s it all about?

Joe, the Vampire, proves to be a highly reliable sidekick. I would love to see romance budding between a vampire and a witch. What about you? Just when you thought that Piper,finally, nailed the culprit, you have a great surprise. To find out what happens to Piper, do grab this book that will be available on Amazon on April 24, 2023.I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


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