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Audrey Clementine’ s boxed set of amazing cozy mysteries is something I definitely look forward to. She has been kind to share her wonderful work as an ARC to me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the books as they are completely free from gory murder scenes or any kind of foul language which is why I would call it a perfect cozy mystery. All the books are very thrilling, fused with a combination of fun, humor, suspense, and awesome twists.

Book 1  ( The Curious Corpse in the Cavern).
The book begins with a brief background cum flashback on Misty Milton’s previous life prior to moving to the quaint town of Quinn where she’s running a successful pet gourmet business and has amazing friends in Val, Matt, both of whom work at the local Vet’s office, Hank and Detective Carl who signs her up as a Police Consultant.
Matt who’s volunteering at the library besides working at the Vet’s clinic, is very excited to have discovered a treasure map believed to have been drawn by the town’s founder Icarus Quinn, after whom the town was named. He enlists the help of Val, Misty Milton, her cats, Floofus and Doofus and Hank Newman to seek the treasure hidden in the cavern but instead discover a corpse dressed in ancient clothes. Who was he? How did he die?
The story gets more exciting with startling revelations and Misty’s past haunting her again. Audrey has done a wonderful job with this book. I highly recommend it for reading.

Book 2  ( Bizarre Bodies at the beach)

Val and Matt, Misty Milton’s friends decide to get married. Val selects a beach venue as the dream destination for her wedding as Misty joins her to fix the venue. Unfortunately, her cats lead to a couple of dead bodies, who turn out to be the missing guests, Bryce and Verity Johnson. They were the guests at the luxurious hotel, The Lady’s Pearl, in the neighboring  town of Spring Valley.
There are so many unexpected secrets waiting to be unveiled that it’s a must to buy this book. Again, the twists and turns are awesome.

Book 3  The Heinous Homicides on Honeymoon

The Heinous Homicides on the Honeymoon by Audrey Clementine is one of the most thrilling, exciting, and enjoyable books that I have ever read. ‘I would love to congratulate Audrey for authoring an absolutely delightful mystery which has everything in perfect balance, cuteness, humor, romance, thrill, suspense, twist and turns, and an equally beautiful heart touching climax.

Misty Milton, a consultant with the Quinn Police Department, California, is on a vacation with her boyfriend, Hank Newman , also a police consultant with their friends from the police department, Matt and Val Fisher, along with Misty and Hank’s pets. Matt and Val are a newly married couple on their Honeymoon ( a cruise to Santa Catalina Island).

Their dream vacation turns into a nightmare as a series of murders take place on board. Can Misty and Hank stop a crazed murderer before it’s too late? The story has some fantastic twists and is definitely hard to put down. Now, let me add more intrigue to this book. Besides, the plot, there’s something extra charming about this book. You will find out once you read it. Wow! This is a real winner and I would highly recommend this book to all the lovers of a good cozy mystery.

Book 4
The Crabby Cadaver at the Christmas Carnival:

Misty Milton had romantic getaways on her mind, not holiday murders.

Far from their small California hamlet, her dear buddy Hank had organised a nice getaway at an inn covered in snow.
But when the lovable village Santa is suspected of killing one of his elves, the joyous celebrations at the Christmas Carnival are called off.
The goal of this laid-back road vacation was to advance their budding romance. It was never planned to include elf rivalry, imitation reindeer, or shady sleighs.

With the assistance of her cats Floofus and Doofus, Misty and Hank may be able to uncover some very unseasonal facts about this Vermont hamlet, which could permanently alter their feelings towards the holiday.

This awesome series will be available on Amazon on 12th January, 2023. Do grab it as it’s a guaranteed complete entertainer.


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