Angoor ( grapes) is a 1982 Bollywood movie which had me in splits. The movie is a rib tickling comedy and you can’t stop laughing until the end.

This movie was written and directed by renowned Hindi lyricist Gulzaar and based on Shakespeare’s famous play, ” Comedy Of Errors”.

The star cast include Sanjeev Kumar ( Double Role) Deven Verma ( Double Role) Moushumi Chatterjee, and Deepti Naval. All the actors have done an amazing job. Hats off to the late Sanjeev Kumar, the hero, whose facial expressions and exceptional acting skills for making this movie highly entertaining.

The movie is about two sets of identical twins who were split up at birth, and how their lives spiral out of control when they meet as adults.

With their twin kids, whom they both refer to as Ashok, Raj Tilak (Utpal Dutt) and his wife (Shammi) are travelling. Mr. Tilak argues that since they have the same appearance, they should be referred to as the same. As luck would have it, they also adopt another set of twins, naming both Bahadur. The family is then split up by a sad accident, leaving each parent with one child out of each set of twins.

As they grow up into adults, Ashok (Sanjeev Kumar) marries Sudha (Moushumi Chatterjee) and Bahadur (Deven Verma) marries Prema (Aruna Irani). Sudha’s younger sister Tanu (Deepti Naval) also stays with them. Fate has more confusion in store for them as the other pair of Ashok and Bahadur happen to visit the same city. These two are bachelors. This Ashok pretends to be a detective and Bahadur is his able assistant.

The chaos begins when Ashok ( the married) has an argument with his wife Sudha over an expensive necklace. He vows not to return home until he gets the necklace for her. It’s getting late and he doesn’t return home. Prema sends Bahadur to search for Ashok and he too doesn’t come back. Meanwhile, Tanu ( Sudha’s sister) is singing in a concert and is stunned to find Ashok and Bahadur ( Bachelors) mistaking them to be her brother in law and domestic help. She forcibly takes them home and the hell breaks loose.

This situational comedy is one of my most favorite movies of all time. I have watched it over 10 to 15 times. Yet, I can’t control my laughter. If you ever feel low or depressed, watch this movie and you will refreshed again.

Hope you liked my movie review which I haven’t done for a long time.


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