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Neeraj got ready for school at his usual time on the following day. Radhika saw him off and decided to read the diary that Archana had given her. It was nowhere to be found. “How could it disappear just like that?” she wondered. Finally, she gave up searching for the diary which was now present in the police station as an evidence.

Unaware of the fact that someone was spying on her, Radhika finished her household chore and went to take a small nap. The stranger sighed at his spontaneous change of mind. Initially, he had planned to kidnap her, feast on her body, and leave her to die like his other victims. He was caught off guard at the sight of her mesmerizing beauty. There was something special about this woman. Usually, he never developed these kinds of feelings towards his intended victims. He would satisfy his lust, kill them, and also leave behind their bones after consuming human meat. But now, his partners in crime, were languishing in jail because of this woman and her nosy son.

He let out an evil chuckle, ” I think I am going to use Amit’s formula. Win over the lady, take her to bed and then threaten her to kill the boy if she didn’t marry him.” He was impressed with her luxurious apartment. She was a rich widow with a healthy bank account. He would kill her later after usurping her excessive wealth. For now, he decided to give up his cannibalism and lust. He thought ” I think I should gain the trust of her son before approaching her. Amit failed in his mission because of her son.”

He took out his smartphone and made a phone call. Neeraj’s classes were over for the day as he stepped out of his school premises. He was chatting with his friends with his school bag slung over his shoulders and holding his bicycle. No sooner did he get on his bike, a car sped along, trying to run him over. Had it not been for the tall, dark and handsome man who pushed him to safety, he would have been crushed to death. The man gave his right hand to hoist Neeraj back on his feet and picked up his school bag.

” Are you alright, young man?” he asked with concern clearly showing in his eyes. ” Whew! That was close, ” replied Neeraj, wiping the beads of perspiration from his forehead, “Thank you so much for saving my life.” His savior extended his hand and said, ” Hi! I am Sub Inspector Subhash Gupta from Andheri Police Station.” He showed his ID card so that Neeraj could feel safe. He said, ” You look pretty shaken up. Let me get you a hot cocoa or coffee and then you can be on your way home. Shall I inform your parents that you will be late? ” But Neeraj was lost in thoughts. Was the car driver drinking and driving? Or was he an assassin? Why would someone try to kill him and make it look like an accident? This seemed to be more like a Bollywood script. The thought of a murderer baying for their blood gave him goosebumps. His face quickly got drained of its color as SI Subhash was now thoroughly alarmed.

He gently shook Neeraj out of his reverie and said, ” That’s it, boy. You are coming with me. Let’s discuss your situation at the cafe. You can trust me. I am a cop and would certainly help you in any way I can.” Neeraj nodded and said, “May I use your phone to make a call? We aren’t allowed to bring cellphones to school?” Subhash handed him his mobile. Neeraj took a few steps away and called his mother. He didn’t want to worry her over the freak mishap. So, he told her that he would be late by an hour, as he was with his friend to discuss about their upcoming tests.

” Thanks,” added Neeraj, handing back the mobile to the SI. They entered a nearby cafe and placed their respective orders. ” I observed that you were lost in thoughts,” remarked Subhash, ” A mere hit and run wouldn’t have that kind effect on a brave young boy like you. Consider me as your friend and tell me everything.” Subhash had ordered a cup of coffee and Neeraj , hot cocoa with pastries. Neeraj hesitated for a moment but then decided to trust him. He told him everything about Amit’s conspiracy that was recorded in a diary. He also said that Amit’s ex-wife, Archana Khandve, had advised him to leave it outside the police station.

Neeraj added, ” I don’t know how, but Amit’s murderer might have found out about us and is planning to seek vengeance for ratting out his crooked pals.” SI Subhash was silent and then suddenly grinned at him, ” I think you will make a fine detective someday. You are right to assume that the murderer might have caught on to you. This means yours and your mother’s lives are in great danger. Your suspicion has a direct link to the case that I am dealing with. I will discuss with my seniors and immediately offer you the police protection.” Neeraj thanked him as SI Subhash paid the bill and they went their ways.

Neeraj came home feeling tired. Radhika was alarmed to find him in such a pathetic state. She touched his forehead which was hot. He had fever. They had a simple dinner and she called their family doctor. Neeraj was unable to sleep that night. He kept on tossing and turning. A gust of wind blew open his windows. His jaw dropped open in surprise as he could see a thin vapour like substance taking a shape. It was his late father’s soul.

Pranav gave a sad smile to his son. Neeraj stammered, ” D…. Dad, is it you? But how are you here? I didn’t even summon you through the special notebook.” Pranav replied, ” I came to warn you, my son. A great conspiracy is being hatched to get rid of you, and Radhika. Your lives are in great danger. I warn you to be careful. Don’t trust anyone, including your mother.” He disappeared after issuing this warning. Neeraj kept wondering whether he had actually seen his father’s soul or was it a hallucination? Whatever it was, he couldn’t take a risk.

Watch out for more thrill as Neeraj and Radhika’s lives take an unexpected twist and turn.


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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Wonderful storie! Dear Aparna, I’m bitting my nails, thank’s for share. Great work as well dear friend! Enjoy your cup of coffee!
    Have a lovely dayfull of blessings and happiness!

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  2. Thank you sooooo much, dear Luisa. This means a lot to me. Have a wonderful weekendπŸ•πŸ πŸŽ‰. ❀❀❀πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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  3. You are welcome dear Aparna.
    Thank’s dear friend you as well.


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