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Finally, it was over. Blood was splattered all over the wall. There had been a fierce battle for survival and in the end……… Archana Khandve had the last laugh. She had managed to snatch the weapon from the stranger and plunged it straight into his heart like a mad woman. She noticed the unconscious Radhika and gave a wicked smile. She considered murdering her as well fearing her secret would be out. Right now, Radhika’s life was too valuable. She had to live until……

She called an ambulance as well as the police. Inspector Subhash and his men took over the investigation as one of the lady constables probed Archana. She used her exemplary acting skills to put on the emotions of a woman badly affected by the trauma of killing someone in self-defense. She sobbed and sniffled, ” ‘I….. I am sorry. I couldn’t help it. This man came out of nowhere, attacked my friend Radhika, and was about to murder me as well. I wrestled the knife out of him and in the scuffle that followed, I had stabbed him accidentally. Please believe me. ” The blood splatters on the wall told a different story. Inspector Subhash said, ” Don’t worry, Ma’am. I am sure you did it in self-defense. But ‘we have to complete certain legal formalities. It would be better if you call your lawyer and give your statement in his presence. ” The paramedics arrived and removed the corpse of the stranger from the floor. A couple of them checked Radhika’s vitals and got her admitted to the hospital. This was the second time since Amit’s death, that Radhika was hospitalized.

Inspector Subhash took Archana’s statement and let her go. He also called Forensic Experts to gather evidence that corroborated Archana’s story. Later, he visited Radhika in the hospital. She had regained consciousness. She asked, ” How did I end up here? ” Inspector Subhash probed,” Don’t you remember anything before you got hurt and lost your consciousness?” Radhika said, ” I am sorry I can’t remember anything except a powerful blow to my head and every thing became dark. Before that, I was in the kitchen preparing tea for my friend Archana. That’s it.”He noted down her statement and advised her to take complete rest.

His next stop was Neeraj’s school. Neeraj was summoned to the Principal’s office where Subhash was waiting for him. Neeraj looked alarmed and asked, “What’s wrong, Inspector? What happened to my mom? Is she alright?” Inspector Subhash gave a weak smile, “‘I wish I could say everything is alright. But someone attacked your mom and she’s in the hospital. She’s completely alright and it’s just a concussion. Your mom must be a strong woman to survive a strong attack like that. I am really sorry. I should not have withdrawn the security. It seems you and your mother are still facing a great risk from Amit’s possible murderer.”

Neeraj was baffled. He said, ” But you already have his murderer in the police custody, right? Or has he become a fugitive?” The inspector was searching for an appropriate answer as Neeraj was waiting for the answer. The principal shook his head and said, “‘I think you should be with your mother until she recovers. I will ask your class teacher to help you with your notes.”

Neeraj went back to his classroom to walk out with the backpack. The principal advised the Inspector to be more tactful in his approach while conveying bad news on his Mom. The Inspector waited for Neeraj to come out. As soon as he came out, he bombarded the Inspector with a string of questions. Subhash said, ” The main accused is still behind bars. The guy who attacked your mom must be his accomplice.” Neeraj questioned, ” Have you arrested him? ” Subhash didn’t know how to tell him that his house was now a crime scene with blood all over the walls in the living room.

He decided to tell him the truth. ” The guy won’t bother you because he’s dead. Your house is now officially a crime scene.” He went on to explain how the stranger had sneaked into the house and struck his mother on the head. He made it to the living room and saw Archana speaking to someone on the phone. They had a fight and Archana killed him in self-defense.

In spite of the dreadful incident, Neeraj looked quite excited. “Wow! That’s brave of Archana aunty, “he quoted, “Is the bloodstain still there on the walls? I have never seen a real crime scene. It’s so cool. I would like to take some snaps and post it on the Facebook. My friends would be so jealous of me.” The Inspector gave him a stern look and admonished him, ” There’s nothing cool about a murder. I didn’t know you were so insensitive, son. Murder or killing someone is never cool. You don’t understand the value of loss of a life. What if it was your mother instead of her attacker? Then, you would think twice before posting it on Facebook, right? “

Neeraj was ashamed of himself. He mumbled a quick apology. The inspector said, “‘I think it would be better if you and your mother stay with me for a while until things cool down.” Neeraj hesitated initially but agreed. The inspector said, ” Let’s visit your home and get your things packed along with your mother’s.” They went to Neeraj’s house where he was stumped to find bloodstains on the wall. The Inspector was right. Getting murdered was not only scary but also it made him throw up. The Inspector tried to stifle his grin as he watched Neeraj coming out of the toilet and going straight to his bedroom. He took out the special notebook and kept it inside his school bag. He had a nagging feeling that his dead father was right. The danger was far from over. As he tried to replay the Inspector’s version of the scary incident in his mind, he found some loopholes quite disturbing. He felt that his father was right all along.

Inspector Subhash was supposed to be his hero and Archana aunty, a role model. Both of them had saved his mother’s life at different points of time. He decided to give them the benefit of doubt but also be alert for any kind of weird behavior by them. After getting his luggage, and his mother’s, he couldn’t help but ask, ” Could you please show the pic of the dead guy? It’s possible that I might be able to identify him.”

Subhash showed the pic of the dead guy. Neeraj didn’t recognize him. Without any further communication, Neeraj locked the house and handed the keys to the Inspector. While he had dinner with the Inspector at his house, he had an idea. He thought of writing it down on the special notebook. He wrote :
I wish I get to see the real culprits in this bloodbath.

He opted to skip school for the day and went to visit his mother in the hospital. The mother -son duo chatted for a while. Radhika felt tired and took a small nap, while Neeraj gazed out of the window. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wanted to scream in horror. What did he see that terrified him so much? Did the special notebook grant his wish to uncover the mask of the real culprit or culprits? Watch out for the next episode of the Special Notebook as it takes another interesting and unexpected turn.


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