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Sunny had to think for a way to escape from Ahmed’s fury. What kind of test would he conduct? Would it be something dangerous and could prove fatal? Sunny had an idea. First, he had to prove Ahmed that he was loyal. Some of his men already hated Sunny for his extreme closeness to Ahmed. Sunny called his friend from the Army, Dinesh, and said, “I need your help. I am going to create a toy gadget to make Ahmed believe that I am loyal to him. I will give you a missed call and then you have to contact the media to air the fake news of bomb explosion in Jantar Mantar killing at least 50 people. Please contact the relevant authorities and seek their approval.This is the first and the last time, we will air the news. I will win over Ahmed’s trust and then hypnotize him to conduct a special test for his other followers. You are already aware of my other invention. By the end of this week, I will pack them off to hell.” Dinesh was hesitant as spreading a rumor or fake news was highly risky but his best friend’s life was at stake. He agreed to his proposal. After ending his conversation with Dinesh, he contacted Inspector Shashank and briefed him about his next course of action. Though it wasn’t needed, Sunny thought of keeping his good friend in loop.

Sunny paid one of the guards to buy lunch for him. The guard was cursing him in Urdu but did as he was told. Meanwhile, Sunny had assembled some materials. He tried to keep himself busy by working on his pretend project. Ahmed happened to pass through his room and merely nodded. It was evident from his face that he was upset over the loss of two of his best men. He was determined to find out who the traitor was!

Later that evening, Ahmed happened to pass by Sunny’s room when he yelled, ” Hurray! My work is over. My experiment is successful. Let me give it a trial. ” Ahmed was quite intrigued and entered his room with excitement quite evident on his face. Sunny welcomed him and said, ” Please have a seat and watch my experiment. It’s time to avenge the loss of our brothers and sisters.” His gadget look like a miniature version of cannon. It had a timer and a compass. Instead of pointing the directions, it had key monuments listed in the compass dial. He was working on his pretend project as Ahmed held his breath for so long that Sunny nearly thought he had died.

One of his men came rushing towards Sunny’s room and said excitedly, ” Boss, you need to come and watch this.” Ahmed was puzzled. Nevertheless, he followed him and there, on the television, was the news reporter reading out the fake news of a bomb explosion. Ahmed was thrilled. He was so happy that he hugged and nearly kissed the messenger.

Suddenly, he realized that it was Sunny’s latest invention that did the trick and cursed himself for doubting his intentions. He went to Sunny’s room and thanked him for his crazy gadget. He continued to rant, ” I apologize for casting aspersions on your ability and nature. This is the best news of the day. Name your reward and it shall be yours.” Sunny reminded him of his loyalty test and said, ” We still have to find out the mile and punish. I have just the test for you. He took out the remote and showed it to him.

Sunny said, ” If I press the button on this remote, it will open the door to another place. If your soldiers are devoted to you, they will come back unharmed. If not, then you will know who’s the actual culprit.” Ahmed was ecstatic over this suggestion as well. He grinned and replied, ” You are a real genius. Ajmal and Shafeeq did the right thing by introducing you to us. I accept your suggestions.” Sunny smiled at him. So far, everything went according to his plan. He kept his fingers crossed with the hope that the final act, too, went off without any hitch.

He could not sleep that night. No one would have imagined that his tiny gadgets could get rid of a whole bunch of terrorists. He tried to read an ebook and eventually fell asleep.

The next day, Ahmed called everyone to assemble outside in the open ground adjacent to their hideous den. Their group consisted of 15 men. Ahmed addressed them, ” Dear Friends, I have no doubt that all of you are loyal to me but to prove your loyalty, you are required to undergo a small test. Dr. Sunny, here, is going to open the door which would lead to someplace just like a portal in the magical world. Those who are loyal would come back unharmed.” And the test started. One by one, every one was sucked into the black hole. Ahmed lost his temper. He looked furiously at Sunny, ” ‘I think you have deliberately misled me. What did you do to my men? I need them right now.”

Sunny chuckled, ” If you are missing your men so much, why don’t you join them? ” Ahmed’s eyes widened in horror as Sunny rushed at him in full force and pushed him inside the vortex where his body was torn apart before entering the black hole.” Dr.Sunny Sharma had achieved an impossible feat. He had completely annihilated a group of dreadful terrorists. No one dare to enter his motherland and try to harm his fellow citizens. With the help of his inventions, he proved to be a monster for the terrorists.

Dr. Sunny conveyed the grand success of his plan to his dear friends. Inspector Shashank and SI Govind went to the location of the slain terrorists’ hideout. He got a rousing welcome from everyone. He received the State Bravery award from the Chief Minister. His assistant, Lavanya, beamed at him in pride. After the conclusion of the award ceremony, Sunny did what no other scientists would do. He destroyed his inventions and burned the formulas so that no one could ever think of misusing them. His patriotism towards his country mattered more to him than his inventions.


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  1. Wow! He destroyed his inventions… Dear Aparna I was bitting my nails, thank’as for share.
    Amazing post! Great work! Have a lovely day full of all the things makes you happy!


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