A Murder Spells Trouble

A Murder Spells Trouble by K.J. Emrick and S.J.Wells is a fabulous paranormal cozy  mystery that casts a special charm on the readers. The book’s strong plot and unique characters along with the unexpected twists and turns, extremely thrilling revelations and very high element of suspense weave such a strong magic that I am spellbound.

The Kilorian Sisters,  Addie, Kiera, and Willow are three powerful witches and the guardians of Shadow Lake that falls between Bellewood and Birch Hollow. The story begins with a young man, Alan Pierson, driving down a lonely road to locate his biological parents in Shadow Lake. He meets with an accident and a mysterious woman comes to his rescue.

Addie Kilorian,  who owns the Hot Cauldron Cafe and has Darla assisting her, closes her cafe for the day for a scheduled family meeting with her sisters at Stonecrest, their family home, with her familiar cat, Doyle. On the way, she meets Donna, a terrified traveler, who says she has stumbled across a dead body in the woods. Addie follows her to the spot as Donna calls 911.Addie makes sure that Donna is far away before performing her basic magic. She uses her magical power to invoke the deceased’s ghost who says that she was Esmeralda Norris, one of the richest families of the town. The other rich family is the Raithmores. The Police Detective, Lucian Knight, meets Addie who offers her help in the investigation.

What follows next is so exciting and mind blowing that one can’t give up reading for a moment. This is a must read book and definitely highly recommended for the lovers of paranormal cozy mysteries.


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