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Neeraj got ready to school. He didn’t want Radhika to know about his near escape from the jaws of death. A policeman was standing guard outside his house. Neeraj just told her that the police thought it was a good idea to provide them with security, as the killer might be hunting for the remaining links to Amit.

Meanwhile, Radhika’s curiosity couldn’t be contained. She tried questioning Neeraj about the missing diary. He told her, “Mom, that diary is an important evidence linked to Amit’s death.So, I handed it over to the police. Don’t you want his killer to be caught? Besides, he might come to finish us off. ” Radhika sighed, ” Ok. If that’s what you insist. But I am dying to know what kind of secrets Amit was hiding from me? Don’t you think I am entitled to learn the truth? “

Neeraj didn’t respond. He simply shrugged and went to school with one of the security cops following him to school. Radhika called Archana ( Amit’s ex-wife) and arranged to meet her in a cafe. As she was about to step out of the house, someone hit her on the head. Everything blacked out. When she woke up, she was in a dilapidated warehouse, with her hands and feet firmly bound with tight ropes. She had a handkerchief stuffed in her mouth. She had a splitting headache and was struggling like a fish caught in the net.

She heard someone laughing at her. He said, ” Welcome to my paradise, honey! I must say Amit had great taste in women. Look at you! Who could guess that such a precious beauty would be a mother of a fifteen-year-old boy.” Radhika was too shocked to see her kidnapper. “This couldn’t be true,” she muttered under her breath, ” I must be dreaming. It might be a concussion.” The kidnapper chuckled, ” Unfortunately, you aren’t dreaming. You didn’t expect me, am I right? Don’t you ever read mystery novels? The criminal usually turns out to be the one whom you suspect the least.” He removed her gag and she burst out, ” What did I ever do to you? Why have you kidnapped me? I am all my son has got. How much money do you want?”

The kidnapper shook his head and said, ” Tsk… Tsk. I appreciate your maternal love. But my freedom is more important to me than your foolish sentiments. No, I am not going to discuss my plans with you. I am going to make your son do my dirty work.” He gagged her again and left her struggling to get free from the tight ropes that were beginning to hurt her.

Neeraj finished his school and came back home. He was astonished to find no one standing guard. The door was ajar. Fearing the worst, he dropped the school bag and rushed in, followed by the cop. His mom’s handbag was lying on the floor with its content spread all over. He checked all the rooms and started panicking to find her missing. He cried in agony and dropped on to the couch. The cop went to fetch a glass of water and offered it to him. ” Why’s everyone after my mom? ” he wailed, “What does this sick bastard want? “
” Now, now! Young man, “said the friendly cop, ” Take a deep breath and relax. I have already called Subhash sir. He will be here any moment. Don’t you worry. Inspector Subhash will rescue your mother.” The place was soon swarmed with cops and fingerprint experts. As Neeraj sobbed over a cup of hot cocoa, the landline began to ring. Subhash put it on speaker. ” Hello, Inspector, ” chuckled an evil voice, ” It’s good that you answered the phone instead of this bitch’s son.” Neeraj seethed in rage. He yelled, ” Mind your language, you skunk. If I get my hands on you, I will pack you to hell if you ever dared to hurt my mother.” Inspector Subhash signalled him to keep quiet as he started to speak, “Let’s cut out the crap. What’s your demand for the ransom?” The kidnapper replied, ” That’s a wise move, Inspector. Better tell that hot headed boy to hold back his tongue if he wants to see his mom alive. Well, I heard you have an interesting diary in your possession. Just hand it over to me and the lady is yours. Do not try to trace my call. Drop the diary at the Old Godown near Wadala by 10 PM tonight. Radhika will be home before dawn.”

Inspector Subhash said, ” Alright, it’s a deal.” He disconnected the call. Neeraj was worried. Subhash said, ” Don’t you worry. I promise to make sure your mother is safe.” He left with his men as Neeraj was wondering over his mom’s fate.

The next morning, Inspector Subhash arrived carrying Radhika in his arms. She was too weak to walk. Neeraj was delighted to see his mom but then his grin was quickly replaced by lines of worry. ” What happened, Inspector?” he questioned as Subhash gently lay her on the couch. He winked at Neeraj, ” Don’t you worry. She’s tired because of her traumatic experience yesterday. I can’t share the police secrets with you. She’s safe for now and so are you. We have caught her kidnapper. He’s safely behind bars. Just relax. There’s nothing to worry about. However, I would still advise you not to be complacent and let your guard down.” The inspector was about to leave when Neeraj suddenly hugged him. He said, ” I can’t thank you enough for saving my mom. What about the diary? ‘I guess the killer must be having the last laugh.” The inspector grinned, ” Thank you so much for your confidence in the police. Do you really think we would have compromised with an important evidence? I have my own way of solving the case. Be rest assured, you can now continue to lead a normal life.”

Neeraj thanked him as he saw his favorite cop walking off in style. He had a newfound respect for him. He considered him a hero, next to his father. Later that night, he wanted to talk to his father and tell him that he was wrong. He picked up his special notebook and wrote :
Dad, meet me tonight.

It was well past midnight when a strong wind blew and his father’s soul appeared before him. Pranav was still looking worried and said, ” Thank God! You summoned me. I know the reason behind your call. But the danger is not over yet.” Neeraj didn’t look convinced and replied, ” Though you were right about our lives being in danger, with my near accident and Mom’s kidnapping, Inspector Subhash rescued both of us. He told me that the kidnapper was behind bars. The kidnapper has to be the murderer, right? Because he demanded the diary as the ransom. ” Pranav said, ” You are wrong, my champion detective. Don’t you see the common link between your accident and your mom’s kidnapping? “

Suddenly, it dawned on Neeraj. He said, ” No dad. It can’t be…… “

Watch out for the next upcoming thrilling episode of The Special Notebook for more dramatic turns.


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  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! OMG! Suspense, stop story in the exactly moment…
    Dear Aparna, amazing work, can’t wait for read the next. Thnak’s for share.
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