Can you hear me?


Women’s Day Special!

Thoughts keep popping up in my head
I wake up to some and carry some to bed

Have you ever heard whispers in your ear?
That the world seems to know it all
But at times, forgets to hear!

Let’s discuss today, What women don’t want
Let go of all inhibitions and let’s chat about all taunts

She’s sooooo thin. She’s so fat!
Seem to be the usual crap

Clothes are another issue
Irrespective of whether they are made of denim or tissue
Too wide, too low
hemlines continuously take a blow

The Biological clock is ticking
But my dreams just began clicking

Who is the perfect person? What’s the right time?
Let me make my own decisions. They may be right or wrong; but they’re mine

If I talk about Periods, why do you shut me up?
It’s my choice to use a pad or a…

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