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Author Ess Harelson has come up with a beautiful paranormal cozy mystery. This is another refreshing story that does involve magic, talking to a raven, and psychic visions with a mystery and an unsolved mystery.
Siobhan O’Hurlihy works as a teacher in Polk Middle School, Goldburgh, Colorado. She had a rough childhood with her mom, Serena, leaving her and her father, Mickey, when Siobhan was a kid and her father’s alcohol addiction. She only has her Maternal Aunt Louise to help her. But Siobhan is no ordinary woman. She has special magical powers. She can see people’s aura and could sniff out if someone lied. Without realizing it, she makes things happen as per her wish.
The story begins with Siobhan celebrating the beginning of school holidays with her colleagues, Jennifer, Christina and Denny and the local handsome cop Rick joins them .

The next day, one of her students Mo, short for Guillermo, comes to her, offering to mow her lawn for his pocket money. But Her lawn mower is broken down and Mo suggests that she could accompany him to get the mower repaired by his Uncle Shorty who’s wearing an ankle bracelet due to his frequent brush up with law enforcement. They visit Mountain Vista Trailer Park where Mo lives.

Siobhan is practising her morning run along nature trail crossing Banker Street and accidentally stumbles upon the dead body of a young girl. The crows, ravens, and other birds have already started pecking at her body. She throws up and is also shocked to find Mo coming along the same path. To prevent him from the trauma of a body, she converses with him after having called 911 to which Rick responds.

Siobhan’s internal voice keeps insisting on seeking justice for the dead woman identified as Rebecca Hope. She frequently visits Mo, his rude sister Tasha, Uncle Shorty and his mother but they warn her not to interfere in the ongoing police investigation. She learns that Rebecca or Becca was Tasha’s friend in school. A guy named Mark has dated both Becca and Tasha. Is it him? Or is there a bigger secret that got her killed?
Besides, she keeps getting visions of the body in the woods. The best part of the story is her friendship with a raven with whom she can communicate telepathically. It’s a good story and I would give it 5 out of 5 for the perfect and the unexpected twist in the tale but more so for the secret behind her mom Serena’s mysterious disappearance.


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