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Harsh decided to take maximum advantage of the gadget as long as it was still with him. He decided to try his luck at gambling, especially with rummy. Harsh used the mind reader part of the gadget and won nearly 10,000₹ on his first day at the casino.

Unaware of his friend misusing the gadget, Sunny got ready for his trip to Nainital. He called Lavanya and gave her instructions to do some documentation work in the lab. He told her that she could work part time and take rest of the day off until he came back. Then, he called Harsh and chatted with him until he finally took the Uber to leave Mumbai.

It was like the Satan tempting the follower of Jesus. Harsh also started using hypnotizer at home to make his family dance to his tunes. The poor folks had no idea that they were being manipulated by Harsh. He had completely killed his conscience. He kept on winning all the games and made nearly a whopping fortune of 10 lakh rupees. And then, the inevitable happened. The people from the income tax department raided his house. But he used the hypnotizer to make them leave without seizing his assets. The news of his newfound power spread like a wildfire.

Of course, the terrorist group, JEJ, also got the wind of Harsh’s incredible powers. They were already furious on losing their key members, Zeenat, Asif and Rauf. They had promised to punish the offender with a fate worse than death. The group leader, Ahmed, sent his most trusted men, Shafeeq and Ajmal, to kidnap Harsh.

Unaware of the deadly fate awaiting him, Harsh spent more time in the casino than practising his profession. Shafeeq and Ajmal had the photo of their intended victim. They started stalking him to find out about his habits and whereabouts in order to plan a perfect kidnap. It was 19th November, 2022. Harsh had closed his clinic much earlier, leaving his regular patients fuming over his lack of interest and dedication towards his profession. As a result, he started losing his patients but that didn’t stop him from gambling.

Two beefy guys closed in on him and covered his mouth with a handkerchief dipped in chloroform. Shafeeq carried him while Ajmal opened the car. He dumped Harsh on the backseat and drove away.
It was 8 PM. Dr. Harshwardhan would usually be back by 6.30 PM. Anamika was getting worried. She called her sons, Ayan and Mayank, who tried to convince her that probably their father was still in a casino. Anamika had dinner and went to sleep. When she woke up, she was shocked to find Harsh still missing. Harsh always informed her if he would be late or not coming home. Anamika checked her mobile. There was no call. This time, she persuaded her sons to take her to the police station to file a missing person report. After filing the complaint, Anamika decided to call his friends, who claimed that it was more than a week, than they had seen him.

Harsh was still unconscious when the ruffians dragged him to their hideout. Ahmed sprinkled water on Harsh to revive him. The greedy doctor was feeling nauseous and he puked on the spot. Ahmed grimaced while his ruffians were quite repulsed even to touch him. But fearing the wrath of their boss, they slapped him hard to bring him back to consciousness.

” Uh, ” groaned Harsh, ” Where am I? What happened to me? ” Ahmed gave an evil laugh, ” I am so sorry. Where are my manners? ‘I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ahmed, the chief of JEJ. I am sure you must have heard of our infamous group.” Harsh was wide awake now. He knew all about JEJ and its activities. Sunny had already warned him to be careful but he chose to be greedy and was right on the path of a horrible death. He cursed Sunny for creating death traps. He trembled and said, ” P…. Pardon me. Why have you brought me here? I never caused you or your group any harm.” Ahmed replied, ” Is it so? Do you remember these people?” He showed the pictures of his slain soldiers. Harsh shook his head, ” ‘I have never seen them in my whole life.” Ahmed punched him on the face and droplets of blood streamed down his nose. ” Quiet! ” He thundered, ” Your gadgets brought about the death of my bravest soldiers. Do you think I am going to let you go alive after the loss you caused me? ” ” But, ” pleaded Harsh, ” ‘I didn’t invent this. I am a doctor and not a scientist. The gadget was invented by my good friend, Dr.Sunny, who’s vacationing in Nainital.” Ahmed barked, ” Not so fast, Mr.Genius. I think you are pulling my leg. How do you operate the gadget, if you are not the inventor? ” Harsh replied, ” Sunny taught me how to use it. I was quite foolish to succumb to its charm.” Ahmed seemed to be lost in thoughts as his comrades were quite sure that Harsh was lying to save his skin.

Harsh had a brainstorm. He could kill two birds with a stone. Suddenly, he stopped shivering and grinned at Ahmed. The latter was surprised to find the change in his demeanor. ” What the hell are you grinning at? Aren’t you afraid of losing your life?” he yelled. Harsh said, ” Believe me. I have a fantastic idea that could turn us into millionaires and you could also avenge the death of your comrades from Sunny.” Ahmed’s ruffians advised him not to fall for his trap. But Ahmed was quite intrigued by what Harsh had to say. So, what would happen next? Will Harsh succeed in his mission to escape from the terrorists? Is Sunny going to end up dead? Watch out for the upcoming episode to find out more about the sinister plan that’s going to take place.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing story! Dear Aparna it’s dor bitting nails…
    Great share, thank’s. You are avery creative. Have a lovely day full of blessings and happiness!


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