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Hairbrush With Death Ashleigh QuinnIt’s a wonderful cozy mystery by Ashleigh Quinn. While most of the cozy mysteries that I read involve either a bookshop or a bakery, it’s quite refreshing to find the protoganist, Ruby Tate owning a hair salon. I have already read Ms. Quinn’s Flower Arraignment, another cozy mystery which I found highly impressive. She’s awesome when it comes to maintaining the suspense until the end and also adding twists and turns at the appropriate places. Great work.

Ruby Tate and her friend, Ellery, work together in Ruby’s Hair Salon, Twist Ties Hair Salon at the small town of Bell Hollow, Kentucky. It’s The Annual Bell Hollow Labor Day parade. Ruby and Ellery witness an ugly public altercation between Stella Campbell and Alice Todd who have turned into foes from being best friends. Their daughters, Tinsley and Mallory, however, are best friends. Tinsley works as an assistant to Ruby. The next day, Ellery informs Ruby that Mallory’s mother, Alice, is dead. Stella, Tinsley’s mother, is the prime suspect. Tinsley is devastated by the turn of events and Ruby and Ellery assure her that they would help in the investigation of the case to bring the real killer to justice.

Things get heated when Ruby’s hair salon gets broken into twice, one of them including the warning to back off. Will Ruby find out the real culprit? There are plenty of skeletons waiting to tumble out of the closet throughout the story which makes this book highly enjoyable. I thank Author Ashleigh Quinn for the Advance Review Copy of the book in exchange for the honest review. I loved the friendly teasing between Ellery and Ruby which adds humor to the book. If you love cozy mysteries, this book will be available on Amazon on March 10th, 2023. Go for it! Congratulations to Ms. Quinn for her lovely book.


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