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Sunny’s charming disposition won over the hardcore leader of the militants. Shafeeq and Ajmal’s envy and hatred for Sunny grew day by day. Sunny was quick enough to notice the change which could spell disaster for his dangerous mission. He knew that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill him. He had no choice except to silence them forever. It would serve a dual purpose. He would avenge the death of his friend and his family plus he would be able to save his own skin until he gets caught. It was nearly a week after the safe return of the captured militants. Nobody was hostile towards him, except these two. He conceived a plan to eliminate these two.

Nearly a week had passed, since Sunny joined the group. Ajmal and Shafeeq were planning to eliminate Sunny without rousing any suspicion from their boss, Ahmed. They had to make it look like an accident. Sunny had overheard their plans to get rid of him and regain their boss’s confidence. He was busy sketching the design of his next weapon when he saw Shafeeq and Ajmal laughing outside his room. He decided to surprise them and left his work to meet them. He said, ” Hello, there! I was getting bored. So, I thought ‘I would join your conversation.” The deadly duo looked at each other. Sunny chuckled, ” Judging by the expression on your faces, I would better mind my own business. Can you get me tea and snacks?” He handed them 500 bucks and asked them to keep the change. They grumbled but took the money from him. When they came back, Shafeeq handed him a thermos filled with tea and some pastries. Sunny took this opportunity to use his invention on him. First, he clicked the mind reader ( Yellow Button). He could hear his thoughts. Shafeeq was thinking, ” Enjoy your stay for a couple of days more and then be prepared to meet your creator.” Sunny suppressed a chuckle and then, pressed the red button to hypnotize him.

Sunny had listened to Ahmed’s conspiracy of planting a bomb near Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. He thought of a plan to foil their bid and pin the blame on one of their comrades. He said, ” Look into my eyes carefully. You will now obey my orders. Steal Ajmal’s mobile phone from his pocket and contact this number. Tell them that a bomb has been planted in Jantar Mantar which is scheduled to go off in an hour. Replace the phone without his knowledge, into his pocket. ” Shafeeq was hypnotized. He acted like a zombie. He saw Ajmal watching a cricket match on TV. He crept behind him stealthily and took out the mobile from his pocket. He came out and dialled the number given by Sunny to inform them about a possible bomb blast. He came back and put back the phone into his pocket. Ajmal didn’t even notice that someone had taken his mobile. Shafeeq met Sunny and told him that he had completed the mission. Shafeeq would be under the hypnotic state for the next 24 hours unless Sunny snapped him out of his present state.

Sunny had no intention of doing so. He dismissed Shafeeq, asking him to take rest for the day. Meanwhile, Sunny received a text message on his Smartwatch from Dinesh, thanking him for averting a great tragedy. Due to the phone call received, his officers were able to reach on time to diffuse the bomb. Sunny sent him a thumbs up emoji and deleted the messages. An hour later, there was a huge uproar and Ahmed yelled, ” How did our plan fail? Who informed the police about our plans? ” Ajmal thought this was the perfect opportunity to pin the blame on Sunny and get him killed. He said, ” Boss, Sunny, the scientist, must be the spy working for the armed forces. He must have informed them.” Ahmed replied, ” Are you out of your mind? That guy is all for seeking revenge and is now working on a special project for us. What proof do you have on his involvement? ” Just then, Shafeeq entered the room, and Ajmal whispered his perfect plan to get rid of Sunny. Shafeeq said, ” Boss, we do have a black sheep among us.” Ajmal nodded gleefully as he thought that his partner would name Sunny. The grin soon faded as Shafeeq said, ” Boss, the mole is none other than our Ajmal. I caught him speaking to someone over the phone.” Ajmal cried, ” What’s wrong with you? Has the new guy bribed you to lie about me? I am innocent. Please check my mobile. I never called anyone.” Ahmed picked his mobile and saw an unknown number. He re-dialled it and heard Dinesh ‘s voice, ” Hello, Army Headquarters, Major Dinesh Mathur speaking.” Ahmed was livid. He yelled, ” You lying bastard. How dare you accuse an innocent man? ” He took out his sword and with one swoop, beheaded Ajmal. His head rolled off and his torso fell at his feet. He was still glowing in fury. “Dispose off his body,” he ordered, as Shafeeq and a couple of men buried him.

Sunny remained hidden in his room. He realized that the danger was far from over as long as Shafeeq lived. He had to get rid of him or else he would come to his senses the next day and blabber about his hidden invention. As soon as Shafeeq returned, Sunny spotted him and offered his condolences. He was still under a hypnotic state. So, Sunny issued another order. He said, ” Now, you are going to write a suicide note and confess to your crime for having falsely implicated Ahmed as it was you who informed the army officer. And then hang yourself.” Shafeeq simply nodded. He wrote a suicide note and hung himself after a while.
When his friend, Mushtak, entered his room, he screamed aloud, ” Ya Allah! Not you too, Shafeeq.” Just then he noticed a piece of paper on the table that was fluttering under a paper weight. He lifted it and was shocked to read the content. He rushed to show this message to his boss. Ahmed thundered, ” This traitor cost me my most trusted servant. ‘I won’t tolerate betrayal. Tomorrow I am going to conduct the test of loyalty. Those who fail the test would be done to death, Am ‘I clear? ” His followers nodded out of fear.

Sunny was sweating profusely. He had gotten himself into trouble. What would be Sunny’s fate? Would he pass the test Or lose his life? Check out the next episode of The Scientist Who Turned into a Monster.


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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! a bomb, dangerous mission… Dear Aparna, Iยดm biting my nails, thank’s for share your talent. Amazing post! Have a wonderful day full of all the thingsmake you happy!


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