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Neeraj also learned that his mother had lost her baby due to the severe trauma caused by Amit’s death. He went to visit his mother who looked very pale. She had almost started to cry but he diverted her attention by offering her a glass of juice and engaged her in a pleasant chit chat.

Neeraj called Archana and informed her about Radhika’s regaining consciousness. He asked, ” Aunty, I read Amit’s diary. It was so horrible. I don’t think it’s advisable for Mom to go through its content. What should I do? Will you come to the hospital so that I can hand them back to you? ” Archana said, ” Better hand it over to the police anonymously. Wrap it in a proper cover and drop it outside the police station. Amit’s criminal friends are pretty dangerous. Thank God, Amit didn’t tell them about me Or I would have been a goner.”

Neeraj thanked her and ended the call. The rest of the night passed peacefully. Neeraj woke up early. It was Monday and he had to go to school. Fortunately, his mother was now better and got discharged from the hospital. He took her home and ordered food from the nearby hotel. After making sure that she had everything in her room, he went to school.

Later that evening, he came home frustrated because he had loads to write; homework as well as the notes that he had missed during his absence. He made rotis ( Indian flatbread) with dal ( lentil soup) for dinner. Radhika hadn’t gotten over the betrayal of Amit. She had lost her baby as well as appetite Neeraj looked at her, ” Why are you picking on your food? Did you know that I cooked food especially for you? Let Amit rot in hell. As far as the baby is concerned, I am really sorry.” He wasn’t sorry at all. In fact, he was so happy that he wanted to throw a party. Radhika gave a feeble smile and finished her dinner. She said, ” I am so sorry, Neeraj. I didn’t mean to cause you so much trouble. You have been a real sweetheart. By the way, you cook really well.” Neeraj beamed with pleasure over his mother’s compliments.

Later that night, Neeraj took out his special notebook and started writing his new wish. He wanted his mother to feel better and prepare his favorite meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The next day, he woke up with the aroma of hot, sizzling, masala dosa, his favorite. After finishing his morning duties, he joined his mother for breakfast. “Wow! Masala Dosa, my favorite,” he said enthusiastically, ” Thanks a ton, Mom! You should not have strained yourself.” Radhika smiled at him and replied, ” This is just a token of appreciation for your taking good care of me. I prepared rotis with mutter paneer ( a gravy made of green peas and cottage cheese) for your lunch.” Neeraj hugged her and kissed her forehead. Neeraj said, “I should thank Archana aunty for getting you hospitalized at the right moment.” Radhika nodded and said, ” Yes, that’s true. I hope you thanked her on my behalf. I will speak to her later and if possible, invite her to dinner.”

Neeraj suddenly remembered that he had to hand over the diary to the police on his way to school. He had it gift wrapped and put it in his bag. By the time he left home, it was 7.55 AM. His school started at 8.30 AM and was just a few streets away from his house. His mother wondered why he started earlier than usual.

Neeraj reached the police station. It seemed there was no one around. He checked around to make sure no one noticed him. He dashed in and left the brown package at the footsteps before rushing out and taking off to his school.

After 10 minutes, Constable Patil returned to the police station after having his morning tea. He almost tripped on the package which he eyed with suspicion. ” Is this a bomb?” he thought and was hesitant to pick it up. His partner and good friend Constable Shyam Rao picked it up. He pressed it against his ears. There was no clicking sound. He said, ” This is not a bomb. Let’s hand it over to Inspector Prakash Das.” They went in and approached the Inspector who was typing furiously on his laptop. Constable Patil cleared his throat as Inspector cast a glance at him. ” Yes? ” he prompted, ” What do you want, Patil? ” The constable replied, ” Sir, we found this package outside the police station. Shyam confirmed that it wasn’t a bomb.” Inspector Prakash took the package and unwrapped the cover. It was Amit’s diary. As he turned a few pages, some photos fell down. The inspector immediately sat straight, ” Oh my God! This is a very important evidence in the Amit Bhonsle murder case. How did you get this? There’s no name and address of the sender. We searched Amit’s house thoroughly but didn’t find anything. Wait a minute! This means that the killer must have somehow gained entry into his house and discovered this diary.” Constable Patil interrupted, ” But sir, if it was with the murderer, then why would he send you the diary as an evidence? It seems that someone else is involved. Someone who is very close to the deceased and wants the killer to be caught.” The inspector replied, ” You have made some valid points, dear Patil. But again, why should he or she possess this diary? Why didn’t he or she hand it over to the police immediately? There are lots of puzzling questions. But first, let’s read this diary.” The Inspector and his men were shocked to note the contents. Amit had clearly mentioned the names of his partners in crime.

Inspector Prakash and his men carried raids on the houses of the culprits mentioned in the diary and managed to arrest most of them. A thug named Birju evaded the arrest by remaining hidden until the police left his house. He immediately called the murderer, ” Boss, we have a problem. Someone must have informed the police about our involvement. They have arrested most of our friends.” ” Damn it! ” thundered the murderer, ” This means that the double crossing bastard Amit must have recorded our activities in his journal or something and handed it over to his latest conquest, Radhika, for safekeeping. I told you that we should have killed her. It’s not too late. I am going to make her pay for her audacity to send our friends behind bars.”

Radhika’s life was in great danger. Amit’s murderer had caught on to her. Watch out for the next thrilling episode as the game of the cat and the mouse begins.

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