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Author Karen McSpade has done it yet again. She has successfully managed to keep her readers intrigued with her second book in the Crystal Beach Paranormal cozy mystery, ‘ Claw of Attraction.’ Wow, I love the way, she drafts her stories and splits them into short books and ends them at such an interesting point that you can’t help but look forward to the next instalment and buy it to continue the story from where it ended in the previous one. Wow! This entire series is too good to be missed. Excellent work, dear Karen.
In Catch Scratch Murder, Sidney Grace, a reporter working for Living It Large in Boston magazine, rushes to help her maternal grandma Ada Mae who’s been arrested on the suspicion of murdering her friend, Marie Beauchamp. Besides being a nosy reporter, she’s also a witch who has discovered her power to see ghosts just like her granny. She finds out the real killer and now the story continues in Claw of Attraction. Her grandma is missing. Fearing her safety, she seeks the help of Ernie and when she goes to her grandma’s room, she’s shocked to find an astonishing sight? What’s it? Will her grandma live or die? Who was Marie’s killer?

To find out what happens next, just get Claw of Attraction. The story progresses as Sidney accidentally bumps into her old flame, Ben Chalmers in a grocery store, Eternity Foods. They promised to meet but then there’s an unexpected twist in the tale. Another body turns up while the Crystal Beach Mini-Golf Invitational Tournament is in progress. The suspense builds up and there’s tension and excitement. Sidney is in for a great shock. Will she be able to solve this one? Or something else is on the cards. Suspense, excitement, thrill, makes this book a perfect paranormal cozy mystery. Definitely deserves a five-star rating. This book will be available on Amazon on January 24, 2023. Do grab it and enjoy a great read.


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