Book Review

This is one of the most exciting, extraordinary, brilliant crime thriller, full of nail biting suspense, spine chilling murders, and highly impossible to put down story. Author Ray Clark is a master story teller and what a fascinating read! Detective Inspector Stewart Gardner visits the first crime scene, which is the stage of Grand Theatre where the gruesome corpse of actor Leonard White, completely drained of blood, is found. The killer is a highly intelligent maniac who leaves behind a puzzling clue as if to challenge the cops to prevent the subsequent murders from happening. But more decapitated, mutilated bodies with taunting messages show up at different locations. During the course of investigation, DI Gardner finds out that his own father, Malcolm, could be one of the intended victims of the psycho killer. There are so many startling revelations and unexpected twists and turns that you would definitely get goosebumps as you turn every page. This is an absolutely flawless, perfect, mind boggling crime thriller. It’s definitely a must read for all the lovers of mysteries and great thrillers.


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