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Anamika was too scared to open the door. Her sons, Mayank and Ayan, thought of calling the police but they had no time as the intruders forcibly broke open the door. “Who are you?” asked Ayan, mustering his courage, ” What do you want? Aren’t you ashamed of barging in to threaten a recently widowed woman? ” One of the men sneered and said, ” We are so mannerless. We forgot to introduce ourselves. We are your father’s friends, Shafeeq and Ajmal. He is missing you in heaven or hell. So, we have come to fulfill his last wish.”

The brothers were furious and tried to defend their mother by launching an attack on the terrorists. But one of them took out a remote control from his pocket and pressed a button. It opened a vortex and they overpowered Harsh’s sons to push them into the black hole where their bodies were ripped apart and Anamika let out an ear piercing scream. The men threw her into the vortex and pressed the remote again to close it. Finally, they made the whole family disappear without a trace and Sunny would be ending up in Jail for the crimes committed by them.

They were so ecstatic over the success of their plan that they failed to notice a young woman watching their misdeed, hiding behind one of the doors. She was so scared that she could hardly breathe. Smita could not believe whatever she had seen. They went out laughing like maniacs.

Meanwhile, Sunny was enjoying his vacation in Nainital. He had no idea that he had lost a friend who turned out to be a traitor. He enjoyed the sightseeing tour for the day and returned to his room in the guest house by evening. He had been staying there for nearly five days. He had not yet spoken to Harsh to check on him. He dialled Harsh’s number which was switched off. ” He must be a busy man, ” chuckled Sunny and thought of calling him later.

Inspector Shashank Khare tried calling Harshavardhan’s wife and sons. But none of them picked their mobiles. ” Strange,” he thought, “Why is no one answering his or her mobile?” He took a couple of men with him and went to Harsh’s house after sending Harsh’s body for postmortem. He rang the doorbell but no one responded. He tried to knock but the door was slightly ajar. He was alarmed. Had these people something to do with Harsh’s death? But why would they kill Harsh? And why have they fled the city if they were innocent? He was cautious to wear gloves before entering in. He and his men were surprised to find that there was no sign of vandalism or foul play. Everything was in order and in a pristine condition. One of his men saw a pair of legs sticking out from the kitchen door. ” Sir, ” he yelled as Shashank and the other constable rushed towards him. The constable who had found Harsh’s domestic help, Smita, said, ” She’s alive. I think she witnessed something too scary and fainted.” He fetched a glass of water and sprinkled over her face. She opened her eyes and appeared to be in a complete shock. Shashank helped her sit on the nearest chair. He asked Constable Ajit to prepare tea for all. He made her feel comfortable and take a deep breath. As soon as they had tea, Smita told them an unbelievable tale of two men clicking on a remote and some door like thing opening and her employees getting ripped apart down the black hole. Shashank said, ” Miss Smita, thank you for your help. But I think you might have had a concussion. This science fiction story that you told me is hardly believable.” Smita smiled feebly, ” It’s not your fault, Saheb ( Sir). Anyone in your place would come to the same conclusion. I found it difficult to believe my own eyes. But I can prove my statement. There’s a CCTV installed in the living room. You are welcome to check the footage.”

Inspector Shashank switched on Ayan’s laptop and started viewing the footage from early morning 5.30 AM. They forwarded the recording to 8.30 AM. They witnessed the usual family drama of breaking down on hearing the news of Harsh’s death. Around 9 AM, they perked up after watching two goons forcing their way in and pointing the guns at the family. Shashank stopped the recording to watch their faces and took a screenshot in his phone. He would issue an APB for the deadly duo. Their faces reeked of evilness. But Inspector Shashank and his men had not anticipated the subsequent scenes which had them almost petrified. Smita was telling the truth. Shashank resisted the urge to puke after witnessing three humans getting torn into pieces and ending up in a black hole. The hole closed after one of the men pressed the button.

Inspector Shashank was furious, ” How the hell did they end up with that gadget like thing? I have a good mind to arrest the irresponsible idiot of a scientist who left his invention lying around carelessly? ” He asked Ajit to check the social media accounts and the call records of the entire family. He was determined to interrogate the person responsible for a family getting wiped out.

Shafeeq and Ajmal headed to a nearby pub to celebrate the success of their mission. Their boss, Ahmed called them and said, ” Where the hell are you? ” Shafeeq grinned like an idiot and said, ” We are at Minerva Pub to celebrate the successful elimination of our enemies family.” Ahmed lashed out at him, ” Both of you get back your sorry asses over here or else I would be forced to shoot you dead. Do you have to be so conspicuous and get arrested by the police? ” ” But, boss” protested Shakeel,” We didn’t leave behind any evidence that could be linked to us. Not even our fingerprints. So, how could we get arrested?”

Ahmed replied, ” Do you have a TV inside the pub? ” There was one and a breaking news featuring their faces was clearly visible. Shafeeq and Ajmal were in trouble. The police had somehow managed to discover their involvement.

Watch out for the next episode where you can expect lots of excitement and thrill to keep you glued to your seats.


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