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Author Karen McSpade continues to weave her magic with A Meowing Suspicion. This whole series is so charming and magical that I feel as if I am under a spell of a wonderful paranormal cozy . Karen is certainly gifted with the ability to weave spectacular magic with the words.

In the previous book, Feline Like A Suspect, I mentioned the changes in Sidney’s Mom, Julia Mae who seems to be doing well in the ‘Ben Chalmers Mini-Golf Invitational Tournament.” Sidney feels that her mom has been acting weird, more, like she is under the influence of a spell cast by the wily, Sam Barlow. Later, Ben’s ghost prompts her to follow him at night to the Beach where she is shocked to find Eduardo Fitch and Shirley Yao in a secret meeting. She stays hidden and overhears their conversation. They are trying to use unfair means by planting devices on the hole meant for the golf.

The story continues now with Sidney entering the area where Ben’s ghost and her Grandfather had repeatedly urged her to look for. She’s shocked to retrieve a Flash drive. She thinks, probably, this is why Ben was killed. She’s unable to find out more as she’s unable to enter the correct password.

Sidney needs her granny’s help to crack the password. When she’s on the way to meet her. A strange sight greets her. A tall beefy man, is handing an envelope to Judd, a former astronaut and Ernie’s friend. Sidney finds it highly suspicious because Judd tries to hide it when Ernie turns up. What secret could Judd be hiding?

Can Sidney and her granny discover the truth behind Ben’s Murder and find out what was in the flash drive that got him killed? Will Sidney be able to save her Mom from Sam’s clutches? There’s a shocking twist that’s going to send a chill down spine. No, I am not going to say what it is! Find out more by grabbing this book.

This fantastic book will be available on Amazon on 21st February, 2023. Please do not miss it because things are getting hotter in The Crystal Beach Paranormal Cozy mysteries . I thank Karen for this highly entertaining book and am leaving an honest review in its exchange.


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