Book Review

Author Sue Pepper’s Mountain Town Murder is a delightful, delicious, thrilling cozy mystery. Now, you must be wondering why I called it delicious! Yes, you are right! It involves a bakery with a baker cum sleuth who gets involved in the murder case of her nemesis and a town bully. I enjoyed reading every page. There were some amazing twists and turns to keep you glued to your seat and rather impossible to stop reading.
Sadie Moose runs a bakery in Jackson Hole, a small town in Wyoming. The first scene was rather heart touching. Sadie’s assistant baker, Kayla Velasquez, informs her with a heavy heart that her landlord has doubled the rent and she’s forced to quit and move to Red Lodge, Montana with her boyfriend, Hunter. She’s unable to offer them a residence at her place because of her two baristas, Kendall and Kamari, staying with her.

Her childhood nemesis, the town’s most powerful realtor, Sloan Brackenridge, has influenced the greedy landlords to raise the rent, causing the housing problems in the town and sealing crooked deals to keep her business, Scenic View Luxury Condominiums, going strong. To make matters worse, Sloan Brackenridge, is arguing with Jorge and openly makes fun of Kayla’s quitting the job. Sadie argues with her and Sloan leaves the place only to be having a heated verbal exchange with Paige, her best friend.
Sadie is worried because Sloan can go to any extent to seek revenge. Her fear turns out to be true as two back to back incidents have Sadie thoroughly alarmed. Her dog, Tyrone, is poisoned and Sloan Brackenridge is found dead on the back alley where Sadie resides, making her a prime suspect. Almost the whole town had witnessed her exchanging words with Sloan.

She’s also shocked to find her childhood crush Merritt West when she accidentally discovers Sloan’s dead body. Her name and reputation is at stake. They join hands to investigate the case and then follows a series of exciting sleuthing with danger lurking around Sadie.

To sum up, this is my kind of a perfect cozy mystery. Enthralling, charming and fantastic. Besides Sadie, Kendall and Kamari are my favorite characters as they add the humor element.

I highly recommend it for reading.


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