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I have some more interesting facts to share with you. Let’s have a look at them.


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5 thoughts on “AMAZING WEDNESDAYS (85)

  1. I believe it about the US kid who got his locker searched fir writing a paper saying he was going to shoot his neighbor’s dinosair cause school’s expel kids for less here. That’s because with all the school shooting we’ve had, republicans will not let up on their 2nd amendment right to keep and bear semi-automatic weapons and the same will not lock them up and teach their children about them. In fact, they biy them for their 16 year olds as Christmas presents.

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  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Very interesting post! As always dear Aparna. Love about what happend with the brain when we are slepping… Thank’s for share.
    Have a lovely day full of blessings and happiness!

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